16 Moves That Prove Chivalry Still Exists

In the age of casual things, apps, and ghosting, finding a guy who actually wants to date the old-school way can feel pretty impossible. Why would he want to put much effort into being polite, charming, and exclusive when he doesn’t have to? It seems as though dating these days has become lazy and lacks the effort necessary to build a long-lasting relationship. There was a time when respectable men used to properly court women. Today, some men may not even be aware of what true chivalry even entails. Some of us want more than just the casual encounters and almost-relationships. Although chivalrous men appear to be a dying breed, they do still exist. If you’re lucky enough to find a guy who still values the tradition of courting and catering to women then hold on to him tight. Here are a few moves that show he knows how to keep chivalry alive.

16 He Picks Up The Phone

There are few things sweeter than the butterfly sensation you get when you hear the sound of his voice. In this day and age, calling someone just to strike up a casual conversation has almost become a thing of the past. Why call someone when you can just shoot them a text? While typing out messages might be easier, it’s arguably a much less intimate way of communicating than talking things out. Texting is fine every now and then, but there’s something pretty hot about listening to him speak that leaves you wanting more. Talking to you one-on-one allows you to make a solid connection without one of life’s many distractions getting in the way. This method of speaking gives both an opportunity to listen and laugh in ways that text messages can’t provide. When he calls it shows that he’s interested in getting to know you on a more personal level.

15 He Wants More Than Just A Casual Thing

Of course, we love being carefree and having fun, and just because we're in a new relationship doesn't mean we should leave our super fun single days behind. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when we need something more than just a physical connection. While the notion of keeping things casual seems to be at its peak, it’s become increasingly difficult to find a man who’s looking for more than just a one-time thing. We want a man who’s capable of something more meaningful than texts at two in the morning, and when that guy comes along he makes us wonder why we ever settled for anything less in the first place. Finally crossing paths with a guy who is capable of connecting on a deeper level reminds us of what it’s like to feel appreciated.

14 He Asks You Out On Real Dates

There's a super strong emphasis on the word “real” here. As ladies, we should be accustomed to a certain level of respect from men. This standard should especially be upheld when it comes to dating. Forget this whole mentality that Netflix and Chill is an acceptable alternative for a date. Those kinds of experiences aren’t dates - they lack creativity, effort, and solely serve as an easy path to hanky-panky. You deserve so much more than that. If he simply has the fortitude to ask you out on an actual date, then you have yourself the makings of a chivalrous man. By not being afraid to put in some extra work, these guys can show us that we need to expect more from men when it comes to dating. If we allow “chilling” to act as a substitute for meaningful dates then why would we ever get anything more? Every now and then a sincere man will come along and ask us out the proper way, and it’s a revitalizing feeling that should happen much more often.

13 He Picks You Up For Dates

It’s totally understandable to meet up with your date at a designated location if you haven’t met yet or it’s your first time being out with him alone. Aside from that, he should be the one who comes to you and picks you up. If you are already comfortable being around him, what’s more chivalrous than him showing up at your door and escorting you to your destination? This might seem like an outdated custom, but it’s romantic when he shows up at your door. Plus, you get to spend extra time together on your way to your date. He’s the perfect model of masculinity when he takes the initiative to do little things that prove just how seriously he takes you. He is nothing short of honorable, and you certainly take notice.

12 He Pays For You

You just had an amazing date at your favorite restaurant; the two of you shared a wonderful meal and had a few drinks while talking the night away. The waiter brings over the check and before you even have a chance to reach into your purse, he says not to worry because he’s got it covered. Swoon. Why can’t all men be this considerate? Although you are fiercely independent and you can afford to pay for yourself, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be wined and dined every now and then. Covering the check at dinner shows that he’s a true gentleman and is capable of taking care of you. It also shows that he wants to impress you by putting his best foot forward. It’s a super long tradition that the man is expected to pay for dates, and frankly, he should. You deserve to be treated like the lady that you are.

11 He Lends You His Coat

We’ve all seen the movies and heard stories from our grandparents of when a chivalrous man offers his coat to a lady when she’s cold. Men, please take note. This kind of romantic gesture doesn’t go unnoticed and we value the thoughtfulness behind it. While we don’t actually expect you to lay out your jacket so we can walk over a puddle, we like a guy who takes our feelings into account. It basically makes us melt. Having the courteously to offer your coat or sweatshirt is just a small way of showing us you care about our feelings. Women really do appreciate the little things, and a small act of chivalry can go a long way.

10 He’s Not Afraid To Make Things Official

It’s hard not to be undeniably attracted to a man who knows what he wants. He’s into you and he shows it by never letting you wonder if he’s in it for the long haul. He doesn’t shy away from the idea of commitment and instead embraces it with open arms. It can be tough finding a guy who wants the same things you do when it comes to settling down, but he makes it easier by giving you the coveted girlfriend title instead of leading you on. It’s refreshing to have a guy court you the old fashioned way without playing any games that leave you confused unfulfilled. A chivalrous man will pursue you (in a super respectful way, of course), and if things go well he won’t be weary of moving forward when the time is right.

9 He Tells You You’re Beautiful

8 He's Pretty Much Prince Charming

The idea of Prince Charming has of course been along for a super long time, but even as little girls, we all thought about our wedding day, and we fantasized about having a knight in shining armor show up on his white horse and defend our honor. While real life doesn’t quite reflect the same ideals of our childhood fairy tales, we still hope to find similar noble qualities in a partner. Even though we might not need to be “saved” by anyone, we like it when a guy is willing and able to stand up for us when the time is right. We yearn to feel safe and secure, so finding someone who takes an interest in being our personal hero is ideal. It’s comforting knowing that we have someone on our side, and he doesn’t waste any time filling the role as your protector.

7 He Says Please And Thank You

A man with proper manners is the kind of guy worthy of taking home to meet your parents. The fact that "please" and "thank you" are part of his vocab totally proves that he gets how completely important it is to be polite.  It also shows that he’s capable of treating you the way he would want to be treated. Good manners are a win-win for everyone involved. The icing on the cake is when he’s able to say the two words every woman wants to hear: “I’m sorry”. It takes a real man to admit when he’s wrong, and the fact that he can recognize his mistakes eliminates the cause of most disagreements. He’s accountable for his actions and he’s a real stand-up guy. A refined man with a good set of manners exhibits maturity and respect for those around him. Who wouldn’t want that?

6 He Doesn’t Use Cheesy Pickup Lines

If you’ve ever had a guy approach you and rely on corny one-liners instead of having a meaningful conversation, then you can definitely relate. Guys who run through a list of pre-rehearsed pitches can leave you feeling cheap and unsettled. We don’t easily fall for smooth talkers who recycle the same lines and use them on one girl after another. A substantial part of a chivalrous man’s appeal is his authenticity. We can’t resist the charm of a man who is genuine and exudes honesty with every word he says. Despite what some guys may think, we can easily spot the difference between a pickup artist and someone who speaks from their heart. The man who speaks to us with a sensible level of dignity is the one we want... and that would be every single time.

5 He Holds Open Doors

He holds open the door for you when you enter a room and opens the car door for you when you want to get in or out of the vehicle. These kinds of moves prove that he's basically a perfect gentleman. They're super commendable gestures that he doesn’t necessarily have to do, but we totally enjoy when he does them. He’s eager to be helpful while being mindful of your needs. Such small acts of kindness don’t go without recognition and actually make us feel kind of giddy inside. We like being treated like ladies, and these time-honored moves accomplish that goal. A man who upholds chivalrous qualities will go above and beyond the line of duty to make us happy.

4 He’s Affectionate

Everyone wants to be loved, and you can’t resist a man who can cuddle up next to you and isn’t afraid of getting close. Some men fail to comprehend that there’s so much more to physical contact that just what goes on in the bedroom. We want there to be a natural affection, an occasional warm embrace or a gentle touch. Not only does a chivalrous man say how he feels about you; but he holds your hand, puts his arm around you, and steals a tender kiss every chance he can get. We want to know that he’s invested in the relationship, and he never fails to disappoint when it comes to showing his affection.

3 He’s There When It Counts

It’s important to have someone who’s an equal partner. When we find someone wants to be a part of all aspects of our life, we know he’s special. A man of a chivalrous nature will pay attention to you and listen to what you say, so he knows when important events are coming up and what special occasions matter most. He remembers when your birthday is every year and has never forgotten an anniversary. You can clearly see that cares about the same things you do. He’s around for the good times and bad and he proudly stands by your side without any hesitation. It means a lot to us to know that he’s attentive to significant details, and we know he’s dependable when we need him.

2 He Appreciates You

A chivalrous man recognizes all of your incredible qualities and doesn’t take them for granted. He knows that a woman like you doesn’t come along often and he’s lucky to have you by his side. While there may be plenty of fish in the sea, he can see that you are one of a kind and he does what he can to make you happy. Even as your relationship progresses, the good times keep on coming. He keeps the spark alive by doing sweet things, like leaving you surprise notes and always kissing you goodnight. This kind of man loves you unconditionally and would go to the end of the earth for you. If you found a guy like this, we totally envy you and hope to be as lucky in love.

1 He’s A Man Of His Word

It shouldn’t be hard to find a guy with honesty and integrity, but unfortunately, sometimes it definitely can be. We crave a guy who is sincere and doesn’t play games. He has strong values and morals and is a man of good character. This is the kind of man we always wanted but never thought we deserved. When he says he’s a one-woman kind of guy; we want to 100 percent believe him without ever having to wonder or doubt him. We’ve had our hearts hurt too many times by broken promises, so it’s not easy for us to let our guard down and trust a man so openly. But when he keeps his word it gives us a much-needed confidence boost and proves to us that good men do exist after all.

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