16 Things Women Worry About When They Spend The Night

You went home with him. Whether you hardly know him or you've been seeing him for a while, it's nerve racking. Why? Because you're in his house and no longer have the comfort you would have if you were in your own home. And, let's face it: You're a bit out of your element. Who wouldn't be? Of course, you want him to like you and you want to have a great time, but you still want to be yourself. However, you're not exactly sure what's acceptable behavior and what's not. On top of that, you didn't bring with you everything you would normally have at your place and that alone can be stressful. It can be weird, we know. Don't worry though, we've all felt the same way at least once in our lives, if not more. Read below to find out 16 things women worry about when they sleep over.

16 Does He Have An Extra Toothbrush?

He "wooed" us. He took us to a new restaurant in town and bought an expensive bottle of wine. We like him so we want to keep spending time with him. However, we can't stop thinking about how bad our breath probably smells. Of course we had to order the garlic shrimp for dinner and of course, we're regretting it more than any decision we've ever made in our whole lives. We have one pre-requisite for spending the night: He must have an extra toothbrush that we can use. After all, if our breath smells this bad right now, it's only going to be worse in the morning. We know the only thing we're going to think about the whole time we're kissing him is, "he must be grossed out." The last thing we want is to leave him with a bad taste in his mouth. Literally.

15 I Can't Forget To Set My Alarm


We're having a great night with him. He's funny, charming, and extremely attractive. All of our focus is on him and all of his focus is on us. Still, in the back of our heads, there's that little voice yelling, "Don't forget to set an alarm." Even though we're temporarily escaping the world to spend time with him, the real world still exists and tomorrow, we've got to be up early for work. As much as we wish we didn't have a life outside of right now, we do. And, until we set our alarms, we won't be able to sit back and relax. So, we sneak to the closest bathroom and set our alarms for bright and early then go back to hang out with him as if nothing's wrong and we're the most chilled out, low key girl in the world.

14 How Am I Going To Get Home?


We went out the night before. Whether we were on a date or just met the guy that night, we didn't drive ourselves. We either took a taxi to the bar, got a ride from a friend, or maybe even a ride from here. Therefore, we're stranded. We don't have our car, our phone is dead, and he's still asleep. Even if we wanted to leave, we couldn't. It's as if we're on some desert island and we're the only two people still alive. It's not only uncomfortable, but it's also a little bit frightening. What do we do? Search for a charger, pinpoint our location and call our best friend to come get us as soon as possible. Or, if we can't do that, wake him up and awkwardly ask him to drive us home.

13 Does He Think I'm Easy?


Whether we've been dating him for a long time or you just met him, it's a big step to spend the night. If we plan on sleeping with him for the first time, it's taking the relationship to the next level. It can be a bit unnerving. And even though we hate to admit it, we overthink things. We wonder if it's too soon to stay the night, or if he'll think differently of us after we do. We question his motives: Is he only in this thing for the intimacy or does he actually care about being with us? If I give him what he wants, will he get bored and move on to the next one? The last thing we want is for him to think we're easy or that he doesn't have to work for our affections.

12 What If He's A Serial Murderer?

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While it's fun to spend the night with someone, it can also be a little bit freaky. Why? Because now, we're in their home and there's no one around besides the two of us. And while we like to think we can trust people, we've heard the warnings. Our mother's voice rings in our heads, "Never go home with a stranger."  After all, it's better to be safe than sorry. We know we're usually being irrational, but we'd be lying if we said that we didn't momentarily think about him being some sort of serial murderer and see our lives flash before our eyes. We put our guards up and watch every move he makes and we're ready to fight if we think he's acting strange.

11 Where Even Am I?


We recently started dating a guy. We like him but we really don't know that much about him, including where he lives. That's why, when we go back to his place and it's in the middle of literally nowhere, we can't help but wonder, "where am I?" If we went out drinking and randomly decided to go home with someone, when we finally get back to his apartment, we're even more clueless. We didn't pay attention to where the taxi was taking us, we were having too much fun flirting with our one night stand to be. Because we're caught up in the excitement of it, it feels as if we've traveled a long way to get to where we are, even if we just went a couple of blocks down the street. For all we know, we could've left the state.

10 Do I Take Off My Makeup?


When we went out with him the night before, we looked great. However, we didn't wake up that morning looking as great as we did the night before and we're certainly not going to wake up the next day looking the same. The thought alone gives us anxiety. Even if it's a guy we're comfortable with, we still want to look good for him. If it's our first night with him, we're not sure if we're ready for him to see us without any makeup on. It's sort of like our little disguise and we want to leave a little bit up to the imagination. We debate if we should take off our makeup before going to bed or if we should leave it on and hope it doesn't smear too much. If we do take it off, we don't hesitate to put a little bit of concealer over a pimple before climbing back into bed with him.

9 Should I Tell Him I Don't Normally Do This?


Let's face it. Whenever we go home with a guy that we just met, we want them to know that we're not the type that goes home with a lot of guys. Even if we do go home with a lot of guys, we'd still like him to think we don't. However, saying, "I'm not the type of girl you think I am" is so cliche, especially if we've just slept with him. On top of that, if we do say that, we don't want him to think he's super special or that irresistible. So what do we do? We lay awake the whole night wondering what he thinks of us and hope that he doesn't have the wrong idea. The next day, we feel like complete crap about ourselves because we hate the thought of someone else thinking we're different than we actually are.

8 Can We Just Go To Sleep?


We wanted to stay the night with him but now that we're there and we've hooked up, all we want to do is go to sleep. We had all the fun that we're going to have and at this point, the only fun we want is a good night's rest. We have work the next day, we're not trying to spend all night talking about our childhoods or getting to know each other. All we want to say is "can we do this some other time? I have a huge presentation that I can't be late for in the morning," but he's just started telling us the ins and outs of his tumultuous relationship with his father. Instead, we smile, and wish we knew how to sleep with our eyes open. The next day, we're absolutely miserable at work, wishing we were selfish enough to fall asleep mid story.

7 Where's The Closest Bathroom?


We just met him. We don't want to go to the bathroom in front of him, especially not after a long night of partying and drinking. We've all been there, we know how it smells and we know what comes out of us. In the morning, we creep to the toilet, hoping he won't wake up and you can get whatever is going to come out of us, out. Or, if he's already awake, we try to find a way to go to the closest coffee shop even if he's already made coffee just so we can use their bathroom. Of course, everyone poops, but we'd like to leave him with a good impression, not a bad smell. If for some reason we do have to use his bathroom, we turn the sink on and flush the toilet until we're sure there's no evidence we did what we did.

6 I Hope I Don't Snore


Why is it that whenever we spend the night at someone else's house we instantly become way more self-conscious than we are in our own homes? Oh right, it's because we're not alone and we care what he thinks of us. Even if we don't know him, we still care. It's perhaps the most aggravating thing in the world. Therefore, all of these thoughts rush into our heads before we go to sleep. Even if we've never snored before in our lives, we think that for some reason, that night, we're going to. And we're not talking little cute snores, we're talking sinus infection snores. We become hyper aware of ourselves and bad habits we might have. The last thing we want is to keep him up all night by snoring so we try to sleep on our sides or our stomach to avoid it at all costs.

5 Is It Weird If I Wear My Mouth Guard?


We've been dating him for a while now and we've been having regular sleepovers with him. Now, we're at the point in the relationship where we're comfortable with each other. That being said, thought, we're not sure exactly how comfortable we are. Sure, we've confessed that we like each other or that we're not just in it to "have fun," but we haven't promised each other we'll stick by one another no matter what. And that't normally not a problem however, we grind our teeth when we sleep and we're sick of having a raging headache the next day. We have a mouth guard for a reason. Therefore, all we want is to be able to wear our smell, stained, mouth guard that makes us talk with a lisp without grossing him out too much.

4 This Is Nice


We're used to bringing guys back to our place when we want to spend the night with them. Or, if we're dating someone, we've always spent time at our house until now. Therefore, when we finally spend the night at their place, we can't help thinking, "this is nice." Why? Because we don't have to worry about them going through our things and we don't have to clean the mess up the next day. The pressure of having a guest in our own home is off and we're ready to be taken care of for once. It's nice to have someone else play "host." Unless his place is a complete disaster, we wouldn't mind getting used to this. However, we'd have to bring over a few things to make it feel a little more "homey" if we want to continue seeing him- but that's a whole other discussion.

3 Does He Expect Me To Sleep With Him?


If he's a guy we're interested in and he asks us to come back to his place, we can't help but wonder if he's expecting us to sleep with him or if he just wants to hang out. Of course, we're not naive, but we really don't want to sleep with him yet and hope he's not jerky enough to be pushy about it or act disappointed. We know how guys can be and even if he seems different, we can't help but be a bit suspicious of his motives. If we just met him and he asks us to go back to his place, we wonder what he has in mind. Is it just because the bars closing but he wants to keep talking or is he thinking he's going to get lucky? Yes, it's true, we already know the answer to that question, but hey, it's better to not assume the worst in people. Right?

2 Ew


In general, we think it's safe to say that women tend to be way cleaner than men. Therefore, it's normal for us to be completely disgusted the first time we spend the night at our crush's house. We wonder when the last time he washed his sheets was or if he's ever done dishes in his life. We creep around, trying not to touch anything but wanting to scrub everything till it shines. If the sleepover was unplanned, it's almost worse because he didn't even try to clean up. Within five minutes of being in his house, we see a whole other side to him- the sloppy side. Our lives flash before our eyes and we wonder, "Am I going to have to spend all of my time with a slob from this point forward?"  The only thought in our minds is, "I can't wait to get home and shower." We hope he's just been really busy, that's why his house is disastrous.

1 I Miss My Home


We've spent time and energy making our place a home. So much so that we miss it whenever we're away. Not only do we have everything we need at our places, but we also feel more comfortable in our own environments. It's only human. We have our face wash, our make-up, or clothes, our deodorants, our favorite pillows, etc. On top of that, the things in our homes are little pieces of us. We still sleep with that little blanket our Grandma knitted for us when we were just a toddler and his bed doesn't feel the same way ours does. It's a lot to get used to and no matter how hard we try to act like we're completely comfortable, we can't help but think, "Man, I really miss my home."

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