16 Signs That He's Just Cheap

Is he really great with his money, a saving connoisseur, conservative about his future or is he just plain cheap and greedy? Money can be a sore subject for a lot of couples, whether they’re in the "just dating" phase, already engaged or married for years; the wallet is where a lot of relationship problems are held. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons that couple’s break up – according to Woman’s Day. Obviously there are some situations that don’t fit the “cheap” criteria, but there are a lot of men that do fall under this category.

Although a woman looking for a man to spend her life with may not want someone who will spend frivolously, she doesn’t need or want a partner that won’t indulge a bit, especially when it comes to her or their family. And when it comes to one’s spending style, it’s healthy and important to be both responsible and generous – finding a middle ground between the two extremes should be what women are looking for. And yes, the same goes for men, but today we’re putting the guys under the spotlight. Take the time to sift through these 15 signs that your prospective beau is just plain cheap. It’s not that he doesn’t have the cash or he’s saving for his future, instead, he’s just protecting the profits for himself.

16 He Forgets His Wallet … Often

Every once in a while you leave something important at home: your cell, your eyeglasses and yes, even your wallet. But if the man you’re with has done this on more than one occasion, and doesn’t realize it until the bill comes to the table or it’s time to check out … run for the hills. One time can truly be an honest mistake but more than that is a habit and an irresponsible one at that.

15 He Checks For Coupons

Frugality can be a smart trait to have, especially when you have a family and you’re on a budget. But, when you’re dating and his first inclination is to check for coupons before you decide on a spot to grab a bite to eat, you’ve got another clear sign that he has a problem spending money.

14 He Doesn’t Care About Value, Just the Price Tag

Men should know what the value of an item is. They know how to shop smart and realize that you have to pay for quality items. Cheap men only care about the price tag and would rather buy the most inexpensive item on the shelf for no other reason than the fact that he’ll be shelling out less money than if he sprung for the piece that will last longer and work a little better.

13 He Asks For Discounts

A true sign that your man is a cheapskate ... he always finds something wrong and asks to be compensated for it. He practically is asking for discounts. My food was too cold, they took too long, they brought the entrees too quickly after the appetizer and more. If he’s habitual in this act, don’t be blinded by the fact that he’s still paying, because it’s obvious he has a problem paying full price.

12 He Asked You On “Free” Dates Only

Okay, so your beau may not be finding things wrong with the food, the location or the experience but that may be because he’s only taking you on dates that are free! Free concerts in the park, free admission to the museum downtown or, “Hey, let’s go check out this free documentary screening!” Freebies can be fun but if that’s all you’re doing, and you’re not a broke college student, take a second look at your situation and reevaluate.

11 He Wants To Share Meals

Another “trick” in the book of cheap men are the ones that assume you want to share a meal or better yet … dessert! But at home, especially at your place, he has no problem scarfing down his fair share of food. This is just another way for him to spend less on the date and if he’s not willing to sacrifice a mere $10 or so of his own money on you … is he really “the one”?

10 He Eats Before He Comes

Okay so, maybe you decide to go to that free concert in the park or the free documentary screening downtown, but you get a little hungry and want a snack. A fishy sign that he’s not willing to pull out his wallet is this excuse, “Oh, I’m not hungry, I ate before I came.” Popcorn and a cola, even the more expensive prices at the movies, won’t break the bank so why is he avoiding it?

9 He Makes Excuses For Tipping

Similar to constantly asking for discounts, a red flag goes up when your guy is constantly making excuses as to why he shouldn’t tip well – and this too is a habit. Does he ever find it necessary to leave the recommended amount or more? Or does he find it absurd to tip those working for the extra cash at all? Ask yourself these questions and pay attention to his attitude.

8 He Assumes You’re Going Dutch

Even though our society is getting a bit more lax of men being the payer of all dates, if he assumes you’re going Dutch for every date, then you’ve got a problem on your hands. After a while, you should both want to treat your partner and if he’s only willing to pay his own way, he’s not someone you’d want a future with.

7 He Won’t Pay For Parking

Instead of parking in the garage for $5, are you constantly walking a mile or more to get to the event because he doesn’t think paying for parking is necessary? Does he find the few bucks a waste even when it’s raining or you’re running late? This is just another clear-cut sign that he’s got an issue shelling out the bucks for anyone other than himself.

6 He Talks About Money … A Lot

Anyone who talks about money a lot is sure to make some red flags go up. And if he’s talking about every price tag, every paycheck, every cent on a consistent basis, you need to evaluate your situation with him and figure out why he’s so fixated on the subject, especially if you’re still in the beginning stages of dating!

5 He’d Rather Be At Home

If he’d rather hang out with you at home instead of taking you on a nice date here and there, well, it could be because he just doesn’t want to spend the money. Similar to only taking you on “freebie” type dates, you want a man that will sacrifice a bit of his paycheck to treat you a bit, don’t you?

4 He’s Never Bought You Flowers

Does he find flowers a waste of money too? “They end up dying in a few days,” he says. Unless you’re allergic, the man you’re dating should have bought you flowers at some point in time and if he’s someone that won’t even stop to buy you a smile – even one that ends up in a vase – then it’s time to start thinking about the relationship you’re in a bit more.

3 He Comments On Your Own Spending Habits

Another major sign that your guy isn’t a saver or just a little conservative with his money is that he comments on your own spending habits. The man you’re dating shouldn’t be making any remarks on what you use your own money on and if he has problems with that, then you’ll have bigger problems in the future.

2 He Treats Himself But Not You

So, you’ve noticed that he has a problem paying for dates or things for you, but you’ve also noticed that he doesn’t have a problem treating himself. You've never hesitated buying something for him that you know he'll like but this never seems to be reciprocated. That’s a sign that he’s not only cheap but greedy too! And who wants a man that doesn’t have a generous bone in his body?

1 He’s Not Into “Hallmark” Holidays

And finally, another sign that he’s an absolute cheapskate is that he’s mentioned how dumb or frivolous “Hallmark” holidays are and that he has no intentions of celebrating them in any way. For example, you don’t even get a card when Valentine’s Day comes rolling around, not even a simple chocolate.

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