16Fake Lashes And Fake Lips Doesn't Count

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Kylie Jenner has changed her appearance a lot since her younger years, with lip injections and a lot of really good makeup artists, which is why it’s hilarious for us to see this photo of Jenner, pretending to be au naturel.

She has the gift of youth on her side, and

her skin looks great, and let’s give credit where credit is due because Jenner does appear to have ditched the foundation to show everyone her super cute freckles. So, while she may have toned down her normal makeup look, she’s still pushing it trying to come across as makeup free, and no one’s buying it because they can see she's wearing false lashes, very obvious looking false lashes.

And unless Jenner’s lips are naturally that pink then it looks as though she is wearing a tinted gloss, too!

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