16 Things He Hates That You Do (But Won't Tell You About)

Even if you're in the happiest relationship you've ever been in, things aren't always easy. If you're both passionate people, you argue a lot. You question each other's sanity and you make each other want to scream. Then, the next day, you're madly in love with one another and don't want to do anything else but be together. We know: Life can be insane, especially if you're head over heels for someone and in a committed relationship. However, just as there are some things about him that drive you crazy, there are also some things about you that drive him crazy (and not in a good way). You know what we're talking about. Of course, you'd never tell him about all the things you hate that he does and of course, he'd never tell you either... but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Read below to find out 16 things you do that he hates but won't tell you about.

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16 Expecting Him To Pay For Everything

When you first meet him, he likes to "woo" you. He wants to take you out to fancy restaurants and treat you like you're a Princess. In fact, he might even spoil you. However, part of the reason he showered you with gifts, surprises, and fancy dinners in the beginning was to win your affection and get your attention. Of course, now that he has it, it doesn't mean he's going to stop putting in so much effort, it just means he's ready to put in effort in different ways. For example, when he met you, if he wrote you a love poem, you might've been a little freaked out. That being said, he hates that you still expect him to pay for things, especially if he's tight on money. He wishes you'd offer to pay your half of dinner from time to time. Even if he won't let you, he'd at least like you to ask out of courtesy instead of just assuming he's going to take care of everything all the time.

15 Disrespecting His Things


Sometimes, we assume that guys aren't as materialistic as we are. They don't take care of their clothes the way we might and they act as though their personal belongings aren't important to them. Therefore, we often feel that it's all right to treat their things the same way they do. For example, if we borrow a shirt, we leave it on the ground when we're done wearing it or don't even try to get a stain out if we accidentally spill something on it. Or, if they give us a ride somewhere, we might leave a coffee cup or trash in their car instead of throwing it away when we get out as we might if it were our car. Of course, they don't try to make a big deal out of it but at the end of the day, they're tired of picking up after us and hate it when we ruin their things. Think about it this way: If the situation was reversed, how would we feel?

14 Leaving A Mess In The Bathroom

We get carried away when we're getting ready, especially if we're in a rush or have a lot of beauty products. In our own homes, it doesn't bother us. We're used to it. However, when we stay at their place, it drives them crazy. Why? Because they're not used to having products laid out on their sink and hate that they have to be careful not to spill or hit anything every time they want to wash their hands. Additionally, it grosses them out whenever we leave hair in their shower. As I said, we're used to it. We don't even think twice about throwing away a clump of hair that comes out while showering because it's happened literally almost every time we wash our hair for years. We just think, "I'll collect all of it next time I clean the bathroom." For them, though, if they have short hair, this phenomenon is quite new and quite repulsive.

13 Complaining To Your Parents About Him

You get in a fight with him. Your mom is your best friend and your dad always offers you advice when it comes to men. So, what do you do? You call your parents to vent. Because you're so comfortable with them, you share every detail of your relationship. It doesn't phase you, you've been doing it your whole life. However, he hates it. He cares deeply what your parents think about him because he cares so deeply about you. Therefore, when you tell them intimate aspects of your relationship with him, he feels awkward and uncomfortable. He'd never want them to judge him or think he's a bad person for a mistake he made or a fight the two of you have had. Even if you tell him your parents would never do that, he still gets self conscious. In fact, it may even not want to talk to you about things in fear that your parents will find out.

12 Getting Way Too Drunk

You go out with him and his friends. You feel uncomfortable because you don't know anyone. You know drinking will make you loosen up a bit, so you keep having drink after drink. After a little while, you're completely wasted. You start acting out of character. You talk about subjects you wouldn't normally talk about with strangers. You might even fall. Of course, you're clueless to your insane behavior at the time... but your boyfriend's not. He's not embarrassed by you, but he didn't plan on spending his night taking care of you and wanted you to get to know his friends. On top of that, he wanted his friends to get to know you... not drunk you. The next day, he'd never let you know how much of an ass you made of yourself as he wouldn't want to make your embarrassment of hangover any worse than it already is, but deep down, he hates how drunk you got.

11 Starting Fights In Public

Sometimes, you can't help it. You're in a terrible mood and your boyfriend really isn't helping. It seems like everything he does drives you absolutely insane. He can't say anything to make you happy. You try to remain calm for a while but your anger just keeps building and building. At some point, you break, despite your best attempts. Even though you're in a crowded restaurant, you freak out. You raise your voice. You scoff. You cry. You let everything out. Hell, you may even storm out of the restaurant.  Of course, he doesn't know what to do. He's embarrassed because you're completely causing a scene. Everyone's watching your dramatic meltdown. You know that what you're doing isn't helping anyone or the situation but for one reason or another, you keep carrying on. The only thing he's listening to are the whispers of everyone around you and he hates how humiliating you're being.

10 Trying To Change His Appearance

You started dating him a little while ago. From the start, you were never too keen on how he dressed or his hairstyle or even the way he looked. However, you liked his personality and he really charmed you. Now, you feel as though you're close enough to be honest about your true thoughts surrounding his appearance. You insist that you go shopping with him and give him a wardrobe update. You suggest he visit a new hairstylist and pick out pictures of haircuts you think would be good for him. You may hint that he should join a gym or even start throwing away some of his old clothes you simply can't stand. Of course, he'd never come clean about how much he hates the fact that you're blatantly trying to change him because he's embarrassed, but deep down, he's crawling with anger. All he wants is for you to accept him as he is.

9 Bitching To Your Friends About Him In Front Of Him

You're at a dinner party with a group of your closest friends. A subject comes up about getting in arguments with your partner. At first, you stay out of it, but after a while, you join in. Without even thinking, you start complaining about him right in front of him. You share details about your relationship that are personal and private. You may even share problems you have with him that he doesn't even know about. Because you're with a group of your friends, he tries to play it off and act like it doesn't phase him. He laughs and attempts to change the subject but deep down, he's mortified. Why? You're embarrassing him. He wants your friends to like him, not think he's some monster that has a million flaws. On top of that, no one likes their dirty laundry to be aired in public, especially when they're listening.

8 Getting Lazy

When you met him, you were in great shape. You took excellent care of yourself and always made your wellbeing a priority. If you were going on a date with him, you put time and care into getting ready. Then, you met him and for a while, you continued to do just that. After you got comfortable with him, though, you got a bit.... well, lazy. You stopped going to the gym, you started eating whatever it is you wanted to eat, you gave up wearing make-up, and you might've even quit shaving your legs as regularly as you used to. Of course, he loves you as you are and would never want to make you feel uncomfortable around him. However, he misses when you used to "try" and look good for him and hates that you don't feel the need to anymore. He thought it was sweet when you made an effort to look good in his presence. On top of that, he loved the way you made your wellbeing a priority and admired the way you took such great care of yourself.

7 Assuming Things About Him

When you first met him, everything you guys did together was exciting. You loved learning new things about him and thought he was really interesting. Then, as you started getting to know each other better, you started assuming that you knew everything about him since you spent so much time listening to him... which changed the way you two communicated. For example, instead of asking him how he was doing, you thought you knew. If you got in a fight with him, you started "predicting" his words. When he tried to open up to you, you didn't listen because you "knew what he was going to say already." All in all, you stopped giving him an opportunity to surprise you and started to make him feel uninteresting. At one point, he completely stopped trying, to be honest with you and let you in because he thought it was a waste of time since you wouldn't listen to anything he said anyway.

6 Making Plans Without Asking Him

Whether you've been in a relationship with him for a long time or you just started dating him, you can be sort of a control freak. You're used to making all of the plans all the time and assume that people will want to do exactly what you want to do... including him. Therefore, you have a habit of making plans without asking people what they want to do. For example, you might buy movie tickets for a movie that's playing that afternoon and just assume he'll want to go. If you have plans to hang with him, you show up at his house and tell him the two of you are going to go meet up with your work friends in an hour before you even ask him if he'd like to do something else. You rarely take into his wants and needs into consideration and think he doesn't mind. Because he wants to hang out with you, he normally does what you want to do but still hates that you just expect him to always tag along.

5 Putting Pressure On Him To Marry You

Maybe you've been with the same guy for years or maybe you've reached a certain age and you feel as though you should get married before it's too late. Either way, you're in a rush and he's completely aware of that. Why? If you've been with him for a while, you're constantly hinting that he needs to "step up to the plate" or simply "make a move or move on so you can find someone new." If you recently started dating him, you talk a lot about what you want and what your plans are for the future. You're very upfront about what you're looking for and he feels as though you're just in the relationship so that you can get married to someone... it doesn't even have to be him. No matter the situation, men hate when they feel pressured to do something, especially something that's such a huge commitment. If they're ready to marry you, they will.

4 Convincing Yourself He Doesn't Care About You

He's spent years convincing you that he loves you more than he's ever loved anyone else. He tells you every single day how beautiful you are, how much you mean to him, and how in love with you he is. Time and time again, he tells you everything you've always wanted to hear. However, because of some past relationship you were in or because of some deep insecurity you have, you spend even more time convincing yourself he doesn't care about you, despite all of his attempts. You're constantly asking him for reassurance. You never believe anything he says, even when it's coming from the bottom of his heart. You brush off his feelings for you and only listen to the negative voice in your head. All he wants is for you to shut that voice off and listen to him. He hates that you don't believe him. Why? Not only is it exhausting, but also because he loves you and wants you to know that.

3 Bringing Up Past Issues In Fights

You guys have been together for a while. And, like most couples, you fight every now and then. However, you can be hard to deal with. If he brings up an issue he has with you, you're instantly offended. Even if he didn't want to fight with you, you make it a fight. Why? Because you get extremely defensive and bring up past problems you guys have had. It frustrates him beyond belief, especially because he thought you had resolved these problems and moved forward. He hates that you make it impossible for him to communicate with you as you never listen to what he has to say. In fact, it even makes him want to avoid you or pretend like everything's fine if he's upset. He wishes you would actually mean it when you say you're "over" something. After all, if you're not truly over something how can he expect to move forward with you in the relationship?

2 Making "Rules"

When you first met him, you were the "cool" girlfriend. You found everything he did extremely charming and in your mind, he did very little wrong. However, then you started getting comfortable with him and all of a sudden, you changed. You started making rules for both your benefit and "his" benefit. For example, he used to play video games on the weekends and loved it. It was his dirty little secret and helped him relax. Now, you limit his video game playing time as you want him to help you do certain things around the house and think video games are childish. Or maybe, you used to love his friends and getting to know them. They would stay at his place all the time and it never seemed to phase you. Now, though, it's suddenly an issue and you've made the "no friends are allowed to sleep over when I'm here" rule. He hates that you've become uptight and wishes you'd just let him do what he wants to do. After all, it's not hurting anyone.

1 Treating Him Like He's A Child

He does things that annoy you. Perhaps he doesn't clean up after himself or maybe he can never remember to put the seat down after he uses the toilet. So, what do you do? You start nagging him. You tell him all the ways in which he's like a child and all the ways you think he's immature... and you don't stop. Because you think his behavior is childish (and it might be), you start treating him like a child even though he's a fully capable adult. You might not even mean to do it. At first, it becomes about the toilet seat and then, it becomes about how he can't take responsibility for any of his actions or annoying habits. Of course, you're not intentionally trying to make him feel bad about himself. After all, if he was truly a child, you wouldn't be with him. Still, it drives him crazy and only reminds him of how his mother used to annoy him.

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