16 Undeniable Clues That Bella Hadid And Drake Are Now An Item

When we heard super model Bella Hadid was dating rapper the Weeknd, we couldn’t help but get excited. The Toronto rapper and LA model were inseparable…of course, that was until they weren’t. Whatever the reason, they broke up and Bella hasn’t been spotted with any other guys. That is until Drake decided to throw her a 21st birthday bash. Well, I guess we weren’t paying much attention to the rumors before this either.

I mean, another Toronto rapper, Drake…dating? That’s unheard of. When was the last time you heard of Drake openly dating anyone? He was constantly rumored to be yearning after Rihanna, but multiple hit records together later and no real proof has surfaced. Then he posted some weird pictures with Serena Williams, but she’s totally moved on.

It’s been quiet in the dating pool for Drake. That, or maybe he is just really good at hiding his relationships. Anyway, during his first couple of album releases, he talked about how miserable he was as a single man and just wanted to find love. Like the rest of us, he was looking in all of the wrong places. But, just a couple of months ago rumors began to surface that Bella and Drake were spotted having dinner, next thing you know he’s throwing her a birthday party. You do the math. Here are clues to their existing relationship.


16 Why Would A Man You're Not Dating Throw You An A-List Birthday Bash?

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My parents have thrown me a birthday party once, even my sister has. And then the occasional boyfriend has thrown me one in past relationships. But never in my life has a guy friend wanting nothing out of our relationship even tried to celebrate something as grand as a 21st birthday party for me. So this leads me to the question: why would Drake throw Bella Hadid a birthday bash if nothing was going on between the two?

Planning a party is something that you do for someone special in your life. He went out of his way to book the place and invite her close family and friends. Duh, this is a total relationship move, and not a new one either. This relationship has definitely been going down behind the scenes. Sources say they've been together since June.

15 They Actually Crossed Paths A Long Time Ago

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In case you thought, like me, that this relationship came out of nowhere, keep in mind that the Hadid sisters met Drake years ago as fans. This was when Bella was rocking her ‘old’ look. Let’s just say rumors have been swirling lately of a possible nose job, which, let’s face it, make sense. Bella looks way different now that she did a few years ago. However, nothing has been confirmed yet on that front.

They began hanging out every now and then back in 2014 before Bella even began her modeling career. I suppose this friendship could have bloomed into something more throughout the years. Plus, this is a friendship that her parents, Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid have approved of. They haven’t been spotted together since…until now that is.

14 On June 19, 2017 They Left The Nice Guy Restaurant Together


Our suspicion of Bella Hadid and Drake’s relationship began in June. The paparazzi spotted the two leaving The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles together on June 19th. Yes, I said together. It’s not like they entered in separately and left separately as well. Clearly, this was a date with just the two of them. At the time they were both single, and not rumored to be seeing other people. So why couldn’t this be marked as the start of them?

Now it’s time to make up some obnoxious name for the duo. I can’t be responsible for this; otherwise, I will just butcher it. A paparazzi also reported that Bella got into Drake’s car, so they left together. Does anyone else hear romance bells ringing?

13 US Weekly Had A Source Recently Confirm The Rumor


US Weekly apparently has the sources when it comes to confirming this secret relationship. They’ve had a couple of ‘reliable’ sources comment on Drake and Bella’s budding romance. The source commented, “things aren't super serious with them right now, but they're totally together.” While of course, this source remains unnamed, we hope this is a close friend, not just a PR person playing games with our hearts.

Another source told US Weekly, “It's recent and they are trying to keep it super under wraps.” According to them, the duo began hooking up for fun, but more recently has gotten serious. Well, duh. A man doesn’t throw a birthday bash for a woman he doesn’t plan on wooing. He invited her parents, siblings, and best friends.

12 Mom, Yolanda, Clued Us In During An Interview With Andy Cohen

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When in doubt, get your reality star mama to lie for you on national television. In October Yolanda Hadid, former cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, appeared on Watch What Happens Live! Of course, host Andy Cohen took the questions right out of our mouths when it came to Yolanda’s youngest daughter. He asked Yolanda to comment on the recent rumors of Bella and Drake’s romantic relationship, and let the public know if it they were really dating.

Yolanda laughed it all off and said that they were “just friends”. Okay, but why don’t we believe Yolanda? You can’t expect her to betray her children’s’ trust by telling us everything about their romantic lives. But Andy and the public still isn’t buying the who “just friends” excuse.

11 Drake Finally Gave Up Chasing Rihanna


For years there have been rumors swirling about a possible romance between Rihanna and Drake. And frankly…we were kind of all for it for a while. But it all got very old very quickly. Rihanna didn’t seem to pay him the time of day up until earlier this year when source confirmed that they were dating. They went to clubs together, but the entire relationship just seemed superficial.

Maybe finally getting his dream girl made him realize how incompatible they actually are. You do have to admit though, Rihanna and Drake made quite the hot couple. But Bella and Drake seem like a more realistic match. Plus, he would be a fun addition to the audience if she walks the next Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

10 They Can Support One Another's Success And Understand Their Hustling Schedules


Forget the jealousy between Drake and Bella’s success, both have openly supported competitor’s success. So, supporting one another won’t be hard at all. Drake works hard in the studio and is constantly touring. Because of her experience with her ex, Bella knows the demands of the music industry, and can totally support and understand her man.

Plus, Drake and a Victoria’s Secret model—what’s taken them so long?! How awesome would it be for him to perform the upcoming show, with his beau strutting her stuff on the runway? Ugh, they need to go public ASAP. Drake has always supported the women he crushes on and speaks highly of the women he’s been rumored to be dating, even if he doesn’t confirm the relationships themselves. He could be a great cheerleader for Bella.


9 Bella Has Moved On From The Weeknd...At Least For Now


Bella is so over the Weeknd. They broke up back in February, and she admitted that it was hard seeing as it was so public. Plus, it was her first real relationship. It seems that she’s taken the time to mature and not jump into another relationship so easily. She decided to focus on herself, more specifically her battle with Lyme disease rather than her breakup.

And when the Weeknd came out with his relationship with Selena Gomez—her former friend—just a month or so later, Bella said nothing. She kept quiet instead of starting all this social media drama that other celebs are known for. Instead, she worked on her career and has been too busy succeeding and earning her hard working money to worry about her ex.

8 Bella Has A Thing For Rapper/Singers


Some of us women tend to have a ‘type’. Bella’s might just be singer/rappers…from Toronto? In case you forgot, she and the Weeknd had a public relationship—who could forget when he was performing for the same Victoria’s Secret fashion show that she was walking right after they broke up? There was definitely some chemistry on that runway.

Anyway, perhaps Bella simply adores a guy who can sing a couple of tunes for her. Who wouldn’t? It makes sense that she would fall for Drake. He’s cute, handsome, funny, and an award-winning rapper and singer. What can’t he do? Of course, it would be nice if being with Bella didn’t make the whole Toronto circle messy. According to sources, the Weeknd and Drake run in the same circles; Toronto is only so big.

7 A Source Told US Weekly They Are "Keeping It Under Wraps"


So now we’ve had multiple sources not only confirm the relationship, but also comment on what was going on with Bella and Drake. The gist is that Bella and Drake have been hooking up for a few months, but have been keeping it hush hush since they hadn’t been taking their relationship seriously. Then, surprise, surprise—this happens all too often. A not so serious hook up suddenly blossoms into an all out relationship.

If this could happen to any one of us, why couldn’t this possibly happen between Drake and Bella as well? Hey, it’s totally possible. Now we are just on the lookout for their nest public appearance together. There are still no available pictures of the couple out in public, or even in private for that matter.

6 Yolanda Insists That They're "Just Friends"...


Again, Yolanda refuses to comment on the budding relationship that other anonymous sources have already confirmed. It may just be that Bella and Drake are dating, and their families are aware, but they’re just not ready to reveal their relationship to the public.

Take her ex’s, the Weeknd, relationship with Selena Gomez. They officially announced their new relationship right after his split with Bella. In a classy move, Bella refused to make any comment, positive or negative, on the new couple’s relationship. But just months later Selena is back with Justin. Beiber Perhaps Bella is holding out for a milestone or simply just some time in their relationship before going public. After all, what’s the point in revealing a relationship when it can immediately fizzle out?

5 They Both Are Clearly Looking To Have Fun


Drake has only been tied to a few women. He had dated Rihanna briefly, as well as J. Lo. But before that, he was always sulking and writing these depressing love songs that were all eating up. If you haven’t related to a single Drake song, then have you ever been listening to him? Probably not. This guy knows heartbreak. But he rarely makes public appearances with women.

Plus, Bella broke up with the Weeknd a while ago and hasn’t dated anyone since. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman that just jumps into relationships. So why not go out and have some fun? Drake is the perfect guy to do this with. And sources did comment that they started out hooking up just for fun.

4 Drake Has Been Notoriously Single For A While Now


Can you name any of Drake’s previous girl friends or flings? Yeah, me either—with the exception of the few already noted above. Let’s just say he isn’t know for his back to back serious relationships. And Bella has only publically dated the Weeknd, any other relationship she just hasn’t felt the need to reveal.

I guess you can say they are both secretive. But Drake is the notorious single guy. His songs often revolve around the themes of love and heartbreak. Yet, he’s never publically claimed any woman as a girlfriend. Maybe he just goes through all these heartbreaks behind the scenes, which makes sense. He just doesn’t publically come out with relationships. But Bella could totally be a game changer. She doesn’t blab about any relationship secrets.

3 He's Also Been Hating Single Life


Oh yeah, and this notorious single guy constantly complains about his search for ‘the one’. He just wants a girl to settle down with. A real ride or die woman who will peek his interest in keep him in line. If only every guy would admit to this. So yeah, Drake has been on search for the right woman for quite sometime. He may no admit to any dating rumors, but he’s not shy about hating being single.

He wants someone to share his life and success with. Plus, he’s a major mama’s boy. If the way he treats his mother reflects on how he could treat a girlfriend, then sign us up! Of course, only if Bella is out of the running. She could be the one.

2 Bella Is The Perfect Girl To Have Casual Fun With

Bella knows the different between work and play. She started her modeling career at 18 and nearly over night, along with her sister, she’s become a sensation. Is it too early to call her a supermodel? She may not be an official Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she and her sister are well on their way to this. Plus, she’s not afraid to have some fun. Bella is always spotted out at fun events and clubs in super trendy.

Bella is no afraid of what anybody has to say about her, which, for a twenty-something year old in the public eye, is quite epic. She has the confidence that a woman by Drake’s side needs. There’s no doubt that haters will be hating at this point, but Bella brushes it all off and knows how to have fun no matter the situation.

1 This Super Model And The Rapper Make A Great Combo


Musicians and supermodels just seem to work. I wonder why that is. But take Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine—we’ve loved them from the start, and now they’re expanding their family and we can’t wait for more cute pictures of them to hit social media. Maybe the next new romantic ‘goals’ can be Drake and Bella. They make a beautiful couple, and I have to admit, I am super curious as to what kind of music a happy Drake can make.

I love my Drake’s cooing about being single and searching for the perfect woman, but what would a happy Drake come up with? With Bella as his new muse, the possibilities are endless. Plus, we can totally see Bella cheering him on at concerts and on tours.


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