16 Times Paparazzi Caught More Than We Bargained For

Paps are the bottom feeders of the celeb universe. Without the celebs they literally would have nothing and be nothing. But there is a symbiotic relationship, a lot of thirsty people use the paparazzi to elevate their presence in the public sphere and grow their celebrity star. Lots of celebrities that are desperate will pay paps to take photos of them, call them when they are going to be somewhere, and even stage paparazzi photos if they want a certain image of themselves to be put out there. They do have a lot of control over paparazzi and what they want out there. Well, kind of. The paparazzi can help celebrity careers but they also can do, and do a lot of damage. Sometime it is only something little like an embarrassing unflattering photo and sometimes it paints you as a horribly reckless parent.

The paps have always been a controversial topic, especially because a lot of people consider them responsible for not only multiple celebrity breakdown but also the death of Princess of Diana. The fact of the matter now that celebrity and entertainment culture is bigger than ever and the demand for it is bigger than ever, paps are not going anywhere and they will keep capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly. They no loyalty to any one celebrity the only loyalty they have is to money. And bad pictures sometimes get even more money than good ones so you can bet that a paparazzi is going to jump on any opportunity to get a crazy photo of a celebrity. These 15 photos are some of the most embarrassing pap photos taken ever!


16 Tori Spelling Looking....Scary

Pain is the price of beauty. And it seems like the beauty procedures that women are willing to undertake, especially in Hollywood, get more and more extreme. Of course, faces tend to take a lot of poking, prodding, and peeling in order to get that youthful glow. Here, we see Tori Spelling looking like a recent burn victim as a result of what we can only imagine was someone burning the first layer of skin off her face. Hey, lots of things look worse before they look better. Right? This is a process a lot of people undergo actually and nothing about it seems worth it to us. And Tori looks so calm cool and collected, almost like she didn't doesn't look like an uncooked pizza that has no cheese on it.

15 Should Lindsay Really Be Behind The Wheel Of A Car In Her State?


Lilo, like our dear Britney Spears went through a period that really provided a lot of fodder for the tabloids. In fact during this time both girls did go out and party together, along with Paris Hilton. They just made such a classy trifecta and were the epitome of lady like demureness when they would hit the night clubs.

Unlike Britney and even Paris, Lindsay does not seem to have gotten out of her downward spiral as well and seems to still be dealing with some dark issues. The picture of her looking so intoxicated infront of the wheel of a car is actually really upsetting and scary, thankfully she has not been seen doing something like this in awhile. Also, we need the three of these girls to reunite for at least one night and let us tag along!

14 Kim K Caught With Some Weird Padding

This may shock you, but the Kardashians are pretty much an optical illusion using lot of contouring, padding, and plastic surgery. Well, the paps caught Kim in a moment she probably wish they hadn't. Or rather we should say they caught her in lighting that she wishes they hadn't. One of the worst things you can probably do to a Kardashian is get them in the wrong lighting because then it all just falls apart. Like above, where we see that Kim has some kind of strange padding on her famous backside. You know what else it could be though, is just her implants moving around back there and pushing through her skin weirdly. Both options are still fake though which makes them both seem equally as valid when it comes to a Kardashian.

13 Even Royalty Get Messy Sometimes


The English Royal family always looks so polished, well expect for perhaps a couple of mishaps that have gone public thanks to Prince Harry. In the last couple of years Prince William transitioned from party boy to husband and father, and truly starting to fulfill the the duties of his royal post as a Prince England. We always see him and Duchess Kate looking dressed to the absolute nines on their very best royal behaviour. Well, like a lot of 20 somethings they also had fun in their day and some messy night like the rest of us. They did meet in college, so you can imagine the crazy nights they have had together. It looks like this photo was taken at the end of the night, when they are just ready to get some pizza and go home.

12 Bieber Being Gross, Caught Spitting On Fans

Bieber has given the paps a lot of things to work with, even reasons to sue him. In fact, Bieber was such a golden goose for the paparazzi that one died trying to get a photo of him while he was in his car. At the end, it turned out the Ferrari that the pap lost his life trying to get a photo of was not even Justin's. Justin went through a bit if brat phase, it kinda seems like its over but you never know. During this time he was caught doing a bunch of obnoxious and immature things, one of being that he was spitting on the fans that created the musical empire he has and without whom he would be nothing but a guy in Stratford, Ontario.

11 Britney Spears Almost Drops Her Baby


A while back, Britney Spears had something of a very public unraveling which was honestly painful to watch. It was a cry for help from a very unhappy woman who had mental issues. The dark era in Brit Brits life also gave birth too a lot of really unfortunate shots taken by the paparazzi. She was being caught regularly in public barefoot with her hair looking like she pulled it from the sink drain and plopped it on her head. It was almost as if she was doing it all on purpose though, to break down any image that the public and of what Britney Spears should be and look like. One thing that was caught on camera during this era by the paps though definitely was not done on purpose by the pop princess. She came very close to dropping her young son Sean Preston when she was walking out of a hotel when she stumbled. Thankfully nothing bad happened. Of course Britney these days is doing great, and if she can come back from that dark period you can do anything!

10 GiGi Steps Into The Wrong Thing

This just shows the dedication that Gigi has to her craft. Even when she is not on the catwalk she is so in the zone and concentrated on strutting her stuff that she doesn't even notice a medium sized, fluffy dog peeing on a fire hydrant right infant of her. An unfortunate scene to be caught by the paps because well, it is disgusting. Those shoes also probably cost more than most peoples rent and now they are covered in pee. Lucky for Gigi, she probably only wears most of her shoes only once anyways so these shoes we were not going to be taken out again after this anyways. But seriously how does someone just miss a dog peeing right in front of them?? This is what happens when you are too focused on looking good for the paps, you could end up looking the fool.


9 Posh Has An Accident


Well, as bad as it is to get caught walking into a fresh warm puddle of pee, Gigi can take solace in the fact that Posh got caught in a much more unfortunate pee situation. We have to admit that there is a high chance that she spilt a cup of water on herself while sitting at dinner and it landed in her lop. A lot of us have had that happen before and we end up with this unfortunate stain. Unfortunately for Posh she is a celebrity and when the pap gets a photo as good as this, people are only going to be talking about how it looked when Posh wee'd herself. We have to imagine that she knew what that would look like when she walked out of the restaurant and also knew that the paps would get this photo. It looks like any anxiety she had was taken away by having her hot husband by her side though.

8 Mila Kunis Looking Fresh As A Daisy

Mila Kunis is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. But just like the rest of us, she gets puffy and bloated and stuck with big bags. Mila has two young kids so this look is actually one that most moms have rocked, especially when they have little ones close in age. This is the result of sleepless nights and not enough time to do anything to make yourself look more human. We have to say though that her eyebrows still look on fleek! So the next time you wake up and look in the morning and feel like not even Shrek would want you, well just remember that Mila Kunis too has her shrek looking days. Stars, their human just like us!

7 Even Queen Bey Takes Bad Photos


This almost seems like sacrilegious material, but after all Bey is only human like the rest of us. Caught at an unfortunate moment by the paps, we have Beyonce here looking like she is trying to act out a play using only her facial muscles. Like what is even happening with the picture in the middle? What could possibly be infant of her that she is scream yelling like that and almost seems like her hair is blown back. Actually the more we look at it the more it looks like she was caught in the middle of a sneeze which just sucks. That still begs the question about what is going on in the last frame? That look on her face cannot be explained by a sneeze!

6 With No Glam Kylie Looks Just Like Us!

Out of all the celebs on this list, we think Kylie is the only one that would be upset by a bad photo like this. Why? Well because the girl obviously directly correlates her self worth to how attractive she is. Why else would she get a whole new face and body before turning 20-years-old? Going onto her social media is like delving into the brain of a narcissist. We are not saying she is one, but she definitely has the traits of one. So a photo like this where the illusion she sells us and probably more importantly, to herself is shattered can be very damaging to her. She works so hard to always look beautiful and gorgeous and when something like this slips out. Well it's obviously the end of the world.

5 X-Tina....What Happened!


Did someone plant a smooch on her? Did she just smudge her own signature red lipstick all over her face and not realize? Whatever the cause, the end result is a rough clown esque look. You won't catch X-tina looking like this these days, but like some of the other ladies on this list she definitely went through a bit of a wild party period. Now she is a happy married mom who has a great job being a judge on the X-factor and she probably just doesn't have the time to go out and get plastered. We wonder if she misses the days when she would go out and come home looking like a clown? This is why wearing a strong bold lipstick is never a good idea when you head out for a night of drinking. It is bound to get smudged and you are bound to be too wasted to notice and do anything about it.

4 Amal Clooney Like You've Never Seen Her!

When George Clooney shocked the world and actually got married, it was easy to see why as the public got to see more of Amal Clooney, the lady that was able to woe Hollywoods poster boy bachelor not only into marriage but also into fatherhood. She is absolutely gorgeous with a fashion sense to die for. But beyond that, she is incredibly intelligent as she works as a human right lawyer. Which is the best kind of lawyer if you ask us. The Clooneys are basically one of America's royals couples and they also conduct themselves as such and look impeccable. Amal likes to loose though obviously, as she was caught in this very uncharacteristic pose by a pap after a night out. We bet the pap that took probably disappeared after the photo came out.

3 Khloe Shows Us Her Spanx


Its no secret that the Kardashians love to wear spanx, anything to suck in those tummies and get their hourglass figure. It is another thing to actually see the spanx being worn. It really ruins the illusion they create, and its a great reminded that spanx are not cute at all. Khloe did not have the wind on her side this day when her dress blew up giving the rest of us a look at her spanx fortress keeping everything tight and in. We are kind of surprised that she doesn't have an assistant whose only job on windy days is to follow her around when she has skirts or dresses on and makes sure that her spanx is never revealed. Who are we kidding, after this incident we are sure Khloe has a person that does this for her now.

2 Paris Hilton Caught....Fixing Herself

When you go to the beach, sand tends to get...well everywhere. And of course celebrities are not immune to this, and unfortunately for them they will have people taking their photos when they are at beach so there is a more likely chance of them getting caught something all of us do. Getting the sand out. At least we imagine that is what Paris is doing, but really who knows with the heiress. You can tell by the short hair that is was back when she was still wild Paris so she could be up to anything. She could be pulling out party favours for all we know that she stashed in there for the perfect moment. She always seemed like the kind of person that really knows how to have a good time so that is a possibility!

1 Bonus Kim! With Unfortunate Sweat Stains


Sweat never looks good, but it looks especially bad when it see it come as a stain on clothing. Seeing sweat on a persons face is a lot more acceptable than that. Perhaps its because sweat stains give off the appearance of being unhygienic. Even though most of us know and have experienced, showering and putting on clean clothes but when you get out there in certain hot weather it does not matter how clean you are, you will end up with sweat stains. And then there are places you would rather get sweat stains than others. If you had to get them, you would probably vote for them being arm pit stains. You can kind of hide them, and sweat is already associated with that area of your body. One place you don't want to get sweat stains, especially for a girl is right under your girls. Kim was caught with these stains, which every well endowed girl has dealt with but its just not a good look.


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