15 Rules Workers Of The Cheesecake Factory Have To Follow

Did you go to The Cheesecake Factory when you were a kid? For a lot of people, this was a rite of passage and you absolutely loved seeing how many different cheesecakes they had. You might have even bugged your parents so much that they let you order two slices. Of course, you probably couldn't even eat them all, but hey, that wasn't the point. The point was that you were out for dinner and allowed to eat a lot of sugar. Score.

According to the website, there are over 50 cheesecakes and other types of sweets that you can order. They've got everything from a traditional, typical cheesecake to one with strawberries to an "Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake" and what they call a "30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake." Your mouth is already watering, right?! It would be impossible to not want to eat everything on their cheesecake menu.

As it turns out, a lot of employees have shared stories about working for the restaurant online, and while some of them consider it to be a dream job, that's not the case for everyone. There are some things that they really don't enjoy about the job. Read on to find out 15 rules that workers of the Cheesecake Factory have to follow.

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15 You Have To Be Cool With Not Having Any Breaks

A lot of employees who talk about various retail or restaurant jobs have said that there aren't actually any breaks. This seems really hard to believe and really surprising since breaks are supposed to be a real thing. You're supposed to get a lunch or dinner break and definitely at least one other shorter break, depending on what time of day you're working.

According to some employees who posted on Glassdoor.ca, a "con" about working for the restaurant would be "no breaks." One person posted, "no breaks or down time, lots of side work. Not allowed to schedule a holiday off." It sounds like if you want to work here, you have to be cool with not having any breaks and just working your whole shift.

14 You Have To Use Specific Words

According to a story on Refinery29.com, there are specific words that you have to use when you work at this restaurant and are talking to the customers. As one former employee said, "We also had to learn certain phrases. You never say ‘No,’ you say, ‘I’m sorry.’ You don’t say ‘Yes,’ you say, ‘Absolutely.’"

While this isn't really the worst thing ever, it does seem like a lot to remember, and it would definitely take some getting used to. What if you forgot and used other words? Would you get in trouble? It seems pretty stressful for sure. It's also a bit confusing that you can't use the word "yes" and instead have to use the word "absolutely." That's not really a word that people use all that often, is it?!

13 You Might Work Super Hard For Low Pay

Indeed.com is a great place to find honest opinions about working for certain stores or restaurants or companies. Former employees post there all the time about the working conditions, the general atmosphere, and their pros and cons.

On Indeed, some employees have talked about how they felt that they were working super hard at this restaurant but not getting enough money. One person posted "Unfair pay" and another person who worked there as a dishwasher said, "If the Cheesecake Factory paid there dishwashers a dollar or so more I think it would have been a job worth keeping it is very hard work but the pay wasn't worth how tiring the job is." One common thread is how tired the employees are after the work day is done, so since enough people have said that, it must be true.

12 You Have To Ask If Things Are Okay

You know how sometimes, you're ordering at a restaurant and the waiter or waitress is talking to you in a very specific way? You might not be sure why they're doing that and you might think that they just have a quirky personality or something. But it's actually something that they're told to do so it's part of their job.

That's what happens at the Cheesecake Factory. As that same employee told Refinery29.com, "There were also certain things you were supposed to say about dishes that got sent back often, like, ‘The jambalaya is spicy, is that okay?’ ‘That dish comes with onions, is that okay?’" This definitely seems logical since it would cut down on customer complaints, but it also seems hard to remember.

11 It's A Stressful Job

Another super common comment from employees is that there are very long hours, you're standing and on your feet the entire time, and that makes it a high-stress job.

While some people love that it's a "fast paced" environment, others find it stressful. So it really depends on what type of personality you have. Some people thrive on stress and think that it's really fun to be busy all the time, while other people would rather have a chill and calm working atmosphere. It does sound like standing on your feet for hours is a really tough thing to do, so it's safe to say that people who work at this restaurant have to just get used to that and accept that. Otherwise, they should probably look elsewhere.

10 You Have Wear Clean White Uniforms

The girl who talked about her experience working for the Cheesecake Factory told Refinery29.com that they had to wear white uniforms... and they had to be super clean all the time. She said that it was really tough to keep the uniforms clean and that she would get in trouble if that wasn't the case.

She said, " I would be carrying a tray of wine and sangria and spill all over myself. I’d have to wash my clothes all the time, and they would get mad and say, ‘Your apron’s not clean enough.’ I’d be like, ‘I poured an entire bottle of bleach in there, I don’t know what you want me to do!’" She also mentioned that employees now wear black pants instead of white, but it looks like they're still wearing white shirts.

9 You Might Deal With Bad Management

Any job is only as good as the people who are in charge. That's true no matter what field you work in and no matter what position you hold. You could have your dream job but be miserable every day because your boss is so mean. It's really the luck of the draw sometimes.

There are a lot of complaints on Indeed.com about the bad management at some of the restaurants. One person shared, "I have never been more stressed or upset at a job. Management is unprofessional and rude. Understaffed and unorganized. Basically impossible to get your job done." Another said, "Poor management. Our general manager is very rude and uncomfortable to be around when she is stressed. She is stressed most of her shift. There is no accountability at this restaurant." That definitely doesn't sound like any fun.

8 You Deal With Crazy Customer Complaints

The same Refinery29.com story talked about how the customer complaints at this restaurant can sometimes be kind of nuts. You totally know how weird people can be when eating in restaurants, right? It's truly confusing what high expectations some people have. Maybe you even have a friend or family member who always sends food back and complains every single time that they go anywhere. It's definitely frustrating to be with someone like that, so it's not hard to imagine how much it would suck to be a waitress and have to deal with it during your shift.

The employee said that someone said that the pulled pork on the menu wasn't "pulled enough." Yup, that was actually a real complaint, even though it's pretty hard to believe that someone would say that.

7 You Could Be Expected To Stay Beyond Your Shift

As one person who worked at the restaurant shared on Indeed.com, "Long hours (your schedule time doesn't mean anything--it might say 5-8 PM but you won't get out until 9 or 10 PM depending on how busy it gets). My feet always hurt, and my clothes always smelled of that gross 'restaurant smell.'"

It definitely makes sense that even if your shift ends at 8 p.m. but you're expected to stay to finish things off or help close or anything like that, there's really nothing that you can do. What, you're going to complain? You'll just look unprofessional and get fired. Maybe this only happens to a few employees or maybe it only happens sometimes, but if it's a regular thing, that doesn't sound like much fun.

6 You Might Not Have Work/Life Balance

As one employee shared on Indeed.com, you might not have a great work/life balance when working at this restaurant. Work/life balance is a tricky thing for sure and it's something that everyone is pretty obsessed with talking about these days. On the one hand, everyone loves to complain about how busy they are all the time, and on the other hand, people are talking about the importance of self-care and staying healthy. It's a tough balance and it might not look perfect all the time.

This employee said that they would sometimes work three days in a row on the weekend and stay at the restaurant until 1 a.m. That definitely sounds like the opposite of having a work/life balance so it would basically just be work.

5 You're Expected To Work Tirelessly

As a dishwasher for the restaurant posted on Indeed.com, the job can be really difficult. They shared their true feelings about their experience. As they wrote, "The dishwashing is constant and endless. And that’s to be expected. However the managers are constantly complaining that the work needs to be done faster. We would have 4-5 dishwashers on each shift but we could never stay ahead of the work to the satisfaction of supervisors. And we worked frantically and very hard every day. To make the situation worse, the supervisor would come into the kitchen and bark orders at us with a mean and degrading tone."

That does sound really hard and like the opposite of a dream scenario. You're probably tired just reading that, right?!

4 You Work Overtime Sometimes

Some employees shared on Glassdoor.ca and Indeed.com that working overtime was a part of their job, and that could mean working holidays or three days in a row on the weekend.

While that's definitely going to be the case for a retail job or if you work at a restaurant, it still sucks. Because, let's face it, these jobs can be exhausting and working overtime is never a welcome thing. Of course, a lot of people would say that no one should complain about this since you make extra money and it's just all part of the job. And that's true. For sure. It just sounds like a tiring job already since people have shared that they're standing and on their feet for their entire shift. So throwing overtime into the mix sounds tiring, too.

3 The Management Makes It A "Strict" Place To Work

Whether employees shared their stories and opinions and experiences on Indeed or Glassdoor, there was one thing that they have in common: they felt like management made it a very strict place to work.

One employee wrote on Indeed, "This is a very strict, cut-throat environment, where those at the bottom are not protected or looked after, and the worst individuals in upper management are kept for years and years." And another posted, "But the management team is absolutely horrible. They do not care about the server team at all. DO NOT work here if you ever plan on being sick, or in a car accident, or having to miss work for any reasonable situation because you will be written up and then given a bad schedule." And someone else said, "I have been in service for 32 years and it was the worst managed, worst company, with the least respect for its employees I have ever seen in the industry."

2 It Can Be Hard To Get Promoted

Once you get into a groove at any job, you probably start thinking about getting promoted and maybe even getting a raise. It's only natural to think about those things, and that's even truer if you feel like you're doing a really great job.

One employee shared online that they didn't feel that they could get promoted. As they wrote, "I loved working here and I learned a lot, unfortunately there wasn’t much room for advancement in my opinion and that was a deal breaker for me. But its a great place to get experience and learn the basic." That sounds reasonable, right? It's not like they were super negative -- they explained their feelings and said that there were some good aspects about working there, they just wanted to grow and get promoted and that didn't seem like it was going to happen.

1 Employees Pay Half The Menu Price For Food

You would think that the best thing about working at a restaurant like this one is getting free food, right? For some people, that would be the most attractive thing about the job, and might even get them to apply there in the first place. That's especially true if they went there growing up and had super fond childhood memories.

Well, it turns out that employees pay half of what customers do, so they don't get to eat there for free. One person shared this on Indeed and wrote, "The food at the cheesecake factory is amazing and employees were able to eat but have to pay half the amount customers would pay." While some people might say this isn't a big deal and is nothing to complain about, others would probably say that employees should get free food for sure. What do you think?!

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