16 Not So Flattering Pics of the Steamiest Celebs Of 2017

One reason why we love celebrities so much is we think that they're pretty much perfect. After all, we live super different lives than they do, right? We have 9-to-5 jobs, we're definitely not famous, and oh yeah, our budgets might be a little smaller than what the biggest stars have. We tend to think that celebs are totally and completely perfect... and it's really tough to see them as just like us (aka regular human beings). They have a lot of money and resources, and they tend to live in million-dollar mansions while we're renting apartments with a roomie or two.

But celebs don't always have good hair or outfit days, and sometimes, they're photographed looking anything but flawless. It's super surprising since we definitely expect them to always be nothing less than perfection. Maybe that's unfair, but hey, this is the society that we live in. We just can't help the way that we feel and think. The truth is that some of our favorite stars and some of the most popular people of the past year have been snapped looking not so perfect. Check out these 16 not so flattering pics of the hottest celebs of 2017! We all have bad days, right?!


16 Kylie Jenner: Like We've Never Seen Her Before

Wait... Is that really Kylie Jenner?! Really? Seriously?

Yes, we're here to say that this is definitely none other than Kylie Jenner. Yup, that Kylie Jenner. Yup, the member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, the one with the lip kits and the reality spin-off show and the model sister. We're not sure what's going on here because she is totally unrecognizable. It's like she had a bad run-in with some fake tanner or decided to ask for bronzer but literally all over her face. Her entire face looks super swollen, too, and so do her lips. It's not her best look and we're not sure that she would want anyone to see this picture. Let's agree to forget the bronzer, okay?! It's just going to remind us of this unflattering photo of Kylie...

15 Taylor Swift: School Girl Braid


This photo of Taylor Swift must have been taken forever ago since she looks really young. She's wearing her hair in a super messy side braid, but while that would usually be cute, her hair is so wild and curly that it's just not that flattering.

We know that stars really care about their image and want to look good all the time. T-Swift especially has a really carefully constructed brand that she puts out there, and it's always interesting to see what songs she releases next and who she's dating or who she's just broken up with. But we're not sure that we're fans of her hair here. She also just doesn't look anything like herself. She has lines all over her face... but isn't she too young for wrinkles?! It's just confusing.

14 Beyonce: Not The Queen Bee Here

Look, we're big fans of Beyonce like anyone (or everyone) else. We're not about to say anything negative about her. We just have to be honest and say that this isn't the most flattering photo of the Lemonade singer that we're ever seen.

Maybe it's her makeup. Her face looks totally caked in makeup and it seems like she has way too much foundation on. It's kind of comforting to know that happens to celebs, too, since we've definitely all had an awkward run-in with some foundation and concealer. There we are, thinking that we look perfect, and then we leave the house and look in a mirror and realize we've got way too much makeup on. We know that beauty rules don't always need to be followed, but we have to say that we love the whole "don't wear eye makeup AND lipstick" rule. Smokey eyes and red lips don't go well together.

13 Bella Thorne: Confusing AF


We have to say that we're always pretty confused when we see photos of Bella Thorne. She just wears the strangest outfits ever. Like this one.

Why does she have different colored eyeshadow/eyeliner on each eye? Is that a thing? We're not so sure that's a style, but hey, we're not famous celebs. Her face looks super shiny and we don't think that's flattering. Her super low-cut shirt, leather jacket, and tons of necklaces contribute to the whole unflattering vibe as well. We think that if she had toned down her makeup, worn her hair down without the hat, and worn another top under that leather jacket, she would have looked awesome. But that's not what happened so we have to say that this isn't the best photo of her that ever existed.

12 Gigi Hadid: Plain Jane

Yeah, that's Gigi Hadid. We know that it's hard to believe since she's one of the most beautiful models in the world, let alone one of the most beautiful women in the world. She just looks super awkward here, but hey, we all go through puberty and awkward stages, right? We can definitely relate.

We just can't say that this particular photo of Gigi is super flattering. Between her braces and wild hair and casual jeans and sweatshirt, this photo doesn't reflect the gorgeous supermodel that we know and love. She always looks so much more put together than this. We honestly wouldn't even know that this was the same person as the girl that we know today, and we bet she wouldn't even recognize herself, either.

11 Kim Kardashian: Is That You, Kim?!


Is that Kim K? Yup, it is, even though we honestly couldn't say that it is. Between her super light brown/blonde hair and dull skin tone, we would have no clue that this is a picture of the most famous member of the most famous family ever. This must have taken a few years ago, right?

We're used to seeing Kim decked out in fabulous outfits and her hair and makeup always look equally fantastic. She looks so plain here and like she isn't even wearing any makeup at all. She also looks really tired. Look, we totally get it. Everyone has bad days, and that goes for celebrities, too. We're just going to be over here, confused and shocked that this is actually Kim. We can't get over it.

10 Ariel Winter: Just Bad All Around

Ariel Winter has been getting a lot of flak lately for wearing super revealing clothing. People feel that she's dressing much older than her 19 years and that the photos that she's posting on her social media channels on a regular basis just aren't all that age appropriate. We have to say that this isn't a great photo of her. It's just... a bit much.

Or it's not enough. That makes more sense, right? Ariel isn't exactly wearing a lot of clothing here. We feel like moms over here, saying that she should go home and cover herself up, but honestly, this super short cropped tank top and short shorts don't seem like an actual outfit. It's not exactly flattering and we know that she could look so much better in another outfit.


9 Ariana Grande: Makeup Fail


There's such a thing as way too much makeup, like when people cake it on and it's super obvious that they're wearing concealer and foundation and blush. Especially blush. That stuff should always be invisible. And there's also such a thing as wearing not enough makeup, which is why this isn't the most flattering photo of Ariana Grande ever.

Sure, she's got some eyeshadow on, but this blue isn't the most flattering color that she could be wearing. We know that Ariana is adorable and pretty and that she would have looked great with a more natural look. You know, the natural look that involves wearing a bunch of beauty products. We're also not sure what's going on with her hair... or why she's got such a giant scowl on her face. That's not flattering, either.

8 Hilary Duff: Miserable And Messy

There are two reasons this is a super unflattering photo of Hilary Duff: the singer/actress looks really miserable, and her hair is incredibly messy. Honestly, if she had this same hairstyle but had a big grin on her face and looked peaceful and happy, we would be cool with it. It's honestly the combo that makes us wonder what was wrong. Maybe she was just having a crappy day. We all have those for sure.

This doesn't even really look like the star that we know and love. Her hair is brown and we think of her as a blonde, and her face and eyes look a bit puffy. It's super strange how celebs can sometimes look unrecognizable, right? It's just one of life's little mysteries.

7 Lady Gaga: What's With The Water?


We just have one question when we see this photo of Lady Gaga: what's with all the water?! Seriously, why is she so wet? We have no idea what's going on here. We need answers and we need them now... but we probably won't find out what happened. Ugh.

Maybe she was performing and decided to drench herself in water because it was so hot. That would make sense. But... how much water would she need to throw on herself in order to look this wet? This is a super unflattering photo and we've definitely seen better photos of the amazingly talented singer. Honestly, this is just all kinds of confusing, and we would really love to know the story behind this water-logged picture. It's a real head-scratcher for sure.

6 Jennifer Lawrence: Goofing Around

We love Jennifer Lawrence. She's so talented and appears in really interesting movies, whether she's going for an indie film or something more mainstream Hollywood. We're not sure what's going on here or why she's being quite this goofy.

Look, we love that she's not our typical star and that she likes to have fun. She's a junk food eating girl next door and that's really cool. It's something to admire in this day and age. We're just not going to say that this is a flattering photo because as much as we adore her, it's just not a good photo of her. She probably wasn't expecting a photo to be taken, because let's face it, this isn't a flattering angle or look for anyone, famous or not. It's just too silly.

5 Selena Gomez: A Bad Angle


This was obviously a random paparazzi photo that was taken of Selena Gomez, so we can't really blame her for how awkward this picture is. She's clearly trying to hide from the camera and she's got a blazer draped over one shoulder and her bangs over one eye. She totally looks like she wants to be anyone other than where she is, and that makes us feel kind of guilty for even looking at this photo.

We totally get that being famous and having everyone take photos of you whenever you're out and about really sucks. We just can't say that it's a flattering photo because it's a bad angle and she really doesn't want to be photographed right in this instant. We would feel the exact same way.

4 Vanessa Hudgens: Awkward Hair

It's almost impossible to believe that this is a photo of Vanessa Hudgens... and yet that's the absolute truth. This is a photo of Vanessa Hudgens and we can't wrap our minds around that. Seeing her look so drastically different definitely takes us by surprise.

Sure, this was taken during the time that she was filming a dark movie called Gimme Shelter back in 2013, and she had short, shaggy hair then. It makes a lot more sense... but still isn't that flattering. Okay, okay, it's not flattering at all. Sorry, Vanessa. We still love you and think that you did an awesome job in Spring Breakers and, of course, we've all got a super soft spot for the High School Musical movies. We loved those back in the day... and probably still do if we're being completely honest.

3 Mila Kunis: Totally Unrecognizable


Yet another celebrity that we just can't believe is really them, this photo of Mila Kunis doesn't do justice to her beauty. She looks so plain and like a regular person when we know that she's, well, Mila Kunis. She's one of the most beautiful actresses out there.

We really can't believe that this is her, but it really is. We never see her without makeup wearing a plain hoodie like in this photo. Okay, maybe we do see her without makeup, since she does tend to adopt a more casual, tomboy-esque look when she's out and about with her family. But she never looks this different from usual. Her face also looks fairly puffy. Maybe she wasn't feeling well or had been working super hard for the past little while and that makes her look so unlike herself here.

2 Kim Kardashian: Yup, She Made The List Again

Did you know that this was Kim K? We never knew that Kim Kardashian ever wore her hair like this. Well, now we know. And it's honestly so confusing.

We wonder when this was taken and we just can't believe it. Maybe Kim had just been on vacation and had gotten her hair braided while away. She's not wearing any makeup, or if she is, it's not her usual glam look. That's really what is baffling us so much: the fact that Kim Kardashian doesn't look glam and elegant and sophisticated at all here. We're used to seeing her wearing tons of makeup and the best clothes ever. We really would have had no idea that this was her if we didn't already know that it was. Wow.

1 Kim Kardashian: And One More For Good Measure


We just know that Kim Kardashian would not find this to be a very good photo of her. She's definitely used to looking absolutely amazing on a regular basis. We wouldn't say that we've ever seen a bad photo of her... but we can't really say that since there have been a few unflattering pics of the star on this list.

Her hair is way too light here, so she doesn't even look like herself, and we never like when someone looks totally different. It also looks like her makeup is so caked on that her skin tone is lighter than it actually is, and again, we're not into that since she doesn't look like herself. It's okay, Kim. We know that you're gorgeous and we think that you look great the rest of the time. Everyone has a bad photo taken of them every once in a while. No worries.


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