16 Pics Of Celebs Who Are "Makeup Free" Liars

You may look at the glossy pictures of celebrities in magazines and think it’s unfair that these people have such good genes. But is it really all down to genetics, or is there some really skilled makeup artists at work who transform these celebrities into goddesses? The answer is probably a bit of both, but in a society that places so much importance on beauty, it’s nice to sometimes see famous people ditching the makeup and reminding everyone that it’s important to embrace the skin you’re in.

There are a lot of female celebs who go to great lengths to encourage body positivity and self-love, and one of the ways they have done this is by posting no makeup selfies, so that people can see what they really look like when they’re not all dolled up. There’s just one problem, not all of these celebrities play by the rules. There have been several celebs who have said they are posting no makeup images, or implied that they have no makeup on because they are in bed, but actually, they’re telling lies. And below are some of these culprits.

Say hello to 16 celebs who are makeup free liars, and who should really have taken off their false eyelashes, or left that lip tint alone.

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16 Fake Lashes And Fake Lips Doesn't Count

We Heart It

Kylie Jenner has changed her appearance a lot since her younger years, with lip injections and a lot of really good makeup artists, which is why it’s hilarious for us to see this photo of Jenner, pretending to be au naturel.

She has the gift of youth on her side, and her skin looks great, and let’s give credit where credit is due because Jenner does appear to have ditched the foundation to show everyone her super cute freckles. So, while she may have toned down her normal makeup look, she’s still pushing it trying to come across as makeup free, and no one’s buying it because they can see she's wearing false lashes, very obvious looking false lashes.

And unless Jenner’s lips are naturally that pink then it looks as though she is wearing a tinted gloss, too!

15 Mariah Carey Forgot To Take Off Her Fake Eyelashes

Via Daily Mail

Mariah Carey is known for being a very glamorous woman, and when she’s not dripping with diamonds and wearing the most killer designer heels, she’s apparently sleeping in the fluffiest bedtime garment I’ve ever seen and wearing makeup to bed -- you know, just in case she gets a call to perform in the middle of the night, or needs to go somewhere for a photo shoot.

Why do I say this? Because it seems as though Mariah Carey really wants us to believe she woke up like this. But if she wanted to make this scenario at all believable, it probably would have helped if she took off her false lashes first. And even if I could look past those, I also spy what looks to be eyeshadow!

14 Does Demi Lovato Really Expect Us To Believe She’s Makeup Free?

Via Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato has used her fame to do a lot of good, and she’s gone to great lengths to encourage women and young girls to love the skin that they are in, and accept who you are, despite your imperfections.

And don’t get me wrong, Lovato looks great in this photo, but she must think we have serious problems with our eyesight if she thinks we believe she has no makeup on in this photo. Let’s examine what’s wrong with this selfie: The most obvious thing is blusher, because Lovato’s cheeks are not usually that rosy, and then it looks as though she has some false lashes on (natural looking ones, but still), and lastly, it looks as though she’s got a bit of gloss on her lips.

13 Kim Kardashian Sleeps With Smokey Eye Makeup

Via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman, and you can’t deny that (whether you like her or not), however, she’s not fooling anyone with this photo, no matter how stunning she may look in it. Firstly, this photo is edited to oblivion, but despite Kardashian’s handy work with filters, you can still see that she has smokey eyes. She probably also has foundation and lipstick on, but we can’t see anymore because she was clever enough to make the photo black and white (and thus disguise it).

The hilarious thing about this photo is that Kardashian chose to caption her image with “good morning.” Um, no! Does anyone actually believe that she went to bed with perfect and completely unsmudged makeup the night before? I’ll tell you the answer to that question: No!

12 Look Closely At Bella Hadid’s Lips

Via Bella Hadid/Instagram

Bella Hadid is one of the models of the moment and she has been hailed by many as being incredibly beautiful. She is, but she’s also a makeup trickster because if this photo is anything to go by, she’s trying to trick us into thinking she’s bare-faced.

This photo looks as though Hadid just got out of the shower or came straight off the beach, which is what her caption suggests because she wrote “Burnt in Greece dancing on film,” on this photo. And to be fair to Hadid, she didn’t explicitly say that she’s makeup-free in this snap, but unless she tans with pink lipstick on its sort of implied right? I mean, who tans with a full face of makeup on? Or in Hadid’s case, with bright colored lips.

11 Ariana Grande You Aren’t Fooling Anyone

Via Ariana Grande/Instagram

Seriously, sometimes celebrities and their bed pictures really make me laugh, because they want us to believe they wake up and go to sleep looking flawless. While Ariana Grande didn’t claim to be “makeup free” in this picture, she sort of implied it with her caption, “snuggllled up. bedddd head (back to dark brown btw) haiiiiirrrr (sic).” Um, what?!

When most of us refer to bed head, it means we’ve woken up with a really messy hairdo, but Grande’s hair is perfect in this picture, the only reason she would mention bed, is because she’s in bed, snuggled up, with a face full of makeup. Her eyes are really dark, so there is no denying that she has eyeshadow on, and then there is the fact that she wants us to believe she sleeps with diamond earrings.

10 JLO Is Beautiful, But That Looks Like Eyeliner

Via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly a naturally beautiful woman. Her skin is flawless, she has a body to die for her, and then there are her incredible facial features -- which didn't require a professional makeup artist to create.

She’s not pretending to have just woken up looking like this, and she’s not posing in bed with the caption “good night” or anything so silly. However, she did caption this photo with “Fresh faced Harlee.” Um, no Miss Lopez, fresh face usually means you’ve just cleaned your face, and you’re taking to Instagram to share a photo of yourself without any makeup, not natural makeup that anyone who knows anything about makeup will realize you are wearing.

Please note her nude lipstick, highlighter below her eyebrows, and eyeliner on top of her lids.

9 Your Lips Aren’t Distracting Us From Your Lashes Jessie J

Via Jessie J/Instagram

Oh Jessie J, you may be quirky and fun, which comes out in your photo, but this bed selfie is definitely a strange one. And I think you feel as though you’ve distracted us all from your fake eyelashes by pulling this really weird pose.

Jessie J’s lips are really pink, but she wants everyone to know that actually, they are naturally like this -- she even made a point of writing in her caption on Instagram that her lips look like this without any help. Although she also admitted to having eyelash extensions on and being unable to pull them off. But it’s not a no-makeup selfie if you have lashes, darling! It’s basically as if I was to pose with mascara, and then say I’m not wearing any makeup.

8 Um, I’m Not Sure I Believe You Candice Swanepoel

Via Look

Candice Swanepoel is a swimsuit model and she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, but this is not a photo that shows her without makeup, despite her caption wanting us to believe that it could be. This is what she wrote on this photo which she uploaded to Instagram: “Morning London! Ready for a full day of transformation with @maxfactor.”

I’m sorry Swanepoel, but I don’t believe that you haven’t filled in your eyebrows because that’s a really nice shade of brown. Also, your lips look as though they have a little pink gloss on them, and last but not least, why are your eyes so dark? It really looks as though there is some nude makeup happening there. But what do you think of this “morning” selfie?

7 Taylor Swift’s Lucky Enough To “Wake Up” With Lipstick

Via People

Taylor Swift wakes up with cats laying on her, but she also wakes up wearing a lovely shade of bright pink lipstick, apparently.

For the most part, Swift really does look as though she’s makeup-free, although this could be down to some clever dim light trickery. However, she let herself down by having such rosy lips. No one has such rosy lips, not even Jessie J, who swears that hers are the real deal. So, either Swift goes to sleep with makeup on, or she decided to grab the lip tint from next to her bed before she took a selfie -- because, you know, you can’t upload photos to Instagram that your millions of followers are going to see, if you don’t look super cute.

That said, this photo is still my favorite because I’m loving that cat!

6 Kendall Jenner Sleeps With Jewelry, Apparently

Via Daily Mail

Kendall Jenner is the third member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to make it onto this list, and 3 out of 15 celebs is not very good odds for this family and their make-up free lies. While I pointed out that Kim Kardashian was the biggest culprit with smokey eyes, and Kylie Jenner’s false lashes were still on, Kendall Jenner seems to have taken inspiration from her big sister with this post and decided to edit her selfie, too.

Still, she’s not fooling anyone. HD brows? Check! False lashes? Check! And way too much jewelry to sleep in, and one of the most ridiculous bedtime pose we’ve ever seen to hide her lipstick? Check and check! Congratulations Kendall Jenner, because just like your sisters, you’re deserving of a spot on this list.

5 Julianne Hough’s Eyebrows Are Just A Bit Too Good To Be True

Julianne Hough/Instagram

Of all the “makeup free” photos on this list, this is the one I’m most on the fence about, and it is definitely the most believable. There’s just one problem in this picture, and that’s Julianne Hough’s eyebrows. And the problem I have with them? Well, they are just too perfect!

I know, it sounds silly that I’m criticizing someone for looking good, but hear me out here, I can’t decide whether Hough just has really amazing eyebrows that she gets tinted and shaped regularly, or if she forgot to take her makeup wipe to her brows before posting this photo, which is otherwise sans-makeup. And it's really frustrating not knowing if she's  wearing makeup, or not? But that’s a question you’re going to have to decide for yourself.

4 Whitney Port Is Definitely Wearing Nude Lipstick Here

Via Whitney Port/Instagram

Whitney Port is another celeb who puts forward a very convincing no makeup selfie, and her skin looks amazing, something which she has struggled with for years. In fact, Port claimed to have had acne throughout high school and college and only got it under control in her mid-twenties.

It does look as though she’s giving her skin a breather in this image, and that she’s left her foundation at home, and her eyes and eyebrows look to be without makeup, too. So far so good, Miss Port, there’s just one thing you fail on, and that’s your lips. If I’m not mistaken, it really looks as though Port is wearing a nude lipstick, or at the very least a little gloss, because why else would her mouth be looking so shiny?

3 Please, Helen Flanagan, Tell Us This Is A Joke

Please, Helen Flanagan, tell us you’re making a joke with this makeup-free picture because really, it’s the most unbelievable photo on this entire list. According to this caption, Flanagan claims she “woke up like this,” although to her credit, she did also use the word “haha” in this post, which could suggest that she’s making a joke about being makeup free.

Still, even if it is a joke then why is she trying to make it look as though she is sleeping in bed while wearing bright pink lipstick, and the best winged eyeliner I’ve seen in a long time?! The only positive thing in this picture is that her bed sheets aren’t white because if they were, they would be completely stained because of her full face of makeup!

2 Kelly Brook, You’re Gorgeous But I See Your Lipstick

Via Kelly Brook/Instagram

Another bed selfie (i’m not sure what it is with celebs thinking they can wear makeup in bed and then we will automatically believe that they are bare faced) but this time it comes from Kelly Brook. And according to her caption, this was her “night time selfie.” OK, Miss Brook, you’re beautiful, but you don’t really think the world believes that this is what you look like when you fall asleep, right? And if you do, then someone needs to give you a little advice about skin care.

She chose to take the snap in dim light, so the quality is not very good, and maybe she thought this would mask the fact that she has makeup on, but even with the poor quality image, I can still clearly spot dark lipstick, filled in eyebrows, and that could very well be eyeliner on the top of her eye, too.

1 Does Tracee Ellis Ross Go To Bed With Makeup On?

Via Tracee Ellis Ross/Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross is a comedian, but one of the biggest jokes she’s made may have been with this photo. Why do I say this? Well, it’s because in this photo she’s lying in bed, and she chose to caption it with, “good night.” Does this mean that she wants us to believe she’s now going to bed? And if so, is she going to bed with all of that makeup on?

Then again, she could have just been saying she had a “good” night, as in a good evening, and not telling her followers she’s getting ready for bed at all. And if that's then case, then instead of lying in bed and being misleading about it all, she should have been more specific in her caption. Oh the confusion and the questions!

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