16 Voodoo Love Spells That’ll Work On Your Man

Wouldn’t it be great if you were a witch and could cast spells that made men fall in love with you? It would solve all your problems, right? You could also cast spells to buy that Louis Vuitton bag, to have Gigi Hadid’s body, and for whatever else you could possible want in life. Unfortunately, we don’t have advice on how to become an actual witch, but we can give you a few voodoo tricks that will work on your man. What we mean to say is you can totally make a guy fall in love with you.

Because us humans are but mere animals, there are basic features and characteristics that men find attractive. Some of these traits have to do with fertility because men are naturally more attracted to women who look fertile. You know, Darwinism and all that. Other characteristics have to do with men still having that hunter gene from our cavemen days. Other voodoo tricks have to do with psychology and speech patterns. Whatever the case, we have 16 voodoo tricks that will make him weak for you. These are subtle ways you can make him into you, without him ever even realizing you’ve done anything at all. Basically, it’s witchcraft minus the scary spells and chants.

Now, read these 16 voodoo tricks and get your man. Unfortunately, we don’t have any voodoo tricks for the Louis Vuitton bag or Gigi Hadid’s body. But hey, you can’t win them all.


16 Make Eye Contact, Then Look Away

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Something we can all forget is just how much work our body language can do for us. Body language can give him the red light or green light, without you even saying a word. It's an amazing thing.

That said, the engage-and-look-away move will give him mixed signals, which is great. It lets him know you’re interesting, but not too interested. What you do is you make eye contact with him and hold it for a moment. Don’t be weird and hold it too long. No one wants that awkward moment. Just hold the eye contact long enough to feel friendly and a little bit flirty. Maybe even shoot him a smile too. Then, look away. You can turn to talk someone else or tuck your hair behind your ear. Whatever the case, just turn away after you’ve visually engaged him for a moment. He’ll be left wanting to come over and say hi to you. It's like the bend-and-snap from Legally Blonde, but just with your eyes.

This move works wonderfully both for guys you know and for a cute stranger you see at a bar.

15 Get Eyelash Extensions (Seriously, Do It!)

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There’s a very good reason mascara was invented. Long, full, voluminous eyelashes are a sign of youth, vitality, and fertility. Seriously, just think of how long little girls’ eyelashes are. That’s all the youth and life in them! As we grow older, we lose our hair everywhere, including our eyelashes. That said, you should appreciate those suckers while you can.

If you’re trying to low-key make a guy fall in love with you, focus on those lashes. Wear mascara. Wear fake eyelashes. Hey, even consider getting lash extensions. Seriously, having eyelashes extensions can automatically make you more attractive without having to bother with makeup. Yes, eyelash extensions can be costly, but can you really put a price tag on appearing more youthful and fertile? It will attract men to you like honey. Of course, more affordable options include wearing fake eyelashes for a special night out or investing in some legit mascara from Sephora.

Also, make sure to engage in some killer eye contact so he can take note of those lashes. This is yet another reason why eye contact is so key.

14 Create A Low-Key Love Triangle With You At The Center

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Because guys are hunters, they are competitive by nature. They want to chase you. To add to the hunt, you can create a love triangle with you in the middle. This love triangle situation is something you’ve seen in a all your favorite television shows do. It’s honestly the reason most of us watch certain shows, right?

So, how exactly do you put yourself in the middle of a love triangle? Well, it's much easier than it seems. If you’re still in the flirting stages of your courtship, you could tell him about a guy who is creeping on you or an ex who is getting back together. By telling him about the creeper or the ex, you could make it seem like you're complaining to him or asking for advice. You could even just tell him a funny story about a date gone wrong. If you’re out at a bar, you could low-key flirt with the bartender by giggling a little bit and making conversation. Get the bartender to pay a little extra attention to you and your man will notice that.

With this point, you’re looking for subtle ways to remind him that other guys are, in fact, very interested in you. This will make him want you even more.

13 Use Him Name Repeatedly When Talking To Him

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When you’re subtly flirting with a guy or low-key trying to make a guy fall in love with you (whatever you want to call it, girl), you should use his name to your advantage. This means saying his name. A lot.

If you’ve just met his guy - in class, at work, at a party, at a bar - repeating his name in conversation will help you remember his name, because what’s worse than forgetting someone’s name two minutes after meeting them? It’s super awkward. When you meet someone new, you should try to use their name in conversation immediately after, as it will help you remember it.

“So, John, what do you do for work?”

“Which team are you rooting for tonight, John?”

“How do you know Rebecca, John?”

See how easy it is? Whatever conversation-starting question you ask him, just make sure you repeat his name.

If you already know him, repeating his name is useful for another reason. Addressing him by his name creates an intimacy between you two. If you use his name often in conversation, he’ll feel closer to you, only he won’t know why. It's pretty much like casting a spell on him.

12 On The Subject Of Talking, Speak In A Hushed Voice

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When you’re trying to get the attention of a guy, you may be tempted to talk louder. The louder you are, the more attention he'll have to pay to you, right? Wrong, girl. So very wrong.

If you’re trying to lure a guy in, don’t raise your voice. Instead, drop your voice. Speak in a low, breathy way that is reminiscent of Old Hollywood stars. Think of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. They never raised their voice for a man’s attention. Instead, they let the men come to them, which is exactly what you’ll be doing by dropping your voice.

By dropping your voice, you’ll force him to pay closer attention to what you’re saying. You may even force him to lean in closer to you when you speak, which will physically make him feel bonded to you. By dropping your voice, you're forcing him to move his body and his thoughts closer to you.

11 Put That Resting Betch Face Away And Smile

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In recent years, there’s been backlash against people (um, men) telling women to smile more. And yes, men should definitely not tell women that they’re prettier when they smile, because gross. No one needs that unsolicited advice, dudes. However, in terms of subtly flirting, smiling is highly encouraged.

When trying to low-key make a guy fall in love with you, smiling is very effective. It signals that you are open, friendly and positive. When someone is seriously thinking about their future partner, these are usually characteristics - open, friendly and positive - that are desirable. You can come off that way all by just smiling.

That said, attracting a guy to you will often involve a little push and pull. I mean, you can’t seem easy to get. Nope, you have to play hard to get. While sending mixed signals - not answering his texts right away or being a little mean - may confuse him, your smile will help. If you smile in his presence, he'll be under the impression that he’s in your good graces. So go ahead and “forget” to reply to his text for a little bit, as long as you greet him with a HUGE smile the next time you see him, it’ll be all good.

10 Very, Very Subtly Touch Him

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The whole point of our womanly witchery is to seduce him without him knowing. And without him knowing really is the key part to that sentence. That said, if you’re rubbing your hands all over his body every chance you get, that’s very obvious. He is going to know you’re mega into him. Instead, you should wait for those moments of subtle touch.

If you’re handing him something – a beer, a pen, whatever – let your fingers graze his fingers. It seems like a small gesture, but the skin-to-skin contact will jolt him. You can also wait until he tells a funny joke and do the subtle (but very overused) laugh-and-grab-his-arm. Also, if you have exciting news to tell him, use that as an opportunity to maybe grip his arm or his hands.

Whatever the case, make sure the physical touch isn’t too obvious, because the point is to make him fall in love with you without him knowing that you’ve been trying all along.

9 Show The RIGHT Amount Of Skin

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If you’re trying to make a guy fall in love with you, you’re going want to look you’re best. That’s just, like, common sense. However, you don’t want to put the whole candy store on display. There’s no need to dress like you’re a backup dancer in the Britney Spears' “I’m A Slave 4 U” music video. That’s just too much. It’s not sending mixed signals. It’s telling him that you’re out there, like REALLY, REALLY out there. But you also don’t want to dress like a nun. So, what's a girl to do?

Important body parts to show are the neck and shoulders, as men are very attracted to these womanly parts. Because our necks and shoulders are such a different shape – no Adam’s apple, much more slender and angular – men are attracted to this area.

Another way of showing skin is to show off your back. Since the back is usually covered, a backless dress seems so daring and sexual even though you’re technically not showing off a “sexy” body part. You should look hot, but also keep some of your mystery.

8 Play With Your Gorgeous Hair

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Speaking of body parts that are foreign to men, how about that hair? If you have long, gorgeous hair, men will be drawn to this physical trait. It’s something that’s so beyond their world that they can’t help but be mesmerized by it. That said, men also love feminine hairstyles, like braids, up-dos, and curls. To men, long hair can be one of the most feminine things about a woman's body.

If your hair is down, make the most of your gorgeous and run your hands through your hair. You could also twirl a strand of your hair. Just bring attention to it! If you have shorter hair, you could also make a hair whip really work for you, flipping your hair from one side to the other.

Just don’t go overboard on this one, as playing with your hair too much can make you come off as ditzy. You want him to notice your hair, not only notice your hair.

7 Embrace Awkward Silences

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Many of these voodoo tricks involve conversation, but you also shouldn’t always feel the need to make conversation with him.

Itching for constant conversation can make you seem desperate. It can also, unfortunately, led to lame conversation. You really don’t have to talk to him about the weather. Engaging in lame conversation will make a negative impression on him, so don’t push it just to talk to him. Instead, embrace an awkward silence and don’t let it feel awkward. If you’re on a date and a silence moment comes, simply sip your wine. You’ll look sophisticated and mysterious. If you're at work, just work. You'll look ambitious. Make the silence work for you.

Plus, embracing the silence will make him work for the conversation, which will make you seem like somewhat of a prize.

6 Send Confusing, Mixed Signals

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Many of these tips and tricks are about sending mixed signals, but just to nail it in we’ll straight up say it: SEND. MIXED. SIGNALS.

In whatever way you can, send him mixed signals. This mysterious nature will make you all the more desirable to him. It's science. Seriously. By nature, men are hunters. They want what they cannot have. They want to stalk their prey. They want to shoot down the biggest, fastest, hardest-to-get animal. By sending mixed signals, you become the biggest, fastest and hardest-to-get in the dating pool.

Ignore his texts, be a little mean, and maybe subtly flirt with his friend in front of him. it's part of the game. But, at the same time, you have to make up for being mean to him. For as much as you put him off, led him on. Sending mixed signals is just as much about being nice as it is about being mean.

This sweet and sour attitude is an art that some women do well and some women don’t do well. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you, put him off a little bit and just see how he comes back to you.

5 Smell Like An Absolute Queen

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Scent has so much to do with attraction but, unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do about some of this. Your pheromones, hormones, and other bodily chemicals are transmitted through your scent. This can attract certain men to you without you doing anything at all. Bodies are weird, y’all.

However, you do get some say in the way you smell. Spray that perfume, girl. Rub on that lotion. Soak in that tub. Do whatever you have to do to smell delicious. Also, make this scent work for you. If you mist your hair, make sure to flip your hair so that this scene will float on over to him.

Smelling a certain amazing way will make him associate a certain scent with you, which will help you stand apart from anyone else he interacts with. Though, don’t go overboard with perfume. You don’t want to be that girl.

4 Develop A Very Busy Social Situations (AKA Mingle, Girl!)

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In social situations, you’re going to want to talk to just him the whole time. We get it. Your dream is to end up in a dark corner with him and just talk to him the whole time. You want to ignore all those other pesky people at the party and talk to just the guy you're into, who you’re pretty sure is the love of your life. But don't do this, girl.

In social situations, you want to be hard to get, so talk to everyone, mingle, and be the center of attention. The goal is to make him want to drag you into that dark corner. Ah, turning the tables. What fun!

By being a social butterfly, you become hard to get. If you’re socializing with other guys, you also create a subtle love triangle too. He’ll want to pry you away from those other guys and get you all to himself. Resist the urge to make every party a 1-on-1 experience and you’ll force this urge on him.

3 Make Fun Of Him Because You're Hilarious

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If you want a guy to like you, one of the best things you can possibly do is simply make fun of him. It encompasses so many of these tricks into one. It’ll create an inside joke, send mixed signals, put the focus on him, and create fun conversation. He'll love it. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy being teased a little bit, right? So, make fun of that hole in his shirt, his drink order, or the way he tripped while walking. Whatever it is, embrace your inner comedian and make him laugh. Everyone loves a funny girl.

So, there you have it. Those are 16 major voodoo tricks you can do to make him fall in love with you, all without him knowing it. It’s basically like witchcraft. These subtle moves will have him itching for you like you literally cast a spell over him. Long story short, you’re a witch now, so go make all the men love fall in love with you and your witchy self.

2 Ask Him All The Questions Ever

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Too often we make the mistake of talking about ourselves in conversation. But hey, it’s easy. I mean, what topic could you possibly know more about than yourself? However, constantly talking about yourself is not low-key seduce someone.

Sure, we all have those seduction stories that we store away for the right moment. If you were stranded in the desert, sailed around the world, had a pet flamingo, or overcame a rough childhood, you'll tell that story. It’s the ‘fall in love with me’ story. It’s quirky, or interesting, or heartbreaking. Whatever it is, it makes guys love you. We all have one of those stories. However, conversationally, the best thing to do to make a guy interested in you is to ask him questions about himself. Seriously, just get him talking about himself because people love to do that. He’ll walk away thinking he’s just had a fabulous conversation and that you’re a great listener.

1 Create An Inside Joke Out Of Something

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Having an inside joke with someone is an instant way to feel closer to them. In fact, if you’ve ever been in a weird situation and made eye contact with someone else experiencing the same weird situation, you’ve likely been instant best friends. It’s like when you’re in a class with a weirdo teacher and you roll your eyes at another classmate. BOOM, you’re bonded forever with this classmate over this weirdo teacher. It just creates something you can easily joke another in conversation.

That said, you really want an inside joke with your man. Inside jokes are easier to find than you think. Just joke about something every day – the way he takes his coffee, the way he’s picking at the label on his beer, his t-shirt. Whatever it may be, pick out something about him, your situation, or you environment. Then, bring this particular thing up the next few times you see him. He’ll suddenly feel like he’s in some secret club with you.

And just like that, you’ve created an intimacy with one inside joke.

You’ll get the bonus of learning a little bit about him that you can hopefully use to you advantage.

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