16 Signs He Wants A Second Kiss

Kissing is like a doorway. A great first kiss can open up the possibility of getting a second, third, or even a fourth "swept me off my feet" type of kiss. But that door can also slam shut if you're not picking up the signs that he's interested...badly. So, the question remains, how do you get that second kiss? And most importantly...how do you know if he's planning on kissing you all over again? Are you imagining things, or is he actually making a move?

You kind of feel like he's showing up at your door a lot more often. After that first spectacular kiss, you're starting to notice little changes in his behavior. He's now constantly hitting you on DM. He calls you at least once a day, sometimes even twice! All of a sudden, he's complimenting you left and right. "Those jeans really look amazing on you, I never noticed". "Your perfume smells so good!". Among other signs, you noticed he keeps going on and on about that first kiss and how amazing it was. It's like he memorized every single detail of that first kiss and he wants to relive that moment. Granted, you can tell that he's totally into you, (otherwise, he wouldn't have kissed you!) but he seems to be really caught up in that moment. So here are some signs that he wants a second kiss...and he wants it soon!

16 You Can Tell There’s Tension


Guys will give off certain clues when they want a second kiss. The most obvious signs are the following:

1. He keeps smiling at you when he looks at you, which is a great way of knowing that he's still interested after the first kiss

2. You can feel his desire...you can tell it's mutual too

3. He holds your hand because he's expressing that he likes you

4. He puts his arm around you

Does he act like he's crazy about you but in a good way?

You know, like when you were a little girl and it's your birthday, so your mom brings you the homemade cake that she just baked? Well, if your man is acting like you're his birthday cake, then chances are that the first kiss produced oxytocin, a chemical that makes people feel connected to each other. In fact, they call this hormone the "love hormone," which is exactly what you'll need if you want that second kiss to happen.

A nice smile, hand-holding, or even walking side-by-side might not seem like much, but when a guy does these things, he's basically saying that he wants a deeper bond with you, which include locking lips. Best of all? You kind of feel like there's this unspoken tension between you two and your gut is telling you that he wants to kiss you. Listen to your instincts.

15 He Sits Veeery Close To You


If a guy is pulling away from you then you'll know right away that he's probably just sticking around to be polite, instead of running like he wants to do. But when a guy tries to bridge that gap between you while you're both sitting side by side, then you're certainly in the running towards that second kiss.

If he's sitting close then that suggests that he probably wants to wrap his arm around you. He likes your presence, your company, the way you smell, and your body's warmth. He's trying to find a way to get closer and closer to you, hoping to finally take the plunge and kiss you.

Just remember that you're not the only one who isn't sure about whether that second kiss is going to happen. He can't read your mind, but he can tell if you're interested in him by the way you react to his proximity. When a guy gets closer, he's testing your comfort level. Based on your reaction, he'll know if he's busted your personal bubble and made you angry or if you've welcomed him openly into your space.

After that, it's just a matter of allowing nature to take its course, and when it does, your lips will lock like bees to honey.

14 He Focuses On Your Lips


You become self-conscious because he can't seem to stop looking at your lips. What is he doing? Is he telepathically trying to tell you that you have some leftover crumbs on the side of your mouth? Well, maybe. Then again, if his eyes keep shifting back and forth between your eyes and your lips, it could mean that he's fighting the urge to kiss you.

The color of your lipstick might be drawing his attention towards your lips even more so. Then again, isn't that why you were 15 minutes late to your date because you were too busy picking out the right lipstick to put on? You can't blame a girl for wanting to look flawless.

It could also be a sign that he's listening to every word that comes out of your lips, and that in itself is very commendable.

But of course, he's staring at your beautiful lips for very different reasons. It's not the shape alone or your flamboyant shade of lipstick. He's planning his next move. Naturally, you expect him to keep looking at them until he simply can't wait any longer and he plants his lips against yours. If you're a total boss and don't want to wait for him to make the move, you could surprise him by stealing that second kiss yourself!

13 He Playfully Touches Or Tickles You


You know that a second kiss is coming if he starts to playfully touch you. It could start off as something simple like him tickling you until your legs buckle. It could also be something else that's totally innocent like running his fingers down your face. He might even touch the tip of your nose with one finger and "boop" you in an adoring way. Maybe he's suddenly interested in your earing hoops and can't stop playing with them. What he's really trying to say here is that he'd rather play with your lips. He's just getting closer and closer, little by little.

Is he a hugger? Not every guy is, but if your date gives you those long, seemingly unending hugs, then that's another sign you should pay attention to. And since you're already standing that close to each other, you might as well lock lips right away.

Massages are a great way to break the ice too. So what if you've only kissed him once? You know you want that second kiss, for sure! When a guy offers to rub your shoulders after you tell them you're tense, they're basically knocking on your door, asking if they can come in. Just be careful. Twitching and pulling away are mistakes anyone can make when they're startled by someone's surprising touch. But it can also send the wrong signal that says you want them to keep their hands off you. Only let them massage your back or shoulders if you really like it. Otherwise, just let him hold your hands or tickle you.

12 He Puts Chapstick On His Lips


Aside from the fact that chapped lips are unsightly on anyone, no one wants to feel like they're kissing a rock in the desert. Guys know this too. So when you see him take out his Chapstick and put it on, then it can only mean one thing – he wants to lock lips with you again.

Some guys might feel intimated about applying something that comes off like lipstick. So if they're willing to do this when they're out in public, then you can pat yourself on the back for feeling extra special.

He's prepping his lips for that amazing second kiss.

Another way that a guy might be subconsciously trying to throw hints at you is when you're sitting across from each other during dinner, or when you're walking at the park, holding hands and talking, and he starts licking his lips. It might not work as well as Chapstick, but it's obvious that he wants his lips to be nice and smooth for you.

Lip licking gives off a signal that he's anticipating something, which obviously involves you because you can feel he's into you. He might also be feeling extremely nervous about asking for that kiss, so reciprocating this particular body language may put him at ease.

11 He Keeps Hitting You On DM


So you've had your first kiss and it was amazing. At least you thought so, and hope he felt the same way. But how do you know for sure? He's constantly looking for ways to stay in touch with you. He'll direct message you on social media every two or three hours. It's like he can't stop thinking about you! But when he DMs you, he does it in a way that's thoughtful, and not too needy or pushy at all...even though he is looking to chat with you about every little thing that's going on in their life.

He might be hitting "like" on just about everything you post, even when your own mother doesn't do that. When you don't respond to him right away because you've been busy with other things, he'll reach out to you to ask you how your day has been. He sends you memes, playful jokes, and makes sure to put a smile on your face. Best of all, he doesn't bring his personal issues and drama to the proverbial digital table. Every text he sends is like sunshine and rainbows and you're starting to like it.

The most important clue to observe involves the things he tells you, like the fact that he's been thinking about you, or that he stopped by the spot where you first kissed, and he tells you how incredible that moment was.

He suddenly started following you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which makes sense because he seems to want to be a part of your life. If the guy wasn't interested in you, he probably wouldn't have taken the time to message you at all.

10 He’s Flirting…A LOT


He might start off by joking about a second date, but he's probably quite serious about getting a second chance to get close to you again. He'll also find ways to make you laugh so you'll like him more. This may involve making a joke or two, talking about a hilarious video he found on Instagram or sending you a hilarious meme.

He's not afraid to compliment you on the way you look, either. He might even compliment you on your style of jewelry, or the dress you're wearing. All of a sudden, it seems like he's paying attention to all the little details. They mention that perfume you're wearing, and how incredible your hair looks. In some instances, guys might even notice those new shoes that you bought the other day.

He may even call you on the phone and find something trivial to talk about.

It might be about the weather, the news, The Oscars, or that new Jersey Shore show. You can tell right away that he doesn't really care about any of those things. He's just interested in striking a conversation with you and keeping you on the phone as long as possible because your voice is like music to his ears.

We flirt because we know that this builds chemistry between two people. But whatever you do, don't give in too easily. Keep in mind that anticipation will build over time so that when you two finally have that second kiss, it will be ten times better than the first.

9 He Reminisces About That First Kiss…Over And Over


Good or bad, no one can ever forget their first kiss with someone. There's this sort of spark that happens when two people's lips meet, but that only happens when they're the right match. But is he reminiscing about that first kiss?

Well, how can you tell? Easy. For starters, he focuses on every little detail of the event. Yes, he somehow managed to recall that lady that walked past the two of you on that fateful moment. You know! The one that was wearing a funny hat. How he managed to notice this when his eyes were closed is a mystery, but he did. But that's not the only thing he remembers.

He points out the exact date and time it happened. He even knows if the sun was setting or if it was late in the evening. He casually discusses how lovely or how dreary the weather was. Maybe it was sunny, breezy, rainy, cool, snowy. He even remembers that oversized Millennial pink sweater you borrowed from your bestie. He knows everything.

He also remembers how amazing your lips tasted. That's right! He claims that your lips tasted lemony because you had a Key Lime Pie lip balm on. You clearly made a great impression on him.

8 He Constantly Lingers


You both know that all good things must come to an end... at least until your next date. But he's lingering, and he does this quite a bit. He's constantly tempting you to lock lips with him even if he doesn't realize he's doing it. He might tilt his head the way most people do when they kiss. He might even push his body towards you in order to get the party started.

He can also linger when he hugs you but he doesn't pull away. He might just be waiting for you to initiate that second kiss. This might happen even if it's your first kiss too.

It's almost like he doesn't want the date to end, which you'll know right away because he's just standing in the doorway.

You could have said goodnight to each other ten minutes ago, but he keeps on talking. Now that's kind of cute, and it's also kind of thoughtful that's he's not pushing for that kiss to happen. He's only giving you some encouragement to go through with it if you're willing.

You can stand there by the front door for another hour, or you can pass your hand over his arm or shoulder, smile and make the first move. One thing you can be certain of is that if he wanted to turn you down, he would have bailed a lot sooner.

7 He Tells You That You’re Beautiful


You don't have to do a darn thing to get him to compliment you. You just showed up and he already called you "the most beautiful girl he's ever seen." He also noticed the way you fixed your hair to the side, and that new dress you got at Forever 21 a week ago. Yes, you might find yourself in a restaurant or a club full of beautiful women, but he's looking at you like you're the only woman on the planet.

When a guy starts noticing every little thing about you, like your figure, those sparkly earrings, or the color of your eyes, you may naturally assume that he's just lying to you because he wants something back. Interpreting the subtle hints that a guy throws at you isn't always easy to decipher. If you thought you were alone in this dilemma, trust us, you're not. But instead of looking at this from a glass half empty situation, look at it for what it really is.

He's obviously trying to make you feel good about yourself and the best way he knows how is by pointing out all the things that make you special. He's basically telling you that you're incredible. It's obvious that he likes you a lot because all those characteristics make you unique. Surely, that deserves a second kiss.

6 He Notices Your Perfume


In the animal kingdom, certain creatures use pheromones to attract someone. But humans have to rely on other things like perfume and body spray. So when a guy leans in to get close to you, and in doing so notices that you smell great, that's a light bulb moment.

We know that having someone sniff you out like a dog sounds horrifying, but smelling someone can be a very intimate act, just as long as it's done with some tact. Besides, anyone would prefer being told that they smell like a bed of roses as opposed to being told that they smell like a garbage truck. It's not like people smell other people just for the sake of it. If you think about it, you probably can't remember the last time you cared about someone else's perfume.

This is an intimate moment.

Also, keep in mind that when he's complimenting you on the way you smell, he's actually flirting with you in order to get that second kiss. He's not trying to compliment your fragrance because he wants to figure out what brand you're using. Well, maybe he is in order to buy you a replacement bottle for your birthday or Valentine's Day. He's simply trying to get acquainted with your smell, your body, and soon enough...your gorgeous lips.

5 He Gets Anxious And Nervous All Of A Sudden


The anticipation of the first and second kiss can be quite uncomfortable, and yet, kissing is really one of the best ways to say goodnight after a date. But it's okay to be nervous. After all, a bunch of questions is running through your mind like: What if he doesn't want to kiss you back? Rejection is awful, and no one wants to stick around for the aftermath of a kiss that's a hit and miss.

But you know something? Men aren't always as assertive as they appear to be, particularly those who suffer from crippling shyness. This can lead to an extremely awkward situation because you're both just standing there looking at each other like two deer caught in a headlight. You might strike up some pointless conversation because you're hoping the other person will finally put the moves.

Asking someone if they can kiss you isn't the way a lot of grown-ups do it, but it might be okay if you're still in middle school or high school. Now if everyone could be open about their intentions, everything would go so much smoother. But unfortunately, many of us miss the signs because we're too busy worrying. So, why not be considerate and alleviate that tension by initiating the kiss first? And if you're not about to do that, and want him to make the first, (actually, second!) move, then graze his arm, and make intense eye contact. That way he'll know you're more than willing.

4 He Suggests Netflix & Chill But You Know It’s More Netflix & Kiss


He suggests that you come over to his place or he'll come over to yours so you can both watch a movie, or maybe binge-watch a popular Netflix show. But deep inside you know that what he wants isn't popcorn and a movie. He wants to kiss you again, but he's being subtle about it.

Well, he's not that subtle. After all, he did text you in the middle of the night to see if you were up. Then he invited you over for a "Netflix and chill" date because he just can't get you out of his mind.

His intentions are virtually on the table.

He's just too chicken to come out and say it, so he takes a path that's a bit less direct. There's nothing wrong with that at all, though. You can relax and allow yourself to enjoy all those little romantic moments like sharing the same blanket while you're on the couch. Then you can lean closer to him until your head is laying on his shoulder. He'll let you know he's super into it when he wraps his arm around you. Trust us, he will!

Yeah, at this point you're practically a married couple because you both feel so secure with each other. It's only a matter of time before you end up smooching for the second time. Make sure it lingers so it stays fresh in his mind until the third kiss.

3 He Makes Intense Eye Contact


This can seem totally creepy, but it's not always the case, at least not if you really like the guy. He's staring at you with intensity because he has that second kiss on his mind. Besides, you love it when he looks at you like you're the last cookie on earth. Ugh! It sends shivers down your spine!

Some guys will stare deep into your eyes because they're trying to see if you'll look back and hold your gaze. Think of it as a test. If you look away, they figure that you're not into them. But then again, if you do, then they'll know they have a chance.

It's actually a good thing that they're staring at you a lot because it allows you to see if their eyes are dilating. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so if their eyes happen to dilate while they're talking to you or they're listening to you, then it's possible that their bodies are telling you that they're interested in you.

When a guy locks eyes with you and you lock eyes with them, you get that feeling like you're glowing. Now it's okay to feel anxious at first, but confidence can help you see that they're not scrutinizing how you look but admiring you.

2 He Plays Romantic Music


He's invited you over to his place after having a terrific dinner. Now as you sit there sipping a can of Pepsi and preparing mimosas, he's busy putting on some music. He's definitely not going to put on club music, or he would have taken you to a dance club.

What he's trying to do is to set up a romantic mood that will lead to a kiss, and he was right. The song he's picked has created a more relaxing environment that puts the two of you at ease and more comfortable with each other.

You don't need to be a psychic at this point to know that this is leading to a kiss.

He may not have come out and said that he wants to kiss you, but he's gone through all that trouble to find a romantic beat on the radio. Maybe he started looking for the appropriate CD to put in the music player. Regardless, he did something and it wasn't for his own health.

Now it's time to sit down on the couch and relax. As soon as you stop talking and start looking at each other, you'll know it's time to start leaning until you kiss.

1 He Tells You Upfront


Here's the type of guy that doesn't mess around. He's assertive, and not shy at all. He knows what he wants, which is you, and he doesn't like to play games. So in lieu of romantic music or a Netflix movie, he just comes out and tells you that he wants to kiss you. Of course, that doesn't mean that having him wine and dine you is out of the question either.

He might start out with a compliment like how he thinks that your lips look absolutely delicious. Then he reminds you that he's a great kisser. He may even say that he's been waiting to kiss you all night long. The next move is yours.

You may also get a guy that asks you if he can kiss you instead of telling you that he's going to kiss you, and that's okay too. You'll appreciate a guy who is able to hit the brakes on his hormones if you say no, or that you're not ready for another kiss.

You could end up feeling more attracted to him simply because it feels great to be wanted by a guy who's in control. Besides, the fact that he's direct without putting pressure on you to kiss is really quite endearing.

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