16 Things You Never Knew Men Find Ridiculously HOT

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16 Things You Never Knew Men Find Ridiculously HOT

There are many conventional ways that men show their appreciation for women. Whether it’s wooing them with flowers or wining and dining them or buying them jewelry, men love it when their women are happy. Men also love having a beautiful woman on their arm. Let’s face it, men are physical beings. They get attracted to women (at least at first glance) based on how they look physically. There’s nothing wrong with it—it’s just the way men are built. But contrary to popular belief, men aren’t as shallow as wanting a woman just for her physical appearance, unless all he’s looking for is a good time in the sack. Men like women of substance.

Standards of beauty and attractiveness aren’t just relegated to the physical, when it comes to men wanting a meaningful relationship with a woman. It’s not just about having a pretty face or an amazing body, although those are certainly the icing on the cake. What’s more important is what’s inside. The way the woman thinks, the way she expresses herself, the way she relates to other people, and most importantly, the way she loves. These are the other aspects that you didn’t know men found hot in women.

16. Casual stretching


One of the best things to do when you wake up every morning is to just stretch your arms and your legs til you feel the tingle all the way from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. Morning stretching is supposed to be healthy not just physically, but it helps set your emotional and mental state for the day. One big motivation for us to stretch is knowing that our guys is watching us. Yes, men actually like watching their women stretch. Stretching in bed is sexy, but stretching standing up can be even sexier. The reason? Guys love it when you get out of bed and stretch, while wearing your sleepwear, like a tank top and sleep pants or just a plain shirt and sleep shorts. There’s nothing sexier to a guy when he watches the shirt you’re wearing ride up your torso and they see a little sliver of skin between the waistband of your pants and the hem of your shirt while you stretch. That little peek of skin is a turn on for sure.

15. Sweat


Back in the day, men didn’t think it was very ladylike for a woman to sweat. Women had to be able to keep house in the heat of summer and still look flawless: not a hair out of place, carefully applied make-up, and looking very much like a Stepford wife. It’s a good thing men no longer paint that unrealistic picture in their heads because these days, women aren’t expected to look put together at all times. In fact, women of action are now considered sexy. DIY home stuff isn’t just limited to men. Women have no qualms about getting their hands dirty and fixing broken pipes or roofs or repainting chipped walls, even if it means they get dirty, grimy, and sweaty. And when women work out or do kickboxing and sweat profusely as a result? Men find the sweat dripping down their ladies’ bodies and beading on their foreheads super hot.

14. Jiggly bits


We see all these gorgeous celebrities with ripped abs and toned arms and legs (and thigh gaps!) looking flawless while donning swimsuits and we can’t help but envy their amazing looks. We aspire to be that fit and healthy and while there’s nothing wrong with that, we also must realize that these people are paid to look good. They spend countless hours with a personal trainer in the gym and hiring a personal chef to make them healthy organic food because they have to look good or it affects their career. Lucky for us non-celebrities, we aren’t expected to always look like we stepped out of a magazine. In fact, a good number of men like their ladies with jiggly bits and muffin tops. It makes us more real and down-to-earth, which, at the end of the day, is what any guy would want anyway, over a model or a hot actress of their fantasies.

13. When you’re mad


Gone are the days when women were meek and painfully swallowed their pride to cater to the domineering personalities of their husbands or partners. Women with strong personalities back in the day had to greatly suppress their strengths to uplift their men, but those days are no more. Women now say what they want, when they want to, damn the consequences. The modern woman is no longer afraid to step on a man’s toes. And surprise of surprises, men are digging it. The modern man likes a strong and confident woman, a woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid to get angry. In fact, men find it hot when a woman is mad because it’s an indication of passion. When her cheeks are tinted pink with anger and her voice is raised and her eyes are blown wide, you know she’s anything but indifferent. And any form of passion is an absolute turn on for a guy.

12. The messy bun


Men (or majority of them, at least) have always liked their ladies with long, flowy hair. Long locks have always been associated with femininity and demureness. When a woman wears her hair down in waves and curls around her shoulders, men love being able to run their fingers through those long, silky locks. But let’s face it, maintaining long hair can be quite tedious because it requires so much care. Shampooing, conditioning, combing, brushing, hot oils, the works. Sometimes it’s just easier to just chop it all off, especially when the weather is too hot to have to contend with your hair sticking to your neck from the heat. So what’s the best compromise? Tying your hair up in a ponytail or better yet, a bun. And believe it or not, men find buns, especially messy buns quite endearing. It gives off that relaxed appearance without having to look too unkempt.

11. Small boobs


Why are men so obsessed with boobs, the ladies wonder? That’s because breasts are uniquely a lady’s. Women can flaunt them and look absolutely sexy. Whether it’s wearing a fitted shirt to enhance their shape or a slightly plunging one to reveal a bit of cleavage or maybe a little cut in the sides to reveal a little side boob, there’s no doubt that revealing a bit of boobage increases a woman’s appeal. Society’s standards have dictated that bigger is better, hence the advent of breast enhancements. Women who were born flat-chested would do everything they could to make themselves look bigger. Push up bras and corsets are the easiest ways to rectify small chests. If you’ve got the money, there’s breast implants. But small-breasted women, here’s a news flash. Men actually like you natural. If you’ve got small breasts, then be happy with them. At least you don’t have to worry about them sagging in your old age.

10. Taking charge


With women getting more and more empowered nowadays, is it any wonder why women are rising in the ranks when it comes to leadership roles? While it’s true that there’s still a discrepancy in pay and prestige between men and women in the same high positions, the fact of the matter is women have been quickly overtaking their male counterparts in terms of positions of power. We’ve heard of female CEOs and female leaders of countries, and even in Hollywood, female directors taking the helm. While in the past, men would be intimidated or turned off by successful females, these days there are men who actually find females bosses sexy. Because a woman who takes charge and knows what she wants oozes with confidence. And there’s nothing sexier to a man than a woman who is confident. Gone are the days when women would let men make decisions for them. These days, it’s all about the woman calling the shots.

9. When You’re Fresh Out Of The Shower


Knowing you’re in the next room showering, your guy can’t but have his mind run wild. He knows you are in there lathing up with all of your amazing bath products. He also knows you will come out with the softest skin that will also smell like you just stepped out of a meadow. As you can tell, there are many, many reasons why just the thought of you showering will drive him crazy. Think about it, he knows you’re in there with nothing on but your birthday suit. And as a bonus he knows how soft your skin will feel when he finally gets to feel it. Most of us assume we look our worst fresh out of the shower because we have no makeup on and our hair is, well, wet. But on the contrary, these are some of the reasons why they find it so hot. You always step out of a shower as your most natural self, and as you will read later on in the article, they love when we have no makeup on.

8. Crow’s feet


As we get older, our bodies inevitably change. Some women embrace that change, while others resist it. Defying age the natural way takes some work, but it’s the safest way to go. Eating healthy, exercising daily, and using creams to keep skin supple are just some of the many ways to continue looking and feeling young. Others (like many celebrities) resort to more costly but artificial ways of staying young like Botox and plastic surgery. But perhaps we shouldn’t be too obsessed with wanting to look young. Because it’s natural for us to age and our guys understand that. They don’t expect us to look like 20-year-olds when in reality, we’re pushing 40. One indication that we’re aging is when we get crow’s feet by the sides of our eyes. While we may look at these as wrinkles, they can actually be sexy to a lot of guys. It’s an indication of aging like a fine wine.

7. No make-up



Make-up has existed since the ancient times, when wealthy Egyptians (think pharaohs and Cleopatra) would apply it to beautify themselves. And since then, women have continued applying make-up, only the kinds of cosmetics have evolved and changed over the centuries. Now, there’s mascara and liquid eye liner and eye primer and bronzers, all meant to enhance your features. And while many girls take pains to apply the perfect amount of make-up, at least it’s become “less is more.” Gone are the days of looking like you’ve got layers and layers of make-up and fake eyelashes on. These days, you have to wear make-up to look like you’re not wearing make-up. Confusing yes? But effective for sure. In fact, men actually find it sexy when you’re not wearing a stitch of make-up at all. You’ll never get more natural than when you’re not wearing even a hint of lip gloss.

6. Stretch marks



Ahh stretch marks. They’re the bane of existence of any woman. They don’t necessarily appear only after a woman has a baby. Some are really prone to stretch marks and get them when they suddenly gain weight, then lose it drastically. There’s no real cure for stretch marks apart from going the expensive route and resorting to plastic surgery. But there are ways to prevent them from happening by using certain creams and oils. Unfortunately, there are those who are predisposed to stretch marks and will inevitably get them, no matter what kinds of prevention measures they take. While many women think stretch marks are an absolute hindrance to having a perfect body, men don’t mind it. In fact, husband’s whose wives have those unwanted marks may actually appreciate it because it’s a symbol of motherhood. It reminds them to be grateful for their wives, who gave birth to their children and bear that permanent mark of parenthood.

5. When she can drink you under the table


When you think of alcohol and getting pissed drunk, you usually associate both instances with guys. And really, it stems from the olden times, when men’s form of social interactions or political meetings would always involve a hard drink, whether it was on the rocks or neat. Women were always limited to more “refined” drinks like wine and cocktails, during the few times they got to go out. But times, they have certainly changed. These days, women drink liquor for the same reasons men do: to socialize, to mend a broken heart, to de-stress, or just plainly to feel that high of being happy drunk. In fact, many women these days can hold their liquor much better than men can. We’ve seen women drink bottle after bottle of beer or shot after shot of tequila and still manage to stand steadily on two feet, while the men pass out from the excess of alcohol in their blood. And while some men would be miffed at losing to a woman in a drinking game, most would tip their hats to the women in admiration.

4. Sneakers


High heels are one of those form over function types of fashion items. They elongate your legs and make them look slimmer, especially stilettos or nude heels. High heels are a Godsend especially for women who aren’t blessed with long legs that go on for days. While some pairs of high heels may be decently comfortable, we have to face the fact that they can never be as comfortable as wearing trusty old flats or sneakers. And while men like seeing us in heels because it makes us look sexy and confident, believe it or not, lots of men are considerate and prefer to see us looking relaxed and comfortable because that’s sexier than seeing a woman struggling and in pain in a pair of high heels. Our guys like seeing us in sneakers or rubber shoes on a regular day, more than they like the heels.

3. A hefty appetite


It used to be very unbecoming for a girl to eat like a horse. Women were always supposed to just take little bites of little food portions and sip little cups of tea or drink water or wine from tiny goblets or wine glasses. Devouring food was considered unfeminine and it would diminish a woman’s worth in the eyes of a man and society. Well, thank goodness times have changed. While many women today still watch what they eat and mostly stick to healthy food, it’s no longer frowned upon when they indulge every so often in a large steak or a burger or a hefty bowl of pasta. In fact, many men actually find it quite alluring when their women have huge appetites. Girls being able to wolf down food is a sign that she’s easy to please and not nitpicky when it comes to gastronomical delights.

2. Dressing down, not up


It’s a misconception to think that all women love to dress up. Yes, it’s true, there are some who relish in putting their outfits together meticulously, to the point of taking forever to get ready and irking their men, but the pay off in the end is worth it because they look absolutely fantastic. But there are some guys who hate waiting. Even though their girls look great, they get impatient just sitting around and waiting because to most men, it doesn’t matter what their girl looks like. She looks good just as she is. So surprise, surprise, there are some men who like their women dressed down rather than dressed up. Sure, a beautiful dress, heels, full make-up and the whole shebang make her look alluring. But she can look equally beautiful when she’s just in sweats, a T-shirt, hair in a messy ponytail with her face free of make-up.

1. Being happy


There’s a reason why women of yore were portrayed as damsels in distress. Because it gave the opportunity to their men to show their strength and power by running to the rescue of their ladies and proving to one and all that they are heroes. But thanks to female empowerment, gone are those days when women were helpless and in the complete mercy of men. Women can stand up for themselves now, thank you very much. And men these days no longer have that messianic complex, wherein they always have to rescue their girls, whether it’s from physical turmoil or emotional angst. In fact, men get turned off when a girl becomes an emotional vampire. Because it’s absolutely exhausting to be around people like that. Girls who are happy and content with their lot in life are the most attractive kinds of people. Because it indicates that they’re easy to please and easy to be around.

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