16 Unusual Rules John Cena Used To Make Nikki Bella Follow

Back in 2012, John Cena and Nikki Bella went on their first date together. Slowly but surely, this turned into a relationship and the two became WWE’s power couple.

Nikki would dominate in the ring and she would also turn into a mammoth reality star thanks to the shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. She’s still onboard with Total Divas in a producer role today, and she remains the focal point of Total Bellas.

During her time alongside John Cena, we got to see a lot of the relationship through both of the reality shows. From the very beginning, it was rather obvious that Cena had particular rules when it came to his relationship with Bella. According to John, some of these rules were put in place because of his difficult past relationships.

Some might understand where Cena was coming from. However, others might argue that he took some things too far. From having Nikki sign a 75-page contract to live with him to his other obsessions, these unusual rules show a different sign of John and in all likelihood, some of these rules are the reason the two ultimately didn’t last. On that note, here are 16 unusual rules John Cena used to make Nikki Bella follow.

16 Nikki Was A Guest In Cena’s Home

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This was one of the most peculiar parts of the relationship. During an episode of Total Divas, it was established early on that Nikki was a guest in Cena’s marvelous Tampa household. As you’ll see later in the article, Nikki even needed to follow contractual obligations while she was staying in Cena’s home, but we’ll elaborate on that further down the article.

It was obvious that Nikki never really felt at home while staying with Cena. She learned that the hard way early on trying to abide by his various different rules. The former couple would later buy a different home together (with no strict rules) but they separated shortly after.

15 No Personal Photos Of John Were Allowed To Be Posted

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Cena entered the WWE in 2000. His fame would skyrocket right around 2005 as he turned into a household name. Cena would carry the WWE for over a decade. When it comes to everything John related, WWE is very strict as he’s basically the poster boy of the company.

Cena holds himself in similar regard. He wants to live a private life when the cameras aren’t rolling. The same holds true with his relationships. According to Total Divas, Cena specifically asked not to be photographed when he wasn't expecting it or simply not in the mood. Given Nikki’s social media thirst, this likely didn’t sit well with the Total Bellas star.

14 John Could Only Be Filmed On Total Bellas When He Agreed

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So much for reality television huh? Cena wasn’t fully invested when it came to Nikki’s reality show. In fact, Cena was to be filmed only under his acceptance. Basically, if John wasn’t feeling it, he had the right to deny camera access into his personal life.

Given his star power, that definitely hurt Total Bellas. Nonetheless, the couple did film the breakup, which was a bit of a head-scratcher given John’s knack for maintaining his privacy, especially in terms of his personal relationships. Maybe John knew that showing the audience a very real and emotional moment would lead to high ratings.

13 Appropriate Dinner Attire Mandatory

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Dinner with the family should be all about comfort, at least that’s how most of us see it. However, for John Cena, he has a different approach in his household. Cena grew up with very little, therefore, he wants to fully indulge come dinner time. A rule Cena put in place is both he and his guests dressing up for dinner; the men must wear suits while the women must also dress appropriately. Cena put this rule in place for Sunday dinners, as shown on Total Bellas.

As you can imagine, this rule didn’t sit well with the likes of Daniel Bryan, who loves to rock causal-wear on the norm.

12 No Pets

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Cena might have some commitment issues and that holds true for his view on pets. While the two were living together, Cena had a strict no pets policy. According to John, it was hard to commit to a pet given the couple’s lifestyle and how they were constantly on the road. It is hard to disagree with Cena, though lots of wrestlers and movie stars make it work despite their crazy schedules.

Making matters worse, Bryan and Brie’s dog bit Cena while they were staying at his house. That likely made things a lot worse for Cena and his views on pets.

11 Lengthy Stretching Sessions


It is hard to believe that John Cena is in his 40s. In truth, he still looks great with no signs of aging. A lot of that has to do with his conditioning and fitness level. In addition, Cena also credits stretching as a big part of his fitness routine. So much so that Cena takes as long as an hour to stretch before every workout session.

He held Nikki in the same regard. It wasn’t as easy as just jumping into a workout for Nikki. Following a similar plan to John’s, Bella was forced into stretching out for several minutes prior to lifting big weights on the squat rack.

10 Encouraged Nikki To Count Her Calories

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Fitness enthusiasts know that hitting the gym is only half the battle. It is important that the same consistency stays true out of the gym. This rule might be Nikki’s fault as she asked Cena to hold her accountable when it came to tracking calories. As you might expect, Cena was really hard on Nikki. That was especially true during an episode of Total Bellas that saw Nikki completely demolish her daily calorie allotment before dinner.

Making matters worse, she was supposed to save some calories for her supper with John Cena. As you might expect, Cena canceled the dinner plans because of it.

9 Laundry Separated In Two Different Bins

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Most of us are accustomed to throwing our soiled clothes in one laundry bin. However, Mr. Cena has a different rule and one that caught Nikki Bella off guard when she had just moved into John’s Tampa home.

John doesn’t throw his clothes into one bin; instead, he has two. One bin is specifically for gym clothing while the other is for everyday clothing. Now, this logic kind of makes sense but at the end of the day, dirty clothes are dirty clothes, no? Nikki was caught off guard by this rule during Total Divas. Turns out, it wouldn’t be the last time she would be confused by a rule in the Cena household.

8 The House Must Stay Clean (Especially The Kitchen)

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Cena is a neat freak. Especially when it comes to his kitchen, John expects everything to remain spotless.

Nikki learned this rule during an episode of Total Divas. Once again, Nikki was trying to do good by cooking Cena a homemade meal–she had just moved in at that point. However, she quickly learned that making her former man a meal wasn’t that easy. Cena stressed throughout Nikki’s cooking in the kitchen, claiming she was staining the brand new marble counters he had just purchased. Once she was done making supper, both spent hours cleaning the kitchen. We don’t think Nikki cooked a lot of other meals after that.

7 Mandatory Coffee Discussions In The Morning

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Waking up in the morning is hard. Some of us try to make minimal contact with others, heck, even our own families. We look down at the ground and appear to be moody until breakfast rolls around.

In the Cena household, that wouldn’t fly. As evidenced by Total Bellas, Cena expects his houseguests to take part in a mandatory morning coffee discussion. Brie and Daniel Bryan got to take part in one. However, Nikki and John regularly completed this ritual every morning. According to Cena, it is a great way for everyone to establish their priorities for the day.

6 Evening Fire Discussion

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Discussions aren’t only meant for the mornings. Cena expects the same before dinner time. During Total Bellas, Cena put this rule in place, requiring that the family members meet in the backyard for a general discussion (along with indulging in some wine). Again, this is also a rule Nikki follows when she’s alone with John.

According to Cena, this is a great way for everyone to recap their day while keeping the mood fun and light. We definitely understand that, but it is a little contradictory when asking everyone to take part in these discussions while rocking a suit or fancy attire.

5 No Negative Talk In Relation To WWE

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Although Cena only appears on WWE television sporadically these days, he still holds the company in high regard. After all, the company made Cena the global star that he is today.

John has a close relationship with his boss Vince McMahon. He is also obsessed with everything that goes on within the WWE. All that being said, Cena never dares to speak ill about the company given everything it has done for him. Cena expected the same behavior from Nikki Bella considering the company did the same for her as well. Cena wants nothing but positivity when it comes to anything WWE related.

4 What’s Mine Is Mine, What’s Yours Is Yours

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This was a rule Cena established early on. Things weren’t shared between the two; instead, Cena put a focus on what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. Although this philosophy might sound really harsh, we must sympathize with Cena. He kept this rule due to his prior relationships which hurt him in the long run. Thanks to his previous relationships, Cena set up a lot of rules that really hurt his relationship with Nikki Bella.

It worked out in the beginning, but as evidenced by the couple's issues on set, Nikki later grew frustrated with this aspect of the relationship as she tried to move forward. We really can’t blame her, but it’s also hard to blame Cena given his past.

3 Refusing To Be Nikki’s Power Of Attorney

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This was a harsh reality for Nikki Bella as John Cena turned down the right to be Nikki’s power of attorney. The decision didn’t sit well with Bella. However, Cena turned down the request as he didn’t want to have this type of responsibility.

The conversation turned awkward really quickly as the Total Divas cameras caught the entire ordeal. It was another instance of Bella getting the cold shoulder from John Cena. Had things been the other way around, no doubt Nikki would have accepted such a responsibility, that’s why it made things so awkward between the two when Cena refused.

2 Sign A 75 Page Contract To Live In His Home


This was the most bizarre scenario that Cena actually put on paper. Once again, Bella was none too pleased that she was forced into signing a 75-page document in order to live with her former boyfriend, and we can understand the frustration. Cena didn’t come up with this document out of the blue; he was just doing so in order to protect himself especially given the way his prior relationship ended.

Ultimately, Nikki’s love for John allowed her to look past the contract. However, lots of Nikki’s peers were not too pleased about this decision, including sister Brie.

1 No Children

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This rule really hurt the relationship. Given their busy schedules, Cena refused to have a child. Nikki accepted these terms at first but once sister Brie had her daughter, Birdie, it just became that much harder to deal with. Ultimately, Cena went back on his rule claiming he was open to having kids, but it was all too late.

Nikki wanted to start a family and given Cena’s hectic WWE and Hollywood schedule, raising a child together seemed pretty impossible. That realization ultimately led to the demise of their relationship. Looking back, maybe Cena regrets this rule more than any of the others.

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