16 Things You Love About Your Male BFF

We all have that one guy (and if you don't, you should probably find one) who we've always been close with. And by close, we mean that we love him, dearly. Since the day we met him, we instantly hit it off. We have so much in common with him. We feel completely comfortable around him and always have a great time. We can basically tell him anything that comes to mind without feeling embarrassed or insecure. On paper, it sounds like the perfect relationship. However, in real life, we're only friends with him. Best friends. Equals. Sure, our friends tease us how we're going to "end up" with him, but we know that's not true. He's a great friend and we wouldn't trade the friendship we have with him for anything. Read below to find out 16 things we love about our male BFF's.

16 They Offer Insight


Like you, your male BFF is having a miserable time dating. He'll spend hours talking about how hard it is to date or what he finds annoying about women. Of course, we listen, biting our tongues. However, what we get out of the conversation- besides an opportunity to help him understand women a bit better- is some insight into how men think. We know: Not every man is the same. Still, chances are, they probably share a few opinions. From listening to our BFF, we can better grasp what the thought process is of some of the men we encounter on the dating scene. In turn, he makes the whole ordeal a little less difficult and a little bit more enjoyable. Why? Because our BFF is honest with us and lets us know guys have just as hard a time dating as we do.

15 They Don't Sugar Coat Things

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Sometimes, our girlfriend's feel the need to boost our self-esteem when it comes to how we look or whatever we're going through. And while our guy friends might feel the need to do the same- it's normally about different issues. In general, our male BFF is pretty straightforward about most things. For example, if we put on an outfit and it doesn't look good, he'll tell us the first time we ask instead of lying to make us feel better. What's better- it doesn't cross his mind that he'd offend us by being honest because it wouldn't offend him if we told him that he looked bad. If we come to him for advice about a guy we're dating, he'll let us know if we're wasting our time, if we're being irrational, or if the guy is worth getting worked up over. He never feels the need to sugarcoat things, therefore, we always trust what he says.

14 They Try To Protect Us


We're out at a bar trying to enjoy our night with a group of our closest friends. Of course, just as we're beginning to have fun, we start getting hit on by some random guy that we'd never give the time of day to. No matter how hard we try to ignore this guy, he's ruthless, he won't leave us alone. What's worse is we're single, therefore, we don't have a boyfriend that's waiting to run to our rescue. However, it doesn't matter. Why? Because our male BFF is always there. We're on his radar. He feels protective over us and would never want us to feel awkward or uncomfortable. In his mind, he thinks of us as a sister. Whenever we're around him and even when we're not around him, he worries about our well-being. He'd do anything for us- we don't even have to ask.

13 They're Not Dramatic


If he's ever mad at us, we know. Why? Because he'll tell us to our face. He won't go behind our backs and talk poorly about us or spend his days trying to ruin our reputation. The last thing he wants is more drama in his life. On top of that, unlike some of our girlfriends, he tends to be pretty rational. Most of the time, if he gets frustrated with us, he takes a second to cool down instead of acting out in anger. And, in time, chances are, he'll let the little frustration go, realizing that it wasn't a big deal. If he has a bigger problem with us (one that actually bothers him for more than five minutes), he'll gather his thoughts and tell us exactly why he's upset. Then, he'll give us a chance to explain ourselves in hopes of resolving the issue. If we have a problem with him, we're never scared to confront him with it as we know he'd never do anything to hurt us on purpose.

12 They Don't Compete

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Unless we knew him in high school and we're competitive with him over grades or know him in the workplace and are competitive over a promotion, we never really compete with our male BFF's. Of course, it's normal for women to compete. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to one another, it's bound to happen. However, with our male BFF, it's completely opposite. We've never gotten angry at each other over a guy or competed for male attention. We've never competed to be the "hottest girl" or the "best dressed" at a party. We've never compared our accomplishments or goals and felt inferior or superior to one another. Why? Because we're interested in different things and most likely, find different things important. Therefore, whenever one of us does excel in a certain area, we're genuinely happy for each other and not just pretending we're not jealous when we actually are.

11 They Don't Judge Us

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They don't. Around guys we date, it seems as though we feel pressure to look good or act like a lady. However, around our male BFF, anything goes. Chances are, he's twenty times more disgusting than we are. He eats with his hands and talks with his mouth open. His house is absolutely filthy. He takes fewer showers than anyone else we know and rarely shaves. We don't mind, though. Because we're not interested in being with him romantically, we don't care how "unsexy" we seem. So much so, we hardly even look in the mirror before hanging out with him. He's not someone that we feel the pressure to "try" around. We can be goofy, say stupid things, and act like children. As I've said before, he's practically like a brother to us and we're practically like a sister to him. Therefore, whenever we hang, the pressure to be anything but ourselves is completely off.

10 They're Always There For Us


Who do we call when we need advice? Them. Why? Because we know they want the best for us and they tend to be a bit more patient than any of our other friends. Who do we call when we need to be picked up at three in the morning? Them. Why? Because we know they just want to protect us and like doing just that. Who do we call when we need someone to hold us while we cry pathetically? Them. Why? Because we feel safe in their arms. Who do we call when we want to have a fun, carefree time? Them. Why? Because they're always down to have fun and are rarely dramatic. Who do we call when we need a date but don't have anyone we're dating? Them. Why? Because we'd do the same for them and we know they'd never take anything too seriously. Who do we call when we want to celebrate one of our accomplishments? Them. Why? Because they're always happy for us and never turn down a reason to party.

9 They Introduce Us To New Things


If we didn't grow up with brothers, having a male BFF is basically like adopting one at a later age. Our male BFF introduces us to things we didn't even know existed. Whenever we hang out, he tells us about a new viral youtube video we somehow missed or a spooky current event we didn't read about. He plays music from new bands we've never listened to. He makes us re-watch his favorite movies we've somehow never seen. He tells us about books we've never even heard of. He teaches us how to play video games or crazy drinking games that he and his guy friends made up. The way in which our male BFF spends his spare time and the way in which we spend our spare time are so different. However, we respect him and he respects us. Therefore, whenever we hang out, we always have a great time. In fact, most of the time, we even learn something.

8 They Give Us Things Our Girlfriends' Can't


Let's be honest: Sometimes it's nice to have a male around. We love snuggling with our male BFF- even if we only snuggle as friends. Why? Because we love him and sometimes, it's nice to be held in a man's arms. Even though hanging out with him is similar to hanging with your female BFF, there are a few ways that his presence is different. After all, he cares about you in a different way than your girlfriend's do.  For example, whenever he stays the night, you always feel safer in your house because you know he'd protect you if anything were to happen. Whenever you hang out with him, he always treats you as if you're the most important person in the room. He likes to do nice things for you. If you need a lightbulb changed, he's got your back. If you have an issue with your car, chances are, he knows what to do. He's used to treating women right and you're no exception.

7 He's Open With Us


Just as we have a different relationship with him than we do our female BFF, he has different relationships with us that he does with his male BFF. And, just as he cares for us differently than our female BFF's do, we care for him differently than his male BFF's do. Because we're women, we're naturally more nurturing, sensitive, and caring. Therefore, he always feels comfortable around us. He tells us things that he can't tell other people. He allows himself to be vulnerable and talk openly about his insecurities. He knows that we would never judge him or belittle him for whatever he's going through and he trusts that we'd never share what he says with anyone else. We love him for being honest with us. Because the only thing we want is the absolute best for him, we'd never stray him in the wrong direction with our advice or do anything else to break his trust.

6 They Act As Stand- In Boyfriends

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As I've stated before, we have no interest in being romantically involved with our male BFF's. However, that doesn't mean we don't call them whenever we need a stand-in. If you ever need a date to a party- like an office party or a high school reunion- he's there. If your family is constantly pressuring you to get married, he's by your side at every party, making them a bit less worried about your future. If you ever need to escape a creepy guy hitting on you at a bar, he's by your side playing the role of "boyfriend." What's better? Even though he's not your boyfriend, you can always trust that no matter where you guys are or what you're doing, he's going to treat you well. In fact, he might even treat you better than a boyfriend would because there's way less pressure.

5 There's No Pressure


Speaking of pressure, there's never any when it comes to your friendship. Of course, your best friends and/or your family members may tease you about "ending up" with him, but the two of you know better. It's normal for tension to arise when we hang out with the opposite sex, however, the two of you respect each other too much to ever try and pull anything. If he does something nice for you, you know it's because he wanted to, not because he's expecting something. If he compliments you, it's because he meant it, not because he's trying to make you like him. In turn, when you do things for him, he knows your actions are a sign of friendship and that's all. On top of that, when you guys hang out, you always accept each other as you come. There's never any pressure to "have a good time" or to be anything you're not.

4 You Can Say Anything You Want


In general, we don't say the first thing that pops into our minds when we're dating a guy. Unless we've been dating him for years and are completely comfortable around him, we like to keep a little privacy and/or leave a bit up to the imagination. With him, though, it doesn't matter. Any thought we have can be and usually is shared. For example, we don't hesitate to talk about our menstrual cramps or let him know if we have to go to the bathroom. If we have to burp, we do so proudly. If we hear a dirty joke, he's the first person we tell. Why? Because we know he'd appreciate it more than most of our girlfriends would. He has a great sense of humor and we love him for that. With him, there are very few things that are off limits. In fact, nothing is.

3 He Wants What's Best For You

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We've talked about how he doesn't get jealous of your life and doesn't concern himself with petty drama and the same is true when it comes to whoever you're dating. If he approves, you know they're a keeper. First of all, he most likely understands men way better than you do. Therefore, he can pick up on things we don't. If he says they're good for you, you know they are and that gives you confidence in the relationship. If he says they're not, you keep your guard up until you decide if you can or can't trust them. On top of that, if you do meet a new guy and start spending a lot of time with him, your male BFF doesn't get mad at you for "deserting him" like some of your girlfriends might. He lets you have your space to focus on yourself because he knows that your friendship will survive through everything.

2 He's A Good Listener


Do you ever feel as though when you talk to your female BFF's that they aren't actually listening? Or that they're just waiting for their turn to talk about their problems? Chances are, that's happened to you a few more times than you like to admit. However, with your male BFF, it's different. Because he doesn't know all there is to know about women, he's more interested in what you have to say. He doesn't assume that he automatically knows how or why you're feeling a certain way, even if he's known you for a long time. On top of that, when you do open up to him, he doesn't turn the subject around and make it about himself. Why not? Because unlike your girlfriends who find everything you say extremely relatable, he realizes that the two of you are different. Even if you are similar, he's smart enough to know that you're not the same person.

1 He Boosts Your Confidence

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Because he's not interested in you for sex, you know he must truly like you for who you are. Why else would he hang out with you? And while you have girlfriends and family members who love you for who you are, it's nice to know that a man can too- even if he's not your boyfriend. Let's face it: Your male BFF has seen you at your absolute worst and at your absolute best. He's been with you through the good, the bad, and the ugly- the really ugly- and he still stands by you loyally. Therefore, you have faith that someday, some guy out there will be able to do the same. Your male BFF has proven to you that good men still exist, that not every man is only interested in you for the way you look or appear to be. Because of him, you're more confident being who you are around other men.

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