12 Signs You Should Experiment With A Girl

This is not a new premise for those maturing to try. This is for anyone that feels as though they need to explore their options before knowing that is right for them Everyone is different and society is beginning to fully accept that. We have different needs and sometimes we need to discover that by trying things out.

In the 1950s, psychologist Alfred Kinsey proposed the idea of sexuality as a spectrum. Very few people, he suggested, are entirely heterosexual and the majority of people fall somewhere on a scale between gay and straight. More than sixty years later, society sure has changed a lot. No longer is it taboo to feel attracted to the same sex, but prominent and gorgeous women everywhere are coming out as gay, bisexual and everything in between.

If you’ve had the odd occasion where you’ve felt attracted to a member of the same sex, it should be of no concern to you. With beautiful women everywhere and the world becoming more and more accepting of fluid sexuality as the norm, there’s no reason for you not to follow your heart and take the next step. Girls who date girls come in all shapes and sizes -- you don’t have to look or act a certain way or follow any particular rules. So whether you’ve been thinking about it for ages or you just want to throw caution to the wind and experience something new, dating a girl is a change of pace you might find suits you down to a tee. You might be thinking about coming out of the closet, or perhaps just like the idea of exploring your bi-curiosity a little more. If you decide after a wild fling that you prefer the opposite sex, there’s no harm done. So what are you waiting for?

Here are 15 signs you should consider experimenting and dating a female.

12 You're reading this article

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If the title of this article caught your attention, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re already more than a little curious about what it would be like to date a girl. If you’ve been keeping this little fact to yourself because you’re worried about what your family and friends might think, just remember that it’s your life. Choosing to explore your sexuality is something every woman should do, if only to make sure you're happy with the way things are. If the title sparked your interest, chances are you’ve already contemplated it more than once. Maybe you’ve had a few sensual experiences with the same sex or you’ve found yourself fantasizing about a certain woman you’ve seen around. By the end of the page, you might have got just the push you need to decide to take your daydreams and put them into action.

11 You notice women just as much as men

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So you weren’t one of the girls in high school drooling over the athletic guys or posting boy bands on your wall? Were you working hard in English class instead, hoping the pretty young teacher would pay you special attention? A dead give-away during the closeted part of your life is that your attention is always on women. Going about your day-to-day business, our attention is drawn to what we find aesthetically pleasing. If you realize that while catching the bus, you’re oblivious to the opposite sex but never fail to notice the gorgeous girl who always gets off at the same stop as you, it’s a sign that you’re more of a women’s woman. Gravitating towards women, preferring to spend time with women, never failing to notice an attractive woman in the crowd are all sure signs that you could be more than a little heteroflexible.

10 You enjoy getting attention from women

Women can have the kind of delightfully close relationships with one another that men just don’t understand. We’re incredibly lucky really to be able feel so comfortable being physically close and affectionate with one another, even if we’re 100% straight. However, in today's world when straight girls go bi and bi girls go gay, besties can quickly turn into lez-be-friends without any clear boundaries being drawn. If you have a close, affectionate relationship with another woman and you enjoy physical contact and fun together, this can easily lead to a little flirtation and maybe even intimacy. If you see yourself as straight, but find the attention of a certain friend is making you a little bicurious, why not have some fun and see where it goes? You might decide never to go there again, but a little girl-on-girl attention might be in the cards.

9 You find yourself wanting to take a girl home at the end of the night

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The lights have gone up and the music’s gone down and party-goers are peeling off and heading out of the club. There’s that guy who bought you a drink before hovering in the background and that other one you dirty danced with after a few drinks is off cajoling your friend. You’re a little merry but well aware of the young woman behind the bar with the tattoos on her arms -- hmmm. While everything’s winding down, you shirk away from the potential male pick-ups and hover in her vicinity, hoping for a chance to ask her what she’s doing later. What are you thinking? She’s probably busy. But still. If this sounds familiar, your tipsy self is sending you a loud and clear message that when your inhibitions are stripped away and you forget to care what others think, you might be ready to cross the line into gay territory.

8 You get annoyed when people assume you're straight

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While it’s true that you’ve never dated a girl -- yet -- why should people just assume that you’re into dudes? It’s something that’s bugged you your whole life actually -- being set up with guys, having your parents hint about their friends' sons, taking male dates to formals while all the time you’ve felt kind of bored with the whole thing. If you’ve reached your young adulthood flying under the radar, maybe it’s time to set everybody straight about your queer leanings. You only live once, and who wants to spend their life going on blind dates with men in whom you have no interest when you could own who you are and meet a hot girl who suits you perfectly? If you’re mulling over where you sit on the spectrum and your family and friends are none the wiser, bringing a girl home might just be the way to break it to them.

7 You’ve wondered more than once whether a girl was flirting with you

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Slipping through the crowd to meet your colleagues for a function, you definitely noticed that hot redhead give you the eye. Or did you? If you live in a world of straight people where girl-on-girl action is viewed as a nice pastime for guys to watch and enjoy, it can be hard to get around the idea that women dating women is a real thing just about us. So much of women’s attraction to one another throughout history has been subtle and hard to read because it wasn’t acceptable. Luckily that’s changed. If you’re trying to read the signs but your gaydar is hopelessly off, the great thing is that it doesn’t really matter. If a woman is giving you the eye, enjoying your company or being suggestive and then pulls the straight card, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t lapping up the attention. Stop wondering if they’re flirting with you, and flirt back!

6 You're a serial girl party pasher

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Perhaps you experimented with a Katy Perry style party pash in high school or college. Perhaps you even experimented with it more than once, but now that adulthood has set in, surely such childish ways should be left behind? If you enjoy the party pash and want to keep it at that, more power to you, but if you need to get drunk to kiss another girl, it could be a sign that you’re repressing your sexuality and really want to take things further. Remember that gorgeous and smart women everywhere are out and proud about dating other women, and if that’s the way you want to go, you should be too! Next time you find yourself getting steamy in a corner with a pretty thing, why not ask her out? If she says no, it could only be because she’s repressed too, and if she says yes, you never know what might happen!

5 The idea of being with another woman doesn't freak you out

Despite the growing acceptance of gays, bisexuals and everybody in between, there’s still a big proportion of conservatives who’d like to keep everybody in the 1950s. If you find yourself opening up about your attraction to women and you’re met with a homophobic response form a friend or family member, remember that they’re only repeating what they’ve learned through popular consensus. If you feel open about your sexuality and really don’t see what the fuss is, then this means your a) probably a significant way down the spectrum already and b) in the perfect place to practice what your preach and see what it’s like to be in a relationship with a woman. Being teased or ostracized for your sexual orientation is an awful experience, but if you own it and refuse to be phased, you’re already winning. Follow your heart and have fun!

4 You need a break from men

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If you’ve had bad relationship after bad relationship with men and you're feeling a little scarred, why not swing the other way? Even if you’ve always considered yourself straight, there’s so many women who’ve discovered their bisexuality after an ugly divorce and rekindled their sex life with something they never imagined. If you’ve lost confidence with dating or with yourself, you’ll find dating a woman can be comforting and that females understand where you’re coming from in a way men sometimes don’t. There’s no need to define yourself or give it a label. Maybe having a break from men and meeting a gorgeous woman might be the thing to help you heal. If it turns out to be a once off for you and you’re happier in the straight camp, you can put that to bed, but as more than one divorcee has found, once you get a woman in the sack, you might not go back!

3 Your boyfriend’s haven't been able to do it for you in the bedroom

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It’s not that he doesn’t try, but sometimes, he just doesn’t seem to be trying hard enough. Whether you’ve got a lazy lover who expects you to do all the work or a doting boyfriend who wants to give you all the pleasure in the world but just doesn’t manage it, you might want to think about whether you’re the one with the problem. If you’re playing the straight game and it’s not working, maybe your body just isn’t wired for sparks to fly with a guy. One thing about being with a woman is that having the same body parts means they know what to do with them. If your man is fumbling in the dark and it’s just not happening, perhaps you’re finding your mind wandering to other possibilities. If the answer is yes to any of the above, don’t deprive yourself of what truly works for you.

2 You've proposed a threesome with your boyfriend more than once

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So, you’re definitely into guys, but are you also into girls too? And could you be in fact, a little more into girls than guys? Working out your feelings if you’re bisexual can be a challenge. It’s not that you aren’t into your male partner, but you definitely have curiosity about the fairer sex too. If it’s you that’s sneakily suggested the two of you bring that smoking hot brunette home from the bar, you’re officially a straight girl trolling for the “unicorn” -- a lesbian who’s willing to go to bed with a straight couple. You may have convinced yourself that it's for your man's pleasure, though deep down you know it's also for your own. Why not cut out the middle man and explore things with her yourself? If dating a girl is something your need to do, be honest with yourself about what’s going on and work out where you want to go from there.

1 You want to experience the whole range of human experience

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Are you a thrill-seeker? A poet? An adventurer? A rebel? A free spirit? An open-minded woman? Your motivation for wanting to date a girl might come from your deep desire to experience all that life has to offer. Dating a girl can be so different from dating a guy, and just like Samantha Jones on Sex and the City, perhaps you’re determined to soak up all the sensual experiences you can get. You appreciate the sensuality and beauty of so many things and so many kinds of people, so why limit yourself to one gender? If you’ve accepted sexuality is a spectrum and you’re not phased about labels, you’re the kind of person who will find it easy to have a beautiful relationship with a woman if that’s what you choose to do. Whether it’s a short fling or a lifelong love, dating a woman while you’re on the planet is an experience no woman should miss.

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