16 Things Celebrity Nannies Have To Do In A Day

It's hard to be a working parent without having help. That's why maternity and paternity leave exists so that parents can take time off to devote to their kids. It's not impossible to work and raise kids without help, but it's sure not easy! It's definitely something nobody wants to ever do by themselves. It goes without saying that celebrities have crazy work schedules, including all the traveling and appearances they have to do. While some of them do choose to totally devote themselves to their kids by taking a break from the spotlight, a lot of them depend immensely upon nannies. The lifestyle simply demands it.

If you want to stay on top in Hollywood, you have to stay on your grind. For some, their celebrity career is worth missing a couple of milestones in their child's life. After all, they are making enough money to make sure their kids never have to work so there is no way they can be mad at mom or dad for missing a couple important events...right?

Of course, it is easy to understand that being a nanny for a celebrity is much different than being a nanny for normal families. The demands and hours are much different, there is no way around it. But you would think that these celebs would be kind to the people raising their kids and spending time with them while they're away...but in reality, some of these celeb mama's are plain nightmares to work for!

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16 It Is Pure Chaos Working As A Nanny For Angelina Jolie - Expect To Stay Up All Night Watching TV With The Kids

Daily Mirror

Before Angelina Jolie got together with Brad Pitt, she was a single mom to adopted son Maddox. Then she fell in love with Brad Pitt and they decided together they would have an army of children, and by gosh they went out and did it. With a mixture of biological and adopted children, their brood numbers 6 kids. And when you are as rich as they are, it is not as bad as it sounds. At least not for them... but it's a different question when it comes to the nannies that actually have to parent and raise the children. Angelina does not really believe in saying no to the children, so they have basically never go to bed. Is it Mom and Dad that watch the kids while they are up all night? Of course not they need their beauty sleep! It is up to the nannies to stay up with them and do whatever the kids want them to.

15 Kim K And Kanye West Have Very Strict Rules For Their Nannies - Their Baby Better Not Wake Them Up!

Working for a Kardashian is as intense and high pressure as you could imagine. It's really important that Kim and Kanye are not woken up by the baby, and it's up to the nanny to make sure the babies' cries do not wake them up nor disturb Kanye's studio time in his home recording studio.

Allegedly, if the baby is disturbing Kim or Kanye, Kanye will cut the nannies pay!

We are not totally sure if that is legal or not. Also expect to have the kids ready to be paraded in front of their parents at any point. You probably noticed from their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians that the kids will just show up when the sisters are sitting around talking. That is because the nannies always have to stay out of frame, and will bring the kids as necessary for some time with their parents.

14 Julia Roberts Wants You To Wear A Wig When She Is Out Of Town


Julia took time out of her busy and successful career to be a full-time Mom to her kids, which we find very commendable. She has the money to live a very enjoyable life as a stay at home mom. Alas, she is still a celebrity and duty calls so she still has to rely on hired child care. Definitely not as much as some of the families in Tinsel Town, but she has no choice when she has to leave town for work. So what does Julia ask the nannies to do?

While the kids were still little, she would ask the nannies to wear wigs that looked like her hair because she hoped it would trick the kids into thinking she was there.

An interesting theory but we are not sure it works like that.

13 Kris Jenner's Nanny Wrote A Tell - All...The Matriarch Is Just As Crazy As You Would Think

Daily Mail

If Kris Jenner is your boss, it is safe to say you will be working like a horse and dealing with a very demanding person. She did not build the Kardashian/Jenner empire by taking it eay, and you have to be able to keep up with the Kardashian/Jenner machine. Of course, this was when the Kardashian kids were little so the family did not have the fame and notoriety that they do today, but Kris Jenner already had her sights on fame and fortune. Things had to be done exactly how Kris wanted.

The nanny spoke of a time she forgot to buy broccoli, and Kris lost it. She says she eventually got used to the demanding Kris Jenner, and working for her had its ups and downs.

Bruce Jenner on the other hand, (now Caitlyn) also used to tell the nanny what kind of physical reconstructions she should get. Projection?

12 Kate Gosselin Goes Through Nannies Like Underwear Because She Is A Total Nightmare


People who are familiar with Kate Gosselin and watched her reality show, will not be surprised by the allegations her nannies have made against her. Kate did not put much effort while filming the reality show to come off as nice or sweet, she was very much herself. And herself was a very demanding and stressed out mother who could be pretty short tempered. A former nanny claims that Kate is very mean and would constantly put her down.

Among the list of demands for her nannies, she expected them to deal with the families flock of chickens.

They also were told to walk 'lightly' and the kids were to be told that as well. Kate has a very strict way of doing things and you had better do them her way.

11 Kourtney Kardashian's Nannies Have To Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

X 17 Online

If you watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then you know that Kris Jenner's firstborn Kourtney Kardashian thinks very highly of herself. Queen Kourtney anyone? And it turns out that she definitely expects to be treated as such by the help, even her kids' nannies. While Kourtney seems to be a much more hands-on mother than sister Kim is, being a Kardashian means she has a crazy lifestyle so she still needs child care help at times.

Apparently, she wants to be called Madame by the nannies. She also expects the nannies to do it all, even work that would fall under the housemaids' jurisdiction.

It is crazy that there are so many nannies working for this family, and yet we very rarely see them.

10 Don't Even Think About Being Affectionate With Halle Berry's Kids If You Are Their Nanny

NY Daily News

Halle Berry is sort of an enigma. It is hard to get a read on the actress and who she really is based on her interviews, the way that we can for other celebrities. She is one of the more private celebrities, even though her last two messy relationships played out in a very pubic way.

If you are a nanny to Halle's kids, you are not allowed to be kissing and hugging them.

We find this very sad! Anyone that is a child care provider should be able to be affectionate with their charges, kids need hugs and cuddles! And nannies are one of the most important relationships in a young child's life. When mommy isn't home to tuck you into bed at night, you would want your nanny to give you a cuddle instead!

9 To No One's Surprise Mariah Carey Needs Constant Praise - But Even From Her Kids


This...is a weird one. But not entirely surprising if you know Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is one of the most talented vocalists of our generation, and she has been able to use her voice to provide a very luxurious life for herself and her family. When we think of over the top opulence, we think of the beautiful songstress. She likes the finer things in life! She feels that she deserves them. And along with wanting the best material things that life has to offer, she also wants to be praised by those around her always. Apparently, she makes her young twins tell her she is beautiful and talented every day along with the rest of the staff, and especially her nannies. That seems like a recipe for well-adjusted adults when they grow up.

8 You Have To Look A Certain Way To Be A Nanny For Jessica Simpson


You're not going to be looking better than her, that's for sure! It seems that Jessica is very worried about the constant cases where nannies are hooking up with husbands all over Hollywood! Ben Affleck and Jude Law have both been guilty of fraternizing with their children's nanny. And what we have to say is, neither of those nannies was more attractive than the partners they cheated on them with. Jude Law was with Sienna Miller at the time, and Ben Affleck was with Jennifer Garner.

Jessica makes sure that her nannies do not look better than her in any way. Sounds like overkill because if your husband is going to cheat, it is going to happen regardless of the look of your nanny. 

Maybe Jessica should just trust that her husband will not cheat on her, regardless of what the nanny looks like.

7 Charlize Theron Will Not Let Her Nannies Speak To Or Look At Her While Working

Celeb Baby Laundry

Charlize Theron might be one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, but she is far from any kind of angel. There have always been murmurs about the actress alleged nasty attitude and what she can be like towards the help, and where there is this much smoke there is very probably a fire.

Charlize does not like when the help bothers her in any capacity, so they are not to supposed to look at or talk to her.

What we have a hard time understanding is how they are able to communicate anything to her or ask her anything, which we feel like as the nanny for her children they definitely have to be able to do. Maybe she makes them write notes and pass them to her? This rumor definitely is in line with the story that actress Tia Mowry had about her. She said she saw her at soul cycle and when she tried to talk to her, Charlize just rolled her eyes and walked away.

6 Being A Nanny For Madonna Does Not Make For A Peaceful Life

The Sun

If you want to work for the Material Girl, expect to basically never sleep. As a part of Madonna's staff, especially with the important role of child care, you have to be on-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Each child has their own dedicated nanny who is available to them at any day or night, almost like a real parent would be.

The nannies are also expected to be able to speak French which oddly is not the most outrageous requirement on this list.

Still, it sounds like being a nanny for Madonna and being able to adhere to all the high standards she has for kids seems exhausting. And it's not like Madonna has ever come off as an easy person to work for, it's not that we think she would be a mean boss just a demanding one.

5 Gwyneth Paltrow Lives The Healthiest And Cleanest Life Possible And She Expects Her Help To Adhere To The Same Standards

NY Daily News

Gwyneth Paltrow has made quite the name for herself outside of acting in the healthy living world. GOOP is her lifestyle publication, and it holds all the best advice that Gwen has for you for how to live the healthiest, cleanest life. She also has a couple of deathly cookbooks under her belt now. It is clear that health and healthy eating is very important to her, and like a good parent, she has the same standards for her kids. Which is under stable, but is it okay for her to expect her staff to live what some would consider a very strict and rigid lifestyle? Doesn't matter if it is fair or not, she does it. If you wanna work for her expect to live like her! That is enough to disqualify the majority of applicants. Who can live off quinoa and beans all the time?

4 Sarah Jessica Parker Has Very Specific Requests For Her Nannies - Including How To Refill A Tiny Vaseline Bottle

Growing Your Baby

The requests that Sarah Jessica has for her childcare staff is pretty innocuous compared to some of the other celebrities in this list, but it is still interesting to read! To say that Sarah Jessica is very particular is an understatement. She has a very specific way she wants things done for the kids, two twin daughters and a son, and the staff better do it that way! For example, there is a 1.75-ounce container that is to be refilled with vaseline for the kids.It cannot be too big, and the only utensil allowed to be used to fill it must be hand washed first, and then put in the dishwasher in for a cycle. The nannies even have instructions on how to apply eye drops to the kids, down to how the kids should be blinking. For someone so seemingly particular we are surprised that Sarah Jessica lets anyone but her do anything for her kids.

3 A Former Nanny For Francis Bean Cobain Actually Testified Against Courtney Love In Court Because She Was Such A Bad Mom


Francis Bean is the daughter of rock legend Kurt Cobain who tragically took his life when she was only 1-year-old, and her mother is Courtney Love. There is no question that Courtney Love has been unstable in the years that Francis was growing up. Anyone with eyes could see that the rock singer was struggling with a bunch of different issues, and she seemed more intoxicated than not. Growing up as her daughter was worse than you could imagine. Francis, her male nanny, and others connected to the family testified against Courtney in Francis's favor because she wanted a restraining order after they got into a fight. They alleged in court that Courtney was a hoarder, was the reason two family pets passed away and had come close to burning the house down.

2 Twist: Paris Jackson Confesses Something Weird And Creepy About Her Nanny

Daily Mail

In a bit of a twist, instead of the confession coming from the nanny, we have a confession from the child! And it is a weird one. When Michael Jackson died, there was a wrongful death lawsuit brought against his doctor. Paris Jackson, his only daughter had to sit for a deposition which was taped. Of course, they ask her questions about her father in the video, but also about their lives in general.

The topic of their family nanny, Grace Rwaramba came up and Paris Jackson said that the nanny was totally obsessed with her Father. Paris also claimed that the nanny would sneak into bed with Michael...

It is understandable that she is a fan of Michael Jackson, but being obsessed with him and working for him is a little strange.

1 If You Are A Nanny For Gwen Stefani, You Will Be Asked To Play Dress-Up


Gwen Stefani is very quirky and artistic, and it seems that her kids have inherited that gene and she really wants to foster it. This includes having her 'manny', a male nanny, be willing to dress up and play make-believe with the kids. Compared to some of the other requests that celebrity parents have on this list for their child care providers, this seems like a pretty innocuous and actually quite sweet. Also, it sounds super fun for the kids, they probably love having an adult play and be silly with them! And we have to assume that Gwen also loves to play dress up with the kids, she loves her quirky fashion! She was like a much more dialed down, but similar none the less Lady Gaga back in the day.

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