16 Signs You Should Give Him A Second Chance

Ever since you broke up with him, you haven’t been able to get him out of your mind. Did you do the right thing? Should you have ended the relationship so soon? If you have your doubts, maybe now is the time to wipe the slate clean and give him a second chance.

This doesn’t mean that we should always give an ex a second chance. There are some things that are totally unforgivable. For example, if you caught him reading through your text messages, that means he doesn’t trust you. A relationship without trust is not a true, caring relationship. If he blames you or someone else for his actions, it means he is not mature enough to face the consequences of his actions. A real man, or a real person for that matter, owns up to his mistakes and makes them right. Any hitting or threats against your life are also unforgivable and are definite signs that it is time to get out of the relationship and stay out.

If, when thinking back on what happened, you realize that it either wasn't that big of a problem or it was something that could have been fixed, you might want to extend an olive branch to the person you still have feelings for and see if the two of you can grow together as a strong, trusting couple.

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16 It Was His First Big Mess Up

It was the first time he had done something like this and, as far as you know, he doesn’t have a history of doing it with any of his previous girlfriends. We all mess up from time to time and, as long as the mess up wasn’t life threatening, you should think about giving the relationship a second chance before throwing it all away. As long as the two of you are able to talk about what had happened and agree to move forward together, you have to trust that he won’t do it again.

15 See The Problem Through His Eyes

It is so easy to get caught up in the moment. We feel something and we react to it immediately without thinking it through. After a big fight, take a time out and try to see the situation through his eyes. You are not perfect, either. Perhaps there are some small changes that you can make to smooth the relationship over and give it all another go.

14 Other People Say Give Him Another Chance

Sometimes we can’t see the flowers from the trees. We either see what is right in front of us or we are seeing way into the distant future. This is because we are too tied up in the relationship and we need the help of an outsider. Talk to your friends and family and get their opinion. Older relatives, especially will have greater insight into building and keeping relationships. If they feel that your relationship is worth a second go, trust their advice and follow through.

13 You Believe Him

It may have been one of the worst moments in your life, but since then he has done everything he possibly can to make it up to you. He has shown you just how sorry he is and you believe him. That is the important thing. No relationship is perfect and we all make mistakes. If you already believe that he is sorry for what happened, then you both already have the basic building blocks for trust. Use that to begin growing the relationship into a beautiful experience.

12 You Have A Lot In Common

Finding someone with just one or two of the same interests as you can be hard enough, but you and your ex shared more than just two of the same interests. Even your hobbies seemed to compliment each other. Since finding someone with so many similar interests is so rare, you decide to give the relationship another chance. After all, those same and similar interests can be the building blocks for a lifelong interest in each other.

11 The Reason For Breaking Up Is Gone

It has been over a month since the two of you ended the relationship. Surprisingly, a lot of things have changed since then. For one thing, he is no longer working at the same place that he was when you two were together. His previous job was the major cause of nearly all of your arguments. Now he seems happier, more relaxed, but he also wants to give the relationship another shot. Since the old stressor is long gone, you can feel better about getting back together with him.

10 You Were At Fault

You have to admit it. When you look back at what had happened, it was totally your own fault. Whether it was a misunderstanding or you were already in a bad mood, the break up happened because of something you said or did. You are the one who made a mountain out of a mole hill. Your only saving grace is that he still loves you and you are still feeling strong feelings for him too. It’s time to woman up, admit that you were the one in the wrong, and ask him if he wants to give the relationship a second try.

9 He Shows You He Is Sorry

It has been two days since the two of you had the big argument. Since then, he has been calling you, texting you, and emailing you apologies for what happened. Honestly, not many people say they are sorry after making a mistake and he seems to be genuinely apologetic. You call him up and ask him to meet you at a local coffee shop to talk things over. Anyone who is capable of recognizing their own mistake deserves a second chance.

8 He Still Brings Out Your Best Qualities

When you are with him, he always seems to bring out the best in you. He makes you feel like you are on top of the world and the only woman who matters. You laugh, smile nonstop, and you simply feel great, except for this moment. Right now you are really upset with him. You are angry, but you also know that tomorrow will be a better day. It always is with him.

7 Explore Your Own Feelings

Whether or not you decide to give him a second chance is all about how you really feel inside. Have you been harboring doubts about your relationship and are you only now letting it come to the surface? Could it be that you are actually stressed about something else, like work, and you are expressing it by being angry at him? Take time out and away from outside disturbances to explore how you really feel about your relationship. Maybe the anger you are feeling really isn't about him, but about something else.

6 Couple’s Counseling

The two of you had a huge fight over what happened. You aren't sure you can just get over it and he is also very upset. A lot of things came out in the argument, but after you settle down, you know that you still really love him. You aren't ready to end the relationship over this, so you give him a choice: he can pack up and leave or he can agree to go to couple's therapy with you. Sometimes having a third person help the two of you work out problems and is the best solution for building a healthy relationship.

5 He Shows You He Has Matured

It has been awhile since you have seen him and the two of you didn't break up on the best of terms, but you still have feelings for him. You notice him hanging out with some old friends and he invites you over to sit and talk awhile. You, him, and your old friends spend a wonderful evening chatting away. Afterwards, you spend more time talking to your ex. He seems so different and so much more mature than he was when you were together. It seems like he is still interested in you too, and soon you both decide to give the relationship a second chance.

4 You Know He Can Change

He is normally an amazing person and you know that he holds so much potential in your relationship together. So, when he does something that you would normally break up over, you stop yourself and ask yourself if you believe that he is capable of changing. If you know almost certainly that he can change, it is time to give him a second chance. Sit down and have a calm discussion with him, explaining why you are upset or hurt. Ask him to please not do this again. If he feels as strongly about you as you do for him, he will make the necessary changes to make you happy.

3 Find the Reason Behind It

Let's say he did something that really upset you. You feel betrayed and you aren't sure if you can get over it. What should you do? Before you call it quits, have a talk with him and ask him to honestly tell you why he did it. Sometimes learning the reason behind an action can help you get over it. For example, if he laughed along at an ugly joke that you found offensive, maybe his reason was that his so called friend is his boss's son and he felt obligated. In that case, your boyfriend was worried about losing his job and that is understandable.

2 You Are Nearly Always Happy With Him

Nine times out of ten, when you are with him, he makes you happy. If he has made a mistake or has somehow hurt you with an act of carelessness, talk to him about it. Tell him that you want to have as many of those happy moments with him as you can and prepare to work at it. The best relationships take work.

1 A Child Is Involved

When a child is involved, there are certain times when you can forgive and move forward with the man you used to love. If you both agree to work at the relationship, the old feelings of warmth and comfort can come back or the two of you can decide that you will stick together to raise the child or children until they are young adults. After the youngest child reaches a certain age, agree to separate amicably and be free to live your lives how you please. Ground rules will need to be set up to make this work, including separate bedrooms if the two of you choose to remain platonic over the next few years.

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