16 Things Only Pretty Girls Can Get Away With

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16 Things Only Pretty Girls Can Get Away With

A book with a nice looking cover is the universal Achilles heel. It’s easy for us to be persuaded by beautiful packaging.  Whether your browsing for a new lipstick or boyfriend, we seem to be really good at quickly making snap judgments about the outside and extending that assumption to the inside too. In other words, we often think that if something looks nice on the outside, then it must also be just as good on the inside.

If you have lived a little, however,  you will definitely agree that this is not at all true. But we all seemed to fall for it time and time again. This bias to favoring conventionally attractive people is so strong there is even a name for it,  it’s called the “Halo Effect”, and it’s a term that has been around since the early 1920’s.

Yes, I know it’s not fair, but the lucky people that won the genetic lottery have some advantage in life that others just don’t, especially the hot girls of the world.  There are some things that only they and their perfectly symmetrical face can get away with because they are judged less harshly than others.

Curious to know more? Let’s take a look at some of the things that only hot girls can get away with.

16. Getting free stuff without asking everywhere they go

I had this Russian friend in university who was definitely one of the most attractive girls I had ever met. Inside and out. But for the point, i’m trying to make we will focus on the outside. She was an incredibly beautiful girl and everywhere we went – not only men – but women as well just gave her free stuff. We would go to the bar and she would never pay for a drink. When we went to the restaurant – entrees on the house, no big deal. This girl was constantly served stuff on a silver platter, literally. She just had such a friendly and classicly beautiful face that those around her couldn’t help but just give things to her, and she definitely used that to her advantage. You should too.

15. Shady and inconsiderate behavior with guys

Think back on the dudes that you let walk all over you in the past. The guys that you knew were not treating you that great but you let them stick around because they felt different or special to you. Did these guys also happen to be in the upper ranks of objective physical attractiveness? Yeah, I thought so. When someone is extra-sexy they tend to be able to get away with acting shady or inconsiderate. Basically acting like a selfish jerk and being hot go together like peanut butter and jelly. You know you’re good looking when you can get away with disappearing out of someone’s life for a couple months and when you resurface they treat you as if nothing happened. I personally don’t support this behavior; I’m simply informing you of this universal truth.

14. Rocking high-waisted mom jeans like a 90s bombshell

High-waisted mom jeans on the wrong person end up making them look at least ten years older and pounds heavier than they actually are. Donned on the wrong woman these jeans look more like a sartorial torture device; giving a massive denim wedgies and a silhouette that appears impossible to actually move or sit down in. Overall it ends up coming across as a badly executed retro-throwback costume. On the other hand, as soon as a hot girl slides on a pair of these puppies, she instantly transforms into the iconic shot of Cindy Crawford Circa 1995 effortless walking out of the airport in her signature 90’s bombshell look. Not fair, I know – but on the right girl belted and paired with a cute crop top, mom jeans make for a timeless figure-flattering outfit that looks fresh and modern rather than totally dated.

13. Incessantly bragging about their accomplishments

Similar to self-promotion on social media attractive people of the world can get away with a lot of bragging, and yet somehow not tip over into coming across as arrogant or conceited. Because somewhere buried in our unconscious we feel – on a gut-level – those good-looking people should naturally lead a life that is brag-worthy. It’s almost as if we expect good-looking people to show off their lives and ultimately feel superior. Just like on social media; we reward them when they behave like that. For example, when they talk about their lavish vacation or new promotion at work, it’s just a normal conversation. On the other hand, when more average looking people bring up similar topics we may secretly punish them or bad mouth them for their distasteful self-important behavior. It’s a sad truth, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

12. An endearing quirky and dorky personality

Think Zoe Deschanel from “The New Girl”.  If they had cast an average looking actress instead of Deschanel her character would become absolutely unbearable.  That squeaky voice, those quirky mishaps, and unusual interests would go from totally endearing to completely weird in an instant.  It’s only those girls who were blessed with good genes that can get away with really owning an off-beat charm.  When someone is not too much of a looker has these personality traits they usually end up coming across as neurotic and socially awkward.  This girl is usually portrayed on TV, not as the cute, bubbly eccentric girl, but instead as the frantic and clumsy nerdy girl. Think Linsday Lohan in mean girls before she got her “hot” makeover. She made a fool of herself in front of the cool kids, turned bright red when talking to her crush and ate her lunch in the bathroom. Once she became attractive though, her character transformed from total dork to mega cool girl.  I think I’ve made my point.

11. Owning a pair of signature “it” girl shades

I guess California has an extra-sunny summer because I can’t help but notice all the celebs have stepped up their sunnies game. It’s as if they are all trying to secretly one-up each other. Who can have the coolest and most unusual looking shades on IG first? I’d like to think that most people with the right face can pull off any shades. But it seems like every time I try to sport a similar pair, I just feel stupid like I’m trying to recreate my modern rendition of Judy Jetson. You think that all you need is the sunglasses to look instantly cool, but you’re wrong. The sunglasses are just one tiny element of an entire carefully curated look, and the price-tag of this look is through the roof. So when you pair these ultra-cool sunglasses with your non-celebrity clothes, it just doesn’t fit right. I’ll stick with my classic sunglasses, thank you very much.

10. A track-record of shameless social media behavior

The attractive people of this world not only get away with constant shameless self-promotion on social media, they are rewarded for it.  Users gobble up those beautiful selfies, which fuels the perpetual cycle of ego-stroking and self-aggrandizement that has now become the corner-stone of our generation. They can’t help it though, they were born with such god-like symmetry that strangers can’t help but throw likes their way. Likes are free, but if they cost actual money the beautiful creatures of social media would also become ultra-wealthy.  This is not too far from reality as many Instagram models, recognized for their thin waistlines and perfect noses, become actual celebrities. To the mystery of everyone outside their inner circle; they actually make a living off of their perfectly curated feeds. Because even though we know it’s manufactured we all continue to shameless creep just to get a glimpse of their picture-perfect lives.

9. The laid-back DGAF grown skater girl look

I love this look on the 5’9 and plus beauties of this world. The girls who can pull this off exude a relaxed effortless vibe like they spend their entire week just hanging out on the beach and never have one stressful day in their lives. This easy-going style is worshipped by many. She’s the girl that you instantly develop a girl crush on and if you saw her at a party you would want to become her BFF. The boys love her and so do all the girls. However, this look executed on an average looking girl can often end up giving off confused overgrown tomboy vibes – like you actually DGAF – instead of grown laid-back chic. The trick to mastering it is playing with texture because wearing a baggy cotton T is not going to cut it. Choose a relaxed fitting top and bottom but from a knit fabric that’s drapes like silk. Pair it with sneakers for a bit of an edge. If not, this look should be only sported by centerfolds.

8. A reputation of constantly asking people for favors

When you are blessed with those extra pretty genes you can get away with quite a lot because humans have a weakness for a pleasant face that’s easy on the eyes. Attractive people can use this to their advantage and ask their friends, family, and colleagues for favors constantly, and funny enough, no one will ever say a bad word about them.  Now flip the scenario, and picture an average looking person repeatedly asking for favors at the office, they would likely soon become that annoying colleague who can’t get anything done on her own. But take the attractiveness up a couple notches, and suddenly that person becomes the charming and sweet co-worker that just needs a little extra hand sometimes.  If you happen to be part of the latter camp, take advantage of what your mama gave you, because it’s a blessing. Trust me.

7. Unusual and bold and colorful hair and makeup trends

Similar to how a quirky personality just “looks” better on a hot girl, so do quirky hair and bold makeup trends. I know that we sometimes get this impression that a hairstyle style and makeup will make you stand out from the crowd. Well, it might, just maybe not in the best way. So unless you work in fashion or in some kind of artistic profession, I would save the experimental hairdos and makeup for a unique event or just Halloween. Because trying an unusual hairstyle that you saw a celeb sporting might end up coming across as unprofessional or childish at the office or school. Then you will risk having people not take you too seriously, which is already tricky for us girl, right? So stick to the basics for IRL, trust me.

6. Making extended eye contact with strangers

Think about when an unattractive stranger of the opposite sex stares at you for a heartbeat too long on the bus or subway. You may feel so uncomfortable that you will try to slip out of their field of vision by moving seats or to a completely different subway cart while frantically texting your friend to have an excuse to keep your head down. Sustained eye contact with a stranger is awkward for most people.  However, when the roles are flipped, and an extra-hot girl makes eye contact with a guy, that will usually lead to a pique in the guys’ interest and a signal that she is interested in him approaching her.  Many guys will even read too deep into eye contact and jump the gun with an attractive girl, and attempt to strike up a conversation even if she wasnt really intersted in the first place.  Guys are just opportunistic, can’t blame ’em.

5. Sporting the ultra-oversized streetwear trend

Gotta love the massively oversized trend that all the celebs are rocking these days. This trend deserves an extra-special shout out because it’s very progressive for women, boldly saying we can be sexy even without having to wear traditional form-fitting and obviously uncomfortable clothes. Sadly though, not everyone has the panache to pull off this look, especially when it’s done head-to-toe. One the wrong person, oversized style will come across as frumpy; more like homeless man rather than cool and sophisticated “it” girl. Here is a tip if you want to ease into the trend, start with only one oversized piece and pair it with something skinny and feminine. It’s always best to start with a t-shirt, roll up the sleeves and pair it with a chain or hoop earring. Don’t forget bold sexy boots to top off your outfit. Otherwise, reserve the head-to-toe oversized look for the Amazon beauties of this world.

4. Throwing irrational and emotional tantrums

There’s a scene in the much-loved TV show “How I Met Your Mother” where the notoriously unavailable player Barney discusses his “Crazy Hot” theory.  Basically, a girl can act crazy but only on the condition that she is equally as hot.  Said in another way, hot girls have carte-blanche to act as crazy as they want.  All my guy friends really relate to Barney theory because unconsciously they know the theory has a kernel of truth to it.  Attractive girls tend to get away with a lot more emotional and irrational behavior, such as jealous fits, and at a greater frequency than their more average-looking counterparts.  I would go so far as to say that if you are extra-attractive dudes might actually expect you to behave in a crazy high-maintenance way, and they will actually feel disappointed if you don’t. It’s almost like the badge of honor of having a hot girlfriend. Because if you’re not complaining to your buds that your girl is “acting so crazy”, then how will they know how hot she really is?

3. The full head-to-toe monochrome outfit trend

The full monochrome outfit is another trend that looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g on Instagram models – or just plain models – of the world. This look photographs great and feels as though your staring at a work of art rather than a simple outfit. That’s why it’s common to see professional stylist use this color-blocking trick, especially in an actual fashion campaign or show. Sadly, this look doesn’t translate so well into IRL, like at the office or just going to grab a coffee. Attempting to execute this trend for normal-looking people can wind up looking like you’re on your way to a costume party dressed up as your favorite Crayola crayon color.  You can, however, scale this look down and try to work it with a pale color palette, but the ultra-flashy hues such as cherry pinks, canary yellow and gumbo greens should be reserved for special events or models on photo shoots and getting followed around by paparazzi.

2. Any kind of flashy and hype looking headwear

Anyone, regardless of how good looking they are, should be able to wear a hat for practical reasons because hats were originally invented to serve a functional purpose, Obviously. However, we all know very well that a lot of people wear headgear as accessories of fashion and for purely aesthetic reasons. And it seems that only the good-looking can truly get away with wearing hype headwear, especially when it’s inappropriate for the weather and climate. Such as, wearing a beanie when it’s hot outside or a wide-brim hat when it’s not even sunny outside.  I love seeing women wearing those feminine and floppy felt boho hats, they always seem to turn heads. But I can’t help but notice that I’ve never seen an average woman wearing one of these on the streets.  There is a reason why, and that’s because average looking people can’t pull off non-practical hats as much as hot ones.  Yet another harsh sartorial truth.

1. A killer pair of look-at-me uber high-end boots

Bold and loud boots look amazing on the Jenner’s and Hadid’s of the world frolicking effortlessly in the afternoon heat of the Los Angeles summer, bouncing from photoshoot to power lunch, all the while somehow looking like they just stepped out of the hair salon. What I would give to be able to rock a pair of head-turning boots on the street without looking like a complete clown.  The truth is when it comes to the practical everyday life of running around the subway and busses or driving yourself around town, these types of boots are not only totally impractical, they look kinda out of place.  Not to say that a bold and sexy boot can’t work for the right event, but for the average looking people leading an average day, a loud boot might not be the best fashion choice to make.

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