16 Reasons Why You Should Break Up More In Your 20s

Your twenties are meant to be celebrated. This is the time in your life when you will probably make the most important mistakes—also some of your biggest. There’s nothing wrong with that. Life is a cycle of living and learning, and if you think that you need to stick with a dead end or toxic relationship then this post is for you.

Whether you just turned 20 or are a 29-year-old, you still have plenty of time to live your best life. Your 20s are a confusing, crazy time. You are doing and going through so much change in your life during these core years. This Is the time that you use to build your own foundation for your life.

You are learning who your real friends are, and learning to love yourself. That is why it's totally okay for you to have tons of different breakups in your 20s. In fact, I think It's pretty much necessary in order to say that you lived your 20s up to your fullest. Between ghosting and the endless cycle of non-commitment that millennials have spread around, you can bet that you are going to have to kiss a ton of frogs before finding your prince. Don't let this get you down though. You are not alone, we've all had our fair share of heartbreak. It's all a part of growing up.


16 Your Twenties Should Be A Romantic Journey With Ups And Downs

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Your twenties will be your epic journey to ‘the one’. Or whatever final romantic step that you believe in. Yes, you’ll get some ups, but you will also get some downs. That’s just how life rolls. You are thrown so many lemons, and then you have to figure out what to do with them—whether you make lemonade or not.

If you find yourself dating a slew of guys, that’s a good thing! You’re still testing the waters and getting to know different kinds of relationships. You are also getting to know what you can deal with in a relationship, and what is purely a deal breaker. You don’t discover this if you only date one or two guys, and jump in and out of long-term relationships.

15 Breaking Up More Often Helps You Become A Resilient Person


Are you a heartbreaker, or do you get your heart broken more often? Either way, you are getting stronger. Going through a lot of breakups will make you sad, yes, but also resilient. You will learn how to bounce back from failure much faster, and trust and believe that this will help you in the future.

No matter how successful a person is, they have faced a ton of failure. Failure is a big part of life. We all go through it, but it only means that something better is coming. We need to deal with the downfalls in order to appreciate what good things are coming your way. Breakups help make you tougher, and not take for granted the relationships in your future.

14 You Have Time To Work On Your Career Rather Than Focus On Guys


No boys fighting for you attention? Perfect! Now it’s time to focus on yourself. Your twenties is your time to shine, and figure out what you want to do for a living. What are you passionate about that will help you build a comfortable life for yourself in the future? Forget the guys, they will come and go, but your career is your own.

Your career is something that you have full control over. And guess what? Many women out there prove that you can have it all. Don’t ever feel like you have to choose between a guy and your career. Usually, when you are doing so well at work, the right guy will come along because you aren’t even worried about boys at the moment.

13 You're Just Starting To Get To Really Know Yourself Better

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Let’s get real: you have no idea who you are in your twenties. I don’t care how much you swear on your authenticity. The truth is that we all change as we grow older, and that’s totally normal. We don’t always want the same thing that we wanted a year ago. Or you imagine things lining up one way in your twenties, but a few years later you realized nothing ended up the way that you thought and you’re still happy with your life.

Your twenties are for growing and really getting to know yourself. I’m 26 years old, and I am nothing like I thought I would be when I was 21. My life took so many different twists and turns, and I’m still happy with where I am at now. You can’t tie yourself into a relationship and assume that things will just work because you want them to. People change, and as you’re changing if he’s not growing with you then its time to change him.

12 You Develop Exactly What You're Looking For In A Partner With Each Breakup


With every breakup, you learn exactly what you don’t want in your next significant other, and suddenly picking the right guy gets easier and easier. Of course, you don’t want to have a crazy list of expectations, but if you can’t deal with a high maintenance guy, or someone who is totally insecure, then you learn to steer clear of these kinds of guys.

You know what you are looking for now, so you don’t have to worry about constantly getting hurt anymore. Now you can easily pick out which guys are just for fun, and which guys are worth trying to have a relationship with. You get wiser as you get older, but also as you breakup more. Like I said, think of each guy as a learning lesson.

11 Talking To A New Guy Is Always Exciting

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I’ve dated a lot, don’t judge me. But I’ve learned to enjoy it. Yes, dating be totally anxious and tiring, but it can also be exciting and wonderful. ‘Talking’ to a new guy is thrilling in all the right ways. Think about it: you’re getting to know this new crush of yours. You’re getting the butterflies and learning all about this great new potential guy in your life.

Now you and your girlfriends can talk about your new crush while they whine about their current boyfriends. Getting to know a new guy and dating them can be so much fun. Well, the beginning is at least so much fun! And if you have enough breakups, you start up so many new relationships that you start to tell which ones will sizzle quick and which ones have the potential to stick.

10 There Is No Need To Rush Into Committing To Anyone

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When you were a kid you probably told yourself that you would be married by twenty-three and starting a family by twenty-five or something. Let’s join in on some laughter on that one. Really, what is with wanting to commit to one another so early on? Enjoy your twenties. These are your youthful days when you’re looking and feeling your best.

So, of course, you should be enjoying every moment before you get into a serious relationship because you will never be single again…hopefully. You have so much time to find ‘the one’ that you need to really stop worrying about it. Your friends will thank you more for it. Enjoy being single for as long as you can because having no worries won’t last long once you find your significant other.


9 This Is The Time To Learn About The Guys Who Are Jerks And Ditch'Em REAL QUICK

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Your twenties will be filled with so many hot guys…but many of them will also be jerks. Maybe its just guys in this age range or something, but it’s like a plague. Jerks are out there, and they are disguised under sweet lines and subtle texts. But once that screen is gone, and you are face to face, you meet the real guy who ends up being a total jerk.

Do not put up with us! Why? Well, for starters there’s plenty of fish in the sea that will actually be nice to you. Guys in their twenties tend to be entitled, so don’t be surprised when your crush flips the script. It’s okay for you to walk away the minute you notice him shed his skin and reveal his true jerky-self.

8 You Learn The Significance Of Enjoying Your Own Company

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I’ve learned more about myself and learned to love myself after each and every breakup. Yes, it’s heartbreaking that you cared for someone and it just didn’t work out. But things happen. You pick up the pieces, move on, and get stronger. Being single means having to be on your own a lot, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Alone time allows you to reflect on yourself and concentrate on the things and people that matter to you. I use my single downtime to spend as much time with myself as possible. I learn what makes me tick, and what to look for in my next relationship. Plus, I love spending time in my PJs and not having to worry about running a brush through my hair sometimes. Being a girl is tough.

7 You're Just Learning All The Dos And Don'ts Of Romance


Think of your dating list in your twenties as a huge list of do’s and don’ts. What did you did that you could have definitely avoided in your past relationships? Again, they are hardcore learning lessons. You are perfecting your list of do’s and don’ts for your perfect future guy.

What should you do in front of a significant other, and what is best kept to yourself? You’ll learn the answer in your twenties. It may be rough, and there’s a good chance you are learning all of this the hard way, but that’s just the way it goes. You’ll get better at knowing yourself and being able to open up to others as you get older. Like for starters, maybe just don’t fart in front of your guy. Yes, it’s natural, but it’s also not sexy.

6 You Learn That Crushes Sometimes Change Once They Become Boyfriends

Picture it: you are head over heels over your new crush that you met at your part-time job. He’s cute, he’s flirty, and did we mention…he’s also super cute? Okay, he asked you out, you’ve been on a few dates and you’re official. Suddenly, you discover that he’s super jealous of your relationships with any guy friends, and he wants you to text him wherever you are.

Sure, the scenario may seem cute at first, but it gets super old very quickly. Your crush has kind of turned into a jerk as a boyfriend. It’s not like you could have known. The begging is always sweet with a spark, but as you get to know him it’s okay to realize that you made a mistake.

5 Love Is All About Those Necessary Lessons In Your Twenties


Falling in and out of love is just another learning cycle. It’s hard going through a breakup, but essentially you learn what you are able to deal with and what you simply can’t live without in future relationships. Your twenties are full of lessons, and your romantic life is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of every relationship you’ve gone through as a lesson.

Rather than hating your ex, or thinking about how much time you may have wasted in a bad relationship, think about what you got out of it. What did you learn about yourself? And what did you learn about what you need in a significant other? You can find these answers when looking back into any previous relationship, and it will help you succeed in a future relationship.

4 You Learn To Not Put Up With Any Dating Drama

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People fight, it happens. Whenever you put two people together, it’s not just al daisies no matter how well they get along. We are all different and have different likes and dislikes and beliefs. However, everyday little spats, petty arguments, and physical fights are a totally different story. We deserve to feel safe in any relationship, but if you can’t trust your partner o fight fair with you then it’s time to call it quits.

There is always drama in dating, no matter what. But there is a thin line between natural drama and totally unnecessary drama. There are many reasons that our relationships can hold drama, and usually, the blame is even on both sides, but if you find yourself more unhappy than happy, cut things off.

3 You're Still Testing The Waters In Your Twenties

I love this saying that you are ‘testing the waters’ when dating. It’s so true! You are dipping your toes into the guy pond to sense the temperature and your comfort before jumping right in. There are so many guys out there, and you definitely have the best pickings in your twenties. Hello, it’s all guys, guys, guys…and maybe some college homework here and there…and then more guys. Woohoo!

This is your time to meet all kinds of guys from jocks to artists to cool nerds, the influx of cute guys in their twenties seems endless. But I promise you will have fun testing the waters. If someone doesn’t work for you just move on to the next best thing. There’s no need to get hung up on the need for anything serious.

2 You Def Don't Need To Put Up With Cheating, EVER!


Okay, so you find out he cheated, now what? Dump him! You might think it’s harsh, but there’s a reason that therapists say that the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. If you are dating a repeat cheater, chances are things won’t get any better. If he’s cheated on you even once, there’s a good chance it can and will happen again. And I bet he doesn’t really care about you. Like I said, guys in their twenties can be total jerks.

Cut your losses and move on. Finding someone new to distract you isn’t the hard part. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, you deserve someone who is honest and committed to you the way you are honest and committed to them.

1 Getting Fresh Attention Is Fun When You're Recently Single And Just Split-Up


You are fresh out of split, but guess what? You are the life of the party girl! That’s right, soak up all of the new attention you are getting as a newly single twenty-something. This is your time to have fun and focus on you rather than dwell on a guy. Oh, and did I mention it’s all of the new guys paying attention to you.

Even if you’re a wallflower, you know that getting some attention as a freshly single woman is nice. You don’t have to worry about a jealous boyfriend lurking around the corner as another guy first with you. Welcome the flirting with open arms, and enjoy your freedom as a single girl. It’s even more fun if you can find some single girlfriends to have a good time with.


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