16 Rules That The Victoria’s Secret Angels Have To Follow

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16 Rules That The Victoria’s Secret Angels Have To Follow

It’s no secret that the Victoria’s Secret Angels have hit the genetic jackpot. Every time that annual fashion show airs once a year, we watch with envy and bitterness as our boyfriends ogle the airbrushed beauty in front of them. Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel means that you have made it as a top model and established your mark in the fashion industry. These flawless women are enough to take you back to your insecure middle school days. Remember when you walked down the hallways and the hot girl squad strutted their stuff right past you? Well, if you thought that was humbling, then try almost making it as a Victoria’s Secret Angel by barely missing the cut. That’s right. Not just anyone can be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The audition process is more rigorous than choosing astronauts for NASA.



Keep in mind that when you are watching the Victoria’s Secret Angel fashion show, that is all smoke in mirrors. Advertisers are geniuses at forming the illusion of perfection that even rejects some of the world’s most beautiful women from making it as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Even the ones that do make the cut have to meet an extremely high set of standards that gives them a shelf life that eventually expires.

Imagine an alternate dimension where you have been blessed with supernatural good looks to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel (as illusory as that sounds). Here are the 16 rules you would have to follow in order to be a part of the coveted elite squad.



16. Thou Shalt Be Between The Ages Of 18-22



The brand of Victoria’s Secret is strict when it comes to age. If girls are not in the age gap between 18 and 22, then they will not even be taken into consideration. Though it sounds insane that anyone over the age of 22 is considered “too old”, that is one of the strict requirements to becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Yes, there are veterans like Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Adriana Lima but guess how old they were when they walked their first show?

Now, youngins like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne have broken out on the runway proving themselves forces to be reckoned with. Many first-timers start out in the PINK section of the show and then working their way up to sexier displays. There is a narrow window of time where young models get that chance for their big break.



15. Thou Shalt Meet Unrealistic Body Requirements



Here are the specific requirements for the physique to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. First off, height: the desired height range is from ‘5″8 to 6 feet. Anyone shorter doesn’t stand a chance. Next, there’s weight: even though there is no specific weight range, most of the Victoria’s Secret Angels are between the 115 lbs. to 125 lbs. range. (Though recently, Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for putting skinnier girls on the runway more so than previous years.) The most desired measurements that indicate an hourglass shape are a 34-inch bust, 24-inch waist, and 34-inch hips. However, that is ideal but not set in stone. Victoria’s Secret Angels such as Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge and Miranda Kerr have a smaller than 34-inch bust.

14. Only The Best Of The Best Get To Wear The Fantasy Bra


NY Daily News

The Fantasy Bra is the most important bra that is ever worn at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It is the grand finale of the show and only someone special gets to wear it. To be chosen to wear the Fantasy Bra is the highest badge of honor in this already elite squad. Those who have been so fortunate to win that honor have been Heidi Klum, and Adriana Lima (both who have worn it the most), Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel. Their worth ranges between $2 million to $10 million. It is encrusted with diamonds, rubies and other dazzling gems. It designed to fit the supermodel’s body and has proved itself to be a staple in fashion. Fun fact: if it doesn’t get sold soon enough after the show, it then gets taken apart.



13. Thou Shalt Make It Through Cut-Throat Casting Calls



This audition is almost identical to the NFL Draft, but in the world of fashion. Only the best of the best get to make the cut. There are about 500 girls that get called in through their modeling agencies to come and audition. During the first round, the Victoria’s Secret casting directors line the aspiring angels up in identical lingerie sets so they can strut their stuff. If you make the cut, you get to start out in the PINK section of the show. Even if you don’t make it, it is still a compliment to even be considered for the brand. Though that doesn’t make the feeling of rejection any less painful. It is a grueling process and the nerves and emotions of these hopefuls are through the roof during this time.



12. Only Genetic Mutants Stand The Test Of Time



A sad fact about modeling in general is that it has a short-lived expiration date. Representing the brand of Victoria’s Secret is certainly no exception. Usually, the Victoria’s Secret Angels get their start between the ages of 18-22 and last maybe a few more years until they get the boot. Once they get to be in their late ’20s, that is usually the time where they honorably descend into more mature gigs (or retire). However, there are a few exceptions to this. Adriana Lima has been the longest reigning veteran as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She began modeling for Victoria’s Secret at the tender age of 16 and still has been the face of the brand at the age of 36. Though she does not even look a day past 24 with that baby face, she has literally been with the brand for 20 years (the majority of her life). Talk about a life accomplishment.

11. Thou Shalt Have Upper Body Strength



Those wings that you see gliding those perfect Victoria’s Secret Angels down the runway take a lot of energy out of them. They can weight up to 40 lbs so their upper body strength must be intact in order for them. Although the exact weight of each pair of wings tends to vary, they can be hard on your back if you aren’t strong enough to hold them up straight. The heaviest pair was 40 lbs worn by Alessandra Ambrosio in 2011 covered in more than 105 Swarovski crystals. Heidi Klum has been credited with wearing the largest pair of wings in 2003, which measured at more than 12 feet. You have to admire the stamina on these women. They are not only beautiful, but they are strong.


10. Thou Shalt Have Patience – There Is A Lot Of Waiting Around



Just like any other runway show, there is nothing but chaos and running around behind the stage. Usually, this is a process of “hurry up and wait.” The call time for models to come in for preparation is early in the morning. They must come in fresh-faced and makeup-free while the makeup artists and hair stylists begin to prepare them. Wardrobe stylists scramble around to get outfits together for each girl. As each girl walks on stage and then exits, she must immediately run to her post to change into the next outfit. She is then rushed into position in line. Prior to that, there are hours of downtime as each girl waits her turn for her hair and makeup to be done. There is a lot of time for selfies and horsing around.



9. Thou Shalt Complete A Grueling Rehearsal



Before the crowded, stadium-sized venue fills up and the atmosphere glitters with paparazzi lights, there is an excruciating amount of preparation that needs to happen before anything glamorous takes place. The day prior to the show, the models, musicians, and crew members must do the entire sequence of the show from start to finish. This means that everyone is there just for the practice part. There are many hours, energy and anxiety that go into these shows. The entire duration of the show lasts for such a short period of time compared to the hours of preparation it takes to get it off the ground. Victoria’s Secret Angels have to practice their walk and get comfortable in their heels in order to kill it on the catwalk. From what it seems on TV, the payoff must be worth it.

8. Thou Shalt Have An Exercise Routine



In order to earn the privilege to wear wings, the Victoria’s Secret Angels must be in tip-top condition since casting begins months before the show takes place, the brand has given more exposure via social media to show how the models prepare for the show. You cannot have a morsel of cellulite unless you want the entire world to see it. Under the hashtag #trainlikeanangel, models such as Candice Swanepoel show what types of workouts they do in order to get into shape for the catwalk. Everything from boxing to ballet to yoga is all in the works. Many girls have personal trainers to make sure they stay on a routine. It shows with their toned legs and killer abs prominently displayed on the runway.





7. Thou Shalt Go On Specific, Regimented Diets



Along with a rigorous exercise routine, Victoria’s Secret Angels must watch what they eat and fuel their bodies with energy in order to have banging bodies. Of course, genetics is already on their side when it comes to naturally svelte figures. Contrary to the myth that the starve themselves, may models eat up to 6 meals a day on a diet consisting of mostly carbs and alcohol. Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is much like being a professional athlete in the sense that their bodies are their paycheck. Pigging out is not an option but neither is starving yourself. This almost makes us glad that we don’t have to be supermodels, well almost…kind of. Also, eating healthy most likely gives them that glow that lights up the stage. Or at least we would like to think so.



6. Thou Shalt Incorporate Their Own Personal Brand



Each Victoria’s Secret Angel has a different persona from the next. This means that they always have a variety of poses that are fun and sexy. These poses should be natural, playful, sexy and they always have a huge smile on their face. If a Victoria’s Secret Angel is fun and flirty, she will light the room with her bubbly personality. If she is sultry and sensual, her stare will give you that “come hither” vibe, underneath a lacy number. The important thing is that the girls let their unique personality shine through without trying to be something that they are not. They love themselves and let others fall in love with them as well. There are different kinds of sexy and each girl knows how to put their own spin on it.



5. Thou Shalt Act Like An Angel At All Times



Victoria’s Secret Angels go on big promotional tours and give many interviews prior to the big annual show. This means that they must exude an air of positivity as if there is a halo perpetually hanging over their head. Attitude and personality are everything in order to represent such a prestigious brand. They must always smile, act friendly and approachable. This is especially true when they have to interact with the public. Even at the height of the backstage chaos and madness during the show, every Victoria’s Secret Angel must act gracious and respectful at all times. It goes back to the idea of earning your wings. You cannot be considered an angel without illuminating angelic behavior. Many girls would love to be in that position, so ungratefulness will ever be tolerated.



4. Thou Shalt Make It Worth The Hefty Price Tag



Millions of budgeting dollars goes into making the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show a consistent success year after year. This means that it is carefully planned, the right girls are chosen and that the logistics are perfectly coordinated. It is estimated that between 2-10 million dollars goes into production. There is a reason that Victoria’s Secret is such a successful brand. After viewing the show during the holiday season, women flock to stores (or shop online) and drop hundreds of dollars in order to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Or, their boyfriends get them none other than lingerie for Christmas because they want the temporary illusion that they are dating a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Either way, ew can all just keep dreaming. This is an advertiser’s marketing genius.

3. The General Public Is Not Invited



There is even more security at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show than there is at the White House. Yes, you heard that right. This means that heaven’s pearly gates is safely guarded to keep our beloved Victoria’s Secret Angels away from any harm. Seriously though, it is really to keep away any creepers, undesirables, or unsavory characters away from halting production of the show. God only knows how many crazy dudes (or girls for that matter) would love nothing more than to be Peeping Toms at this spectacle of an event.

Only exclusive guests get to attend the show to be a part of the audience. This includes fashion designers, journalists, Hollywood heavy hitters, and big name industry influencers. No matter how much money you have in your bank account, you can’t just simply purchase a ticket. Sorry, but keep dreaming. An exclusive event means invite only.

2. Thou Shalt Always Be Prepared To Look Flawless



During the show season, a Victoria’s Secret Angel has to be ready for lights, camera…action (and no, not just the moment they hit the runway). Without any exceptions, their hair and makeup must be on point and the girls must always be ready for posing in font of the camera. There is simply no room for a sloppy appearance or a day to be hungover. Once a Victoria’s Secret Angel has earned her wings, she must not throw all that hard effort in the water. She must honor what she has accomplished to get the wings in order to stay true to herself. When she is being interviewed, she has to smile and give the right answers. In a way, it is like competing in Miss America, minus the final winner and the show is way sexier.



1. Thou Shalt Be Beautiful (Well, Duh)



Beautiful, striking facial features are the very first thing that Victoria’s Secret casting agents look for when they make their selection. Some characteristics that all the Victoria’s Secret Angels have are full lips, striking eyes, high cheekbones, and smaller noses. Hair is also extremely important. Casting agents usually tend to book girls that have natural hair that has not been dyed or damaged. Natural beauty is the key to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. No matter how many hours of makeup and hair is spent on a girl, she must roll out of bed looking beautiful, not contrived. Even if they are caught out in public by paparazzi with not a stitch of makeup, they still stun and make the rest of us look bad by comparison.



Source: trendylikeme.com, Elle, CBS, fashionunited.com

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