16 Signs You're A Night Owl

You're a night owl. You have been since the day you were born. You've tried endlessly to try and change your schedule but for some reason, you can't. At this point, you've accepted the fact that you're always going to be a night owl because nothing you do helps, not even sleep medication. Even if you're completely exhausted, you can't fall asleep at a reasonable hour... ever. You spend the whole night trying to sleep and the whole day trying to wake up and then day after day, you repeat the same cycle. Coffee is your best friend and naps are something you look forward to. You drove your parents crazy when you were a baby because you wouldn't ever go to sleep and now, you drive your roommate or partner crazy because you keep them up at night. You're a true night owl and you always will be. Read below to find out sixteen signs you're a night owl.

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16 You Do All Of Your Work At Night


For some reason or another, you've fallen behind at work and haven't had the time to play catch up. Time and time again, you promise yourself you're going to wake up early the next morning, get to work before the rest of your colleagues, and play "catch up." Even though you stay positive about the idea, it's never gonna happen.  Day after day, when you alarm clock goes off at 6 AM, you press the snooze button and sleep in until you literally can't or else you'd be late for work.  There's no way you'd ever wake up early especially when it's a decision you've made for yourself. It's like you're literally unable to. So, one day, you decide you're going to bring your work home and try to get it done at night. Sure enough, the first night you bring it home, you complete everything you need to complete and more.

15 The Thought Of Having To Wake Up Early Stresses You Out


You have to wake up early for a flight on Saturday. You booked your flight a few months ago and don't remember the exact time it leaves so you check the status of the flight in advance. When you do, you see that the time of your flight has changed and you now depart at 6:30 in the morning instead of later in the day like you thought you would when you booked your flight. Of course, you'd never book a flight that early so you're beyond annoyed at the airline. Why? Because waking up early stresses you out more than anything else, especially when it's for something important. You know you're going to spend every night before the flight having nightmares about waking up late and missing your flight. And, on the night before the flight, you're not going to get a wink of sleep and that you're going to be absolutely miserable in the airport.

14 The First Thing You Run To Is Coffee


Chances are, if you're a night owl, you have a terrible time falling asleep at night. Therefore, coffee is an absolutely vital part of your life, especially in the morning. The only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is the thought of a hot pot of coffee. You drink a cup immediately upon waking up then pour yourself a tall one to take on the road with you to work. When you get to work, you top off your coffee and drink it throughout the morning. At lunch, you order another coffee with lunch. You may even have a coffee in the afternoon or stop at Starbucks on your way home from work. You have coffee with every meal. If you go to a friend's home and she offers you some coffee, you take it. You have no idea how many cups of coffee you have a day, but you know it's a lot. You're certainly addicted but you don't mind, you need it.

13 You Can Never Fall Asleep At Night


I know what you're thinking: The reason you may not be able to fall asleep is because you have so much coffee. However, with true night owls, it's different. Even if they don't drink coffee, have any caffeine, or do anything that might wake them up, they still can't fall asleep. In fact, they can have the most exhausting, stressful day of their lives or even be extremely relaxed before bed and they'll have a hard time dozing off. For some reason or another, night owls are wired to be up at night and nothing can change that. And, they've tried everything including but not limited to counting sheep, meditation, melatonin, a light sleeping sedative, face masks, blackout curtains and you've guessed it: Nothing works.

12 And... You Can Never Wake Up... Ever


Because night owls spend the majority of the night trying to fall asleep instead of actually sleeping, they tend to have a hard time waking up. And by a hard time, we mean it's probably the hardest thing they do all day, every day. If you're a night owl, the second you alarm clock goes off, you whack it and press snooze. Of course, you set five different alarms the night before because you know yourself. This routine is nothing new. Finally, after the fifth alarm goes off, you force yourself out of bed or else you'll be late for work. No matter how much coffee you have, you're groggy all morning. It's as if your brain is clouded and you're still half asleep despite being awake for hours.

11 You're Tired All Day


As we said before, you have a hard time waking up. However, this doesn't just last for the morning... it lasts all day. You're constantly yawning. Energetic people make you feel like there's something wrong with you because even just looking and talking to them makes you want to crawl into a hole and sleep for days. You don't understand people who say, "I never get tired." It just doesn't make any sense to you and you assume they must be lying. You feel lazy even though you know you're not. Of course, it's most likely because once again, you didn't get enough sleep the night before, but you'd think you should be used to that by now. You try everything you can to get more energy like coffee, exercise and even breathing techniques but for some reason, your body refuses to respond.

10 You Have An Insane Amount Of Energy At Night


Yes, you're tired all day, but once night time rolls around, you're wide awake. In fact, you don't understand people who say they fall asleep at ten at night... or even people that can fall asleep at midnight. As soon as the sun goes down, it's as if a switch in your body and brain goes off. All of a sudden, you're filled with more energy than you've had all day. If you wanted to, you could run a marathon. You clean, you cook, you play "catch up" and get everything you need to get done, done. And you're not just productive, you're hyper productive. You think clearly, you act efficiently, and you become the best version of yourself. Even if you wanted to relax, you couldn't. You're on "go" mode and there's nothing stopping you.

9 You've Watched Too Many Infomercials


Before you go to sleep at night, you turn on the TV. Even though you know yourself and know there's no way you're going to fall asleep anytime soon, you still try. You watch TV show after TV show but pretty soon, it's three in the morning and regular programming stops. So, what do you watch? Informercials. You're positive you've seen every infomercial there is. You know about every new diet trend, about the coolest blenders, and every make-up deal there is. You've seen the ProActiv informercial countless times and with every different celebrity sponsor, they've ever hired. Of course, you don't enjoy any of them one bit. In fact, they drive you insane. However, you can't sleep and there's nothing else on the television so you just mindlessly watch them for hours on end hoping you'll eventually doze off.

8 You're A Napper


When people say, "I don't take naps," you look at them with a blank stare and wonder why in the world they wouldn't enjoy such amazing things. You nap almost every opportunity you get. In fact, you even nap accidentally sometimes. It seems as though at least once a week, you find that you've dozed off at your desk at work without even realizing you were falling asleep. If you go on a long car ride, you always ride in the passenger seat. You know the second the car starts, you're going to go right to sleep. You can fall asleep anywhere, no matter how loud or uncomfortable you might be. You can nap sitting up or laying down and in the comfort of your own home or in public. You've never been on an airplane and not taken a nap (unless it was a red eye). Napping is something you look forward to. You might even get up in the morning and think, "I can't wait to take a nap this afternoon."

7 You Were An Awful Teenager


When you were in your teens, you drove your parents and your siblings absolutely crazy. Every single morning with you was a struggle. You never woke up on time and you were always in a terrible mood. Your mother would have to come in your room and scream at you to get out of bed otherwise, you'd sleep the day away. When you did finally crawl out of bed, you moved at a snails pace and were late for school almost every single day.  Then, at night, when everyone in your household was trying to go to sleep, you kept them up. You started all of your homework at midnight and finally shut off your lights at three in the morning despite your mother's attempts to change your "bad behavior." On the weekends, you rarely went along with family activities as no one could get you out of bed. If they did, you were cranky and uninvolved.

6 You'd Never Go To The Gym In The Morning


Just as you try your best to never plan to do anything important in the morning (like meetings, appointments, etc), you'd also never plan to go to the gym in the morning. In fact, you can't even fathom the idea of waking up at five AM, getting dressed, and driving to the gym. To you, that sounds like the worst idea in the world and similar to torture. If you do work out, you do it in the evening. Even though you know exercise is important, it's not nearly important enough to lose sleep over. If you have a trainer that says the only time they can meet you for a workout is in the morning, you get a new trainer or just skip going to the gym that week. If for some miraculous reason you do make it to the gym before eleven AM, you have a terrible workout and just end up wasting your time.

5 You Drive Your Roommates Crazy

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If you live with someone, you drive them crazy. Why? Because you have an opposite schedule as them. You stay up until all hours of the night and they're up all day long. When they're trying to sleep, you're just waking up. Your TV keeps them awake all night and you never fail to make "too much noise" and accidentally wake them up. When you clean, it's normally at two AM. If they want to do something on a Saturday with you, they have to wait around all day for you to wake up as you'll sleep well into the afternoon. Additionally, they drive you crazy too. Whenever you want to sleep in, they wake you up earlier than you planned on. They always have too much energy in the morning and the happy sound of their voice annoys you. When you want to hang out at night, they want to go to sleep. When they want to talk to you before work in the morning, you can hardly make conversation.

4 You Stay Out Way Later Than All Of Your Friends


Whenever you want to go out with your friends, it always seems as though you want to stay out way later than everyone. Even if you've had a long and stressful week at work, you still go out on Friday night. Of course, the second you go out, you're wide awake (no matter how drowsy you were all day). You even go out on weeknights as you know you're not going to go to bed early anyway and force your friends to join you. If you get dinner with a group of friends, you always suggest that you all go out afterward for a drink. Then after that drink, you suggest everyone goes clubbing. It seems as if every time you go out, you stay out until the bars close even if all of your friends have gone home long before you. When you do finally go home, you're still not tired and you stay up all night watching television wishing you had more friends who were also night owls.

3 You Were A Terrible Baby


Your mother complains to you all the time about how miserable of a baby you were. When she was pregnant with you, you used to kick her all night long and make her lose sleep. Then, you'd sleep all day and make her worry about your inactivity. After she had you, she would have to spend hours trying to get you to go to sleep at a regular time. When or if she did get you to go to sleep at a reasonable time, you'd only sleep for a couple of hours and then wake her up in the middle of the night. If you have siblings, she says you were the hardest and most exhausting or the bunch. You would cry all day long because you were exhausted from crying all night long. She tried endlessly to get you on a different schedule but always failed. You were a night owl since the day you were made and there was nothing she could do to change that.

2 You Sleep The Day Away


Whenever the weekend rolls around, you make a point to keep all of your days relatively open. Why? Because you want to be sure you can catch up on all the sleep you lost all week from being forced to wake up early for work. You have no problem spending Saturday and Sunday sleeping the day away. Even if you're well into your adulthood, you still don't feel guilty about waking up at two in the afternoon. In fact, you enjoy it and even look forward to doing it. You'd rather sleep than run errands or catch up with old friends during the day on the weekends. You know that you're probably only messing up your sleep schedule even more as it's impossible for you to fall asleep Sunday night and you're always exhausted at work on Monday, but you don't care. The weekends are the only time you feel rested and you wouldn't give that up for anything.

1 You've Changed Your Partner


When you first met your boyfriend, he has a relatively normal sleep schedule. He would wake up with the sun and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. However, since he started dating you, things have changed. Now, he's a night owl just like you. You've gotten him to stay up late with you either watching movies, talking or going out. He no longer gets angry at you for waking him up when you're bored and can't sleep. In fact, he expects it and knows that if he wants to have quality time with you, it's going to happen at night. On top of that, you taught him how to sleep in. Before he met you, it had been years since he slept in past noon but now, he does it at least once a week. It might've been a struggle for him at first, but at this point, he's accepted the fact that he'd never be able to change you and because he loves you, he did his best to turn into a night owl.

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