16 Stunners And Their Unlikely Famous Fathers

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16 Stunners And Their Unlikely Famous Fathers

If you’re a celebrity in Hollywood, it’s practically a given that you’re good-looking with a perfect body and impeccable talent. Well, not all celebrities have talent, but many of them are able to get away with it because of their looks. But if you’re not conventionally good-looking, you’d better have the talent to compensate for it. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of superficiality going around in tinsel town and it often results in pitting one celeb against another. And sometimes, this even extends to who has the better-looking children, which of course, shouldn’t be the case.

There are many celebs who love going on social media and posting photos of their adorable, beautiful children, whether as their way of keeping in touch with their fans or just showing off what an amazing gene pool they have. Others, on the other hand, prefer to keep their children away from the spotlight and only when they’re older do they emerge, catching everyone by surprise when we realize that so-and-so is this famous celebrity’s child! These are some beautiful women whom we didn’t realize were the daughters of famous male celebrities.

16. Lily Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson’s daughter)



Although he’s had several movie roles, the public will always know Rowan Atkinson as the hilariously daft Mr. Bean in the TV show bearing the same name. Many may not know that the Englishman is also a screenwriter, best known for the sitcoms Blackladder and Mr. Bean itself. His character was such a hit with TV viewers that it was turned into movie adaptations called Bean and Mr. Bean’s Holiday. It’s amusing and surprising to know that the funny (and let’s face it, endearingly funny-looking) man was able to produce such a good-looking daughter as Lily Atkinson. The young Atkinson, who turns 22 this year, has also dabbled in acting, appearing in her father’s movies, such as Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Johnny English Reborn. She certainly had jaws dropping when she appeared on the red carpet with her parents in 2011, wearing a short black dress and showing off a good pair of legs.

15. Allison Williams (Brian Williams’ daughter)



Brian Williams has been a fixture on our TV screens for more than 20 years, delivering the latest news. He is currently the chief anchor of breaking news coverage for MSNBC and he likewise hosts the network’s nightly program, The 11th Hour with Brian Williams. The American Journalist was named “Father of the Year” in 1996 by the National Father’s Day Committee, a title that he holds due to having a child, Allison. Allison Williams, in case some don’t know, is her parents’ only child and a graduate of Yale University. She has carved her own niche in the limelight, as an actress, comedian, and singer. She’s best known for her role as Marnie Michaels on the HBO comedy-drama series, Girls. It’s hard to believe that other than sharing a last name, they are related, since they don’t look anything alike!

14.  Maya Hawke (Ethan Hawke’s daughter)



For those who were kids or teenagers in the ‘90s, you’d remember Ethan Hawke as one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs, alongside Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves. Hawke first caught our attention in his breakthrough performance in the 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society, then appeared in 1994’s Gen X drama Reality Bites opposite Winona Ryder. Critics praised his performances in the film trilogy Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. It was while filming Gattaca in 1996 that Hawke met Uma Thurman, whom he subsequently married and had two children with. His eldest is 18-year-old Maya Hawke, who has grown up into a real stunner. The tall, leggy blonde is a wonderful combination of both parents and she has dabbled in modeling, as she is currently the face of British fashion house AllSaints. The Juilliard freshman has been described as smart and incredibly talented.

13. Lily Collins (Phil Collins’ daughter)



His career has spanned decades and because of his many accomplishments in the music industry, Phil Collins is regarded as an icon. After all, he wears many hats: he’s a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, record producer, not to mention an actor too. As a solo artist, some of his most popular songs include “In the Air Tonight,” “Against All Odds,” “One More Night,” and “Another Day in Paradise.” With his second wife, Collins has a daughter, who has successfully been able to make a name for herself. Lily Collins was never really in her father’s shadow because not very many made the paternal connection between the two. The 27-year-old is now an actress and model, having leading roles in the films Priest, Abduction, Mirror, Mirror, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. She’s considered one of today’s hottest actresses and deservedly so.

12.  Katie Cassidy (David Cassidy’s daughter)



Many of us may only know David Cassidy by name, but he was definitely a big deal in the previous generation. He was considered one of the most popular teen idols and pop singers in the 1970s, having been a part of the musical-sitcom The Partridge Family. As a singer, he performed to sold-out concerts and caused mass hysteria, which resulted in the coined term, “Cassidymania.” He has been married three times, but it was with a girlfriend that he had daughter Katie Cassidy in 1986. The 30-year-old actress had roles in TV shows such as Supernatural, Harper’s Island, Melrose Place, and a recurring role in Gossip Girl. Her breakthrough performance came when she joined the cast of the superhero TV show Arrow, in which she played Laurel Lance, the love interest of the lead character, Oliver Queen.

11.  Sosie Bacon (Kevin Bacon’s daughter)



His marriage has been noted as one of the longest-lasting in Hollywood, a rare occurrence in the land of divorces and separations. His career has spanned even longer than said marriage to fellow actress Kyra Sedgwick. Kevin Bacon first took Hollywood by storm in the 1984 film Footloose. His other notable film credits are JFK, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, and Mystic River. He has been married to Sedgwick since 1988 and they have two children together, one of who is Sosie Bacon. The 24-year-old is following in her parents’ footsteps and making a foray into acting, though her parents were against it in the beginning. She was cast by her father in the film Loverboy, which he was directing, as an attempt to help her get acting out of her system. But she was truly bitten by the acting bug and she decided to make a career out of it.

10. Emma Roberts (Eric Roberts’ daughter)



Bearing the last name Roberts in Hollywood will definitely have people trying to figure out if you’re related to Julia Roberts because it would definitely be a big deal being a blood relative to one of the most popular and successful actresses in the entertainment industry. Not many know that Roberts has a brother who is also an actor: Eric Roberts. He is a familiar face but looks nothing like his sister, hence not being able to make the connection. He is by no means a lightweight, having had Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for his past roles. His daughter is Emma Roberts, who is fast becoming one of today’s “it” female actresses. The 25-year-old starred in films such as Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, and Wild Child. A constant fixture on entertainment sites, she currently appears in Fox’s horror comedy series Scream Queens.

9.  Dakota Johnson (Don Johnson’s daughter)



Having had four wives (one of whom he married and divorced twice) and relationships and liaisons with a string of women, including Barbra Streisand and Cybill Shepherd, Don Johnson has certainly been around. He’s best known for his role as James “Sonny” Crockett in the 1980s television series Miami Vice, for which he won a Golden Globe Award. A decade later, he again played a cop in the 1990s TV series Nash Bridges and he has also dabbled in music, having released two pop albums in the 1980s. With Melanie Griffith, whom he married twice, he had daughter Dakota Johnson. Growing up with both parents being actors, it was inevitable that she would follow in their footsteps. She appeared in films like The Social Network, Beastly, and 21 Jump Street, but it wasn’t until she took on the role of Anastasia Steele in the much-hyped bondage drama Fifty Shades of Grey, that she really came into her own.

8. Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter)



Not everyone in the music industry has the talent and prowess of Lenny Kravitz, who is equal parts singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Not only does he sing lead and backing vocals, but he also plays all of the instruments while he’s recording. As a result of his talents and hard work, he has won four major Grammy awards, among others. He married actress Lisa Bonet, who used to appear on The Cosby Show, and they had daughter Zoe Kravitz in 1988. The 28-year-old Kravitz has had some notable film credits tucked under her belt, namely: No Reservations, The Brave One, X-Men: First Class, The Divergent film series, and Mad Max: Fury Road. The dusky beauty has also modeled in fashion magazines and endorsed big brands like Vera Wang; and she fronts for the band Lolawolf during her off time as an actress.

7.  Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter)



At 83 years old, he has accomplished more than enough in this lifetime as a record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, musician, TV producer, film producer, and entertainment company executive. Did we mention that Quincy Jones is also a humanitarian? Also known as “Q,” the legendary man’s career spans six decades, in which he has received 28 Grammys, including the Grammy Legend Award. He has been married three times and has a total of seven children, one of who is the actress Rashida Jones. Being her father’s daughter, she displayed musical abilities at a very young age and can play classical piano, sing, and write songs. As an actress, she is best known for her roles in the TV shows Parks and Recreation, Boston Public, and The Office. She has dabbled in film as well, in movies like The Social Network, The Muppets, and Celeste and Jesse Forever.

6. Katherine Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter)



Not very many Hollywood personalities have successfully been able to enter the realm of politics, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was certainly able to defy the odds. He started out as a professional body builder in his native Austria, winning the title of Mr. Universe at the age of 20. He moved to Hollywood, where he became a box office action star, appearing in films like Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, Commando, Predator, and True Lies. Way before he ran for office as Governor of California, he married Maria Shriver, who is a member of the prominent Kennedy clan and had four children with her, the eldest of whom is Katherine Schwarzenegger. If not for her last name, you wouldn’t think the 27-year-old beauty was even related to her father, with her dark hair and fine features. She has shunned Hollywood in favor of penning books on self-help and improving one’s self-image.

5.  Minka Kelly (Rick Dufay’s daughter)



Being a part of a huge international band like Aerosmith would make any of its members instant celebrities. Being the band’s guitarist for a few years in the 1980s certainly helped Rick Dufay’s musical solo career tremendously. He was said to be the band’s stabilizing force and even convinced the members to reunite with former band members, thus displacing him as guitarist. Dufay married exotic dancer Maureen Dumont and they had daughter Minka Kelly, who was primarily raised by her mother. The gorgeous actress is known for her roles in the TV series Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, and Charlie’s Angels. She is also known for her role in films like The Roommate and The Butler. In terms of looks, she’s been compared to Jennifer Lopez and Leighton Meester, but her beauty is surely unique all its own.

4. Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Stallone (Sylvester Stallone’s daughters)



When Sylvester Stallone won a Golden Globe for the film creed in January 2016, the spotlight wasn’t on him; rather it was on his three beautiful daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, who along with his wife Jennifer Flavin, attended the ceremony to support the actor. In this year’s awards ceremony, the three girls will be sharing the title of Miss Golden Globes, a title given to a child or children of a Hollywood celebrity to give out the statue onstage to the various winners. The eldest Sophia, 19, is a student, a voracious reader, and according to her mother, is the love of her father’s life. The second daughter Sistine, 17, has signed up with IMG models and was touted by Vogue as a “fresh face to watch.” The youngest Scarlet, only 14, is not as visible to the public as her sisters and based on some Instagram posts by her dad, she’s quite the athlete.

3. Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny Depp’s daughter)



Johnny Depp has been a fixture in Hollywood since the 1980s, when he appeared in the 1980s TV series 21 Jump Street, the show that catapulted him to teen idol status. He has since evolved as an actor, choosing to take on peculiar roles in films like Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Lately though, his personal life has been given more attention than his career, as he is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce from Amber Heard, who accused him of domestic violence. One of the first persons who publicly defended him was his daughter, 17-year-old Lily-Rose Depp. The young Depp is making a name for herself as an actress and model, appearing in films like Tusk, The Dancer, and Planetarium. As a model, she is the face of Chanel’s new fragrance and has appeared on the front cover of British Vogue.

2. Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin’s daughter)



Being a member of the Baldwin family can’t be easy, especially with so many brothers who were in the acting industry at one time or another. Alec Baldwin is the oldest of the four brothers, appearing in the films The Hunt for Red October, The Shadow, The Aviator, The Departed, and The Cooler. He found success in TV as well, when he starred as Jack Donaghy in the sitcom 30 Rock, winning two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. He was infamously in the news when a recording of him screaming and cussing at his daughter was leaked to the press. Said daughter is Ireland Baldwin, the 6-foot-2 statuesque beauty who’s now 21 and a dead ringer for her mother, Kim Basinger. With her height and good looks, it’s no real surprise that she is currently a model and is an aspiring actress, too.

1. Greer Grammer (Kelsey Grammer’s daughter)



Kelsey Grammer became a household name thanks to his 20-year portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, first in the wildly popular and long-running sitcom Cheers and then in its spinoff, Frasier. The spinoff was critically-acclaimed and he won five Emmys and three Golden Globes for his role. His personal life is quite colorful, having been married four times and fathered seven children. His second child (by a makeup stylist he had a relationship with) was Greer Grammer, an actress and former beauty queen. The 24-year-old blonde beauty is best known for her role as Lissa Miller in the hit MTV series Awkward. She currently has a recurring role on the ABC sitcom, The Middle and she’s set to star as Summer Roberts in the musical The Unauthorized O.C. Musical, which is the stage adaptation of the TV show The O.C.

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