16 Times We Questioned Charlize Theron's Parenting Methods

43-year-old actress, Charlize Theron was born in South Africa. She came to the United States when she was 17 years old. She started her career as a model then moved to ballet. Unfortunately, she suffered a knee injury and had to give up dancing. She had to find something else to do otherwise she would have to return to her home country so she decided to give acting a try.

She made her first film debut in 1995 and has not looked back since. Her major films include The Devil's Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, The Cider House Rules, Snow White and the Huntsman, and recently The Fate of The Furious, Tully and Long Shot. She is now also a film producer and a citizen of the U.S.

Charlize has two kids, Jackson and August whom she adopted in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Despite her love for humanity, many have questioned her parenting techniques and here's why.

16 Is Her Son Wearing A Dress?

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This is notably one of the major things that have led many to question Charlize Theron’s parenting methods. Theron and her son, Jackson are spotted together many times but what stands out is the fact that Jackson wears dresses. According to bconline when Jackson was three, he told his mom that he was a girl and not a boy and since then Theron lets him express himself the way he wants.

15 Is She Making Him Wear Wigs Also?

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As if wearing a dress is not enough, images of her son wearing a white long wig are available online. Although Jackson was wearing the wig in honor of his favorite character in the movie Frozen, critics of the mom argue that kids obsessed with cartoon characters can express themselves in many other appropriate ways as stated on therichest.

14 Why Do Her Kids Always Throw Public Tantrums?

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While most moms experience this, celebrity moms are usually mom-shamed, even more, when their kids throw tantrums in public. According to therichest, Jackson was once seen hitting another kid at the park and mom had to discipline him and remove him from the park. Of course, he was not too happy about this. Many people questioned her parenting style in this incidence as well.

13 Why Was She Forcing Her Son To Go And He Clearly Didn't Want To?

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Pictures sometimes do not tell the full story of the events that transpired but they do show some truth. In one incident, Charlize was allegedly dragging Jackson to dance class because he was refusing to go, as noted on radaronline. This meant that she had to drag him off to the ground physically. When the photos of the incident surfaced, many people were in doubt of her parenting skills.

12 Why Is Charlize Still A Single Mom?

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According to therichest, a lot of critics question Charlize Theron’s parenting partly because she is a single mom. Even if you are a celebrity, raising two kids as a single parent is challenging. Single moms do not get to share responsibilities or co-parent; however, a lot of them have raised children and they have turned out just fine.

11 Who Decided That Her Son Was No Longer A Boy But A Girl?

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Theron’s parenting was questioned when she revealed to pagesix that it was not up to her to decide whether her son was to act as a boy or a girl. She said her job as a parent was to celebrate her kids, provide for them, love them, and embrace them for who they are. What people wondered was whether the child was old enough to make such a big decision on his own.

10 Doesn't She Always Claim That She's Into Some Questionable Behavior?

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Theron has shared on CNN that her mom and her smoke some questionable substances to help with their sleeping problems. This news definitely made many people question her parenting method because her mother also helps her out with the kids. Even if it is legal in some parts of the U.S, parents should be careful about what they expose their kids to.

9 Is Being Such A "Progressive Parent" The Best Thing For Kids Their Age?


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Theron appears to be a progressive parent who allows her children to make their own decisions including picking their gender identity. However, according to review, parents who do so do not look at the difficult impact that this will have on the child’s future. The world will not treat a child the same way a parent does.

8 Why Didn't She Just Buy Breastmilk?

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All moms know breastmilk is usually the ideal food for babies. However, because of various reasons some medical and others personal, some moms opt for formula milk, which is also great. Although the actress can afford to buy breastmilk, she opted for formula as stated on usmagazine. Formula milk is not bad but given a choice, breastmilk is always best.

7 Is Charlize Making Her Kids Live A Care-Free Life?

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It is no secret that Charlize had a challenging childhood. According to Businessinsider, she grew up always uneasy because she never knew what mood her father would wake up with and this was scary for her. Because of this, she wants her kids to live a carefree life and do whatever they want. However, a lot have questioned this thinking because kids also need some form of guidance.

6 Why Doesn't She Want To Share Her Heritage With Her Kids?

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Most parents are usually proud of where they came from and want their kids to associate with their heritage, but this is not the case with Theron, who comes from South Africa. According to people, she believes that the country has a challenging history that she does not want to push to her kids. She wants them to decide for themselves whether they want to be associated with it.

5 Does She Co-parent With Her Mom?

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Theron is a single mom and she has always revealed that she co-parents her kids with her mom, Gerda which usmagazine also confirms. Being a grandparent is different from being a parent. Although they both share the same values when it comes to the kids, sometimes they can disagree because of the age difference. Grandparents also have a reputation of spoiling their grandkids with too much love.

4 Did She Just Say Raising Her Kids Is Challenging?

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Theron grew up as an only child; therefore, she did not want to have only one child so she adopted two children so that they could keep each other company. However, the actress says that raising two kids is definitely challenging, it takes double the effort to raise them. Sometimes they also gang up on her but she does not regret having them.

3 Did She Once Consider Leaving The U.S. For Her Kids' Sake?

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A lot of people questioned Theron’s parenting style including the time she was considering leaving the U.S. because people were racist and would not let her raise her black kids in peace as revealed by sandrarose. Critics were quick to let her know that she was using a backward way of thinking. Her kids would do just fine living in the U.S. given her fame and fortune.

2 Was She Going To Adopt Kids Regardless Of Her Partner’s Opinions?

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Due to her upbringing in South Africa and exposure to orphanages, Theron has always wanted to adopt children. She had already decided that she would go on with this plan regardless of whether the person she was dating at that time would want to adopt or not. According to etonline, her former fiancé, Sean Penn, was not part of any of her adoption processes even when they were together. This must have caused some tension between the two.

1 Is Charlize Much Happier With Help?

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A good number of moms need extra help when they have babies and Theron is no exception. However, for some reason, people questioned her parenting when she got help after adopting her second child. According to sheknows, seeking help was not easy for the actress because she was afraid of people perceiving her to be a bad mom. Nonetheless, she went ahead and did it, as it was necessary.

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