16 Real Women Reveal The Ways They've Marked Their Territory

Women, let’s be honest with ourselves: sometimes we can get a little wacky in our love lives. We get really caught up in our relationships, and get so completely attached that we just want to hold onto it forever. Sometimes that manifests itself in really healthy ways, and sometimes it REALLY doesn't. There's a fine line between being loving and clingy. Love makes everyone do irrational things! However, there’s a few folks out there who have done things that are more irrational than others.

A few people go so far as to not even wait for their significant other to become their official boyfriend/girlfriend before jumping all over them with wedding rings and vows of commitment. Don’t believe us? Read these totally true confessions found on everyone’s favourite secret-spilling site, Whisper. There’s women out there who have done everything from the typical late-night scratch marks to much more serious territorial takeovers, like changing lock screens and ringtones. And if you don’t think that’s bad, keep reading. Not only will you read some truly ridiculous choices that these women have made, you also might find one of your own actions on here! Don’t worry, you’re not alone… There’s at least 16 other people like you out there.

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16 Kiss And Tell Is Her Prerogative, Apparently


Take, for instance, this woman who decided it was appropriate that she leave her mark at her husband’s office space. Outside of the fact that he probably didn’t want to be pouring and sipping hot liquid out of her face, it’s a little too on the nose. As a couple you want to be able to trust that your significant other is thinking about you regardless of whether you’re actually with them or not. It should just go without saying that you and your partner think about each other. However, forcing them to think about you during important business meetings? Not super cool. Not to mention the fact that “kissmas” is definitely not a real holiday. While the mug idea is super sweet, it’s probably better to keep it at home for the morning coffee; not for the office pick-me-up.

15 Digging Those Claws In


Ouch! While we’ve definitely gotten a little wild in the bedroom before, it’s never with the intent to lay claim to someone (or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves). For this girl though, it seems like she had other ideas. Her claws came out and she actively put some effort into digging them into the back of that boy. He absolutely didn’t stand a chance at getting out unscathed, though we’re sure that he returned the favour… If that really is what they’re into, after all. We can’t seem to figure out if it’s an innocent mistake, or a malicious marking. Maybe it’s just the passion that comes along with young love. One thing we are sure of? Chlorine doesn’t exactly feel good on an open cut. Hopefully the scratches weren’t so deep as to sting during the swimming competition!

14 The Tattoo Was Permanent, But The Relationship WASN'T


Talk about too intense. While we don’t know how long they were together, it seems like it wasn’t meant to last. These two might have thought that they were together forever, but it turned out differently. It also raises a couple questions for us: Did she force him to get it, or did he think it was a sweet and romantic gesture? Does he still have it? It sounds like they’re not together anymore, but the question of the tattoo pervades. Why would he keep it if it sounds like it probably ended badly? There’s no doubt in our minds that a relationship that broke up months after tattooing your significant other’s signature on your chest probably has some bad feelings attached to it. Hopefully he’s in a better place, and she’s figured out some of her issues.

13 When Gift Giving Takes A Crazy Turn...


Printed t-shirts are a popular gift, but rarely does someone go through the effort of getting a design custom printed for someone else. No matter how much you love your boyfriend, you’re probably going to opt to purchase that pre-printed Fall Out Boy graphic tee rather than design something of your own. That’s not the case for this woman though! She did design her own shirt, but it’s a little blunt. There’s less of the “I care so much about you and your interests that I made you this” and more of the “I’m being way too intense and territorial and can’t seriously expect you to wear this”. Hopefully it was a joke, and he didn’t get upset about being given what is essentially a property label.

12 Always Watching, Just Like Santa


Changing your boyfriend’s lock screen to be a photo of you once is a cute surprise. Doing it twice is a little too much. Doing it again and again? You’ve gone too far. Especially when your motivation is to remind him that you’re ALWAYS WATCHING. It’s like that weird slug receptionist in Monsters Inc. Nobody wants that! Plus, the fact that this woman feels like she needs to watch her boyfriend constantly is a huge problem. What do you think he’s going to do? Cheat on you? If that’s what’s happening, you need to confront him face to face. Don’t do this passive aggressive stuff. The best way to figure out your problems is to talk about them and confront them, not focus on putting pictures of you onto his electronics.

11 The Most Territorial Dare EVER


Yuck. Ladies, we don’t care how tempted you are to turn his body hair into a work of possessive art… Chest hair should be off limits when it comes to marking your territory. Just like back hair or leg hair, chest hair is a type of hair that served a purpose once upon a time. While it’s hard to remember that now, it’s not hard to think about the fact that shaving decorative anything into your man is almost never a good idea. If someone seriously considered doing this we’d raise our eyebrows. Who thinks that that’s alright? Putting your initials into someone’s hair? Luckily this woman and her boyfriend were just pulling off a kind of hilarious dare, no doubt at a party. We don’t blame them for fulfilling the requirements, but we hope that that was a one-and-done experience and not a new grooming habit.

10 When You're Too Shy To Ask Him Out, But Want Everyone To Know He's Yours...


Talk about tactics! Obviously she and the guy were getting close enough that it was okay to put some lipstick on his shirt, whether he thinks she meant to or not. Do you think he enjoyed it? If it was a rental suit, we’re guessing that he’s probably cursing the fact that he let himself get close enough for that. If it’s his, he might be a little more excited. Lipstick isn’t impossible to get out of a shirt, and the fun of it was probably more than enough to make up for any stains. We start to question when she talks about her reasoning behind it, though. If she seriously, actively kissed down the front of his shirt just to ward off the other women at the wedding… Yikes. Just talk to the man, okay?

9 We've All Thought About Doing This One Before, Right Ladies?


Okay, this one is probably the most understandable. We know that there’s a special kind of jealousy that can come up when facebook and social media are brought into the mix of a relationship. Online cheating is just as much of an issue as in-person, tangible cheating. However, just because someone comments on a Facebook status doesn’t mean that they’re hooking up. Commenting on all of your boyfriend’s stuff is a good way to show that you’re engaged with your partner, but isn’t necessary when it gets over the top. Especially if you’re commenting on his photos from the 7th grade that are easily 10 years old. Relax, and only engage with the stuff that you feel you can contribute to; be it through supporting him, cracking a joke, or linking a relevant GIF.

8 The Onesie Life Is The Best Life... Especially When There's A Boyfriend Involved


This is kind of adorable. The couple that onesies together stays together. We believe that you’re better off being silly and ridiculous with a boyfriend rather than thinking you need to be romantic and passionate all the time. It unlocks whole new levels of intimacy, being able to feel dorky and free together. Not to mention the fact that Valentine’s day is meant to be a ridiculous holiday anyway. It doesn’t matter what you do that day, as long as you’re with someone you really love. Be it your best friend or your boyfriend, you’ve absolutely got a right to dress in matching onesies and go watch the new star wars. Territorial? We don’t think so. It’s a little too cutesy for us, but we support those that want to.

7 It's Like She Shrunk Herself And Jumped Into His Pocket


Are you sure he loves it? Like, really sure? Or are you telling yourself that so you don’t feel bad about the fact that you changed his ringtone to potentially the most ridiculous notification noise ever. Some couples like having cutesy ringtones for each other, but we’ve never been that way. Nobody likes an obnoxious “I love you” being screamed from their pocket. Hopefully this isn’t like lockscreen girl, who kept changing the pictures back. Changing his ringtone once might be funny, but changing it again… A little bit weird. Especially if he doesn’t actually like the fact that he has to deal with teasing from his friends and strange looks from old ladies on the bus. Maybe, if you want to remind him you love him, you could just shoot him a text message and say it then?

6 Grandma's Going To Be So Disappointed (Or Very Proud)


Grandma was probably so unimpressed. No doubt she took one look at that gigantic, purple bruise and shook her head. No grandson of hers should be walking around announcing his s*x life like that. And Grandpa! No doubt the grandkids almost gave him a heart attack, if that hickey is as big as she admits it is. She definitely used one of the most classic tricks in the book when it comes to territorial marking of a significant other, and one that we will freely admit that we’ve used. Don’t you just love the feeling of having a little love mark from your significant other on your collarbone? We absolutely do. However, we’re always careful to not let our grandparents see… Just in case it makes them keel over with disappointment.

5 We Wonder If That One Day Every Came Or If It Was Just Too Much


The idea of a wedding ring is a long held tradition in many cultures. It symbolises the infinity of a marriage, as the ring has no beginning or end. It continues circling the wearer, and is often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as that’s where the heart line extends. Neat, huh? If a couple wants to take that symbolism and wear it before they’ve been officially “married”, we say go ahead. You and your boyfriend can do whatever feels right for you, even if that means wearing wedding rings without the wedding. It’s a touching piece of symbolism, as long as both of you are jazzed about it. If this woman really is forcing him, he might decide he’s better off without it rather than putting a ring on it.

4 A Joke? Sure...


Okay, he laughed really hard. But what did he do next? Did she expect him to actually wear them? Why waste money on a gift that was just a joke? Is she sure that she didn’t have any ulterior motives for getting him those tags? While it might seem sweet and a little funny to get your boyfriend a locket, or a printed set of tags with your name on it, it’s more often than not just a little weird. There’s an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the receiver to wear these possessive jewelry pieces, and we don’t like that fact that they might be a little excited by them. You can’t own people. People have agency and freedom. If you’re thinking that you need some reassurance that your boyfriend will come home each night, you maybe need to have a chat with him.

3 At Least This One We Agree With!


Okay, this one can get a little clingy. While we appreciate the fact that you want to keep an eye on your boyfriend when you two are out and about, it really shouldn’t be necessary. Especially if you two are out with friends! If you start getting all up and clingy with your boyfriend, inevitably you’re going to end up alienating friends that you’re with. You’re also going to stop having a good time. Let yourself relax, and don’t worry about doing what this woman did. It’s really not necessary. She might feel that she had to keep eyes on her man all night, but that’s more indicative of the flaws in their relationship rather than the reality of what it’s like to be with someone. Hopefully they don’t go out often; or, if they do, hopefully they’ve figured out a way to keep jealousy out of the situation.

2 Or, You Know, You Could Talk To Him About Your Relationship Status


Don’t deny it: you’ve totally done this too. Ladies, it’s just a fact of life that if you stay over at a guy’s (or a girl’s) place you’re going to leave a little something in the hope that you’ll get to go over again soon. Sometimes it’s a bobby pin, and sometimes it’s a set of underwear. Sometimes it’s a book that you really need to get back. Whatever it is, having a little token there ensures that you’ll stay on their mind, and they’ll know that you’re coming back. However, if you’re leaving things just to make your presence known on the off chance that he’s inviting other people over, that’s not cool. You’re literally marking territory with your hair clips, which then turns into a level of possessive that’s not exactly expected on a first sleepover.

1 And Finally: The Most Reliable Way To Mark Your Man


The most effective territory marker of all is marriage. If you’re really, really in love with your boyfriend you’ll find that one day you two might decide to get married. There’s so much love between you two that you won’t be able to help that both of you want a way to describe the other one to the world; the titles “husband” and “wife” start to look like a pretty good way to describe that love. It’s also a way to lock down your partner, and to make a commitment that lasts forever. While divorce rates might be staying steady and high, we believe there’s still a little magic left in relationships. Love will prevail, and you can easily mark each other’s “territory” by a simple ceremony and exchange of bands. While people aren’t property, it can feel good to have your partner committed forever.

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