16 Pics Of Riverdale's Betty & Veronica That Keep Archie On His Toes

It's no secret that the world is utterly obsessed with Riverdale. They want to know every little detail about Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Cheryl and the whole crew. While the relationships have changed a bit from the comic books storylines, no one would have a hard time believing that Archie was crushing on both Betty and Veronica because, well, they're absolutely gorgeous.

Both Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes are absolutely stunning in very different ways, and bring a ton to their characters, Betty and Veronica. While people love Archie and Jughead, let's be honest — the ladies of Riverdale are definitely the ones getting the most attention.

Whether you love blonde bombshells or brunette bombshells, the girl next door or the very, very wealthy girl next door, chances are you'll find yourself crushing on the Riverdale girls — they're totally gorgeous! It's no wonder Archie spent so much time sweating over the two ladies in his life in the comic books — how on earth would you be able to choose between them?

Here are 16 totally steamy pictures of Betty and Veronica that will no doubt keep Archie on his toes. Seriously — these two ladies are mega babes, and we have total girl crushes on them.

16 A Shot From A Road Trip Archie Definitely Wants To Be On

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Okay, honestly — it's almost unfair how gorgeous these two women are. No matter what make-up look they're rocking, from totally natural to full smoky eye, no matter what hairstyle they have, no matter what outfit they have on, they always manage to look amazing. This shot is styled to look like two Thelma and Louise-type pals going on a road trip, and they look majorly amazing. We bet Archie would take one look at this photo and wish he could hop right in the backseat and join these two bombshells on their road trip — although this looks like a girls' only adventure! Honestly, this shoot kind of makes us wish that the Riverdale writers would incorporate some kind of a road trip episode into the mix — we'd love to see these two driving across the country together.

15 Casual Cutie Betty, In Denim And Plaid

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Betty has always been styled as the girl next door, the type to wear jeans and a casual tee, her hair tossed in a ponytail. Lili Reinhart's version of Betty is a little different from her comic book counterpart, and we love it. In this shoot, Betty is styled in teeny denim shorts and a plaid shirt, with some simple ankle boots to tie the look together. It's not too complicated or fussy — it's just simple, a little sultry, and very Betty Cooper. Given what a specific image people have in their minds when it comes to Betty from the comic books, we can only imagine how intimidating yet fun it is to style her for a real life shoot. Plus, Lili Reinhart looks gorgeous in absolutely everything — that probably doesn't hurt!

14 Veronica In An Over-The-Top Steamy Photo Shoot

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In the comic books, Veronica always had an air of the exotic about her — she was insanely wealthy and not afraid to take style risks. We absolutely love that many styling her character for shoots have continued with that theme, and often err on the haute couture side of the spectrum rather than the girl next door. This shoot's outfit proves just how steamy an all black ensemble can be — and that you can definitely think beyond the traditional little black dress. From her tousled hair style to her smoky make-up look to the inches and inches of skin on display, this look definitely shows off an entirely different side of Veronica Lodge — and we have a feeling Archie would be sweating buckets if he ever saw this shot!

13 Betty Looking Like A Total Babe In This All Denim Outfit

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The way Betty is frequently styled for photoshoots just proves that the 'girl next door' look definitely doesn't need to be boring. Veronica would likely never be styled in an all denim outfit because it just doesn't really fit her character, but for Betty, this is just a way sultrier version of denim shorts and a tee. The cropped length (and tight fit) of the three-quarter sleeve denim shirt is majorly gorgeous, and the teeny, tiny shorts definitely add to the look. She looks like she's hanging out in a diner in this shot, but if she ever walked into Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in this ensemble, we have a feeling every head in the diner would snap to see who the blonde bombshell who just strutted in was. I mean, talk about gorgeous.

12 This Stunning Pool Shot Of Veronica That Seems Straight Out Of A Scandalous Riverdale Pool Party

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When it comes to Veronica's outfits on the show, while she always looks stunning, the wardrobe department doesn't take things too extreme because, well, she's supposed to be a high school student! However, when it comes to photoshoots featuring Mendes, there are no limits — and everyone gets to see just how sultry she can look when styled in a certain way. This pool set-up is fun, with the water and the pink floatie, but everything from the wet white knotted shirt (very Britney Spears in 'Baby One More Time') to the wet hair look to the strong cat-eye make-up is majorly steamy. We have a feeling, after seeing how amazing she looks in this shot, the writers just may add a few more pool scenes into the mix next season.

11 Betty Channelling Some Major Marilyn Monroe Vibes

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Okay, Betty already raised everyone's pulse when she appeared in that sultry scene on the show, where she started her performance of "Mad World" in a typical preppy outfit, complete with ponytail, and ended up in black lacy lingerie with loose curls. This photo just proves there's a whole lot more where that came from. This shot, which Reinhart shared on her Instagram account, shows her channeling some major Marilyn Monroe vibes. We're not sure if it's the shorter wavy locks, the particular shade of pink, or the slightly vintage vixen silhouette and pose, but there's just something about this shot that is majorly amazing. Seriously — if you ever thought Betty was just the preppy girl next door, this photo will definitely change your mind. I mean, talk about a bombshell!

10 Veronica As The Most Gorgeous Lumberjack We've Ever Seen

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One of the things that's so amazing about photoshoots is that you can style celebs in a way that is totally different from how they normally look, or how their character normally looks. This is just proof of that. Veronica always looks utterly gorgeous, but never really like the most athletic, outdoorsy type of girl. I mean, you'd never really picture Veronica Lodge on a camping trip, chopping her own wood and huddling around a campfire. She's more of a luxury hotel kind of girl. However, for this shoot, they've styled Mendes as a total lumberjack. Well, okay, she's wearing lumberjack boots — we have a feeling the teeny hot pants and thin white tee wouldn't be the best picks if you were actually chopping wood, but hey — it's about getting a good photo.

9 This Retro Photoshoot That Has Us Drooling

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Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes have both done their fair share of solo photoshoots and magazine spreads — after all, they're both young starlets on the rise, why wouldn't you want to feature them? However, they also get featured in a ton of spreads together because, well, they're co-stars on a ridiculously popular show, and both totally gorgeous. Why not include two amazing rising starlets instead of one when you have the chance? This particular shoot tips its hat to the slightly retro vibe of Riverdale by having the dynamic duo pictured rollerskating in neon outfits. They both look absolutely gorgeous, and this is a roller skating party we all wish we were invited to. Sure, it would hurt if you fell because there's a lot of bare skin exposed, but hey — sometimes you have to take a risk in the name of fashion.

8 Two Totally Gorgeous Starlets, Out On The Town Together

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One of the things everyone loves most about the Riverdale cast is that they all seem to be genuinely friends off screen as well as on screen. Perhaps it's because, for the majority of them, it's either their first role ever or their first major role. They're kind of in it together, figuring out the whole fame thing (minus Cole Sprouse, who has been a household name since practically before he could talk alongside his twin brother Dylan), and they just genuinely seem to enjoy one another's company. This shot, taken of the two gorgeous ladies while they were out at some kind of an event, proves that they look just as gorgeous in more casual attire as they do all dressed up in their red carpet best. The wardrobe department must have it easy — they look great in everything!

7 A Sultry Photo Shoot That Gives Both Of Them An Edge

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We have to admit, we sort of love this 80s retro-style photoshoot — these two ladies look gorgeous in every decade, it seems! This is from the same shoot that their roller skating shot was from — you can see the skates there, next to Camila — but has a much different vibe. Everything from the graphic tee and teeny white denim shorts Lili is rocking to the totally extra metallic skirt Camila is rocking is super steamy and utterly gorgeous. Seriously — we're beginning to think that these ladies just can't take a bad photo, period. They look amazing no matter what they're wearing or how they're posing, and that's definitely not easy. It's no wonder that Archie always had such a tough time choosing between these two gorgeous ladies — they're absolutely amazing!

6 Veronica Rocking Some Sultry Librarian Vibes In This Impromptu Selfie Shoot

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Okay, serious tip — if you're not following your favourite celebs on Instagram yet, you absolutely need to be, because you'll get treated to gems like this. Camila Mendes went on a bit of an impromptu photoshoot, and the cropped sweater, glasses, loose hair combo definitely gives her a bit of a sultry librarian vibe that we're totally digging. Following celebs on Instagram often gives you a really fun insight into what they're like in real life. Sure, some celebs only share professional photos or publicity shots, but most use the social media tool as a way to give their fans a glimpse into their daily lives, which is amazing. This shot is a perfect example of how Camila Mendes looks amazing, even in a selfie taken just because she found a great rug to pose with.

5 A Steamy Shot Of Both Babes, Courtesy Of Cosmo

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Many publications opt for a bit of a retro vibe when it comes to photographing Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, as a bit of a nod to their characters, but when Cosmo got its hands on the two starlets for a shoot, they went all out. Bed head, smoky eyes, and outfits that are definitely more risque than anything Betty or Veronica typically wear on the show. We have to admit, it's kind of fun to see a different side to them. Both Reinhart and Mendes tend to dress fairly casually in their everyday lives, so it's nice to see them rocking a bit of that bad girl edge. And honestly, when you have a physique like that, why not flaunt it? They look utterly amazing in these steamy outfits.

4 Veronica As The Ultimate Beach Babe

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We kind of wish that Riverdale was a beach town on the California coast, if only because it would mean that the characters would rock swimsuits far more often. I mean, we kind of can't get over how amazing Camila Mendes looks in a swimsuit — she's a total babe! This shot is just a picture one of Mendes' friends took while they were enjoying a beach day together, and it proves that she's a pretty chill person who just likes to relax on the beach and spend time with her friends when she's not learning her lines or getting in character. Veronica Lodge would be the type to rent a cabana with a server to attend her every request, but Mendes isn't afraid to just toss her towel on the sand and hang out.

3 Betty As A Total Beach Bombshell

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What, you thought Veronica was the only one who could be a total bombshell on the beach? It turns out Lili Reinhart also looks pretty darn amazing in swimwear — although in this shot, she's rocking swimsuit bottoms and a denim jacket on top. It's a bit of a cheesy 'sultry' pose — Reinhart manages to look amazing when she's just posing naturally, not like she's trying to mimic the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition — but she looks amazing nonetheless. If Archie were to see this picture, we have a feeling he would immediately rock the cartoon tongue hanging out look. Seriously — Reinhart should really rock swimwear more often, because she looks totally amazing. We love that she's not bowing to the pressure to become a size zero, and is rocking her slightly curvier figure.

2 Two Babes, Lounging

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This mid-century modern decor here definitely gives this a bit of a retro vibe, but Reinhart and Mendes look like stunning modern women — and we love the contrast. From Reinhart's cozy sweater and hotpants combo to Mendes' playing with patterns, they're rocking looks that are slightly outside the box — which exactly how a rising starlet should be dressing! Why not have fun with fashion? While both bombshells can easily book shoots on their own, and have, we admit, we kind of love when they're featured together. They just genuinely seem to have fun with one another and enjoy working together, and that definitely comes across in the photos. Plus, two gorgeous women — it's hard to argue with that! Archie would have to pick his jaw up off the floor after seeing this shot.

1 Totally Cocktail Chic

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Now that they're two of the main actresses on a hugely successful television show, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes are getting invitations to all kinds of events. We're not quite sure if they've started working with stylists or are just picking things on their own, but one thing is for sure — they always show up looking utterly amazing. These two ladies can definitely rock cocktail attire like no one else. Plus, we love how they embrace their youth and are willing to take fashion risks. They're not about to rock a plain little black dress, although that's always a chic and timeless look. They experiment with different styles and prints and we love it. Everything looks amazing on them and they're still at the early stages of their careers where getting all glammed up is probably pretty fun, so why not embrace it?

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