16 Pics Of All The Women Bradley Cooper Has Been With

When we first laid eyes on him, he was ducking for cover in the ABC spy drama Alias back in the early 2000’s. Because he flew so far under the radar (his character, journalist Will Tippin who was best friends with Jennifer Garner’s main character, Sydney Bristow, kept fading into the background of the show until he was eventually written off), Cooper and his handsome looks weren’t really noticed until The Hangover saga seemed to have taken over all of Hollywood in 2009. From there, Cooper became the leading man everyone expected him to become since first experiencing his skill set as an actor.

But fame comes with a price.

After Cooper’s stock started to gain traction, everyone in the media had one single question on their minds: “Who is he dating?”

The Hollywood stud has been linked with almost everyone he’s starred with in feature films – some of whom he actually dated while others were just wishful thinking on the parts of those who are huge fans of his. The 43-year-old actor seems to have chemistry with literally almost every single woman he happens to share the screen with, so it’s only natural that the press asks questions.

Here are the stunning women who Cooper has actually dated, married, and/or been linked to by the paparazzi.

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16 The Co-Star Curse - Scarlett Johansson

When Bradley was paired up with screen siren Scarlett Johansson in the 2009 movie He’s Just Not That Into You, Johansson was actually with actor Ryan Reynolds. So the rumors of an alleged romance didn’t surface until 2011 when the handsome couple was seen out dining together. The rumors kept floating around for another year as they would commonly dine together and attend functions together (the first time they were seen was at a New York Nightclub where they were flirting with each other the entire night and actually left together while holding hands). Maybe it was just a casual friendship since both of them had recently come out of long-term relationships (Bradley was with Renee Zellweger for a couple years before jumping into an on-again, off-again relationship with Zoe Saldana) so perhaps they were just seeking the comfort of a good friend.

15 A Beautiful Romance - Zoe Saldana

It’s quite natural to see two beautiful human beings share a camera frame together and naturally assume that there’s a real-life romance going on behind closed doors. This was the case with Bradley Cooper and his The Words co-star Zoe Saldana. Though THIS time, the rumors were actually true. Their chemistry was just so natural that the world took notice of the low-budget film and singled out the two actors. “It was the kind of story that I would have loved to read as a book,” Saldana told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview. She spoke kindly of her chemistry with Cooper as well: “Bradley is a very dedicated and open professional.” Though, she refused to answer if they were dating at the time. It came out later that they were, though the relationship seemed fickle due to them constantly breaking up then making up.

14 A Post-Divorce Flame - Cameron Diaz

We sometimes forget that Cameron Diaz has had the lion’s share of beautiful Hollywood A-Listers during her time reigning in Hollywood. From Matt Dillon (who she starred with in the hit comedy There’s Something About Mary) to Justin Timberlake (who she dated for a bit before parting ways in 2006), Diaz has never been short in the dating department. In 2007, she and Cooper were photographed together at a Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants NFL game. Shortly after that, they were seen walking the streets of New York City, looking all happy and lovey-dovey for a brief moment in time. But, like most of Diaz’s relationships, this one seemed fleeting and both beautiful people moved on after the relationship fizzled. Good news is that since they hid their relationship so well, there was barely a ripple in the Hollywood gossip scene!

13 Rumor Has It - Jennifer Aniston

Friends beauty Jennifer Aniston seems to have a favorite type of guy: The handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed sort of guy. We all watched her very public divorce with husband Brad Pitt after he left their marriage for then Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, so we cheered when she was able to find any sort of happiness with another man, even if that happiness was fleeting. She and Cooper had starred together in the rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You (though the two had no scenes together) back in 2009 and happened to go out on a date that year as well. Not everyone really knows what happened between the two, but they DO know that they remained friends and extremely cordial with each other following their date and supposed romance.

12 A Long-Term Steady - Renee Zellweger

Though most don’t remember it now, both Bradley Cooper and actress Renee Zellweger were quite the item back in the day. They met on the set of Case 39 back in 2006 but didn’t start dating until three years after the fact. And when they did start dating, it was a steady relationship that lasted two years. It was said that after Bradley’s career started taking off, Renee had to take a back seat to his leading man lifestyle. Numerous “eyewitnesses” stepped forward and said that his budding career is what ended their relationship, though we on the outside don’t really know the truth. Together, they seemed like a cute, down to earth Hollywood couple – she had even moved from New York City to Los Angeles in order to be closer to him. It seems that despite the breakup, Cooper and Renee are still in each other’s lives as friends.

11 Wilde At Heart - Olivia Wilde

These days, Hollywood beauty Olivia Wilde is happy as can be with her fiancé, comedian Jason Sudeikis, whom she has two children with. But a few years back, the lovely Ms. Wilde was the center of rumors that she was caught up in a whirlwind romance with Bradley Cooper. They had met when Wilde read for a role in Cooper’s film Limitless (the two would end up starring in The Words together) and after Cooper’s relationship with Zellweger hit the rocks, rumors started swirling that he and Wilde were dating. Olivia’s camp was quick to shut down any rumors, however, especially after US Weekly came out with a story that she was using Cooper to make Justin Timberlake jealous (someone who the press believed she was seeing as well at one point in time).

10 The French Beauty - Melanie Laurent

Americans might recognize young French actress Melanie Laurent as a brief Quentin Tarantino muse after she starred in one of his films. But before she starred taking Hollywood by storm, she was already a huge success in France. In 2011, Laurent was making different sort of waves in Hollywood after she was linked to Cooper. The duo was photographed in Paris having lunch before taking in a show (it should be noted that Cooper speaks fluent French). While US Weekly and People magazine highlighted the duo’s date in Paris, both camps were quick to deny anything more than friendship between the two. Now, Laurent is actually married (to a crew member whom she refuses to name to the press) and the two have a son together.

9 When Differences Come Between - Suki Waterhouse

Out of all the women that Bradley has been linked to in Hollywood, his relationship with model Suki Waterhouse has to be his most significant. Mainly because of the 17-year age difference that most people blew out of proportion after both confirmed the relationship. The two were very much in love (it’s clear to see in photographs when they were out and about together) in the two years they were together, but, alas, the relationship didn’t last. Some say that the reason for the breakup was due to the very age-difference. Allegedly, Suki wanted to focus on her career before diving headfirst into family life, while Bradley, who was 40 at the time, supposedly longed for a family. Their relationship lasted as long as it did thanks to privacy on both their parts. “I don’t talk about my boyfriend because it’s boring,” Suki once told Elle UK.

8 An Agent Of Love - Isabella Brewster

Out of all the women linked to Cooper, talent agent, Isabella Brewster is the most allusive out of the bunch, despite dating for a year. This brown-eyed beauty is currently going through a divorce with ex-NBA star Baron Davis (who was actually caught kissing actress Laura Dern back in December) and is the sister of Fast and Furious star Jordana Brewster. Between April 2008 and April 2009 though, Isabella and Bradley were in a low-key relationship (so low key that most people didn’t even know they were dating). After they parted ways, Brewster actually got into a relationship with newly divorced Russell Brand (who had just broken it off with wife Katy Perry). Even though Jordan happens to be the more famous of the two siblings, it’s been Isabella who has been making pretty big waves in the Hollywood dating scene.

7 Not Quite Happily Ever After - Jennifer Esposito

Daily Mail

If you didn’t know already, turns out that Bradley has been married! It the marriage was a lot more recent than one might expect (2006), but it only lasted four months (which is why you may have missed it in the magazines). “It was just something that happened,” Cooper disclosed to Howard Stern on Stern’s Sirius XM radio program. “The good thing is, we both realized it… sometimes you just realize it.” In 2014, Esposito released a book titled Jennifer’s Way and allegedly slammed her ex-husband (without naming him outright), calling him a “master manipulator”. She went on to say that his personality could “flip on a dime” and he would instantly become cold and arrogant. It’s a good thing they decided to end it after only a short while, in that case.

6 After "Hangover" Fame - Denise Richards

Actress Denise Richards has had her share of difficult romances. Most notably, her relationship with actor Charlie Sheen, a former husband whom she shares two daughters with. After filing a restraining order against her ex-husband, Richards was looking to find some normalcy in her life and in her career. She was linked with all sorts of eligible men by the media, most of which were just rumors. Bradley was thrown into that mix back in 2009 after the two were spotted getting cozy together at II Cielo in Los Angeles. While some assumed that it seemed like a “first date” sort of scenario, both Richards and Cooper denied that they were an item. Could it be because Cooper was linked to a few other women that year? Who knows.

5 The Ultimate Diva And The Hollywood Hunk - Jennifer Lopez

Singer/actress/model/dancer/ Jennifer Lopez has had the most colorful love life. She’s never short of handsome men when of walking the red carpet. From husband Marc Anthony to rapper Drake, and now to former baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, J-Lo’s relationships have always been with top-shelf gentlemen. One of those gentlemen? Apparently Bradley Cooper at one fleeting point. Back in 2011, J-Lo was caught shielding her face while sitting shotgun in Cooper’s car as they were driving around the LA area. Cooper actually tried covering his face too at one point but had to keep his eyes on the road in order to safely drive, so he gave up. Both their reps maintain that their meeting together was strictly professionals, but the paparazzi told a different story. Either way, Lopez looks blissfully happy with A-Rod these days.

4 Model Living - Victoria Keon-Cohen

You may not know who the 32-year old Victoria Keon-Cohen is, but the modeling world sure does right now. The Australian beauty has been modeling since the age of 15 after winning the Girlfriend magazine model competition in 2002. Since winning, the model has walked the runway for major fashion designers like Dior, Chanel, and Armani. Years back, Bradley was actually spotted out a few times with the young model as tongues started to wag that they were an item. However, neither confirmed of a romantic relationship and were extremely careful not to be caught again by the wandering lenses of the ever-present press. Cohen actually went public in 2012 with the news that she and Irish actor (and Irish hunk) Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of Match Point, were an item.

3 Overlapping Super Chemistry - Jennifer Lawrence

We all know that she’s one of Bradley Cooper’s favorite co-stars. They starred in numerous films together; Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Serena, and Joy. Thanks to their undeniable chemistry together, they’ve commonly been linked despite their denials. Even radio host Howard Stern asked what the heck was going on with the pair a few years back. “Bradley, what’s going on there?” Stern asked the actor. “Jennifer Lawrence. You’re doing another movie with her. Is she becoming the woman you have the most chemistry with? What’s going on?” Cooper insisted that they were just friends (something Lawrence has echoed in the past). Even though their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, their friendship off-screen is pretty dang cute, and we sorta hope they continue to keep doing films together (and racking up all the awards while they’re at it).

2 Just Plain Co-Stars? - Rachel McAdams

When we first saw these two on screen together, Cooper was playing the wrong sort of guy for Rachel McAdams’ character in the hit comedy Wedding Crashers. That’s because, of course, Cooper’s character was a bit of a pretentious jerk who was competing for McAdams’ character’s affections with Owen Wilson in the comedy. But, that didn’t stop the media from linking them together once Cooper’s star blew up after The Hangover. Back in 2013, the press started asking questions after the two were spotted on a lunch date in Santa Monica. Both claimed it was just a friendly lunch from two friends who were attempting to catch up. Heck, they even were sweet enough to pose for photos with some fans who recognized the pair! If they were really on a date, would they have done that? Probably not, but who knows.

1 His True Love - Irina Shayk

After years of the press stalking him and every possible romantic interest of his, when Bradley Cooper finally found “the one” he tried his best to keep it as private as possible. The lucky woman in question is model Irina Shayk whom he has been with since 2015 (and now rumored to be engaged to). Just last year, the happy couple welcomed their first baby into the world, an adorable daughter by the name of Lea, who has been seen globetrotting with either both her parents or one of them (when their work takes them to different states and/or countries). The beautiful little family of three enjoys catching some sun together at the beach or takes in life at the farmer’s market in California. Whenever they’re out together, the duo looks extremely in love, a love that seemed to only grow stronger with the arrival of their little one.

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