16 Of The Worst Celebrity Photoshop Fails

Celebrities always look flawless. Their hair is in place, makeup is perfection, and clothing is on point. Of course, they always look like they've been hitting the gym for six hours a day and like they just got a facial and rejuvenation treatment. How is that even possible? Sure, they have more money than we do - it's literally their job to look beautiful sometimes. And they have access to the hottest gyms, best spas, and newest treatments. But how do they manage to look so perfect when they're busy filming movies, raising kids, promoting music, and just living life?

Well, they don't. No one has that much time or looks that perfect. So how do they manage it? Photoshop. Sometimes it's celebrities taking the airbrushing tool to their own photo. And other times it's magazines and editors deciding to photoshop an image of a celebrity. No matter who does it, the end result is always negative. Why do we need to perpetuate false perfection to our audience? Little girls who see these photos think that's what people really look like; they think that's what they need to look like to be happy, popular, and successful. It's not true! Celebs and editors, put the photoshopping tools down! All of the celebs on this list are gorgeous pre-photoshop. Just let them be their natural, beautiful selves!

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16 Zendaya Fights Back


Let's just take a moment and have a round of applause for Zendaya. She's a young starlet trying to make her way in the world of music, television and film. It's not an easy industry to be in. And it's especially not an easy industry if you look slightly different than the typical Hollywood girl and if you have a voice. It's awesome to see this young woman not only calling out the photoshoppers but also taking a real stand against unrealistic beauty standards. It would've been so easy for Zendaya to sit back and say nothing. She could've let this photo go to print. And even if someone discovered the photoshopping and called it out, she could've played innocent. It's not like she was the one who did the touch ups. But nope, that's not how Zendaya is going to play this one. She's calling out the magazine, showing off the real image and speaking her truth. Way to go, Z! Also, how gorgeous does she look in the original image on the right? Why would anyone want to change her look?

15 Smooth Voice = Smooth Skin?


Oh, John Mayer. Clearly you are not a photoshopping pro. This photo is ridiculous! No one has skin that looks like this. John and his buddy, Ricky Van Veen (the co-founder of College Humor), appeared on John's Instagram back in 2014. Except, it wasn't exactly John and Ricky in the photo. Sure, it looks like them. But clearly this is not a photo of two human men in their 30s. Two anime characters? Sure. Two holograms? Definitely. These guys look like cartoon characters or little cherubic dolls! No one has skin that soft and dewy. The airbrushing on this is so intense you can barely make out their features. Ricky's nose has blended right into his face and where did his ear go? Next time boys, hit the spa for a facial if you want a fresh face. Or if you're super insecure in your selfie, throw on a funny SnapChat filter. Just stay away from the airbrush.

14 Bye Bye Curves!


The Kardashian ladies are no strangers to photoshopping, airbrushing, and a good filter or two. But even they have to draw the line somewhere. Kim did a photoshoot for Complex.com and the editors at Complex decided her natural curves were a bit too much for their audience. In a bit of a technological glitch, the original photo of Kim (on the left) was uploaded to their site. It was quickly replaced by the touched up version (on the right) but not before fans and Kim herself found out about it. Kim spoke out against the publication. She posted on her own site, "So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!?" Good for you, Kim! The Kardashians are known for their curves and it's awesome to hear them speaking out about body positivity. Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed about.

13 Arch Your Back!


Oh, Britney. Look, we love you Brit. You've had quite the career in the limelight. You started strong, took a bit of a tumble in 2007, but now you seem to have bounced back. You're happy, healthy, and still performing. You've got two boys and a great family. Everything is great, right? So there's really no need to try and convince us all that you still have the body you did back in the 90's pre-babies. We all know you're a mom of two. We're not expecting you to be anything but yourself. Guess Brit didn't get the message. In this image that Britney Spears posted to her Instagram page, you can tell she decided to alter her back arch just a bit. Notice how you can see the pool water behind her back? Well, if you look at how she's lying, you shouldn't be able to see the water - you should only be able to see the edge of the pool. Follow the line of the pool from her elbow and you'll see what we mean.

12 Not So Squad Goals


Here we have Miss Taylor Swift posing with some of her besties, the sisters from the band Haim. These ladies love hanging out with each other and make up the base of her girl squad. But looks like not everyone was so thrilled with how their boating party pictures came out. As you can see in the photo, the handrail on the righthand side is severely distorted - a sign that the photo has been manipulated and warped. Obviously the metal handrail on the top deck of a fast moving boat wouldn't be bent and sagging. And if it was, no one would lean up against it for a photo. Nope, this photo was clearly shopped. But why? All of these women are gorgeous! There's no need to do any slimming work in post-production. Show off those curves and let your fans know you love your bodies!

11 Where's Her Bass?


Bravo, Meghan Trainor! The curvy singer, most well-known for her hit song "All About That Bass," decided to come out against her photoshopping in a hilariously snarky way. Meghan was rightfully horrified when she saw the doctored version of her music video for her song, "Me Too." The image on the left is almost cartoonish with that itty-bitty waist. Meghan is known for her curves and her body positive message. She wasn't going to let anyone take that away from her. Because she was so disgusted with the photoshopping, Meghan decided to pull the music video until it could be fixed. She explained to her followers, "They photoshopped the crap out of me and I'm so sick of it, so I took it down until they fix it." Looks like Meghan's plan worked. Her fans were just as outraged. Finally, the none-touched-up video was released and Meghan could rest easy knowing her bass was looking superb.

10 Is That An Elbow?


Here we have model Martha Hunt (on the left) posing for Victoria Secret with another beautiful blonde. You may know Martha Hunt as a familiar face on the runways and in Taylor Swift's girl squad. And as a model, she's probably no stranger to a bit of photoshopping in her print campaigns. But this one is a little absurd. Follow the arrow - is that supposed to be an elbow? It sure looks like an elbow. But unless Martha's arms are insanely long, there's just no way that could actually be her elbow all the way over there. This type of photoshopping is just confusing. Does adding a random elbow way off to the side help these girls sell lingerie better? Does it make the photo more appealing? Or was it just a photoshopping mistake that got left behind when they were editing something else?  We don't get it.

9 Where's Kelly?


Kelly Clarkson is, sadly, no stranger to body shaming. The American Idol winner has had weight fluctuations throughout her Hollywood career. But no matter her size, Kelly is always smiling, focusing on her family and making beautiful music. She has said countless times that she is happy in her body, even when it's slightly larger. So why are we trying to change who she is? Back in 2009, Self Magazine thought it would be appropriate to slim Kelly way down for their cover. At the time, Kelly looked like the image on the left. See the difference? Editor in Chief, Lucy Danziger, admitted the photoshopping and tried to defend herself by saying, "Do we retouch? Yes! Did we alter her appearance? Only to make her look her personal best ... Did we publish an act of fiction? No. Not unless you think all photos are that. But in the sense that Kelly is the picture of confidence, and she truly is, then I think this photo is the truest we have ever put out there on the newsstand." You know what would have been an even truer photo? The actual photo.

8 What Was Wrong With The Before Shot?


This one really makes our blood boil. Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful, talented and hilarious actress. She's got some curves, which is awesome to see in Hollywood. But she's also thin and blonde, which makes her perfect by most Hollywood standards. So why in the world are we photoshopping her? The "before" version of this image is absolutely perfect. There's nothing there that needs to be trimmed down, manipulated or altered. In fact, in the "after" version, JLaw just looks sickly. She has lost all of her curves that make her a woman. No one wants to see a sickly little girl in lingerie - she's a woman and she should look like one! Unlike many celebs, JLaw tries really hard to be herself and seems authentic. Why are we taking that away from her?

7 The Hair To The Throne


Um yeah, he wishes! But seriously, everyone in the world knows that the "heir" to the throne is missing a little "hair." Prince William is one of many guys who struggles with early hair loss. Lucky for Will, his other features are still in tact. Plus, he looks great in a hat! But hair loss is just something he is dealing with. We're sure he's tried all kinds of remedies and magic potions to regain some growth. But those are just the genes he got! So it's kind of ridiculous that Hello Magazine would try to fool us into thinking that not only had Wills regained all of his hair, he grew more and dyed the whole thing dark brown. No one is buying that! William is photographed all the time so it's very easy to know when his image has been altered. Although we do have to admit, he's looking quite fine with a full head of hair!

6 Ashley Benson Speaks Out


We absolutely love when celebrities call out photoshopping and airbrushing. It's great to see celebs being critical of the images that are being pushed on the public, even if it's not their fault that the images are doctored. So here's Ashley Benson, of Pretty Little Liars fame, doing just that. She's calling out the image and clearly stating her feelings on the matter. Ashley is calling out a PLL poster she saw on the web. She reveals that the photo of the girls is actually from four years ago, which is already troubling. The editors are trying to advertise the new season of the show with a photo from four years ago. Are they worried that these women have gotten too old? That's disgusitng that they would even consider that a problem. And thanks to Ashley calling it out, we can totally see all of the airbrushing going on here. As Ashley says, "We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It's not attractive."

5 Hips Do Lie


Demi Moore is one hot mama! She often is photographed with her daughters and looks more like their sister than their mom. She clearly works hard to maintain a strong figure and youthful image. Good for her! But don't go discrediting her work by shaving off a slice of her thigh. This image is doctored so badly that it's physically impossible. Look at where the band falls on her hip. There's just no way that it could sit on her thigh like that if her hips were actually smaller than her thighs. That's also not how women's bodies work. Why the unnecessary photoshop W Magazine? Demi already looks incredibly thin in this shot - did we really need to get rid of her hip as well? She's a mom of three in her 50's - she better have some hips!

4 That's Not How Legs Work


Gwyneth Paltrow is another one of those Hollywood mamas who looks great for her age. She keeps fit and youthful, probably thanks to those insanely expensive remedies she's touting on her blog, Goop. But even the most fit and youthful woman can't do what Gwen's doing with her legs in this photo. We get that Gwen is probably super bendy and flexible, but this is just over the top. Her legs look like they're not even attached to her. Seriously, stand up and try to mimic this pose. It's impossible to have your hips and feet in this position at the same time. Was this a photoshop oversight? We figured the team at Harper's Bazaar would be a little more careful with their editing. Surely someone saw this page and started to question exactly what was going on with those limbs.

3 Fastest Blow Out Ever


You may not recognize her, but yes, this is Selena Gomez. This photo of her was posted by her makeup artist on Instagram, so that surely explains the heavily made up face. We like seeing Selena look a little more natural, but this is a cool look too. But it seems like Selena's hair team couldn't make it in time for this photo to be posted. So what's a girl to do? Well, she's gotta do her hair via photoshop! Why spend $$$ on a blowout when you can give yourself one in two seconds for free with a little careful editing? Only, this editing wasn't so careful. Check out that doorway behind Selena. Yeah, doorways aren't supposed to bend and buckle like that. Seems pretty obvious that Selena was trying to get a bit of a hair lift and forgot about the background. Was her hair really that bad? We doubt it.

2 High-Five?


We all know Ariana Grande to be the pint-sized pop princess with the huge voice. The only thing big about this girl is her voice and the length of her ponytail. Everything else is itty-bitty because she's just not a very big lady. And that's totally fine! But it starts to get freaky when we see the five foot tall star with the longest and biggest hand in the world. Seriously, look at her left hand! That is just not natural. We're not even sure how this picture managed to get past her team and into print. Just look at how long her thumb is. No one has a thumb that looks like that. It is so obviously stretched out. Her hand is looking more like a flipper than a hand. How did this happen? Were they working on her hair and accidentally pulled her hand too long? So odd.

1 That's Not How Doors Work


Lindsay Lohan, you tried your best. She posted this photo on her Instagram page and explained to fans that all she did was crop out her feet. She said, "My feet look red lol — had to take that out. Only real red is my hair." Looks like you took out a few other things in this post, Linds. We're starting to doubt if any of it is real. Check out that door. We're not sure what kind of doors celebs have, but all of the doors we know are straight. They usually have a straight vertical line on each side - not a line that follows the curves of our bodies. Lindsay seemed to have forgotten how doors worked when she posted this photo. Of course, because the photoshopping is so obvious, Linds' fans called it out right away. Instead of trying to deny it or defend herself, Lindsay just deleted the photo from her page. No one wants to see a doctored photo, Lindsay!

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