16 Pictures That Prove These Celebrity Parents Aren't The Best

Just because a person can have all the resources in the world and a seemingly stable life does not mean that they should be parents. In fact there is a very strong trend in Hollywood where parents are at the least neglectful of their kids and at the most, exploitive and abusive. Turns out that power, fame, and attention are not great for mental health and it makes people act in strange ways. If you're famous, you can try and convince everyone that you are 'normal' till the cows come home but the fact of the matter is that famous families just are not normal. Some celebrity parents do everything they can to express this, and are truly dedicated to their children and giving them a positive upbringing so they can become contributing members of society. Other celebrity parents just throw money at their kids, and we have seem many a celeb spawn totally spiral even though they seemingly have everything a person can want.

For all the celebrity parents on this list, their kids are just not a priority for them. Unless it has to do with using their child for money, fame, and in the case of one family on this list using them as your personal slaves. Some of the kids on this list have long since become adults, but you can see the lasting effects of what their parents did to them in childhood carried on to adulthood. Some of these celebs currently have young children, for whom we hope that there is other good family around them and / or, their parents change and actually grow into being good parents.


16 Kim & Kanye's Kids Are Raised By Nannies

You just have to take a look at Kim's social media to see how busy she is. There is one thing you cannot deny about Kim, and it is her hustle. This woman works all the time, on about 50 thousand different things. How else is she able to launch something new every week? Unfortunately the ones who pay the biggest price for all her work ethic are her kids, pictured above taking a trip to Miami with their nannies. We've heard of nannies going on vacations, but not actually being the ones to take kids on a vacation. And the amount of glam that Kim has to do every day to maintain her look, lets just say she's not getting up and feeding the kids. As for Kanye...we are pretty sure he live-in the studio. Why have the kids if you didn't want them?

15 The Duggars - Where Do We Start? Using Their Daughters as Servants Or Excusing The Abuse They Dealt With At The Hands Of Their Brother


Duggars. The fundamentalist over-sized Christian family that stole all of our hearts with their numerous cute kids and long jean skirts. They seemed to innocent when they first came on our screens, and some of us actually believed well maybe they are just a nice family - maybe 19 kids really does work for people. No. When news broke about what their oldest son Josh did to his sisters, the facade began to crumble. Josh got to live in the same house as his sisters / victims after assaulting them. Their parents simply put a lock on the girls bedroom door which just makes our skin crawl. The girls are married off as young as possible and quickly impregnated. There is not inspiring them to find themselves, go to school. Live a little. There is no way that the little kids have the time they need with their parents. Now all we see is chaos and the crushed dreams of little girls, not that we think it's that much better to be a Duggar guy.

14 Kate Gosselin Is One Of The Scariest Moms Ever - And Where Exactly Is Her Son Colin?

The reasons why Kate Gosselin kind of sucks as a parent have been around for years, She is short-tempered, unaffectionate, and honestly kind of cold-hearted. And she had 8 kids. While we have to commend her for single handedly raising 8-children, her methods leave a lot of be desired. One of her sextuplets has not been seen in months and Kate simply stated that he had special needs that she could not handle on her own so he was sent to a special school for it. His father Jon has said that he was not even aware that Colin was sent away, and he has no idea where he is. Colin was not even seen when Kate celebrated the sextuplets birthday. And knowing how Kate can is a bit of am ominous situation and we hope everything is okay.

13 Tori Spelling And Husband Dean Have Humiliated Their Kids Publicly With Their Relationship Just For Money


Tori and Dean spelling have been through a lot the last couple years, and very publicly at that. But that is something that they wanted and chose! Their meal ticket is airing all their families dirty laundry, with no thought as to how this will affect their 5 children when they get older. The last couple years have seen infidelity and some money problems with multiple credit card companies going after them. When it came out that Dean had cheated on Tori the couple decided to hash their marital issues out in a reality show about them for all the world to see. They got back together, and promptly had another baby. All of this just screams stability, we seriously wish their 5 kids all the luck in the world.

12 Chris Brown Is Still Angry And Abusive Just Ask His Baby-Mama

The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour - that is some wise Dr.Phil wisdom for y'all. Let us give you run down from some of the events in Chris Browns history. He was horribly abusive to Rihanna, he has had a restraining order put on by his ex-girlfriend Karruche Tran because he is still crazy. He throws tantrums, he has been kicked out of anger management, his baby mama also has had a whole slew of issues not the least being she was worried about him doing drugs around their kid. It is easy to see that Chris Brown struggles with anger and with how to properly treat women in his life. Who decided to have a kid with this guy? While his daughter is totally adorable, we just hope Chris can get it together so he can be much better father to her than he has been as a general person. Maybe anger management will take him back now that there is a little one that has to spend with with him.

11 Blac Chyna Had A Baby Just For Revenge And Money


Many people slow clapped with Blac Chyna revealed not only a big rock on her finger from Rob Kardashian but also that she was carrying his spawn. Everyone knows what happened between Blac Chyna and Kylie and Tyga, and this seemed to be Blac Chyna's revenge plan. Get on the Kardashian pay roll for at least 18 years. Leading up to getting pregnant with her daughter, Blac Chyna was arrested for being publicly intoxicated and having drugs on her, of course her baby daddy Rob bailed her out at the time and she was knocked up like a month later.

One look at her snapchat shows you that Blac is too busy partying and getting her hair and makeup done to be a present Mother, thankfully for Dream she actually sends more than 50% of her time with her dad. When Rob K is the better option, you know there are some issues. Why would anyone expect someone who had a baby for revenge and superficial reasons to be a good mom?

10 Mariah Carey Is Crazy For So Many Reasons, One Of Them Being Forcing Her Daughter To Perform When She Doesn't Want Too

Daily Mail

Mariah Carey has adorable twins Monroe And Moroccan with ex Nick Cannon. While Nick Cannon has been doing well since their break-up, and maybe even better Mariah seems to be...more Mariah than ever. She has had a failed engagement since then, and when she is in public or performing there is just People who went to one of her recent shows were upset to see her drag out her kids on stage which would be fine if the kids were enjoying it, but it was obvious that Monroe wanted nothing to do with it while Mariah seemingly pushed her little daughter to do something that obviously made her uncomfortable. We really hope Mariah doesn't become a crazy stage mom that starts to live through her kids...but we have to say we can totally see that happening.


9 Dina Lohan And Her Partying Ways


The state of Lindsay Lohan is a sad one. Beloved childhood actress that has spiralled for years. While she has seemingly calmed down since her heyday, everyone can see she is still troubled and not clear at the best of times. One needs to look no further than her parents to see why she is the way she is. Dina & Mike Lohan are just as messy as their daughter. Dina has been partying with Lindsay for years and it is obvious both women struggle with substance abuse issues. Let us remind you of an event that happened with Lindsay and her parents a couple years ago. Lindsay called her dad while she was fighting with her mom, and she made it clear in the call that there were drugs done that night. Nothing like getting wild with your mom. Well her dad thought it was a good idea to record the call and then release it. Yea. Between those two, Lindsay barely stood a chance and it is too late now, the damage has been done.

8 Farrah Abraham And All The Reasons - Most Recently She Used Her 8-Year-Old To Defend Her Adult Entertainment Career

Teen Mom Talk Now

Farrah Abraham got a sliver of fame when she began to star on the MTV reality show, Teen Mom. It followed her life as a single teenage mom to her daughter Sophia. In the first couple years Farrah was semi normal, and her family was the more whack one but Farrah has quickly become one of the craziest people ever. If you have't watched her on Big Brother,  you should if you want to see what crazy looks like. Farrah has lied to the press about being assaulted and she is always attacking someone. She left her daughter when Sophia was 4 with her parents and said it was good for them because Sophia needs to live her own life too. Most recently, Farrah got in trouble with MTV doing an adult entertainment show and she put Sophia on her SnapChat to defend her camming work. We can guarantee CPS has an open file on Farrah Abraham, but seriously this woman needs to be committed and not in charge of raising anyone.

7 Did You Know Kate Moss Has A Kid? She Forgets Too


Kate Moss is one of the most famous models that has ever lived, and we are talking real models here not Instagram ones. When she isn't modelling though, Kate lives a very crazy party lifestyle this has been a fact for decades. Most people forget that she has a daughter, Lila-Grace who is now 14-years-old with her ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack. Kate likes to drink and party, a lot and this has led to a number of public scuffles for her over the years. A couple years ago she was forced off of a flight for her belligerant behaviour and for swearing at the Air Stewardess. Lila-Grace was once asked if her mom was her idol and the youngster simply said 'No, she is embarrassing.' We feel like Kate has calmed down, and we hope she has before it is too late.

6 UK Reality Star Katie Price Called Her Daughter Ugly On National TV - Thats Just The Start Of It

Katie Price is one of the hottest messes in the United Kingdom, and that is saying a lot. Has anyone watched Geordie Shore? The reality star is always in tabloid headlines for one reason or another, usually for her off and on extremely dramatic relationships that she subjects all 5 of her kids too. To say that they live in an unstable environment is an understatement, and her oldest son lives with a disability which makes her antics doubly sad. Recently she said on a talkshow that she told her daughter, Princess, yes that is her name, that she was ugly when she was little. When you look at all the work that Katie Price has had done and all the attention that she so desperately seeks and then you hear that she says that to her daughter it is obvious that Princess will probably grow up to have a lot of her mothers self-esteem issues. Someone needs to step in for her kiddos and give them stability.

5 Another Teen Mom Star, Jenelle Evans Tested Positive For Drugs After The Birth Of Her Most Recent Child


Another Teen Mom star. What can we say, MTV sure knows how to pick'em. We have seen Jenelle give up custody of her first born to her mother so she could party and do drugs. She has gone through men faster than any of the other girls on the franchise and each one comes with a long criminal record. She had a second child with Nathan Griffin, Kaiser and the two are always fighting about something, currently it's about whether her new husband is abusing Kaiser and Nathan's mom is trying to get custody of Kaiser. Jenelle recently gave birth to her third child with her husband David Eason who also has a criminal record that includes strangling his pregnant baby mama and causing her to go into labor. When Nathan's moms filed documents to get custody of Kaiser, it was revealed that Jenelle and her newest baby Ensley texted positive for drugs when she was born. We hope Kaiser's Grandma gets custody of him, which only leaves Ensley and we hope someone steps in for her too.

4 Joe Simpson And His Creepy Comments About Jessica Simpson Paint A Gross Picture

Parent managers just skeeve us out. While we totally realize there are great parents who make great managers for their kids, at the end of the day these parents realize their kids are their meal ticket and the dynamics of that...are complicated. Joe Simpson is a very famous father / manager and he certainly did make his little girl famous. He also seemed very aware of what his daughters assets a creepy extent. Specifically her breasts! He has made some lewd comments about Jessica that would make most dads punch guys out if they heard them say that about their daughters. But not Joe Simpson. Jessica and Ashlee are full grown now and seemingly well adjusted, so maybe he wasn't as bad as he seemed.

3 Eddie Murphy Can't Even Keep Track Of His Kids


Eddie Murphy has 9 kids by 5 women. Any guy that has that pattern of behaviour usually proves themselves to be a very dedicated and involved father, right? Wrong. He is the father of Scary Spice's daughter and he has zero relationship with her. While we can't speak on the relationship he has with all his kids, but it is safe to say if he cares so little to have any involvement with one daughter why would he act differently with another kid? We don't fault Eddie for enjoying the activity that creates children, but there are so many things that can be done to prevent making them. Why make them if you really want nothing to do with them? Luckily their mothers have custody so this is not a situation where his presence is negatively affecting this kids. We just think he is one of the worst dads in Hollywood because of his indifference and absence.

2 Someone Get Spencer And Heidi Montags Miracle Baby Away From Them

Let us give you a rundown of Speidi's last decade. They went from being infamous for being villains on The Hills, to becoming almost totally forgotten. Spencer basically made the couple go bankrupt because he bought so many crystals, which he is still into if you follow him on SnapChat. Heidi got a lot of attention for getting something like 10 plastic surgeries in a day which is always a great gage of someones mental health and at the least self-esteem. These two are not what comes to find when you think of stable, lets put it that way. Now, they have had a baby. This is worrisome because we're not sure how these two have changed from when they were being totally crazy and fame hungry wannabes. Spencer literally spends his entire day on SnapChat and he probably spends 20 hours of his day on SnapChat. Maybe 20 minutes out of that with his new baby son. We hope these two have changed for the better for the sake of their little miracle baby.

1 Honorary Mention: Kylie Jenner With Her Vapid And Materialistic Life Expects To Be A Good Mom


Everyone knows that two people who make a baby within a couple months of dating and knowing each other are usually set up for a long-term and stable relationship. Lucky for Kylie that is exactly what she has going on with her baby-daddy Travis Scott. And everyone knows that young artists at the peak of their careers like Travis Scott is, are usually very faithful and dedicated family men that would rather spend time with their kid than go on tour with their friends. And women that struggle with some serious body dysmorphia and seemingly just take picture of themselves all day are usually well equipped to meet the emotional and physical needs of a child. It's not like Kylie hasn't had to think of anyone of but herself her whole life so she should totally be able to transition into making her life totally about another being. This whole situation just makes us sad for her future baby. Babies are not accessories, but she has probably seen her older sisters just have their kids raised by nannies and them trot them for cute photo ops so thats what she thinks parenting is.


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