15 Top "Makeup-Free" Liars

Makeup is a powerful tool that men and women use to transform themselves. And there are varying degrees that people use it. Some people love to be full on glam all the time, while others prefer to have a low-key look for more casual situations and only do heavier looks for special occasions. And then you have people who have a mascara wand they use three times a year. This is one of the great things about makeup, people make it work for them and their lifestyle. There is no doubt that these days makeup has become a bigger industry than ever, and also a huge part of social media. There are so many social media celebrities who are famous because of their makeup abilities. And even though makeup has been around pretty much since modern humans have in one way or another, there is no doubt that these days it is bigger than ever.

The products have gotten way better, the methods have been perfected down to basically making makeup application a science. Who needs plastic surgery when you can just contour are we right? So seeing, especially on social media, makeup become a huge part of the culture, it makes sense that a lot of people in response to that, famous and non-famous have taken to post #allnatural and #nomakeup selfies. The only thing is, while yes some people truly do post totally natural selfies on social media a lot of people do not. And we have a couple of the culprits right here for you. All we have to say is they are all bad liars.

15 Oh, Girl, Who Are You Trying To Fool With Those Eyebrows?

Well you can just tell how dedicated she is to the cancer cause. It is beyond us why charity campaigns have ever been based around women putting up makeup free selfies on the internet. Is that such a rarity?  But it's happened and it will probably keep happening so we may as well just accept it. Our friend here obviously really cares about the campaign, but not enough to take off her fake eyelashes. Also it seem like she is flip-flopping between what makeup she has on in her no make up selfie. According to her, eyeliner does not count as makeup which is news to us. This girl is a weird mix of lies and honesty. Why admit to some of the makeup she is wearing on her face like eyeliner and fake eyelashes, but deny the lip gloss and drawn on eyebrows. Clearly people have different rules for what constitutes makeup.

14 When Demi Goes Natural, She Also Takes Her Blush, Eyelash Curler, And Lipgloss With Her

Oh DD Lovato. This is a beautiful photo of the powerhouse singer but who is she really trying to fool? Had she simply posted this photo on her social media, she would have been met with lots of comments telling her how beautiful she is and how she doesn't need a lot of makeup. Which she doesn't, but it is obvious that there is minimal makeup in this photo playing up her natural features. A little bit of blush on the cheeks for that rosy glow, eyelash curler and what looks like a dab of mascara to keep the lashes looking good, and a bit of lippy to complete the look. Instead of just posting the photo though, Demi had to try and sell it us as a no makeup selfie so now this is just a photo of lies. Demi it could have just been a very nice photo of you, but you took the dishonest route.

13 That Natural Eyeliner Look

Obviously though not only celebrities lie about their no makeup selfies. But at least Kim tried to hide half her face, it was not as bold faced a lie as this girl. There is a certain braveness that comes with being able to publicly lie to so many people. And homegirl is not just wearing makeup, there is some straight up poorly done face tune going on in this photo which we are sure she would try and explain as simply her great skin care routine. Have you ever seen purple freckles before? Because they match her hair color and we are pretty sure she paid month for both the hair and the freckles. Nothing like having bright green eyes that look straight out of a comic about alien snakes and purple hair and trying to pull it off as #allnatural. Shameless.

12 Someone Needs To Tell Michelle Keegan Permanent Makeup Is Still MakeUp

Michelle Keegan is a British actress best known for her role on the popular soap Coronation Street. She jumped on the no makeup selfie trend, and while we must admit that she looks very bare and fresh faced this photo still does not a no makeup selfie make. Those eyelashes, while we can be convinced to believe are natural definitely have a bit of a curl to them that no one is naturally born with. But the biggest culprit on her face are her eyebrows. They are definitely fake, most likely micro bladed on. At the least they are some kind of permanent makeup. Maybe Michelle thinks that if its a permanent part of you it will from then on count as natural but we have some news for her.

11 Kylie's #NoMakeup consists of lip plumpers, fake eyelashes and micro-bladed eyebrows...

We are dealing with another Kardashian / Jenner, so the standards for natural tend to be a lot more flexible than for the rest of the world. Do you even remember that Kylie has freckles? We see them so rarely that it is easy to forget she has them, so when she posts a picture with her freckles showing we can see why she thinks that is enough to be able to tag the photo #nomakeup. And we know she is never going to get rid of those lip plumper mostly because she's probably ruined her lips, so they are a part of her so you know she counts that as all natural. And eyelash extensions are definitely part of a Jenner's natural routine so yea, this is a no makeup selfie when it comes to Kylie Jenner.

10 And People Believe her...

This is almost a study into a delusional mind. In what universe would this be considered a no makeup selfie. And if you don't want to post a picture of yourself with no makeup, that is your prerogative! No one said any women had to do this or owes it to anyone. But people are so desperate to jump on the latest social media bang wagon like the sheep they are that they seriously put up pictures like this with full on eyeliner and pretend to pull it off as natural. No one asked anyone of these ladies to post a no makeup selfie, and even if they were asked to post one, again, they owe that to no one. What is the point in doing this? And we aren't sure whats worse. This girl posting a full face of make up and claiming she isn't wearing any, or her followers that believe and ecourage her.

9 Miley Is Not Fooling Anyone With Those Lashes, Ready For Bed Or Not

Miley was supposed to be our all natural girl. The self proclaimed hippie has been seen and photographed without makeup lots of times, in fact it is more likely you see Miley with a very dressed down natural look than you do in full glam. At least these days, we don't take about Miley from a couple years ago. So it is extra disappointing when the wild child who loves all things natural would try and fool us with a photo like this. Those aren't even eyelash extensions its just some straight up mascara on her lashes while trying to tell us she is just a no makeup wearing girl cuddling her dog and ready to go bed. Sad Miley, we expected more from you.

8 She Must Be Joking

Okay at this ridiculous point we feel like there needs to be a full set of rules that must be adhered to if you are going to post a no makeup selfie. Because clearly these girls don't count eyeliner, mascara, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, and even contouring makeup. Has makeup just become so engrained in women lives that they literally feel like they are natural when they wear it, because that is their normalized state? It seems like the accurate hash tags are the green eyes one and the wet hair one. But she has lost all credibility that that full face of makeup so we feel it is safe to assume that her hair looks like that no because it is wet but because she used a whole can of mousse on it, so it has that nice crispy texture. And the eyes are probably cheap coloured contacts.

7 She Must Be Trolling Or Delusional

We realize this looks like 00's reality tv treasure Tila Tequila, and knowing what we know about her now it is totally up her alley to post something as delusional as this. But it is Tila Tequila, just a girl that looks like her and seems to share some of her shameless delusion. Her skin does look amazing, and like Demi she could have just made a great post about how much this procedure has done for her skin, because her skin does look great. Instead she had to bring in a boat load of lies about how she is not wearing any makeup when astronauts on the ISS can see that she is wearing eyeliner. At this point we think these girls actually believe that they are makeup free. Maybe they just mentally block out the part of their day when they put makeup on.

6 Charity & Lies, A Winning Combo

This one may be the worst one on the list, because she is doing it for charity. Also is it just us, or is it kind of tacky to post the actual donation you made on social media? Although I guess we aren't dealing with the highest standards when it comes to this gal, honesty does not seem to be a huge priority for her. And there is an argument to be made that her heart is in the right place because at the end of the day, the charity still got money and she probably did encourage more people to do so as well after they saw her post. But couldn't she of at least taken the eyeliner off and put a tab bit mascara off because she posted this?

5 Khloe Kardashian Uses This Photo To Support Natural Beauty

You know, we feel like we are cheating using a Kardashian in this list but we can't help that multiple members of the family give us so much to work with when it comes to lying. Especially when it comes to lying about your looks. Khloe didn't hashtag this photo #nomakeup, but she did post it as part of her support for a natural beauty campaign that was being done on social media. Koko is a lot of peoples favourite Kardashian because it seems like she is the one that keeps it real the most, something that is not hard to do when compared to the rest of her famous family members. At the end of the day though she is still a Kardashian so of course she posted a photo of herself with a face full of makeup in support of a natural beauty campaign. We are pretty sure Kardashian / Jenners do not fully understand the term natural beauty.

4 Whatever You Say Girl, We See Those 'Natural' Eyelashes

Not only does she have mascara on, but there is definitely some eyebrow pencil going on as well. Sleeping with makeup on is the worst, you wake up with crusty eyelashes that are stuck together, your skin dries out, and it gets all over your pillow. It's also just not a super healthy routine to have for your skin. Lying is bad for the soul, so this girl has a double negative situation going on and in this case it does not make for a positive. People think just because they look cozy in a picture and like they are ready for bed they can claim to be all natural but that just is not the case. Who knew it could be so hard for human beings to follow the simple idea of when you want to hash tag a photo #nomakeup and or #allnatural, one should actually not be wearing any makeup and be all natural.

3 7hegoddess Makes A Very Bold, Very False Statement

You know we are going to forgive this lying lady of all her sins if only for her #noneck hashtag. That is some bluntness, and you know she's right it does look like she has no neck in this photo. So why make such an honest (and hilarious) hashtag next to one that is a blatant lie. She is actually being quite honest in the whole post, except for one very important part. Those long spider leg looking lashes are nothing that she was born with naturally. We applaud her for celebrating her blemishs, natural hair, and no neck but then she just really dropped the ball with the no makeup. You were so close 7hegoddess to achieving something that so many famous and non-famous people have failed to do, getting an actually fully natural selfie while claiming it is a natural selfie.

2 Who Needs Filters When Your Face Naturally Has One

It's not only girls that try and pull off the fake no makeup selfie. Here we see a brave male filter his face to oblivion, so its hard to tell if he has makeup on or if thats the filter. At the end of the though, regardless of if he has makeup on or not this is not an all natural photo. As you can see in his comments, there is a range of reactions to him trying to push this photo as natural one. One person is being very supportive of his make believe, well another had a more rational reaction. One that most of us have had looking at all of these no makeup selfie fails. There are people in this world that just live in their own world with their own constructed reality and we are betting a lot of people that have been featured in this list live in an alternate reality. This guy probably thinks he looks like barbie

1 Selena Gomez Uses A Filter And Eyeliner In Her No Makeup Selfie

Selena is a gorgeous girl, and she isn't a huge makeup girl so we have all seen her bare faced lots of times. And without makeup, she is just as beautiful. Which begs the question why she wanted to try and pull this photo off as an all natural one, since we all already know what she looks like without makeup, and we know she doesn't look like that. Why are you trying to lie to us Selena? You were supposed to be the good Disney girl turned successful actress. But compared to a lot of the indiscretions that tend to be associated with child stars, we will allow Selena this one public lie. As long as she doesn't try to tell us that it looks like she has eyeliner because of that filter, because no. Love you girl, but just stay your honest self.

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