16 'Wait Until You See It' Photos That Legit Gave Us Nightmares

There are a lot of creepy things out there in the word, but it’s safe to say one of the most bone-chilling, frightening things is not noticing something that’s been there all along, staring you in the face, and only eventually realizing what that it contains a horrifying detail you first missed. These pictures might at first seem to be completely normal snaps, but when you look a little harder, you’ll realise that they all contain an element that is certified creepy A.F.

What makes all of these even scarier is the fact that they’re all pictures that seem like they could happen to anyone. From bathroom selfies, to car rides, to hanging out with your pals, you’ll see that actually all of the situations in which these terrifying things are happening could also happen to you - without you even knowing it! We wouldn’t be surprised if these 16 “wait until you see it” pictures have you reaching for your phone, your laptop, or your photo albums to double check your own snaps, just in case you missed a creepy detail that might be lurking in your own pics.

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16 They’re Just Clowning Around...And So Is He?

At first glance, this picture seems like a lovely snapshot of a good group of friends hanging out. The three pals look like they’re having a good time just chilling out at a restaurant, and it would totally be a great memory if it weren’t for one thing - look closely behind the three friends through the window and you’ll see a terrifying clown in a car, staring at the camera. If that’s not enough to give you a spine-tingling chill, we don’t know what is. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that clowns are horrendously creepy, and knowing that there could be one lurking in the background at any given time is enough to make anyone never want to go outside again.

15 An Unwanted Party Guest

There’s nothing sweeter than a picture of two bezzies having a good time, and clearly these two gal pals were having a nice, quiet celebration together, party hats and all. However, if you look at the window in the top right of the photo, you’ll see a terrifyingly sinister face looking through the glass. This one definitely gives us the creeps, and will surely make all of us look behind us when we think we’re safe in the privacy of our own home. Few things are more terrifying than not knowing you’re being watched, and this creepy face staring in at these unsuspecting girls will certainly give anyone who sees it the heebie-jeebies. Looks like we’ll be drawing the blinds and double checking the locks at all times now…

14 A Picnic At Midnight? Maybe Not Such A Good Idea…

Everything about this picture is a little bit off and we certainly have a lot of questions. Why is this woman in a park so late at night? Why did anyone think this picture with a picnic bench was a good idea? Why is she posing like that? And most importantly, who or what is that standing underneath that tree in the background!? Looking closely, you can clearly see a creepy figure standing by what seems to be a tree trunk in the back of the photo, and the way this person is standing and just staring over where the woman and the person taking the picture are is one of the creepiest things we’ve seen. Who is that shadowy figure and what does he want? Why is he there? Maybe the woman in the photo should worry less about getting a new profile pic and worry more about running quickly and far away from there!

13 Shower-Curtain Selfie

We’ve all done it - spent ages trying to take the perfect, cute selfie that will make us feel great and have everyone thinking we look amazingly perfect, and clearly that’s what this girl is trying to do too. She’s just there, minding her own business, taking a classic bathroom selfie, not knowing that behind her there’s an incredibly creepy face peeping on her through the shower curtain. Let’s just hope it’s a relative of hers who’s playing a nasty prank on her, and not a real life creeper who has found their way into her home. If it is a prank, it’s a pretty mean one, but it’s a much nicer option than it being a stranger lurking in the background. If anything, this should teach us to always check our surroundings before getting into selfie-mode.

12 The Phantom Dinner Guest

This is the kind of picture we’re all familiar with - a family sitting down together for a nice meal. But what may not be so typical for most of us is having a ghost share the meal alongside us. If you look at the reflection in the glass behind the dinner table, you’ll clearly see the reflection of a woman who is not sitting at the dinner table. Is it a ghost? Is it the young boy’s “imaginary friend”? There’s no way of knowing for sure. What we do know though is this is certified creepy, and seeing a photo like this would definitely put us right off our meal. Who knew that ghosts like sitting down for takeout as much as we do?

11 Taxi Terror

This one definitely made us jump! What might first seem like a lovely selfie taken by a girl traveling in the back of a car swiftly turns into a situation straight out of a nightmare. Look through the car’s back window and you’ll see a horrifying figure that looks like it’s trying to fly through the glass, its face contorted in a terrifying and menacing scowl. The girl clearly has no idea there’s a demonic figure peering through the glass behind her, and we’re sure that if she knew, she wouldn’t be smiling so sweetly. This truly is a scary sight, and it’s hard to get that picture of that creepy, ghostly face out of our mind once we’ve seen it. Is nowhere safe anymore? Clearly not, and we’ll be glancing behind us from now on when we get into the backseat of a car.

10 A Ghostly Getaway

This couple clearly looks like they’re having a vacation pic snapped of them, and even though the image is a little blurry, we can see they’re having a good time. That being said, they probably wouldn’t be so relaxed and blissful if they knew a ghostly figure was lurking right next to them. Looking at the picture closely, you can see a faint, almost translucent shape next to the couple which definitely looks like the ghost of a small girl. It’s been known to happen that sometimes when a picture is taken and developed, ghostly shadows can appear, but in this photo’s case, that phantom figure certainly looks like it really was there. Maybe the couple is standing in the spot where the little girl died? We’ll never know, but it’s definitely a creepy image that will haunt us from now on.

9 Evil Reflection

It’s safe to assume that everyone knows how mirrors tend to work - they should reflect exactly whatever’s in front of them. So, if you’re facing a mirror, if should reflect the frontside of you. If you stand with your back facing the mirror, it should reflect the back of you. Makes sense, right? So how in the world is it that when this girl in the picture is standing with her back to the mirror, it’s still reflecting her front image? Spooky. Very spooky. It seems like there’s some kind of demonic situation going on here, because this mirror - or this girl - is definitely not right. While the young girl in the picture looks innocent enough, her spooky, weird reflection is clearly telling us that something’s up with her, and we’re not entirely sure we want to get close enough to find out.

8 Forest Fears

With the spooky trees and the misty, grey sky around them, this picture of three pals in the forest is already kind of creepy. What makes it even scarier though is the spooky outline of a figure behind them in the background. If you look to the right of the frame between the trees, you can just about see the form of a ghostly person lurking in the mist. This picture looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie, and the fact that it’s a real life photo that’s been taken makes it all the more freaky. Forests can either be beautiful, peaceful havens of nature, or spooky places filled with mysterious sights and sounds, and clearly this wooded area falls in the latter category. Will we be taking solitary walks in the forest anytime soon? Nope.

7 Menacing Mirror

Once again, we have a classic picture of a girl taking a selfie, this time probably on her laptop it seems. And while it’s a great picture of the girl in the pic, there’s something quite sinister lurking in the background. If you look to the left of the photo, you’ll see a small, free-standing mirror. If you look at what’s inside the mirror, you will 100% be freaked out. It seems like there’s a demonic, evil face in it and it definitely makes us feel uncomfortable. This is definitely a nightmarish thing to happen, and we’re certain that when the girl in the picture looked back at this photo, she would have been well and truly scared. How does this even happen? Clearly there’s some kind of evil spirit crawling about that house, and if we were that girl, we’d be moving out as soon as possible!

6 Don’t Be Tricked!

This creepy black and white photo is actually out to get you even more than it first might seem to be. Clearly taken in some kind of basement or underground cellar, the photo already comes marked with a red circle that is evidently meant to draw your eye to that area of the photo. You’ll probably spend a while trying to figure out what exactly it is that you’re failing to see in that red circle and start to suspect that either you just can’t see it or that there’s actually nothing really there. What makes this pic so creepy and tricky though, is that while you’re staring at that red circle, the real freaky part of the photo is lurking in plain sight. Look to the far left of the frame, and you’ll see a horrifying face peeking out of the side of the wall. Terrifying right? And the whole time you were staring at that red circle, it just kept staring at you….Help!

5 Bedtime Nightmares

So, if anything has been shown here, it’s that selfies can be scarier than we thought. This old-school selfie was clearly taken in this girl’s bedroom, and was probably intended as a fun, new pic for her Myspace or Facebook page. You might not see it at first, but there’s definitely something very wrong with this photo. If you look at the big duvet on her bed, you’ll actually see that the girl isn’t alone in her picture. There’s a pair of creepy eyes peering out from a hole in the blanket, and it’s definitely an unsettling image. Who knows if the main girl in the photo knows that someone is hiding under her bedding. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: check your surroundings before you selfie!

4 Cute But Creepy Couple

This is another example of reflections not always being what they seem. At first glance, this photo appears to be a cute selfie shot of a couple having a nice time together. However, upon further inspection, you can see that there is something very off with the photo. The couple is standing in front of a mirror, and despite the woman in the pic looking at the camera with her back towards the mirror, we see her face clearly reflected in the glass instead of the backside of her. What is this witchcraft, you ask? We don’t know, but we know we don’t like it. This is straight up creepy and not how normal reflections work. Do you think her partner knows? He probably wouldn’t want to be sticking around his lady if he knew what was up…

3 Cheerleaders or Fearleaders?

It wouldn’t be your first thought to think there was anything scary about a bunch of cheerleaders, but when this high school cheer squad visited an Amarillo radio station for a countdown show in 2013 and snapped some pics, the photos they took didn’t end up being as innocent or as cute as they thought. Looking more closely at the picture, you can see that there’s something much more sinister about the photo than first meets the eye. If you check out the window behind the group and look right above the guy with the glasses, you can see a ghostly white face peering through the glass. In the first picture, you’re seeing things in a distorted reflection, but in the second picture if you take a closer look, you can see the face in much more vivid detail. We don’t think the cheer squad would be so cheery if they knew what was behind them!

2 Get Out Now!

Definitely one of the scariest picture of the bunch and the most famous “when you see it” picture there is, this picture was being circulated even before the dawn of the Internet. Taken in the infamous house in Amityville, New York, that was the setting for the well-known book and film The Amityville Horror, this photo seems at first to be a harmless picture of a hallway and a flight of stairs. However, if you look at the door on the left, you’ll see a face with glowing eyes poking out of the darkness. Supposedly, this pic was taken in the middle of the night by an automatic camera that had been set up to capture any paranormal activity. Some say the ghostly figure is that of a boy that was killed in the house, while other more skeptical people think it’s simply one of the investigators whose eyes seem brightened by the infrared film. Whatever the case, it’s deeply creepy and wholly unsettling.

1 Fishing For Monsters

Fishing is one of the more peaceful pastimes people can engage in, and let’s be honest, it’s not always the most exciting of hobbies...or so we thought. This picture gives us some major creeps as the way the water and has splashed up looks like a demon that’s getting ready to attack the unsuspecting golfer who’s just trying to pull his ball out from the water. It’s likely that the golfer didn’t notice this creature rising from the abyss when it was happening, but when he looked back at the photo that was snapped, there’s no doubt that he was filled with icy fear. Imagine having photographic evidence of a demon monster ready to eat you or suck your spirit from you...definitely not one to keep in the family album.

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