16 Things Even Superfans Wouldn't Know About Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon has been around in Hollywood for just over twenty years now and has lucked out by snagging roles in not just one, but two incredibly popular television shows. She was catapulted to stardom at the age of eighteen-years-old when she was cast on That '70s Show, the retro sitcom in which she played stunning redhead Donna Pinciotti. She appeared in two slightly less successful television shows, October Road and Are You There, Chelsea? before snagging the role of Alex Vause on the wildly popular Orange Is The New Black. For the role of Alex, she swapped out the red and blonde hair she's rocked in other roles for jet black hair, signature black-framed glasses, and of course, that classic cat eye makeup look.

It's incredible that she struck gold not only once but twice with shows that lasted several years — and who knows how much longer OITNB will be making new seasons? The fans absolutely love it.

Prepon has also been experimenting behind the camera as a director and going into the wellness world with various projects. She's a busy, talented woman — and we're going to fill you in on 16 things that you may not have known about her.

16 She's Totally Obsessed With The Barefoot Contessa

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There are some celebrities like Chrissy Teigen who are very vocal about their passion for cooking and being in the kitchen, and then there are celebrities who are low key obsessed with cooking — and Laura Prepon falls into the latter category. Although, we're not sure we would say she was obsessed with cooking so much as obsessed with one particular gourmet goddess, Ina Garten. Prepon has confessed that she owns every single Barefoot Contessa cookbook and she uses them all the time. Ina Garten certainly has her fair share of celebrity fans, so we're kind of not surprised to learn of yet another — perhaps Prepon will get to visit Ina at her Hamptons estate at some point! A little celebrity guest star appearance on an episode never hurt anyone.

15 She Moved To Milan To Work As A Model — At Just 15

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It seems crazy to think that Prepon had a bit of a career before she entered the acting world because she got her start at such a young age — I mean, she had a leading role on a television show before she could even legally drink! However, she's been working hard since her early teenage years, and actually moved to Milan all by herself at the age of 15 to work as a model. She was there for about a year and a half. Given her height and gorgeous bone structure and perfect alabaster skin, we're not surprised that she'd enter the acting world via modeling, but still — that's such a crazy young age to be on the other side of the world, solo! It just proves what a fearless adventurer she is, though.

14 She's A Huge Gamer Who Has Pulled Halo All-Nighters

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We have to admit — we're always a little bit curious about what celebrities do in their downtime. They often have such busy schedules when they're working on projects, and then later when they're touring the world to promote those projects and do press. When they finally have a bit of a break, what are they doing to rejuvenate themselves and just have some fun? In Prepon's case, it seems that the answer is gaming. Prepon is apparently a huge fan of video games and has admitted that she's stayed up for days on end playing Halo on her Xbox. Can you just imagine if you were having fun in a multi-player game and ended up hearing Laura Prepon's voice coming from a character on screen with you? Crazy!

13 She Tweezes Her Friends' Brows

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One of the memorable things about beauty on Orange Is The New Black is that many of the women are resourceful and end up helping each other out a bit when it comes to looking fresh while locked up. It seems that beauty on a budget is a specialty of Prepon's — she's admitted that she tweezes all her friends' eyebrows. It seems an odd skill, especially since getting your brows done isn't tremendously expensive and her friends could probably very easily just go to the salon to get it done. We're not sure if she's just an absolute pro who does it better than anyone else, or if her friends just prefer the way she does it, but it's a kind of quirky detail about her that makes her seem even more interesting.

12 She Did The Hair And Makeup For Both Her Sisters' Weddings

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Speaking of beauty — it seems that, if Laura Prepon's make-up artist didn't show up to set one day, she'd be absolutely fine because she's a bit of a makeup pro! Prepon admitted that she did the hair and make-up for both of her sisters' wedding, which is no small feat — most people take endless pictures on their wedding day and know it's a day they'll remember forever, so they want to make sure everything about their look is perfect. There's something so sweet and personal about having your sister do your hair and make-up rather than hiring a professional, but still — the fact that she was able to pull off something good enough that her sisters wanted her to do it proves that she's got some major skills.

11 She's Actually A Natural Redhead

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There are some actresses who change up their hair cut on a regular basis but pretty much always have the same hair color — Laura Prepon is not one of those actresses. She's rocked everything from lush red hair to cool platinum blonde hair to jet black hair — and so you may be wondering, what on earth is her actual natural hair color? While the majority of actresses have some kind of a blonde-ish, brown-ish color naturally, Prepon is actually a natural redhead with gorgeous auburn locks. Throughout her time in Hollywood, she's pretty much always been changing her color for roles, so we're curious to see if she returns to her natural color when she has a role where it doesn't matter, or where they allow her to keep her natural look. We'd love to see her as a redhead again!

10 She Absolutely Loves Raw Almond Butter

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It's always interesting to find out what types of foods celebrities actually eat. They often are vocal about their preference for things that they have some kind of sponsorship or endorsement deal with, and also frequently revert to the Hollywood classic of lean proteins, tons of veggies, etc. However, let's get real — everyone has things that they just love because they taste good, and in Laura Prepon's case, that's raw almond butter. While other people may eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon, Prepon is all about almond butter. We're not sure if she eats it straight up, on crackers, as a dip for fruit, but the point is, if you want to feel a little more like a celebrity, get yourself a jar of raw almond butter.

9 She Plays Poker To Relax

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This is another fascinating hobby that makes us wonder what other secrets Laura Prepon is keeping to herself. Some actresses hit a workout class or hit the trails for a long run when they need to de-stress, but Prepon hits the poker table — apparently, she finds the card game extremely relaxing. We're not sure if she loves the analytic part of it or what, because to most people, poker is a high-stress game, but hey — whatever works for you! Perhaps one day Prepon will be able to combine two of her passions and play an extremely cool poker playing character on screen — we'd love to see a show that featured her as the lead and took the audience to some kind of scandalous underground world of gambling.

8 She Really Disliked Wearing '70s Clothes

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Even though the show she was on aired in the '90s and '00s, Laura Prepon had to feel like she was stepping into the '70s every time she came on set. The homes on the set were all done up in '70s style, and most importantly, the characters all had to wear '70s clothing. Prepon's character Donna was a bit of a tomboy and you'd often find her in jeans and tees rather than some of the more over the top pieces other characters wore, but still — apparently she just wasn't a fan of the clothing. Although in her other major role, she spends most of her time in a prison jumpsuit. We have a feeling that Prepon will be sniffing around for a role that allows her to wear some fabulous outfits soon — I mean, it's about time!

7 She's A Loud And Proud Jersey Girl

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There are many, many celebrities who weren't born in Los Angeles or New York, but a lot of them sort of erase where they actually come from. They don't speak much about the tiny town in the Midwest where they were born, and they don't really go back to visit much. Prepon takes a different approach to where she grew up. She's a born and raised Jersey girl, and she's proud of it. Plus, when she's not in Los Angeles working on a role, she actually has a home in Watchung, New Jersey where she spends her time. Perhaps one day, if she gets tired of the Hollywood world, she'll head back to Jersey full time and try to snag more roles based in nearby New York.

6 She Wrote A Wellness Book With A Nutritionist

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It seems that the new hot trend in the celebrity world is to get involved with some kind of special diet or cookbook or meal plan — and Laura Prepon has jumped on that train, although it seems a more organic collaboration on her end. Apparently, Prepon has struggled with her weight and energy and digestive issues ever since she was a child, so she teamed up with nutritionist Elizabeth Troy to figure out a solution that worked for her. She was so enthusiastic about the results and the way she felt that she wanted to bring that information to the rest of the world, so the two of them put together The Stash Plan. The book has many fans, and Prepon is always singing its praises — hey, there's nothing wrong with diverse interests!

5 She's A UFC Fan

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There are countless celebrity sports fans out there — after all, once you're bringing in the big Hollywood bucks, it's easy to fit courtside seats into your budget! Some absolutely cannot miss an NBA game, others are all about the NFL, and there are plenty of NHL fans out there as well. However, Prepon isn't about team sports — she's a huge fan of straight up UFC fighting. That's right — her favorite sport to watch involves men going ballistic in a cage trying to take each other down. We have to admit, it's not the sport we would have assumed she would be a huge fan of, but it's definitely interesting. So, if you ever find yourself at a UFC match near Los Angeles, keep your eye out for Laura Prepon!

4 If The Acting Thing Didn't Work Out, She Would Have Become A Surgeon

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Unlike many actresses who end up working service jobs for years and years before getting their big break, who have plenty of time to debate whether or not acting is the right career choice for them, Prepon ended up finding success at a young age and didn't have to make that call. However, she did have a backup career in mind, and it's pretty heartwarming. Prepon's father, who passed away when she was younger, was a surgeon, and she's confessed that if she didn't go into the entertainment industry, she'd have studied to become a surgeon and followed in his footsteps. We have to admit — besides being absolutely adorable, that confession majorly makes us want to see Prepon in a role on the next hot medical drama. Think of what an amazing doctor she would be on the screen!

3 She Rides Motorcycles — And Loves It

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Her character Alex Vause is a bit of a daredevil, but we never knew Laura Prepon herself liked the odd thrill as well. Apparently, while Prepon definitely drives herself around Los Angeles on the regular, you just might find her on another mode of transportation — a motorcycle! She got her motorcycle license a few weeks ago, which means she's free to rip around on two wheels if she wants. We're not sure if she got the license merely so she could have the option or if she's actually invested in a few bikes she can ride around, but either way, that's pretty cool — we'd absolutely love if the paparazzi was able to capture a few photos of her looking like a total boss on the back of a sleek bike.

2 She's Engaged To Actor Ben Foster — And They Have A Baby!

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Despite being a legit star now, Laura Prepon still isn't the type of actress that you'll spot in the tabloids every week. She keeps a pretty low profile, which is why the world was so surprised when she announced that not only was she engaged to actor Ben Foster, but that the two were expecting a child together. She now has an adorable baby girl and has spoken out about what it's like being a working mother and balancing the demands of a career with the demands of a new baby. The two of them always look so happy and in love on any red carpet event they're at together, so we hope they end up sticking together for the long haul — they're so cute! We're not sure if Prepon wants a huge family or just the one child, but we're super happy for her.

1 She's A Proud Scientologist

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Laura Prepon isn't one of the celebrities that's most commonly associated with Scientology — there are others who are far more outspoken. When it comes to celebrities and Scientology, Tom Cruise is the one that first pops into mind for just about everyone. However, Prepon is majorly into it — in fact, she even appeared in the group's magazine, Celebrity. If you haven't read it yet, you need to, because it's totally over the top. To quote her, "the higher I went on the Bridge and the more auditing I had, I could move so much more freely on the Tone Scale. My emotions were so much more tangible and easy to access" and "you really cognate that you are a thetan and you have a mind and body, and that the MEST universe does not control you." It truly is a totally different world.

Sources: usmagazine.com, imdb.com

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