16 Thoughts Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Stop Having

Relationships can be a really beautiful thing. You get the chance to find a partner, someone who you really connect with on a personal level. Isn’t that what all humans crave? A little bit of social interaction; someone to spend time with; or maybe someone to engage in regular sex with, at the bare minimum? Though all relationships are a bit different, they all function in a very similar way. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend-with-benefits acts as part of your support structure and part of your inner circle. In theory, you enjoy spending time with them, you have fun with them and you want to show them off to all your people. But insecurities often fly in and take the front seat of many relationships, causing rifts, silly fights and even heartbreak on occasion. Chances are, if you’ve got a really great guy in your life, he’s crazy about you. And he wants you to stop overthinking things.

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16 He's Going To Cheat On Me

To anyone that’s ever been cheated on, this can be a crippling fear. Once you get over the initial shock of it all, you are oftentimes plagued with feelings of “what did I do to deserve this?” or “am I not pretty enough?” The truth is, you didn’t deserve it, you didn’t provoke it and you are certainly pretty enough. But that guy who hurt you isn’t your current boyfriend, presumably, and he wants you to stop thinking he’s just like every other guy out there that hurt you. He doesn’t want to be that guy and he wants to treat you better than that.

15 I'm Not Beautiful

There is so much dang pressure to be aesthetically pleasing, that many have lost the meaning of what true beauty actually is. Yes, you can have long, flowing hair and perfect skin; or slender legs and round breasts; you can have full lips and a small waist, but none of that really matters to the guy you’re with. If he’s with you, it’s because he thinks you’re beautiful, even when you climb out of bed, sick and hungover and forgot to wash off last night’s make-up. And he adores your beautiful soul so stop being so hard on yourself.

14 All Guys Are Like My Ex

In this age of online social dating, everything’s a comparison. People are always looking for the “best thing” out there and are never satisfied because they get lost in a sea of everlasting options. But not your guy. He wants you to know that he’s not like your ex, who probably left you for some other bimbo he met on Tinder; not all guys are like him; he won’t get mad at you for stupid reasons like your ex did, he won’t take out his work frustrations on you like your ex did, and he won’t leave you hanging in that terrible way your ex did. Cut him some slack. He’s definitely NOT your ex.

13 I'm Fat

Every changing-room scene in every television comedy presents the age old question “does this dress make me look fat?’ But in 2016, that questions means so much more: it literally means “do you think I’m fat?” Maybe you are by stupid social definitions or maybe you’re just caught up in being this stick-thin model that you’ve lost sight of the fact that you are healthy and beautiful all on your own. Reality check: most guys don’t like fat chicks so if he’s still your boyfriend, you aren’t fat. But eating right and exercise will help you live longer.

12 Why Didn't He Respond Immediately?

Everyone is connected. You’re connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you text, you email, hell, maybe you even pick up the phone and call sometimes too. And in this era of connectivity you are burdened with thoughts that he no longer likes you because it took him more than three seconds to reply to your last text. Not only do guys generally care less about talking and texting, they are also less likely to reply if they are busy or at work, so please stop harassing him about not replying. He wants to; and he will… when he can.

11 Does He Still Like Me?

The first rule about relationships is: guys don’t like to talk about relationships. To many guys, actions speak louder than words. Although you may be the type of gal that needs the occasional verbal proclamation of love, just because he isn’t showering you in love sonnets and praises does not mean he no longer is interested in you. The fact that he spends his free time with you, messages you and takes you out to places should speak volumes. If he’s still there, he likes you.

10 Am I Prettier Than His Ex?

Omi said it best in his hit song, Cheerleader, “Do you need me? Do you think I'm pretty? Do I make you feel like cheating?” With the male response of: “I'm like no, not really…” If you are one of those girls who is constantly comparing themselves to others then chances are you’ve creeped his exes' social accounts at least once and you already have an opinion of who is the pretty one. There’s really no point in dwelling on it because whether or not she is or isn’t, he’s not with her for a reason. He’s with you for a reason. So lay off the constant comparisons and smile more!

9 He's Only Friends With Her Because He Wants Her

To many, having a boyfriend that has many close girlfriends is a scary thought. There are always going to be small, minor trust issues, that can sometimes be brought to light and blown way out of proportion if his friends are girls. Sometimes, you meet his friends and can’t help but wonder “why is he friends with her?” And sometimes you will never know. But he wants you to know that if he was just interested in sex with her, he woulda tapped that already and moved on; they probably wouldn’t still be friends…

8 He Didn't Say Goodnight The Regular Way, Is Something Wrong?

While women are excellent at overanalyzing every little thing and reading into signs and body languages like they are psychologists, guys are a little different. Guys will forget your anniversary, forget that song you danced to when you first met and show up late for dinner because he forgot what time it was at. He isn’t thinking all that much over what he says to you and how he says it, especially over text. So if that goodnight message is a little different, he wants you to know one thing: nothing. He’s legit just saying goodnight and overthinking will just keep you up all night.

7 Am I Good Enough For Him?

The age old question of “am I good enough for him” has been around for as long as his parents have been secretly (or not so secretly) judging you and his mate selection of you. Parents have a terrible, overprotective way of convincing you that no one is ever going to be good enough for you. Sometimes, if you end up with a boyfriend who’s mom doesn’t hold back, she makes clear her feelings that you will never be good enough. Just remember, if it gets that far, you’re marrying him, not his mother, so constantly second-guessing will just drive you nuts.

6 We Can’t Do Any Of The Same Things!

Even if you live in the city, it can get difficult to find appropriate date activities. If you couple that with the notion that you can never ever go anywhere he ever talked about going with his ex, you’re going to be S.O.L. Going to the movie theater to see a popular franchise sequel or dining at the same restaurant isn’t actually all that likely to trigger thoughts about her… but when you bring up why you can’t go there, it just might…

5 What Does That Text Really Mean?

I said good morning and he said “HEY!” OMG, what does HEY mean? Why didn’t he say good morning? Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation to that? Where he said something to you and you either didn’t know how to interpret it or interpreted it all wrong… Guys are simple creatures, and they aren’t afraid to let you know that. Chances are, what you see is what you get so what he says is what he means. In the example of “hey” it probably is just his friendly greeting to you. Don’t sweat it.

4 Does He Think That Girl Is Prettier Than Me?

Here we go again…so it might not be his ex in question, but a random girl on the street, his best friend, a co-worker, or even one of your friends. And let’s face it; many of us are selfish. You use dating apps, like Tinder, that are purely physical attractiveness-based and you decide who’s worth going out with based on how they look. Though many abide by the “you can look but don’t touch” rule, you could be right. He might actually think she is prettier than you. But that’s because you’re so much more than that… did he leave you for her? No? Well then I guess beauty isn’t everything to him after all.

3 Why Can't He Be More Like...

Comparisons, comparisons, all of the comparisons. Now that you’ve finished comparing yourself to his ex, his co-worker and your best friend, here’s another thing he doesn’t want you thinking about. Making comparisons of him to your ex, to your best friend, to that unrealistic ideal that Nicholas Sparks movie put into your head. He doesn’t want to be told that he should be like someone else. He wants to know you love him as is.

2 I'll Never Be As Great As His Ex

Insert pretty much any adjective here: smart, pretty, talented, motivated, funny, the list goes on… Though many get hung up on purely physical aspects of comparing themselves to their partner’s exes, there are other things in the picture as well. You may be prettier than her but she made him laugh so hard his stomach hurt… or she was humanitarian of the year for building churches in Africa… whatever the trait, just know: you are your own person. He loves you for you. Bad feet, messy hair and all. So why put yourself through the stress?

1 Is He Going To Leave Me?

The easy answer to this question is: did he leave you yet? If the answer is no, just know this. He’s going to leave you under the following circumstances: he is extremely unhappy, he no longer is in love with you, you have irreconcilable differences or he somehow managed to fall for someone else, all while trying to stay in love with you. As previously mentioned about guys being simple: if he wanted to leave, he would leave. It would likely be hard for him but it wouldn’t be as hard as it would be for you leaving him. They say if you think it enough, you will it to happen so it’s highly recommended that you stop thinking he’s going to leave.

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