16 Times You REALLY Wanted Jennifer Aniston's Bod

Ah, Jennifer Aniston. What is there not to be jealous of? Girlfriend has amazing hair, ageless skin and the perfect body. Seriously, when is Jennifer Aniston not body goals? Every single time she’s pictured, her body looks flawless, and that’s because it pretty much is flawless.

There are definitely times that Jen gave us more body envy than usual, though. In some films, Jen looks hotter than others, but that’s mostly because she’s flaunting her amazing body. I mean, when she stripped in We’re The Millers or walked around in the buff in The Break-Up, it was hard to not completely envy her body. She looked toned, tanned and still had curves. Of course, she had the same body in Cake, but it was just covered under a few layers of clothes.

There’s also the times when Jen is just running an errand. She looks like she’s trying to make it to the post office before it closes,  but she also looks perfect in a jeans and fitted t-shirt. None of us look as good at the post office. We can also thank the paparazzi for all the bikini shots of Jen they’ve snapped throughout the years. It has provided us with a ton of gym motivation.

Whether she’s starring on Friends, a major movie, or just lounging on the beach with Justin Theroux, her body is amazing and we’re jealous. Below are 16 times that we really (REALLY) wanted Jennifer Aniston’s body. Let this be gym motivation for the cold winter months.

16 When She Reminded Us That She Has The Most Perfect Chest

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Alright, we’ll be honest here. It’s hard to straight up say that any celebrity has natural breasts. If you Google any celebrity name, it’ll come up with before and after photos that prove they’ve had a boob job. The thing is that depending on the bra you’re wearing, the dress your wearing or the angle at which you’re photographed, your breast size could change.

That being said, Jennifer Aniston has had a seemingly natural, beautiful physique for years. And her boobs are utterly perfect. She can rock dresses with sideboob, underboob or deep cleavage like a pro because of her chest. Look at the above photo! She’s rocking an unbuttoned shirt like it’s no biggie. We’d rock that too if we were all blessed with the most perfect boobs ever. Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or exercise can change your breast size. Jen is just blessed in that department.

15 When She Showed Off Her Toned Arms

It’s not every day that a celebrity accepting an award turns into a poster for how perfectly toned her arms are, but thus is the life of Jennifer Aniston. Her arms are toned the perfect amount. She doesn’t look too muscular, but instead looks both toned and feminine. That's a combination that we all dream of.

Apparently, Jen’s amazing arms are due to her yoga routine. She practices a Vinyasa flow, during which she does many planks and upward facing dogs and downward facing dogs. Uh, who knew yoga could get you killer arms! Put down those weights and breakout the yoga mat, guys! Of course, Jen also eats right and mixes cardio into her workout. A body like hers is maintained through several different facets. Girlfriend doesn’t just do yoga. You gotta work hard for those arms.

14 When She Looked Like This On The Red Carpet

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At the 2015 SAG Awards, all eyes were on Jennifer Aniston in one of the lowest cut dresses of all time. Did the whole world just stop spinning when she stepped out in this incredible number? It certainly felt that way. She is a serious showstopper. Oh, and in case you didn’t know just how low cut the dress was, Jen accented it with a necklace to draw your eye. She knows how to work an accessory.

She was nominated that year for her performance in Cake, in which she played a woman struggling with chronic pain. She lost to Julianne Moore, who won the Oscar that year. Well, you win some, you lose some. We can’t say that Jen was really a loser while she was wearing this stunning number, though. She looked utterly amazing.

13 Her. Legs. Always.

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How does one get legs like Jennifer Aniston? Seriously. They look about a mile long and toned as hell. There is no fat on her legs. They are just long, thin and gorgeously tanned. They are basically what all legs everywhere should look like, and yet none of our legs look like that. And if your legs do look like that, get out of here, because we’re totally jealous of you.

Of course, the fact that Jen has amazing legs shouldn’t surprise anyone. She loves cardio and is often caught by the paparazzi on her daily runs. Why does cardio have to be so difficult? We want those legs too, but we’d rather get them by ordering takeout and watching Friends on the couch. It’s still possible to look like Jen when Netflix is your hobby, right?

12 This Time She Was In A Bikini

We’re sure that guys’ heads all around the world exploded when they saw this for the first time. She’s the hottest ever in this tiny, pink bikini. You can't deny it. In fact, a tiny, pink bikini has never looked better than it does in that moment.

This was captured while Aniston was filming 2011’s Just Go With It. The film grossed $214 million and we’re guessing that Aniston’s incredible bod is probably part of the reason. In the film, Aniston plays the homely office manager, who is secretly hot. It's kind of like how Rachel Leigh Cook was a nerd in She’s All That until she took her glasses off.

Alright, we’ll stop staring at Jennifer Aniston rocking the hottest bikini bod ever now. It's a long way until summer so we don't have to think about our bikinis just yet.

11 Actually, Every Time She's In A Bikini

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Actually, we want Jen’s body every single time she’s in a bikini. Of course, she looked incredible in the pink bikini, but that was partially because it was for a film. She was bringing her A-game in that bikini. However, she even looks to die for when she’s not paying attention in a bikini. Yep, she can just be lazing around on the beach or going for a walk in a bikini, and she still looks super hot. We prefer not to be photographed unless we can be prepared to arc our back, suck it in, push it out and do whatever other tricks we have up our sleeves to look better in a bikini. But, not Jen. Jen can just be walking around and still looks like a complete goddess in a bikini.

We’ll take her body now, thanks! Also, if we had her body, we’d be in a bikini every single second of every single day.

10 That Time She Wasn't Even Paying Attention And Was A Goddess

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Speaking of times Jennifer Aniston was a goddess without even paying attention – check out the above photo. Girlfriend is just running around with her Starbucks and yet, she is wearing that dress. The tight white dress along with the nude heels highlight the perfect frame of her body. Also, look at her legs in that photo. They are so perfectly toned, they are just unreal. That is what running does to your body, and yet we still hate to do it. Ugh, this photo could definitely serve as some serious cardio motivation, though. Get those running shoes ready girls.

This photo was taken between filming for Just Go With It, in which she wears the same dress and heels. We have to admit, Jen was just on a different level while filming Just Go With It. She was untouchable.

9 Those Ten Years She Was On Friends

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Yep, we wanted her body for the whole ten years that she played Rachel Green on Friends. Actually, we wanted her body, her style and her hair for the whole 10 years she was on Friends.

It was when the world first fell in love with Jennifer Aniston, and her perfect figure had something to do with that. While, she was always thin with some curves, you can certainly see the evolution of her physique throughout the course of Friends. When the series began, she had a beautiful figure, but was certainly less toned than she is now. As the series progresses, you can see those Jennifer Aniston Arms starting to show. By the end of the series, she is sporting the toned physique she is known for today.

It seems that Jen just gets better with age… or maybe she’s ageless. Who knows? What we do know is that we want all of her secrets.

8 Whenever She Wears Jeans

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Jen is the queen of casual. Does anyone else remember when she wore a single braid in her hair to present at the Oscars? It was epic, but she did receive some criticism for being too casual at the Oscars. Well, if you can rock casual like Jen, then you always rock casual... even at the Oscars.

Her go-to outfit is jeans, a fitted tee and a jacket if weather dictates. That is her street style and she sticks to it. We have to admit that if jeans looked that good on us, we’d rock them all the time too. Her perfectly toned legs look even better in jeans, as they highlight their toned shape. Does anyone else want to go for a run right now, too? Ugh, why must we work out to attain a body like Jennifer Aniston? Working out is the worst.

7 Every Moment Of The Break-Up

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The Break-Up came out in 2006, which was only a year after Jen's publicized split with Brad Pitt. We’re not saying that the divorce did wonders for Jennifer Aniston’s body… but, it totally did wonders for Jen’s body. She should be everyone’s break up spirit animal. Instead of getting sad, get toned and be a tan goddess. Starring alongside Vince Vaughn in the film, it brought in a whooping $205 million on its $52 million budget.

If we want to talk about specific Jen scenes in The Break-Up, it literally starts in the opening scene. Jen and Vince’s characters meet at a baseball game, and no one in the world has ever looked as good as Jen does in a pair of jeans and baseball tee. Oh, she also struts her stuff in the buff in order to remind Vince’s character what he’s missing. Ugh, we’re sure Brad was reminded what he was missing too, because girlfriend looked good.

6 Can We Also Talk About Her Skin And Hair?

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We could talk about Jen’s legs, breasts, stomach and arms all the livelong day, but one's body has many other factors than all those obvious components. Jen is also rocking some of the best skin and hair in the industry. Her skin is always glowing from the inside out. She somehow achieves a perfect tan, but seems to have avoided all sun damage in the process. If our skin can look half as good at 47 years old, we’ll be jumping for joy.

Oh, and the hair! Jennifer Aniston is a living hair goddess. On Friends, she rocked many different styles but became a pop culture icon with ‘The Rachel’. Seriously, her hair is so good that a hairstyle was named after her character on Friends. Of course, she no longer rocks The Rachel, but instead sports a longer, wavier, free-flowing look. Everything about her style is completely beach babe and we love it.

5 This Moment In Time

Okay, so this may go without saying, but if you can literally only wear a tie and look like that, you’re body is a thing of beauty. If someone handed me a tie and told me that I’d be posing for a magazine cover… in just that, I would request a cardigan at the very least. Instead, Jen probably just shrugged and said, “Cool, this will look awesome on me.” We're just assuming that when you have a body like Jennifer Aniston’s you probably don’t get too hung up on having a lot of skin showing.

Also, what were the guys in the photoshoot thinking? I mean, Jennifer Aniston was wearing a tie and casually lounging on them like they were all old friends. They had to be a little, err, excited about that, right? From now on our #bodygoals are this.

4 Basically, Whenever She Does A Photoshoot

Jennifer Aniston is the queen of #bodygoals just about every single time she does a photoshoot. Yes, celebs receive a little help whenever they do a photoshoot. First, they sit in hair and makeup, where professionals give them the Kardashian treatment. They also have the best lighting in the world. Flattering lighting can make a world of difference. In the post-process, there is the photoshopping and airbrushing that goes down. I mean, if you think you look good in pretty filter, think of how amazing you’d look with all the help of a professional photoshoot.

That being said, we’re jealous of both the special help that Jen gets to enjoy and just how good she looks to start with. Even with professional makeup and photoshopping, we still wouldn’t magically have the most perfect arms ever.

3 When She Was A Naughty Dentist In Horrible Bosses

In 2011’s Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston took a huge leap from her previous roles. America’s Sweetheart was suddenly playing a crazy man-eater. And it was amazing.

She played the horrible boss of the sweet and engaged Dale, played by Charlie Day. She sexually harassed Dale and threatened to ruin his relationship if he told. It was a far cry from the comedic roles she played in the past, as she was usually playing a quirky love interest. While this was a great career move, Jen feared that no one would believe her in such a role. To combat this fear, she rocked a brunette wig with bangs. Oh, and she looked totally hot with the wig on.

Also, her body looked totally hot in the entire movie, as she appeared in several scenes scantily clad.

2 When She Did This In We're The Millers

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Hot off the success of Horrible Bosses, Jen went on to star in 2013’s We’re The Millers. She, again, played a character that was much different than the roles she became known for playing. She starred as a stripper, who posed as a mother in the fake family put together by Jason Sudeikis. Since she was playing a stripper and she looks amazing, a strip scene was an obvious choice for the movie. If we had a body like Jen, we’re try to work a strip scene into just about every movie. If you got it, flaunt it, right?

The movie was another comedic hit, bringing in $270 million in the box office, on its $37 million budget. Not only is Jen the queen of comedies, but she has also managed to redefine her career while starring in them. Not many actresses can say that.

1 When She Had The Most Epic Leg Of All Time

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We know that Angelina Jolie is supposed to be the reigning queen of a black dress with a high slit. She rocked such a dress at the 2012 Academy Awards, where she showed off her amazing leg. Now, we don’t want to pit the two women against each other or anything… but we just think maybe Jennifer Aniston is the actual queen of this look. Case and point: the above photo. The picture is from the 2010 Golden Globes, to which Jen rocked a dress with a sky-high slit

Of course, a black dress with a slit doesn’t reinvent the wheel or anything but if you have legs like that, we can’t help but pay attention. Jen, give us your legs, or even just your one leg so we can rock a slit like that!

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