16 Photos Of Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is one of the coolest women ever... seriously. She's not only a professional race-car driver, but she's literally the only female to reach the level of achievement that she has. Yup, that's pretty impressive. She's also worked as a model, posing for magazines like Sports Illustrated, and definitely knows the value of a good work ethic.

Recently, Danica has gotten really into healthy eating and living and is publishing a book to prove it. Her book, Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan That Will Absolutely Change Your Life, is full of lifestyle and food tips to live your best life and get inspired and motivated. And, honestly, getting your butt into gear and eating kale and working out isn't going to be hard, since even just looking at one of Danica's Instagram posts is enough to get everyone seriously motivated. She just embodies a healthy lifestyle in every single photo and with everything that she does. She's not only totally gorgeous but is also healthy and happy, and that's the best thing ever.

Check out these 16 steamy photos of Danica Patrick, marvel at her beauty and toned body, and get inspired to live your healthiest life, too!

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16 Sunny Selfie

Awww. Doesn't this photo just make you smile?! There's nothing better than hanging out on a sunny day with a good friend and you can just tell that both of these ladies are having a great day.

Danica looks absolutely beautiful (and so does her friend) in this colorful bikini. You probably are totally coveting her wavy hair and wishing that your hair looked like that right now, aren't you? Of course you are. Because her waves completely amazing. They're basically the very definition of beachy waves... and since she was actually hanging out at the beach, that works out. Even though you can't see Danica's amazing abs in this photo, you can definitely make out her arms and shoulders, and you can tell that she's seriously fit. Talk about incredible and inspiring.

15 Wonder Woman

In this photo, Danica looks like she's taking a nice long rest after working out super hard, and she looks both energetic and relaxed at the same time... which is actually pretty impressive when you think about it. Of course, she also looks totally hot, but that kind of goes without saying since she always looks good.

All you have to do is take a quick look at her stomach and you can see that she's rocking some serious abs. Since she's an athlete, that probably goes without saying, too, but they really are things of beauty. Sports Illustrated called Danica "a fitness fiend" and said that she enjoys CrossFit workouts. So if you're looking to snag those abs, that might be a good place to start, right?!

14 Beach Body Goals

You definitely would do handstands anywhere and everywhere if you could do them... and, hey, maybe you can. But most likely, you're like most of the population and just haven't mastered that fitness skill yet. It's okay. It's all good. At least you can look at pretty and awesome photos like this one of Danica and get inspired. It's kind of like doing a handstand yourself...

This is an amazing photo since you can tell that she's got some serious muscles going on. Just look at her abs and her shoulders and her arms. Whoa. Her bikini is also really pretty and she's got the perfect accessories on for some fun in the sun: bracelets and sunglasses. The best part about this picture is definitely that Danica doesn't even look like she's breaking a sweat. She's just hanging out and looking fierce.

13 A Serious Yogi

Okay, major props to Danica because this is an amazing pose. There probably aren't a lot of people who can do something like this... and that goes for people who have worked out for years or even done yoga since forever. It's a super advanced pose and really impressive.

She's a big fan of yoga and it definitely shows. She's got a really fierce, strong personality and you can tell that she's incredibly fit, but you can also tell that she's very calm. That's for sure where her yoga practice comes in. When she was interviewed by Sports Illustrated, she said, "I wouldn't say I ever use yoga as a workout; I use it as an addition. But I really do enjoy it. I think it's good for my body and my mind. I think that in fitness you need strength, flexibility and endurance. The good thing about yoga is that you’re never stopping; you can always keep going."

12 Strong, Powerful And Beautiful

Danica looks strong and fit and gorgeous in this hot pink sports bra and tiny black shorts (like seriously tiny black shorts). If you haven't been to the gym in a while or just don't get all that motivated on a regular basis, how are you feeling now? Yeah, exactly.

It's basically impossible to not get inspired by how much Danica adores being fit and working out. It's definitely going to rub off on you and make you want to find a workout that you actually like doing. That's honestly the key. If you hate it, you won't go, and then you'll be right back to square one. If you need even more motivation, just remember what Danica said in that same Sports Illustrated interview about working out: "I enjoy the challenge, not only the physical challenge, but also the mental challenge. Physically, being stronger can never hurt you."

11 Abs Of Steel (And Beauty)

Okay... those are just the most perfect, beautiful abs you've ever seen, aren't they? They're super distracting. It's honestly crazy how good Danica looks here... but, hey, of course she does.

It makes sense that if someone's a professional athlete, then they would be super fit and strong, and they would make their fitness a priority. That's definitely what Danica has done. What's awesome about her body is that she looks strong but not super skinny. She's healthy and that's really refreshing. You can tell that she takes care of herself, both her body and her mind, and that's another piece of the puzzle that is definitely very important. You can't be healthy if you're stressed out all the time... and you won't look as good, either.

10 Game Face

Danica looks super serious here or like she's thinking about something really important, which she probably is since she juggles a lot of awesome projects and has an incredible career. She's #goals in every possible way.

No one could ever look as fit and toned and amazing as she does in a bikini, and this is yet another photo that proves that. Every single part of her body is toned and she looks so beautiful. She also has awesome taste in swimwear, like this navy blue and white striped bikini that is really cute. Her photos totally make you want to head to the beach, don't they? If it's winter where you are, that urge might be even stronger... but you probably always want to go to the beach anyway. Sounds about right.

9 Pretty Intense

Danica posted this to her Instagram account in mid-December to talk about her book, Pretty Intense, and that's honestly the way that she looks in this photo (and in every photo, really).

It's awesome that she says "You are your longest relationship" and wants to encourage people to take care of themselves and be healthier and happier. Sure, she's successful and gorgeous and famous and fit, and she could absolutely rest on her laurels or just continue to focus on the many projects that she always seems to be working on. Instead, she decided to dream even more and release this book, and that's honestly really inspiring. She couldn't be any cooler if she tried. And she couldn't be any more beautiful, either. How pretty is she here with her wavy hair and big smile?!

8 Hanging Out And Looking Hot

Oh no big deal, here's a picture of Danica just hanging out at the beach and looking insanely good. Just chilling. For Danica, this really probably is no big deal since this is how she looks all the time. Sure, this might be a posed photo for a shoot, but you definitely think that she looks like this 24/7.

Danica is absolute perfection. Her long brown hair, her flawless makeup, her flawless skin, her toned abs, her toned body in general -- it's all gorgeous. And this is definitely one of the prettiest photos of her ever. Okay, okay, fine, every photo that has ever been snapped of her is the best. She just can't look bad or take a bad photo. It's just not even a remote possibility.

7 A Perfect Day At The Beach

Danica has her own line of wines called SomniumWine and that's the bottle that she's holding in this gorgeous photo. Yup, the woman does everything: she's a professional athlete, she wrote a health-focused book, she's a model, she works out, and oh yeah, she has a wine brand, too. No big deal.

Danica posted this photo to her Instagram account back in September to talk about her wine... but you're probably only focused on her amazing body. This is a great photo of her since she looks so toned. She's wearing a beautiful bikini that showcases her toned muscles and is super flattering, but she could have worn anything and still looked this good. Her sunglasses and straw fedora add to the whole laid-back, chill, beachy vibe, and you can tell that she's having a great relaxing time.

6 Warrior Woman

The sports bra that Danica is wearing here says "warrior" on the back and that's definitely what she looks like here. She looks strong and beautiful, which is really the best combination ever, don't you think?

The look on Danica's face is pretty adorable. It looks like she's trying to look serious but is also trying not to smile or burst into hysterical laughter at the exact same time... which might be what was really happening. You can tell that Danica isn't a stuffy, boring model or the kind of celebrity who thinks that they're the best thing ever. She seems really sweet and genuine and real. She's the kind of girl that you could go to a yoga class with and grab some green juice after (or maybe some wine... hey, she DOES have her own wine brand...).

5 Angelic In White

In this photo, you can see Danica's legs a lot more clearly than in some of the other shots of her, and -- no big surprise here -- her legs are insanely gorgeous.

What does she do to get such perfect gams? It's probably all the work that she does as, you know, a professional racing driver. Her trainer was interviewed by POPSUGAR and shared that Danica does four weeks of intense training before a race and then a week of "lighter" workouts. She also loves to run. You can definitely tell that such a varied exercise routine gets you results, since Danica loves to run, does yoga, goes to CrossFit, and also works with a trainer when she's about to race. You might not be able to do all those things, since you're not a profesisonal athlete, but maybe you can do the yoga and running part...

4 Body Inspiration

Racing celebrity, Danica Patrick poses along a Florida beach for the Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit 2008 issue.

Another pretty photo of Danica, another picture that gives you some major #bodyinspiration.

This is an incredibly hot pose since Danica is wearing a white bikini and also a uniform and pulling down that uniform to reveal her bikini. She's also staring seductively over one shoulder, which is a classic pose that definitely makes guys drool. And, hey, you're totally drooling too, aren't you?! You've got a serious girl crush on Danica and that makes complete sense. There's no way that you wouldn't. She's just so cool, so fit, so strong, and so incredibly inspiring. She's definitely a public figure that you can love and respect and you definitely want to keep following her career to see what great things she does next. She's going to do so many more big, awesome things. You just know it.

3 So Pretty

The best thing about this photo is not how amazing Danica looks, even though that's of course part of it. The best part is that she looks truly and really happy.

It must be that she's doing what she wants to do in life. She said that 2017 would be her final season as a racing driver, and since she's got some other projects on the go, it seems like she's just not going to slow down. She also priorities her fitness and her health, and that means being careful about what she eats as well. As Delish.com reported, she loves chia seed pudding, meat, vegetables, and green smoothies. Good news if you love those foods too. Maybe if you start eating like her, that diet will give you her abs. They do say that abs are made in the kitchen...

2 So Powerful

Of course Danica would pose for photo shoots in a shiny plastic outfit in front of a car and look super hot. That's just par for the course with a female racecar driver and this probably isn't the only time that she's been photographed like this.

Since she's so strong and powerful, though, this doesn't come off as sexist, and is instead just really beautiful. She looks like the very definition of fierce and that's something that you can really love and respect. Plus, let's face it, not many people can pull off the outfit that she's got on this photo. It's honestly the smallest top and shorts ever and yet they fit her perfectly. That red corset looks like something Buffy the Vampire Slayer would wear and Danica looks so hot here.

1 Can You Do That?!

The answer is probably no... but that's okay. Because it's honestly cool enough looking at photos of Danica doing headstands and headstands.

Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but... Danica is really just so cool. She's not only hot but she also seems like she's a good person who's in a good mood the majority of the time. It's unfortunately kind of rare for such a gorgeous person to be nice at the same time, but she definitely is. Well, at least that's what it seems like, based on her social media presence and interview answers. Now that the new year is upon everyone and the year is wrapping up, it's time to get into the gym (either again or for the first time in forever). Just think about Danica Patrick and you'll have all the motivation that you need.

Sources: SI.com

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