17 Signs You're Guilty Of Being A Player

Move over men, because there's someone else ready to take over the game - the female player. Also referred to as the playerette, they use natural intuition and multi-tasking abilities to have several men running after them all at once. They have the ability to stroke a man's ego and essentially make them putty in their own hands. These girls are focused, wild and dangerous to know.

Not to be confused with a gold digger, who is only in it for financial gain, the female player sets up her game so she can have men give in to her on an emotional level. They live a bachelorette lifestyle of here today, gone tomorrow. Her hard-to-pin-down personality attracts crowds of men so she's rarely out of luck with the opposite sex. It's never been more true that the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

You might be asking yourself, "How do I know I'm not a female player?" Well, there are definitive signs that you are in the business of exploiting the emotions of men for your own personal gain and they are all here.

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17 You Struggle To Communicate Any Other Way Than Flirting 

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When you talk to your male companions you have one way of communicating: flirting. There is having harmless fun with people you are close to, but when you struggle to have a conversation with someone without it becoming provocative then you might need to tone it down.

Instead of making every conversation sex-charged, try and speak to him like you would a family member so you appear respectful. Constantly flirting with others can be read as a miscommunication and might end up with frustrations down the line if someone feels they are lead on.

16 You're Still Close Friends With All Your Exs


If your list of closest friends is also the same list as guys you have previously dated, then that's another tick in the box that reads "Potential Player." If the relationship didn't end on bad terms there's no reason why you shouldn't still remain friends, but is there another reason why you're keeping a hold on him?

Some ex's tend to hang onto past romances just so they keep them in an emotional trap. People who you once had a close connection with will be more likely to help you out in the future and you might be the type of person to exploit this. If everyone is a potential "standby" character in your life then this isn't great.

15 You Expect Your Meal To Be Paid For  


If your purse cost more than the total amount of money that has ever been inside it - then we have a problem. If you're out having a meal with an acquaintance and you don't even flinch when the bill lands on the table then this is certainly typical player behaviour.

We have moved into more modern times where men aren't expected to take on the whole bill. You should always offer to split the expense and if you can't afford it then simply don't eat it. Many men will want to treat you to meal on occasion but she should never feel entitled to it.

14 You Have No Time For Someone Who Isn't Earning


The female player is always in need of something. It could be spending money, new clothes, expensive jewellery, trips to the cinema or cocktails bought for her all evening. Basically, you just don't have the time for anyone who is broke.

Using people for materialistic gain is just building a superficial relationship. Remember some of the best gifts in life don't cost a thing. If you find yourself turning your nose up at a handmade card instead of a credit top up on your bank card then you are playing.

13 You Expect Your Friend To Dress A Certain Way  


A true female player doesn't just need to know that her man is well-off, she also needs the whole world to know about it too. Those who you are playing are more like possessions in your eyes so you need them to look their very best.

Instead of just taking your man as he comes, you call in advance to let him know which one of his outfits will best compliment yours. There's no sweatpants and hoodies days when it comes to hanging out with you.

12 You Struggle With Other Women 


Everyone has come across at least one mean girl in their lifetime - but what if you are the mean girl? Female players usually evolve from mean girls and are known to be highly competitive with a desire to win at everything. If you see every woman as a threat rather than a potential new friend then you might have a problem.

All this negative emotion actually comes from fear. You are scared that some other woman will take from you the man you are playing, so you lash out and put your guard up. All these feelings stem from insecurity and you know what you need to make yourself feel better - a proper girls night out.

11 You Brag About How Many Men You Have Rejected 


It takes a lot of nerve for a man to ask a woman out, yet you toss aside these advances with a sneer and rejecting someone is a guilty pleasure of yours. If you are the kind of woman who is quite familiar with this pattern of behaviour then ask yourself, "How would I feel if someone did this to me?"

If a man took you out on many dates, made you feel as if you had a shot at a relationship together, then dropped you at the last minute and bragged to all his friends about this - would you not feel incredibly hurt? Always treat others with the same respect you command.

10 You Need Constant Reassurance 


A female player uses the men in her life as an emotional glue to help fix her broken self-esteem. You need to be told that you're beautiful, funny, sexy and great company constantly or you just can't get through the day. Persistently fishing for compliments is a sure sign that you have deeper issues going on.

Deep down underneath all the serial dating and game playing you might suffer from having a very low opinion of yourself. Instead of using constant praise to help your through, try speaking to someone about how you are really feeling inside and they can help.

9  You Only Have Limited Time For People 


A real playgirl will be on a limited schedule with everyone she is close to. This is someone who has dozens of admirers in her life, she can't risk a bump to the ego is she loses one, so she leads a busy life trying to keep them all addicted to her.

Instead of nurturing a relationship with just one person, you hop around between many and leach from them all. One day these guys will get wise to your games and eventually walk away then you will be the one left lonely.

8  You Are Always Texting To Say You Will Be Late 


Are you the kind of woman who is always on her phone apologising that you will be running late again? Being late does not give you an air of mystery or help you to appear alluring, instead you just look lazy and disrespectful.

Not arriving on time, or even close to it, signals to the person you are meeting that you don't value their time and that they are just not important in your life. It is either a manipulative tactic that you use to try and keep people pining after you or you are just plain rude.

7  You Can Only Hold A Superficial Conversation 


Nothing in the world is more important to you than your looks. Finding the perfect outfit to match your hair style is how you are going to win over the guy and knowledge is just a waste. Serious issues like public health, politics, environment changes and changes of law are like - so below you. You would rather talk about what Hollywood actress he thinks you most look like.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to just sit and look pretty but you might be attracting the wrong kind of guy. You also mustn't forget that looks do fade and then you might be left behind on the shelf if you haven't got the personality to take you through life.

6 You Expect People To Drop Everything For You 


As adults, we often have circumstances outside of our control where your current beau might not be available at the time and date they originally committed to. Instead of throwing into a wild fit of rage, try and understand that not everyone has to jump so high for you.

If you have only just started dating someone then you can't just expect to have complete control over their schedule. As long as he gives you enough notice about time changes then you shouldn't get angry. Many female players believe that they are so valuable that nobody would dare stand them up and it can be quite a shock when it eventually happens.

5  You Ask Only To Be Taken To Expensive Places


Not only do you only expect to be taken to the most expensive places but also you are not willing to open your purse either. You want to be in the queue-jump for nightclubs, rooms in 5-star hotels, last minute city breaks around the world and only the finest food on your restaurant table.

If the man on your arm isn't able to cater for the luxury lifestyle you crave, then you soon get rid of them entirely. Only being attracted to materialistic gain will improve your happiness for a very short amount of time.

4 You Use Sex To Emotionally Manipulate People 


Using sex in a manipulative way is a painful route to a dangerous situation. The worst way to use this technique is when the victim is completely unaware they are being manipulated. A skilled female player gains the trust of a guy, has sex and then exploits him emotionally from then on.

This is also known as a power play, where you expect a man to always be there for you just because you once had a sexual connection together. This is a form of psychological abuse and you should change your behaviour immediately.

3 You Don't Have Many Other Hobbies


Becoming a female player might be a sign that you are just bored in life. You get all your stimulation out of playing men and see it as a game that has to be won. Finding out who you are going to play next, keeping up with everyone else you're playing, looking your best and being out on dates all night consumes a lot of time and energy.

The problem is you might not be exploring potential other talents that you might have. Try and take a little me time with no guys involved just until you figure out what is really missing from your life.

2  You Were Spoiled As A Child 


Ever wondered what happens to spoiled children when they become adults? Well, it's no mystery that they continue to believe the world is centred around them and display some quiet selfish behaviour. Expecting to take from the world and rarely give back is most likely an attitude you adopted from a very young age.

1 You Don't Earn Any Money For Yourself 


Some people take awhile to settle into a career as it's hard to know exactly what we want to do with our lives when we are younger. If you're the kind of woman who isn't interested in a career but instead you lean on others, then this is a sure sign that you are playing a game.

This trait in any female player is by far the worst as you won't ever be taken seriously by someone who might actually be nice guy. Also you may be labelled as a gold digger as people will be on to your wanton ways. Being financially independent and focused on your own goals will increase your overall sense of self-worth.

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