16 Photos Posted To Social Media That Got These People Fired Immediately

We hear it all the time: people have to be super careful about what they post on their social media accounts... or they could get fired from their jobs. Even if someone goes for a job interview and has something sketchy on their Facebook profile, they might not end up getting the job after all. We definitely know that we should be careful with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We don't want our bosses to look us up and see photos of us binge drinking or anything like that. Of course, we're hopefully grown-ups by now (or at least are trying to act like grown-ups) so we don't binge drink anyway... It's just part of learning to adult, right? We have to construct a careful image both online and off and we always want to be as professional as possible.

There are so many times when people have honestly posted the worst stuff online and have faced the consequences to their professional lives. They might have thought that it was truly no big deal or not even thought about what would happen, but they were mistaken if they figured that nothing would come of it. We rounded up 16 photos that people posted to social media that got them fired immediately!

16 Oops

This woman worked at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, and as we can probably guess, she lost her job after posting this on her social media. Of all the things that someone could post to their Instagram account, we're not sure that complaining about customers at the place where they work is the best idea. Actually, it seems like the worst thing to post. Ever.

Complaining about our jobs, in general, is never a good idea. It's not like everyone loves everything about their jobs, of course. That's unrealistic and no one expects that to be the case. But no one should complain about their boss or clients or customers online and especially on a social media account that a lot of people are going to see. It's definitely a recipe for disaster.

15 White Privilege

This woman was a communications director, and when she tweeted this before a trip to Africa, she lost her job. This tweet also went viral, and it's easy to see why. It's impossible to see why someone would say this, though. We're shaking our heads over here because we have no answer for why she would tweet this.

It's definitely not a good idea to tweet something that is super racist (or sexist... or anything else that insults people). This was just such a horrible thing to say. We're honestly kind of stunned that someone would say this. We think that must be how everyone else felt, too, once they saw this tweet. It's just honestly very ignorant. Unfortunately, this is probably what a lot of people think, and that's just as terrible as this tweet.

14 Not The Best Idea

Connor Riley got fired before she even started working at this place... which sounds about right. It doesn't seem like there would be another outcome from a tweet like this.

If we got a job, we would never tweet that we would hate both the commute and the job itself. Sure, sometimes people take jobs because, well, they need a job. They need money and they might think that they're going to just stay there for a few months or a year. But, come on, you just don't do something like this. It's really no wonder that she got fired. How could she really expect that the company would simply shrug and ignore this tweet? Did she really think she could still work there?! It's truly baffling.

13 Want Some Nachos?!

Cameron Jankowski of Texas actually urinated on nachos at Taco Bell, and posted the photo of it online. It would be bad enough if he did it... but it was made ten times worse when he posted it on social media. Okay, it was made a million times worse.

Is this better or worse than licking taco shells or potatoes? We can't decide. It does seem even more disgusting, though, and after seeing the photos of the people licking the other food on this list, we didn't think that it was possible for something to get grosser. But now we know: things can always get grosser. Ugh. He seemed pretty proud of himself since he wanted to show this off online. We're definitely not into this... and we're not sure that we want to ever eat nachos again. Which is a shame since nachos are the best.

12 Taco Tuesday... Or Not

Jj O'Brien Nolan worked at Taco Bell, and after he posted this photo on his social media accounts, he was fired. Yup. We would definitely expect that to happen. What else could?!

Let's just get one thing out of the way, since we're all thinking it: this is gross AF. Yeah, he was obviously trying to be funny. Or at least we think that he was trying to be funny because otherwise, we're not sure why he would do something like this. But of course this isn't funny at all... not when he's literally licking taco shells and totally ruining them so they can't be sold to customers. Let's hope that he wasn't planning on actually making tacos with those... We can't honestly think of something that turns our stomachs more. Who wants tacos?!

11 Potato Lick

Here's another fast food worker who thought that it was a good idea to lick some food, take a photo, and post it to their social media accounts. Well, once again, it wasn't a good idea. It wasn't a good idea at all. They got fired from their job at Kentucky Fried Chicken and that seems like the only logical conclusion.

We're really not sure what to say about this. It's definitely not a joke and it's definitely not something that's going to make anyone smile. It's totally the opposite, actually. This doesn't make us crave french fries or any other kind of fast food, which is saying something since when we do ever not crave french fries?! We never knew that we would find fries gross but now we do. We're never going to forget this.

10 Naked, Wet, And Stoned (And Then Fired)

This girl posted this on her Twitter account... and it's no wonder that she got fired. Who would think that this was something that they could post online for all to see?! Not to mention the fact that her Twitter account was obviously public since her boss saw it and she lost her job...

We're just not sure that posting something that is meant to be hilarious or entertaining on social media is worth losing your job over. That's even truer if someone likes their job. Do we think that this girl liked her job? Did she want to get fired? Did she post this online because she knew that she would get laid off and she didn't want to quit first? Hmmm. These are some interesting questions that we'll never know the answers to, but they're entertaining to think about.

9 In Poor Taste

This girl actually wanted to look like someone who had been in the Boston Marathon tragedy in 2013. Yup, she thought that this would be a good idea. So she tweeted this and got fired.

We're not sure how she could have thought that this was a good idea. Or how she could have thought that she could post this on social media. Did she expect a lot of likes and comments and otherwise positive attention? Probably... since that's kind of why we post things online. After she was fired, the photo went viral, and people started talking about it. She tweeted, "I have been fired from my job. I am paying for what I thought was a simple joke. I know it was wrong now. I wasn't thinking." But how could she really think that it was a "simple joke"?! Oh man.

8 He's The Boss

This is a truly terrible Facebook post... and not just because of the many, many, many spelling and grammatical errors. It's amazing how many spelling mistakes there are here. But let's move on from that and focus on the content of the message, which is definitely not something that should have been posted on social media.

This guy got fired after totally insulting his boss on his Facebook status. He complained that his boss was "useless" and made him do work higher than his position without actually promoting him. Then he complained that his boss was flirting all the time. He called him "inappropriate" and "irresponsible" and said he didn't respect him. And he literally got fired a few minutes later. Whoa. That was fast... and we're not surprised.

7 Drinking In Dublin

A teacher named Ashley Payne who was teaching at a school in Georgia posted photos of her drinking on her Facebook account... and she ended up getting fired.

This was a bit of a different situation since it wasn't like she was binge drinking all the time or acting inappropriately. Nope. She had been on a trip to Ireland at the time. Yup, that means that she was literally fired for being on vacation and drinking beers. She appealed the decision but it doesn't seem like she was rehired. Actually, she was technically asked to quit instead of being officially fired, but since she could no longer work as a teacher at that school, it was basically the same thing. It's hard to believe but this really did happen.

6 No Payment... Or Tip

A waiter was upset that the actress Jane Adams didn't pay her cheque or even tip him, and so he took to his Twitter account to complain about it.

He then continued the story and says that she brought in money a month later... and then within two weeks, he was fired from his job as a waiter. While it's terrible that someone wouldn't pay their bill at a restaurant or leave a tip, who knows if that really happened? Who are we really supposed to believe in this situation? It's honestly impossible to know since we don't have the whole story and we don't know these people. All we can say is that we have to be careful about what we tweet. And even if something like this happens, it's probably best to stay silent about it on social media.

5 Sexist AF

This guy was a fireman who got, well, fired. He tweeted this in March of 2013 and didn't have a job shortly after. It's no wonder since this is a highly offensive thing to tweet.

It's crazy to think that someone would actually feel this way about women since it's so incredibly sexist. Unfortunately, a lot of people have this attitude even to this day, and it's something that we have to see all the time. It's not fun to read a tweet like this because it just makes us feel pretty terrible. Who honestly still thinks that a woman's place is in the kitchen and in the kitchen only?! Sorry buddy but it's not 1950 anymore. It's 2017 and women have much more interesting things to do than bake men pie. Geez. Seriously.

4 A Weighty Issue

The British Labour Party politician, Stuart MacLennan, got fired for tweeting this back in July 2009, and it's not hard to see why. This is not a funny thing to say. At all.

Who would honestly say that bananas suck unless they're "slave-grown"? Come on. It's a ridiculous thing to say. It's highly offensive and just not a good idea. It's amazing how many people tweet something or say something on their Facebook or Instagram account and try to be funny... but they're being so mean and so horrible that it's not even close to funny. It's also strange when a public figure like this politician would say something that is so offensive and harsh and put it on such a public forum like Twitter. But this happens all the time, as we can see from this list.

3 Cheerleading Fail

A cheerleader for the New England Patriots got fired for writing/drawing on a friend and including some anti-Semitic comments, and that's really the best outcome. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't stop the fact that someone would have those kinds of thoughts and say those kinds of things in the first place.

That would be horrible enough, but then she had to go ahead and document it on social media. So, naturally, she was told to leave the team. No surprise there. No surprise at all. We're honestly shocked that someone would draw on their friend, especially since it seems like they probably had drunk too much and basically fallen asleep on the spot. This isn't a nice thing to do and it gives us a really sad, weird feeling. Let's go read about some happy things right now. Because we need that after hearing about this particular situation.

2 Too Negative

It's amazing that someone actually tweeted that they didn't want to start a new job... and put all of those thumbs down emojis. Now that's extra. That's a lot of thumbs down emojis.

It's pretty hilarious that their boss/manager saw this ASAP and fired them and tweeted about it. We have to laugh... and we also kind of want to cry at the same time. It seems like this girl wasn't all that surprised and like she honestly found it pretty hilarious since she tweeted that she got fired over Twitter and put those crying face/laughing emojis. Yeah, this girl seems to really enjoy using her emojis, that's for sure. We feel bad for their manager who must have thought that it was a real pain to have to fire someone before they even started their first day and had to hire someone else.

1 The Proof Is In The Picture

OMG. This is just ridiculous and it's hard to believe that this actually happened. But it did happen. Oh, it really and truly did happen.

This guy wrote on his Facebook status that he wasn't going to work because he was pretending to take a sick day but was really still drunk. Um... that's not going to go over very well. Especially since Facebook profiles and status updates are totally searchable and public. He said that he was on "medical leave" because he was sick... and he was emailed his status update which said that he was drunk. Oops. That's pretty funny, though, we have to admit... though maybe it wasn't so funny for their boss. Let this be a lesson to everyone: bosses can totally tell when their employees are taking fake sick days.

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