16 Things Women Subconsciously Do When They're About To Cheat In A Relationship

Pretty much everyone who's ever been in a relationship has contemplated cheating at some stage. We just can't help it. In a way, it's hardwired into us. For guys, they're biologically programmed to seek out as many women as possible. For women, they've evolved to seek out the strongest and fittest men. If their man isn't cutting it, the urge to find another starts to surface. But even though it's a pretty common thing, it's also one of the biggest fears for many people in serious relationships. The feeling of being cheated on can be extremely crushing.

But the craziest part about cheating is that you might be contemplating it without even realizing it. Deep down in your subconscious mind, you could be weighing the pros and cons of finding another man on the side, and you might not even realize it. However, you'll slowly but surely start to realize that you're doing things you never did before. These are the subconscious things all women do when they're about to cheat...

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16 They Start Texting Or Hanging Out With Other Guys

The most obvious sign that a woman is thinking subconsciously of cheating is when she starts hanging out with other guys. Most women have a few other guys in their life besides their boyfriend, although most girls keep these relationships to a strictly casual basis. They might text them from time to time, or even hang out with them. But they usually chill with them while their with their boyfriend, not alone. Or at the very least, they tell their man who they're going to hang out with.

This just isn't the case with a woman who is pondering cheating. This is true whether they realize it or not. The mind of the woman is starting to think, "what are my other options here?" That means they will start tentatively reaching out to other guys that they think might make a good partner, whether they realize what they're doing or not.

15 They Start Giving One Word Answers

When a girl is subconsciously thinking about cheating, they shut down emotionally. This is especially true when they're around their boyfriend or husband, and he can definitely notice the difference (even if she doesn't). The woman might not even feel herself starting to get let less amicable with her partner, and this can often be a major sign that she's not happy, and she's thinking about cheating. She might have some frustration deep down with her partner, and she's acting out in almost a passive aggressive way.

A big example of this is giving one-word answers. Conversation and communication is a big part of any healthy relationship, so when that starts to suffer, you know there's something seriously wrong. It might also manifest as mumbling, or even ignoring her man outright.

14 They Dream About Other Men

Everybody knows that when we dream, our deep subconscious minds start to talk to us. This is an essential part of our psychology, and it allows what's really inside our minds to become known. Sometimes, we wake up feeling very confused about what we just dreamed about. But this is the language of the subconscious, and it doesn't always make sense. If there's something wrong with our lives, and we just don't want to admit it, these issues often surface in our dreams.

And when a girl wants to cheat subconsciously, you can bet that she's going to be dreaming about doing just that when she goes to sleep. She might not tell her boyfriend, or even admit it to herself, but it's happening. She might dream about intimate situations with guys she know, or she might just make up "dream guys" that she's never met before in real life.

13 They Think About Other Guys During Time In The Bedroom

Being intimate is a huge part of a relationship. Without it, it becomes very hard to share an emotional bond. The intimacy we experience in the bedroom is something that has existed in natural world for millions of years, and this is part of our very evolution and DNA. When we connect in this way, our bodies release many hormones and other chemicals that provide many health benefits. But above all, it reinforces the way we feel about our partners, and reminds us that there is still passion in the relationship.

But when a girl is thinking about cheating, subconsciously or otherwise, their mentality in the bedroom begins to change. They might stop being attracted to the men that they're with. Instead, they might actually close their eyes and imagine themselves with another man - perhaps someone they know and are attracted to. This is a habit some women slip into without even realizing it fully.

12 They Think About What It Would Be Like To Move To Another Part Of The World

Cheating is just another way of getting out of a situation that you don't want to be in. Those that cheat do it for a wide variety of reasons, but many share the same motives. A huge majority of cheaters do it because they feel like they're in a loveless relationship. They might also feel like the relationship has become stale and boring, without that spark that was felt at the beginning when they first fell in love with their partners. But all cheaters share the feeling that they want to away from something in their live that has been bothering them.

Sometimes, in a woman's subconscious mind, this feeling gets simplified into simply the will to "get away." They might not even know what they're trying to get away from, just that they need to leave everything behind, and go somewhere where they can have a clean slate. So as a result, those who might be thinking about cheating could also fantasize and wonder about what it would be like to live in a different part of the world, away from everything they don't like about their present situation.

11 They Start Dressing More Provocatively

You can tell a lot about a woman by the way they dress. Often, her style of dress will indicate certain things about her personality. But more often that not, the way she dresses can also tell you a lot about how she's feeling at that particular time. There are certain outfits and clothing items that  woman only wears when she's feeling a particular way. Most women can attest to this fact, and in fact it's not just women who are like this. You can also draw the same conclusions by the way men dress, for the most part.

But when a woman is subconsciously thinking about cheating, she may start to dress differently. As her mind slips into the preoccupation with attracting men, her style of dress will change as a result. And as you might guess, the way she dresses might subconsciously be an effort to attract other men. That means more revealing, provocative outfits.

10 They Start Going Out On More 'Girl's Nights'


Every woman needs a "girl's night out" from time to time, and you don't need to be thinking about cheating to enjoy these events. It's an opportunity to get away from the man or men in your life, and let your hair down. It's a very healthy thing to do as well, from a psychological standpoint. Hanging out with friends brings you back down to Earth, and lets you behave in ways you wouldn't when you're in front of your man. And for the most part, guys will like getting some alone time as well.

But when a girl starts to subconsciously think about cheating, those girl's nights out start to happen much more frequently. They might not even be aware of it, but women will start calling up their friends to hang out more and more, especially if their friends are single. This means they'll be tagging along while their friends get in situations with single guys, and these moments can be addicting for a girl who's thinking about cheating.

9 They Start Getting Friendlier With Work Colleagues

The workplace is actually a very intimate setting for many people. We actually spend most of our waking hours at work, with our colleagues, rather than at home with our loved ones. It's pretty crazy when you think about it. Many people will admit that they know their co-workers as well as or better than their partners and loved ones. Plus, there's all kinds of pheromones and intimate tension flying around the air at work, and sometimes this can lead to some pretty serious romances.

For a woman who is thinking about cheating, subconsciously or otherwise, work can present them with untold opportunities to cheat. The guys that they start fantasizing about might well be men they're in contact with at work. Colleagues start to look a lot more attractive and interesting, and as a result women might find themselves becoming friendly or even flirting with men at work.

8 They Start Getting Less Interested In Being Intimate

Some people look at being intimate in the bedroom really casually. It's something they do without a second thought, and there is little or no emotion involved. But for most people, being intimate with your lover in the bedroom is something that requires a lot of passion and emotional investment. You have to be 'in the mood' to want it, and the timing has to be perfect. You have to feel a certain level of connection with your partner, because without it, the intimacy is lost and it proves to be a complete let-down for both parties.

So what happens when a girl is flirting with the idea of cheating in her mind? Well, she starts to shut herself from intimacy. It may be that being intimate with her man actually reminds her of all the things she doesn't like about the relationship, so she'll actually avoid this any way she can.

7 They Start Focusing More On Their Career

In today's world, women are more career minded than ever before. Although it's undoubtedly still a male-dominated world, women are fighting harder than ever to stake their claim in the globe's toughest industries, and they're winning. Some women are starting to veer away from the traditional role of a wife and mother, and more towards the role of a career-focused businesswoman. It's no surprise they're doing this. There is more of a demand for talented women than ever before. The economy is also such that women can't afford to rely on anyone but themselves.

So what does this mean for a woman that might be thinking about cheating? If a woman is unsatisfied with the way things are going at home, and the state of their relationship, work might well become an escape for them. They might start working longer hours, or push their men aside in order to focus more on their careers.

6 They Take Longer To Reply To Texts

We all know how it feels when you text someone and it takes forever for them to respond. For the most part, this is usually only mildly irritating, especially if you're only texting your friends or family members. But if you're texting someone you're in a relationship with, it can sting a little more. It makes you feel as if they don't care about you, and are busy doing more important things. Most of the time, guys are the ones who are guilty of doing this, not women, and it can lead to some pretty nasty arguments.

But in the case of a girl who's subconsciously thinking about cheating, it might be them who fails to respond to their partner's texts. It's pretty obvious why they do this. Their mind is elsewhere, focused on other things, perhaps even other men. In addition, getting a text from their boyfriend can remind them of the less than ideal situation they're in, and they might try to ignore it altogether.

5 They Start To Suspect Their Men Of Cheating

For women who want to cheat, they might be looking for an excuse to do it. For many women, the reason to cheat actually comes from something their man did. They might have offended their women in some way, or maybe it was them who cheated. But for women who have essentially perfect men by their sides, it can often be struggle to rationalize in their minds why they want to cheat in the first place. In short, they need an excuse or reason to do it so they don't feel bad about it later.

This is why women who are subconsciously thinking about cheating will often accuse their man of cheating. Sometimes they don't even believe it themselves, and in the back of their minds they know their man is innocent. But if they can just fool themselves into thinking their man is cheating, then they actually have an excuse for going out and doing it themselves.

4 They Start Being Late Or Not Showing Up For Dates

Just like not texting your partner back, a great way to show someone you don't care about them is to simply not show up for dates. Alternatively, lateness is another prime example of someone who just doesn't care. It doesn't matter how much a person is famous for procrastination and forgetfulness, if they truly care about someone, they won't be late to see them. When you're in love with someone, you put that person at the top of your mind. There's almost no way a person can forget about a date with someone they love.

So if a woman is thinking about cheating on a guy, she might start being late for her dates with him. We all know what it's like to rush around, madly getting ready for a date. But a woman who's thinking about cheating won't rush in the same way. They'll take their time. Maybe they'll sit down and drink some coffee or have a snack, even while knowing that they're running late. Maybe they'll walk slowly instead of fast. Either way, it's the mark of someone who has stopped caring.

3 They Start Talking A Lot About A Certain Guy During Conversations

When you've been thinking about something or someone, it's hard to get it off your mind. Even while you're talking to someone, it's hard to actually focus on the conversation at hand and get your mind off that special someone you're so obsessed with. What can happen in conversations is that you find yourself mentioning that person again and again, always finding a way to bring that person up in a conversation. From the outside looking in, it can be painfully obvious that you're obsessed with that person. You, on the other hand, might be completely oblivious.

And as you might have guessed, this situation does happen when a girl is thinking about cheating. Usually, girls have at least one guy on their radar that they'll possibly cheat with in the future. And even when they're in a conversation with their boyfriend, they'll find themselves mentioning that guy, even when they had no intention of even bringing him up. It just slips out.

2 They Start Picking Fights

Fights are actually a healthy part of any real relationship. Nobody's perfect, and people have conflicts with each other. What matters is how you deal with those conflicts as a couple. Fights can actually lead to increased emotional connection if handled correctly. By the end of it, you both respect each other for taking a stand, and you both feel like you've come to a compromise that satisfies both parties. Of course, it can also have the reverse effect, so you have to be careful.

We've already talked about the fact that when a girl is thinking about cheating, she's looking for a reason to make it acceptable in her mind. If she's picking lots of fights, that means she's trying to force her man to get angry and do something that he might regret later. And this can be the reason she's looking for to go out and cheat on him.

1 They Try To Get Their Man To Change

A lot of the signs we've discussed have been pretty malicious, because let's face it, cheating is a pretty malicious thing to do. But not all women are like that. Some will do everything in their power to give their men a chance to prove their worth. These women often care very deeply about their partners, but have serious doubts about the relationship deep down in their mind. They know that if certain things don't change, their relationship is essentially doomed.

That's why some women who are considering cheating will do everything they can to try to get their man to change. She might bring up all of those things that she hates about the relationship and their men, the things that are her to cheat, and confront her man about them. This is a moment of sheer desperation, because if he fails this test, she will definitely be forced to cheat.


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