16 Secrets The Hilton Family Has

Every family has their drama. They have things that they really just want to shove under the rug and keep out of the public eye. Sometimes it’s a terrible argument and other times it’s dirty custody battles. The possibilities are endless!

Celebrity families have their own issues, as many of us know. The difference here is that it’s nearly impossible for them to hide all of their problems, because everything they do is made public. We live off celebrity drama, and we want to know more about these celebs.

In general, celebs want to look like they’re doing their best. They want to have a positive image in the media, but it’s tricky to always maintain a good reputation. Some stars are able to keep things on the up and up most of the time.The Hiltons are one family who is known for their drama. Their wealth likely has a lot to do with it, which complicates their overall family dynamics. Not to mention, quite a few of the Hilton family’s members are famous. They’re in the limelight anyway, so little can keep their issues undercover.

We’ll be digging deeper to find out what the Hiltons are keeping hidden. We’ve seen some of the dirty secrets become public over the years, but there’s always more to be uncovered!

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16 Paris The Not-So-Smooth Criminal

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Because of the drug issues that celebs sometimes face, there’s always the chance that they’ll get caught in the act. They aren’t the best at keeping things under wraps, and the dirty pictures get shared quicker than we may think. Proof of drug abuse is not hard to come by in the world of Hollywood.

Back when Paris Hilton was dating Cy Waits, they got pulled over by the cops in Las Vegas. Apparently, their car smelled like marijuana. Instead of sitting still, Hilton just had to dig around in her purse for some lip balm. This resulted in a bag of cocaine falling out of her purse. Of course, the police officer saw this.

Waits and Hilton ended up getting charged for possession of drugs. That totally could have been avoided had Hilton forgotten about her dry lips for five minutes!

15 Nicky And Elizabeth—A Toxic Relationship

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Relationships don’t always turn out how we would expect them to. People have their issues, and they can be amplified when they mesh with another person’s problems. Sometimes these relationships become violent or dangerous. It can be challenging to keep the peace.

Nicky Hilton—the oldest son of Conrad Hilton Sr.—married Elizabeth Taylor. They had a beautiful wedding in 1950, and everything seemed great. Of course, the couple was not going to share all of the dirty details of their rocky relationship.

Because Hilton was so involved with drugs and alcohol, he started abusing Taylor. Shockingly, Taylor was able to fight back. The toxic relationship was off to an awful start. Eventually, Taylor got pregnant with their first kid, but she quickly miscarried. This is because of Hilton’s brutal kick to her stomach.

14 Paris And Her House—Full Of Herself

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Most of our homes are filled with framed pictures of our loved ones. We have photographs of our kids on some of the walls. Bookcases sometimes hold albums of family photos. Paris Hilton—on the other hand—has chosen to decorate her home in a different way.

This news broke when a group of teenage burglars found themselves in Hilton’s home. They got in pretty easily with the key they discovered under the porch mat while she was out of town. The young criminals immediately spotted pillows and other decorations with Hilton’s face all over them.

We aren’t quite sure why somebody would order those kinds of things for their homes. It’s pretty odd to most of us, but we’re assuming it’s just because Hilton is a little bit full of herself.

13 The Truth About Zsa Zsa

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When celebs get into relationships, they usually know what they’re getting themselves into. The rich and famous have plenty of wealth on their hands, and they often attract gold diggers because of it. Unfortunately, the wealthy stars don’t always catch on to this—or they just don’t care enough to break things off.

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Conrad Hilton Sr. originally got together because of her gold digger attitude. Gabor caught his eye with her gorgeous looks, and she happily obliged for a shot at his wealth.

When it came time for the couple to get married, Gabor chose the smaller option of the two rings that Conrad offered her. Once they were married, Gabor ended up with a small bedroom and a plethora of rules to follow. The gold digger had been stopped in her tracks!

12 Conrad Hilton Sr.—Not As Wealthy As We Thought

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The Hiltons would like us to believe that they’ve got it all together. We naturally think they’re loaded with cash because they’re living the most exquisite lifestyles. There’s never really been much of a question about how wealthy they actually are or if they are having any financial crises.

As it turns out, this hasn’t always been the case. Conrad Hilton Sr. had a slight struggle with his fortune, and it led to this embarrassing story. Not only did Hilton Sr. have to take out a $500 loan—which is now about $7,000—but he had to ask his bellboy for it.

Following this incident, Hilton Sr. was able to get his wealth up and became crazy successful. He also gave the bellboy a chance to be an important executive of the Hilton family business.

11 More About That Video

Many of us are aware of how Paris Hilton really kicked off her career. It began with a released 'home movie' in 2004. This isn’t exactly uncommon in Hollywood, but it’s always a shock to find out whose tapes ended up getting released. There are plenty of dirty details to delve into, too!

In 2001, Paris was dating Rick Salomon. While they were doing the deed, Salomon was filming the whole thing. Hilton claims that she was aware of the camera being on, but she never gave Salomon the go-ahead to release it publicly.

Because Salomon made the tape public, Hilton sued him for defamation of character. She also pressed charges because he released it without her permission. As a result, Hilton walked out with an extra $400,000 in her pocket.

10 The Fortune—Almost Charity Money

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Wills are one way that people get rich quickly, and this is no different for celebs. A lot of times, the money just runs in the family. Conrad Hilton Sr. is one of these wealthy ancestors who has left their inheritance to their children and grandchildren.

At the time of his death, Hilton Sr. had written in his will that he would like the entirety of his fortune donated to charity. This is probably because he wanted his kids to work hard for their money and not lazily live off his wealth.

Fortunately for the rest of the Hiltons, Barron Hilton decided to challenge this. After a 10-year-long legal battle, the Hiltons received most of the fortune. We’re sure Hilton Sr. would be pretty upset by this, but what’s done is done.

9 Lohan Vs. The Hiltons

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Like the Hilton family, Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of drama and issues. She’s cleaned up her act a little bit since her troubled phase, but she’s hardly anyone’s favorite. From her DUIs to her family challenges, we can almost always expect something dirty to go down with this chick.

This situation follows suit with Lohan’s past. This petty fight began with Barron Hilton and his friends saying some not-so-nice things about Lohan. Lohan got mad and hired Ray LeMoine—a member of her entourage—to give the young guy a piece of Lohan’s mind.

LeMoine ended up getting in a physical fight with Barron, but sustained only minor injuries. LeMoine was then arrested for assault. Lohan had also screamed in Barron’s face, calling him out for what he had done. It seems like Lohan could have handled a little trash talk more appropriately!

8 Conrad—Crossing The Boundaries

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As we know, Conrad Hilton III hasn’t always been on the up and up. He’s found his way into some trouble, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He’s one kid who just always has to test the limits—and surpass them.

Conrad was in a relationship with Hunter Salomon, who happens to be the daughter of Rick Salomon from Paris’ sex tape. The couple was together for a little while, but they’ve since broken up and moved on. Well, the girl has. Conrad is still obsessed with her and can’t seem to let it go.

Salomon filed a restraining order against her ex, but he ignored it and attempted to break into her parents’ house in 2015. Then—in 2017—he tried to break into the house again. He even stole Rick’s car this time.

7 $4.6 Million On His Parents’ Tab

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As we’ve seen so far, trouble runs in this family’s genes. It’s seemingly unavoidable for some of these kids. They always make headlines with their mistakes and legal issues, and we’re often entertained by this.

Barron Hilton is another Hilton kid who’s got a criminal history. In 2008, he hit a gas station attendant. This was only half of the problem. Hilton was also driving under the influence when this happened, so he ended up in even bigger trouble.

Fernando Tellez is the attendant who was hit by Hilton, and he decided to sue him. Tellez was left with some pretty bad injuries and put him out of work for some time. Insurance could only cover so much, so the kid’s parents had to pay $4.6 million in fines.

6 A Look At Paris’ Education

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It’s fair to say that Paris Hilton isn’t the smartest Hilton or the smartest celebrity out there. She’s made some pretty stupid comments over the years, and they really make us question her intelligence.

Back when Hilton was in high school, she attended a school for challenged kids. The reason she started going to this school was to leave behind the drug and alcohol addictions she had picked up. This didn’t last long though, as she bolted out of the building. She was a student at this troubled school when she was 16 years old, but this came to an end quickly after only two months.

Hilton ended up leaving by limousine before she had a chance to officially graduate. Clearly, her lack of education has not had a big negative effect on her success and wealth though!

5 Just A Little Bit Of Trouble

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We can’t get enough of the drama within the Hilton family. There have been scandals, fights and more. There’s an endless amount of breaking news on this busy family.

Back in 2014, the family’s airstrip was being utilized by a group of drug traffickers in Costa Rica. Naturally, given both Conrad III’s and Paris’ histories with substance abuse, we would assume that they’ve got something to do with it.

In the end, 400 kilograms of cocaine were picked up by authorities. This was in addition to the $1.5 million found by the authorities as well. It is not known whether or not the Hiltons were truly involved in this scandal, but it wouldn’t necessarily surprise us! Throughout the whole ordeal, the Hiltons made sure to pretend like they had no idea what was going on.

4 Nicky’s Marriage—Over Before It Began

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Few of us are shocked when celebrity relationships crumble quickly. It’s just a part of the territory, and it happens all too often. Of course, we won’t be expecting anything different from the Hilton clan, but this super short marriage is surprising.

Nicky Hilton—Paris’ sister—got hitched in 2004. This was no extravagant event, though. She got married to Todd Meister early in the morning on August 15 in Las Vegas. It’s said that they were already in the process of planning their wedding, so they just decided to do it in Vegas.

Likely a combination of the sudden marriage and the distance between their workplaces, they had the marriage annulled. This was before they had even been married for three months. Some things just aren’t meant to be!

3 Mary Hilton—Lonely And Looking

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Hollywood’s biggest stars often fall victim to the tragedies of scandals and affairs. We see new divorce announcements going live on every new magazine that shows up in the grocery store checkout lines. Because celebs are always in the public eye—no matter what they’re doing or where they are—it’s easy for them to get caught.

Mary Adelaide Barron was once married to Conrad Hilton Sr. They got hitched in 1925 and had a few kids later on. The problem began with Conrad’s busy work schedule. He wasn’t home as often as Mary would have liked him to be. Because of this, she went off to find herself a new man. She ended up having an affair with a football coach. In 1934, she officially left Conrad behind to pursue this new guy.

2 Conrad’s Dirty Deal

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Celebs are no strangers to substance abuse. Just like divorce and affairs, it happens to the best of them. Sometimes it kicks them out of roles or breaks up their relationships. Drug addictions can end well with rehab or terribly with overdose. It all depends on the celebrity and who’s looking out for them.

Conrad Hilton III is one of these drug-addicted stars. He’s apparently been dealing with drug issues since he was a teenager. A lot of us would expect him to have gotten help by now. Unfortunately, he has only fallen deeper and deeper into the pit of drug addiction over the years.

Another major problem with his addiction is that he has had some pretty bad outbursts and becomes violent fairly easily. It’s said that his family has attempted to help him out, but it doesn’t go very far.

1 Who’s Francesca’s Daddy?

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It goes without saying that plenty of celebrities have daddy issues. If a lady has slept with a few different guys around the same time, there’s a chance that the baby’s daddy isn’t the mama’s main man.

At the time of Constance Francesca Hilton’s birth, Conrad Hilton Sr. was married to Zsa Zsa Gabor. Naturally, we would assume that this makes Conrad the father. As it turns out, Gabor was known for sleeping around. Conrad used this as leverage to say that Francesca was not his daughter.

Even though Conrad denied that Francesca is his, Gabor mentioned that Conrad had raped her. This is a pretty sticky situation, as we can see. As a result of Conrad denying Francesca as his own, he gave her a tiny amount of his wealth at his death.

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