16 Photos of Ex-Victoria's Secret Model Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is one of the most famous supermodels of all time. Needless to say, she is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s honestly tough to find a single bad photo of her. Gisele is originally from Brazil, but she has walked on runways all over the world. Her major claim to fame? Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Yup, that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about her—clearly, she has a figure that any girl would be jealous of.

So, what is Gisele up to nowadays? Well, she is no longer living the supermodel lifestyle like she used to! She was actually retired for a few years, but she is too talented to stay out of the game completely. She still does do some modeling, but she is more focused on her family and just enjoying life with them now. She married Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2009, and they now have two children together. She spends more time in Brazil now, and she focuses on yoga, meditation, living a healthy lifestyle, and, of course, being a mom. But we still fondly remember her Victoria’s Secret days—here are 16 of the most beautiful photos of Gisele Bundchen.

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16 Backless Dress

What a gorgeous ensemble! This dress shows off a little bit of skin without being too scandalous. It’s a very class look, and Gisele absolutely rocks it. Some of us might look like high school cheerleaders with a high ponytail (it’s practically unavoidable), but Gisele is a supermodel, so the effect is quite different on her. Her high ponytail would look great on any runway, but hey, if you have the best stylists on earth, they can make any hairstyle look amazing! But let’s get back to this beautiful silver dress. Gisele creates just a little bit of mystery with this look—her back may be exposed, but her arms, legs, shoulders, and even her ankles are completely covered! This is style we would love to steal.

15 Solstice Goddess

Source: Instagram

Did you know that Gisele actually loves to spend time in nature? She’s also a big fan of yoga and meditation. While many people who spent a lot of time in the modeling world and Hollywood might be more focused on material things, Gisele has taken the time to get in touch with what really matters in life. Your inner wellbeing is just as important as everything going on outside of you. On the solstice, she posted this photo on her Instagram. She seriously looks like a sun goddess here—and since she is a Brazilian supermodel, she might as well be! She looks so happy and free, and even in her gray sweatshirt and sweatpants, she still looks like she could walk right down the runway!

14 Red Roses

Wow! Now, this is what any guy would love to see this Valentine’s Day. This photo just proves that Gisele can pull off any bold color. Many people can’t really rock that shade of pink, but this is Gisele that we’re talking about. This woman could rock a fashion show while wearing a black garbage bag and still have the entire crowd in awe. This is not an easy feat. The red rose is such a nice touch in this particular photo. It really completes the whole look—it’s almost like an accessory to her outfit! Also, can she please teach us how to achieve that perfectly tousled hairstyle? That’s the “messy but not bedhead” look that girls are always going for, and Gisele has it down to a science!

13 Wonder Woman

Source: Instagram

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest movies of 2017. A female superhero who kicks butt and proves that anything boys can do, girls can do too? Yea, we’re all about it. In the film, actress Gal Gadot played the title character of Wonder Woman. And while Gal is absolutely gorgeous in her own right, we’ve got to admit that Gisele could have totally pulled off the look, too! She looks so strong and fierce here. Gisele is a little bit like Wonder Woman in her own way—she worked her way up to the top of the modeling world and had to prove herself over and over again to get to where she is today. She’s got the whole superwoman look down—but then again, she would look great in any costume!

12 Rockstar Vibes

Source: Instagram

We’re actually shocked that Gisele isn’t a rock star, because she looks like she could conquer any stage in this outfit! First of all, let’s check out those boots—where did she get them and how much did they cost? Because we desperately need them. How amazing would those look on a night out paired with some cute pants and a leather jacket? But we’ve got to admit that no matter how nice they would look, they definitely look better on Gisele—she’s got legs for days. We know she’s pretty tall, and it’s clear that most of that supermodel height comes from her amazing legs! Also, only Gisele can make polka dots look this good. That guitar may only be an accessory, but it looks like she’s ready to put on a show.

11 Doing It All

Um, remember how we talked about Wonder Woman earlier? Well, here is Gisele being a real life Wonder Woman! We already mentioned that she has two children with her husband Tom Brady. Now, her life isn’t all about modeling anymore—she also has to take care of her family! She’s one of those women who has it all. But no one ever said that having it all would come easy. However, Gisele certainly looks good doing it. Here is she just casually nursing her baby while getting her eye shadow done, her nails painted, and her hair styled. And even though she is nowhere close to being ready, she still looks incredible in just her white bathrobe. Her kids are so luck to have a mom who will make time for them in the midst of a schedule like that!

10 We Need To Get In Touch With Her Personal Trainer ASAP

This photo really shows off Gisele at her finest. This is from another Victoria’s Secret fashion show back in her days as one of their Angels. Here’s the thing about Gisele—she’s actually not super curvy. Obviously, she’s in great shape, but she doesn’t have the same perfect hourglass figure that some of the other Angels do. However, she certainly rocks what she’s got. We didn’t even know it was possible for abs to look that good—what is her workout, and where can we find a personal trainer who will help us achieve that? Oh, and while we’re at it, what does she eat to keep her stomach so flat? The Angels will never reveal all of their secrets, but hey, a girl can dream.

9 Yoga Magic

Source: Instagram

You already know that Gisele loves yoga. This is a great physical and spiritual practice that keeps both your mind and body in awesome shape! It’s no wonder that Gisele is a huge fan. Think about it—in her crazy supermodel world, people can tug you in a million different directions and keep you from focusing on the things that are truly important in life. For someone like Gisele, yoga can be a wonderful practice to keep you grounded and down to earth in the midst of all the glitter and glam. Also, we’ve got to mention that this beach is just as beautiful as Gisele. Hmm, does anyone else suddenly feel like planning a trip to Brazil? Clearly, this country has lots of beautiful beaches AND beautiful women.

8 Beach Babe

Only Gisele could pull off an outfit like this! Here she is just hanging out on the beach, posing with a palm tree. And once again, we’d just like to say that this photo alone should be enough to persuade anyone to book a trip to Brazil. Blue skies, blue water, and Gisele Bundchen—what more could you want? Let’s talk about Gisele’s hair for a moment. You know those popular “beachy waves” hair sprays? We think that Gisele needs to come out with her own, because her hair looks beautiful in every situation—just a little unkempt, but never tangled or dirty. Oh, and side note, where are those bathing suit bottoms from? They’re modest and vintage—such a cute and different look compared to typical bikinis!

7 Sultry Gaze

This is one of the few photos of Gisele with her hair perfectly straight. While some women look better with wavy hair and some women look better with it straightened, we’ve got to admit that Gisele can pull off either style. She looks like she’s staring right into the audience’s soul right here, and she is definitely impressing whichever high-end designers were in the front row of this show! This is a classic Victoria’s Secret Angel look. The white lingerie, the touch of fur to complete the look, the adorable skirt, and those dramatic wings—Gisele looks like she might be an actual angel. It’s a heavenly ensemble, and there’s no doubt that this was one of her best runway looks of her career.

6 Legs For Days

Source: Instagram

So we’ve already pointed out that Gisele just might have the most amazing legs on the planet, but it’s worth repeating. She looks especially amazing in this pose—and with those pants! Those are the kinds of pants you wear when you know you’re going to see your ex at a party, and you’re about to make a serious fashion statement and break his heart at the same time. With legs like that, you already know that this woman never “needs” heels, but she’s wearing them anyway. There is no way that we would be able to balance in stilettos like that, but Gisele could probably strut down a cobblestone street in those without getting her heels caught once! Oh, and there’s that high ponytail look again—isn’t it adorable?

5 Miss America

So patriotic! Yup, Gisele looks like a true all-American girl in this ensemble. This was another look for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show years ago. You can definitely see that she looks younger here, but Gisele might be one of the few people on this planet who looks just as good as she ages. There is just no stopping this woman! Anyway, let’s get back to this awesome outfit. It’s not quite red, white, and blue, but it’s close enough. Her top and bottoms are actually a nice shade of teal, and it’s cool twist on this classic American color combo. And we love her shiny red hat—while it might look silly on some people, you already know that Gisele can transform any old accessory into a serious fashion statement!

4 Casual and Chill

She might be a jungle explorer, a cowgirl dressed to kill, or just an extremely versatile supermodel who can look good in any color. These darker, olive shades of green combined with her boots and hats look incredible on Gisele! This color combo really pops against her naturally tan skin. And to top it all off, her hair looks like an actual lion’s mane. And yes, she is just as fierce as a lion. It’s amazing how Gisele can look so good when she’s in such a relaxed pose. It’s still impossible to look away from her, even when she’s just sitting down and leaning against a wall. She is truly captivating, and it will be a long time before another model like her walks down the runway.

3 Power Pose

Gisele truly looks like she is ready to take on the world in this outfit. This is a power stance if we’ve ever seen one! This picture proves exactly why Gisele made it as far as she did in the modeling world. She is not just a pretty face—she knows how to convey confidence and emotion with every move. Here she is just getting dressed by one of her stylists—in fact, she’s not even out on the runway or totally ready for the camera yet! But does that really matter when you’re as talented and experienced as Gisele? Nope, not at all! She strikes the perfect pose for the camera, and she doesn’t even look the slightest bit flustered. This woman is ready for a photo shoot at any time.

2 Victoria's Secret Angel

Source: St. Louis Post

This is photo of Gisele back in her true glory days. Gisele was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2000 to 2007. Yup, that’s seven years of strutting down the runway in some of the most gorgeous lingerie on the planet, staying in perfect shape, and making girls everywhere wonder, “Wow, how can I be just like her?” In this picture, you can see exactly why Gisele was one of the most popular Victoria’s Secret Angels. Just look at the expression on her face! She’s staring right into your soul, letting you know that she is the best of the best. Also, check out those cheekbones and those smoldering eyes—she is both naturally gifted with good looks and extremely talented when it comes to expressing herself.

1 Glitter And Glam

Source: E Online

This is such a striking look that we can hardly process it. How does any other model follow Gisele down the runway when she can rock an outfit like this? Victoria’s Secret certainly does not hold back at their fashion shows! Gisele literally looks like a real life Barbie doll here. From her long blonde hair to her perfectly tanned skin, it’s no wonder that she is one of the most successful supermodels to ever walk down the runway. And to think that this is a woman who was actually rejected from many, many modeling jobs when she was first getting started! Wow, we feel a little pity for the brands who turned her down back then—they clearly missed out when they decided not to work with her.

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