16 Natural Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

Often as women, we gain the majority of our confidence in knowing that we look and feel good. The breasts symbolise our femininity and we are constantly looking at new ways to improve our natural bust. Often we are lead down a rabbit-hole of information when it comes to breast enhancement with DIY formulas that are most likely not going to work.

If you're not blessed with a set of perfect genes or if the idea of going under the knife petrifies you then fear not, we have plenty of alternatives and these won't cost you thousands either. Women of all ages around the world have tried and tested these following natural remedies for fuller breasts. Some of these are secrets kept quiet for centuries and others are available to you locally.

Here are 16 ways you can naturally boost your assets without having to resort to pushing a lot of tissue down your bra.

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16 Drink Plenty Of Milk  


You can't argue with proven research, so if science recommends that if we drink more milk it will make our boobs grow naturally - then we will do it. There is plenty of potassium and vitamin B in milk, which are the necessary nutrients needed for building tissue and producing red blood cells.

A mixture of papaya juice and milk is the winning formula, especially if made into a smoothie because then it's delicious.

15 Apply Fenugeek 


Fenugeek is used in many recipes as a culinary spice, but here's the trick - you have to rub it onto your breasts for it to work. Mostly used for bodybuilding, the seeds contain protein, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, and diosgenin (which similar to oestrogen).

Home Remedies Web suggests that you consume up to 3g of Fenugreek seeds per day for visible results.

14 Try Greenbush Herbs


Herbal website GreenBush.net specialize in breast enhancing herbs. Their "New Enhancement Kit" has a "mastogenic" effect which is a tried and tested formula which has been used for centuries. They proudly claim that their products can have your breasts feeling fuller and firmer in just ten days.

These herbs are recommended as a safe alternative to expensive and complicated procedures. Not only will they help boost your breasts, but also the phyto-nutrients found in the herbs have been featured in research which helps prevent the cause of breast cancer. They proudly claim that their products can have your breasts feeling fuller and firmer in just ten days.

13 Do More Push-Ups 


Push-ups help strengthen your pectoral muscles and will not only make your boobs look bigger but also perkier. Just 20 push-ups a day will help thicken the pectoral muscles and in a matter of weeks you will appear like you have gone up a cup-size.

Using dumbbells also has the same effect. So invest in a decent pair of weights for home use and get those arms pumping.

12 Contouring Your Cleavage 

via: YouTube.com

That's right ladies, contouring is not just for the face. The good news is you can sculpt your breasts just by using what you already have in your own makeup kit. It's all about tricking people into seeing what they want to see.

Using a dark bronzer to create a shadow around the cleavage by drawing a 'Y' shape on your chest. Then apply highlighter (two shades lighter than your natural skin tone) all over the rest of the skin on your chest. Don't forget to blend and there you have it - a boosted pair!

11 Eat More Radishes  


Radishes have been proven to improve the blood flow to the local tissues around the breast area. Hallelujah! Thanks to the astringent properties in this superfood, you will find yourself naturally transforming for the better.

There are plenty of mouth-watering, savoury radish recipes online. It can be teamed up perfectly with pizzas, salads or wraps - the possibilities are endless.

10 Get Plenty Of Protein In Your Diet 


Listen up, ladies - protein is your new best friend. The quickest and easiest way to naturally boost breast enhancement is to pack your body full of the stuff. Protein helps to restore the tissue around the mammary glands and releases natural growth hormones into your system.

Your hormones begin to slow down throughout your twenties and then really decline in your thirties. Plenty of exercise, seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night and a healthy protein-heavy diet will soon see your shape snap into good form. High protein foods include tuna, salmon, pork loin, eggs and pumpkin seeds.

9 Mix Marshmallow Root Into Your Meals  


Surprisingly, marshmallow has a whole list of good benefits for your body. It can sooth burns or irritations, clear up skin problems and even combat disease. Great Home Remedies recommends the following recipe for rapid breast growth:

"Take 3 table spoons of dry marshmallow root, add 3 cups (1cup = 8 oz or 240 ml) of cold water, put it on heat and boil it for 15 minutes. Filter the extract. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. At the same time apply compresses to your breasts using the same extract (just wet a towel in the extract and apply it as a compress for 20-30 minutes at night)"

8  Take Amino Acid Supplements 


Remember earlier when we recommended packing plenty of protein into your diet to help your breasts grow - well here is a way to cheat. Amino acid supplements are packed full of growth hormones and are available from many local health food supply stores.

These little wonders are essentially the building blocks of muscle tissue. Studies have shown that taking the supplements regularly can enhance growth by up to 300%.

7 Avoid Caffeinated Drinks 


In 2008, we got some very bad news from British newspaper The Daily Mail. After researchers questioned over 300 women on their daily caffeine in-take, they reported that "three cups was enough to make the breasts shrink". They also confirmed that there is "a clear link between drinking coffee and smaller breasts."

The study took place at Lund University in Sweden. But don't throw away your Starbucks just yet because they also discovered that caffeine was linked to a deduction in risk of breast cancer too.

6 Use Breast Enhancing Creams 


Just Google "Breast Enhancement Creams" and the options are endless. There are so many out there, all claiming that they can do amazing and wonderful things for your body. But which one is best for you?

Breast Enhancement Resource is a handy online guide of the top 2015 three creams to invest in. They rate each product based on 1) Price 2) Success Rate 3) Guarantee 4) Product Safety.

5 Pick Out A Flattering Bra 


A great body trick which will leave you feeling curvy in all the right places is to invest in the right bra. Many women wear a bra which isn't right for their shape because they haven't been fitted properly. Many department stores offer this service for free and it will change you for the better when you feel fuller and more confident.

Another great trick is to improve your posture. Stand in front of a mirror sideways, you should be able to draw an imaginary straight line from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee, to the middle of your ankle. This will make you appear instantly perkier and it costs nothing.

4 Work On Your Waist 


Working your core muscles can tone up your waist and make your top half appear larger. Yoga and pilates are the two most effective exercises as these workouts will help you burn calories and improve your core.

Over time work your way up to twenty abdominal crunches a day. This will take you less than one minute a day and will leave you feeling and looking great.

3 Birth Control Pills 


We all have moments in our monthly cycle where are breasts appear fuller than usual. This is due to our ever fluctuating hormone levels and sometimes our body just doesn't know what shape or size we are supposed to be.

Birth control pills contain a high dosage of oestrogen and can make our breasts look fuller throughout the whole month.

2 Get Hands On!


There is an old urban myth where if you massage your breasts for 30 minutes each day then they will go up one cup size - and it works! The benefit of the massage is that is helps with blood flow and circulation.

This old ritual dates back centuries. So next time you're sat at home watching a Netflix marathon don't forget to put idle hands to good use and get working.

1 Doubling up


There are many angles to this tip because women have found many ways to increase their chest sizes by buying padded bras. You can either buy a padded bra to your bra to give that full looking chest or you can get the stick on strapless bras (picture above). Stick on bras can be closed at the front, allowing for a cleavage affect, and trust us this really does work. Make sure to stick the bra on in a way that gives you plenty of cleavage.

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