16 Pictures That The Cast Of 'Shameless" Wants Deleted From The Internet

 Shameless has been our go-to series since it's debut on Showtime in 2011. Based on the John Wells' popular British show of the same name, the American counterpart has enjoyed mass success throughout its eight seasons on air. Revolving around the kooky Gallagher family, Shameless is a comedy that has no limits, and continuously gets us with shocking twists and turns. We cannot get enough of family front woman, Fiona, who is ironically the most responsible member of the Gallaghers. Deadbeat dad Frank has given William H. Macy the opportunity to play the most vile and hated character of his career. Somehow, we still have a soft spot for him, and a spin in Season 8 (no spoilers for those who haven't tuned in!) makes us see him in a softer light.

With a steady fan base of close to 2 million viewers per episode, Shameless has quickly become a cult classic series, adored by those that tune in. What keeps our interest is the cast. The colourful and fun characters keep our interests piqued episode after episode. In true Shameless fashion, our favorite actors don't always look their best when stepping out off-set. Here are the 16 Pictures That The Cast Of 'Shameless" Wants Deleted From The Internet

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16 Emma Kenney Growing Up WAY Too Fast

Emma Kenney has been playing little sister Deb since the beginning of Shameless, but season six introduced us to a much more grown-up side of the young redhead. Becoming a teenage mom was the first step in her evolution towards big-girl territory. But, there's something about her grown up look that doesn't quite sit right with us. Could it be the makeup? The overly done hair? While Emma is a pretty girl, dolling herself up too much just makes her look kind of clownish and we aren't loving it! Emma has just turned 18 recently, so she's probably just getting over eager about being an adult. Someone tell her to put the breaks on and lock up her makeup kit until she's a little bit older- we still want to see her ride it out as our favorite kid sister on Shameless.

15 Ethan Cutkosky Caught Underage Drinking

Looks like Ethan Cutkosky has made drinking quite a habitual practice in his down time. The barely legal star has been photographed on several occasions drinking alcohol, and many of these instances happened before he turned 18. His recent DUI is just the cherry on top. Hopefully, this little brush with the law will open his eyes to the reality that he has to get his act together. Yes, he's young, he's rich and he's famous. But partying hard and getting into trouble will not lead him to greener pastures. He's better off learning early that moderation and responsibility will actually serve him best. He has been dating actress Brielle Barbusca for a little while now; maybe she can steer him towards a healthier (and smarter!) path.

14 William H Macy Looks Washed Out On The Beach

via linkvision.blogspot.com

William H. Macy plays beloved yet abhorred patriarch Frank Gallagher on Shameless. His inaptitude to father his six children responsibly makes up a good part of the series' plot. Love him or hate him, he has managed to step into this role and make it completely unique. Frank is by no means a looker, and William doesn't set the bar very high either! Although he is super funny and charismatic, we wouldn't push it and say that he is the most handsome guy on the show. Recently, he was spotted on the beach looking rather pale and washed out. The good news? He has been married to actress Felicity Huffman for 20 years, and they have been a couple for almost four decades. If he has managed to keep a beautiful lady in his life for all these years, he's got nothing to worry about when he hits the beach sans tan.

13 Emmy Rossum Won't Like This Screen Shot

There's really no denying that Emmy Rossum is the biggest star of Shameless. Her character, Fiona, is the main protagonist, keeping the deranged family together despite continuous backlashes. She looks like a goddess when dressed up, but she can also pull off the frumpy girl-next-door look without a hitch. This screenshot of her doing an ice bucket challenge is definitely not her finest look. She would most likely not be opposed to this being deleted off of the Internet, but of course, there's no way of sweeping through all of the unflattering shots and eliminating them all. Whether or not she looks a little bit less than desirable here, we still love her. Fiona has always been our favorite Gallagher, and that's not about to stop just because we've seen one shot where she's not looking super fly.

12 Emma Greenwell Not So Pretty Before Fame

Emma Greenwell is definitely model material, both on and off set, but this older photo of her is not her most fashionable look! The American born actress grew up primarily in the U.K., where her father is from. She has been playing the role of Mandy Milkovitch on Shameless since 2011, but hasn't appeared since 2016, when she made an appearance in Season 6. Although things went sour with her and Lip on screen, she is his real-life girlfriend, and the pair have been dating for over six years. The cute couple have been serious about each other from the very beginning, and have already discussed marriage. Although they very much want to tie the knot, they are both still in their 20's and want to wait until they are a little bit older before locking in their love.

11 Jeremy Allen White: Wake and Bake

We know that Lip has had his fair share of high time on screen, but it looks like actor Jeremy Allen White is taking his character's habits to heart. Photographed looking like he just rolled out of bed, Jeremy could definitely use a large coffee and a shower to wake himself up. The 26 year-old New York native is a bit of a self-proclaimed party animal outside of his professional life. It must be hard not to party when you became an overnight success before turning 21 and you play a character who is a huge boozer. Jeremy spends most of his time in L.A these days, where most filming takes place, except for the outdoor scenes, which are all filmed in Chicago, where the series takes place. Jeremy's real life girlfriend is Emma Greenwell, also known as Mandy, his on-again-off-again love on the show. Looks like he shares quite a few things with Lip!

10 Not Cameron Monahan's Best Look

Cameron Monaghan plays loveable brother Ian, a gay teenager who struggles with finding his identity in the early seasons of Shameless. Many fans wondered if Cameron was also gay in real life- since his portrayal of a gay teen was so honest and believable. Although it is totally irrelevant whether he is or not, he has stated in interviews that he is straight, and that it is a bit off for him to have to "come out" as hetero. The 24 year-old has been acting and modelling since he was a young child, so being in the spotlight is definitely not new to him. He usually looks slightly more polished than this candid shot where he seems to be channeling Drop Dead Fred, though. The dopey eyes and fuzzy face don't do him justice, Cameron is a real life adorable ginger that we'd love to cozy up to.

9 William H Macy Acting A Tad Too Much Like His Character?

William H. Macy certainly knows how to play the part of the drunken, down and out deadbeat, but are his real life habits mimicking his on-screen character? Contrary to popular belief, William is not a big boozer in real life. He has said that he loves playing Frank Gallagher, but that acting drunk all the time is a bit of a bore. He has certainly enjoyed Season 8, where Frank makes a bit of a miraculous leap into sobriety. With his acting career on fire, it's no surprise that William can't keep up with drinking too much if he wants to stay alert and productive during the day. The 67 year-old has a small frame and an admittedly low tolerance to alcohol. Luckily, he has not been influenced by Frank to party more and get himself into trouble!

8 Ethan Cutkowsky Is  A Real Life Troublemaker

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Ethan Cutkosky is one of the youngest lead roles on Shameless, and essentially grew up on set, where he plays little brother Carl Gallagher. The 18 year-old had only appeared in small film roles prior to being cast in Shameless six years ago, when the series premiered. Sadly, growing up in the spotlight, playing a troubled character, has led to some problems in Ethan's personal life. Just before Christmas, Ethan was arrested for driving under the influence. He was pulled over in Los Angeles, and released on a $5,000 bail. William H. Macy, his onscreen dad, was quick to come to his defense when asked for comment. He spoke out about the difficulties attributed with growing up in the spotlight, and purported that Ethan is a great kid, who just made a mistake.

7 Not Steve Howey's Best Angle

Steve Howey is definitely one of the cutest guys on Shameless. Playing hot dad and cool neighbour, Kevin Ball, he has perfected the scruffy man look like no other. But, he's not exempt from having a bad day (or a bad photo taken) and here is the proof! This shot taken of him alongside Jeremy Allen White makes him look more like some no-name we went to high school with than a hot, rich actor that we regularly drool over. Nonetheless, his messy look didn't get in the way of his success with the ladies. He is married to beautiful actress Sarah Shahi, with whom he has three children. In true Shameless fashion, the couple were at the center of a lawsuit involving their former nanny in 2016. Allegedly, the nanny was suing the pair over verbal harassment and involving her in "sexual gossip".

6 Channeling Her Inner Kardashian?

Here's another shot proving that Emma Kenney is growing up way too quickly, and using way too much makeup. Spotted at the Power Rangers premiere, Emma looked a little more like a Kardashian than bubbly, redheaded Debs. The forced pout and not-an-18-year-old outfit are all just a little too much for us! Where is the little girl that we fell in love with? Emma is not linked to anyone, romantically, although she has described herself as "boy crazy". This isn't a far stretch from the character she plays on TV. There seems to be a pattern between these actors and their on-screen roles, don't you think? At 18 years old, Emma is already dabbling with smoking and drinking- two activities that were definitely made popular on the show she stars in.

5 Shanola Hampton Looking A Little Flabbergasted

Shanola Hampton, who plays fiery Veronica on Shameless, is definitely a style goddess. She even made mom-style PJ's and a messy bun look great, and the passion and love she shares with on-screen hubby Kevin are unmatched. But, even beauty queens have their down moments, like this candid shot of her at an event. Shanola is embracing her inner Donald Duck in this pic, and it's not the best look! Despite this, Veronica is still one of our top favorite characters on Shameless. Veronica quickly went from freaky wife and neighbour confidante to magical momma of three. Her bizarre relationship with her mother (who carried one of her baby's as a surrogate) made us squeal, but it was one of the best twists in the show's history.

4 Emmy Rossum Tries To Force Her Team To Win

Emmy definitely plays a tomboy on TV, and this shot proves that she has what it takes to be one of the guys. Sitting with legs sprawled, watching a game, she is definitely not concerned with looking ladylike in this moment! Her unkempt hair and uninspiring outfit make us wonder: what is going on here? Emmy is usually pretty polished when she steps out, but this photo proves that there are exceptions to all rules. Believe it or not, the 31 year-old has already been married twice. Her first husband was music producer Justin Siegel, whom she got married to in 2008, and divorced from in 2010. She is now married to her long time partner, Sam Esmail. The pair wed this year and so far seem to be going strong!

3 Jeremy And Emma Enjoy Some Off-Screen Trash Romance

Jeremy Allen White and Emma Greenwell were on-screen lovers, as Lip and Mandy. Their love affair would end tragically for Mandy, who was way more invested in Lip than he was in her, and subsequently, led her to being cast in less appearances. She hasn't appeared since Season 6, and no news on whether she will make another pop  up appearance in the future. But, not to worry, cause these two get to spend all their free time together in real life. Jeremy and Emma have been dating for over 6 years, and plan to wed when they are a little bit older. Not only do they take after their on-screen roles where romance is concerned, they also seem to be pretty good at channelling the trailer trash look. These two stepped out looking very much like their characters, down to Jeremy's cigarette.

2 Justin Chatwin...Or Harry Potter?

I present to you, one of the most unrecognizable photo's on this list! So, believe it or not, this is a photo of actor Justin Chatwin, who plays Jimmy/Steve. In the show, he's a pretty good looking guy (albeit one that made a ton of mistakes!) but in this photo, he is barely recognizable. The 35 year-old Canadian actor was a season regular for the first half of the series, until a plot twist (that left fans heartbroken) ended his character's days. The end of Jimmy left fans wondering if Fiona would ever find another true love. Some would say that the on-screen chemistry between Fiona and Jimmy could not be matched. Since departing Shameless, he has starred in several films, and starred in TV's American Gothic as Cameron Hawthorne.

1 Noel Fisher Proves That Blondes Don't Always Have More Fun

Noel Fisher might play a badass, gay rebel on Shameless, but this photo proves he's very...malleable with his image. Believe it or not, Noel is 33 years old (what?!), hetero and appeared in the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 as Vladimir. Like his on-screen sister Mandy, Mickey Milkovich was a regular cast member until Season 7, when his character had to cross the Mexican border to evade arrest after breaking out of jail. It's unclear whether he will make any future appearances on the show. The Vancouver native has no shortage of work, though. He has appeared in several TV shows since his last appearance on Shameless, including Hatfields & McCoys, The Booth At The End and Fear The Walking Dead. He also got married this year, to his partner Layla Alizada.

SOURCES: vulture.com

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