16 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Kim K Of The Mexican Cartel

She is the leader of the dangerous Mexican cartel known as Sinaloa. Claudia is just as dangerous as she is smokin'.

Hooked on Narcos? Well, this real-life story will certainly put anything you see on that show to shame. Meet the specimen of a human being known as Claudia Ochoa Felix. What is the first thing that you notice about her? The obvious answer would be that she is just another Kim Kardashian lookalike. There are countless numbers of Kim K doppelgangers that you can find all over Instagram, but none even possess a morsel of gangsta that this woman has. She is the leader of the dangerous Mexican cartel known as Sinaloa. Claudia is just as dangerous as she is smokin'. She has the voluptuous body and racy red plush lips to prove it.

There is much mystery and enigma surrounding this internet sensation. Unlike most Instagram models, she actually has a day job that has nothing to do with her striking looks (although those are not bad to have). If Claudia Ochoa Felix is who the media is blowing her up to be, she could very well be the next (female), Pablo Escobar. Who says cartel leaders have to be dominated by men?

Admit it, you secretly admit that you wish you could be as beautiful and as thug as this woman. Otherwise, you wouldn't even be reading this article. Here are some mind-boggling facts about the Mexican cartel goddess that we are all fascinated by.

16 Claudia Ochoa Félix Is Known As 'La Emperatriz De Los Antrax' Or 'The Empress Of Antrax.'

This woman has been notorious for being closely involved with the Sinaloa cartel and is now the newly-appointed leader of Anthrax, and is known as the Empress of Anthrax. She is making waves to her striking resemblance to reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. What makes stand out even more is the fact that she has actually received a formal education in business. According to the Mexican press, Claudia Ochoa Felix is the leader of this violent gang named after the deadly disease and affiliated to the powerful Sinaloa cartel. However, it is safe to say that it is solely her good looks and stunning attire that she presents herself in that have catapulted her into stardom. We can't help but look at her with wonder and a little bit of envy.

15 There Has Been No Investigations Launched Against Her (Yet)

Our girl Claudia must know how to play the game like nobody's business. Though dealers do have a tendency of getting caught, this woman is just too suave for anyone to have anyone catch her at her game. Maybe it might have something to do with the fact that no one can fathom the fact that someone this hot and smoking could be responsible for the detrimental damage on many (potential) innocent lives. Nonetheless, she has been able to find the uncanny talent to fly under the radar and not get caught with any wrongdoings that has associated her with the cartel. Lucky for her (well, at least for now until the DEA might find a small link that proves how she is connected somehow).

14 She Loves Being Compared To Kim Kardashian

13 She Loves Designer Clothes And Expensive Cars

Latin Times

Claudia seems to love the finer things in life as she frequently posts pictures of her with designer handbags, flamboyant attire, expensive cars and luxurious vacations traveling first class. Being the leader of a cartel definitely pays off in some ways. Then again, Pablo Escobar lived a life of luxury but he had to flee from the DEA every chance he got before he was eventually gunned down. One can only imagine the amount of adrenaline that goes through her veins on an everyday basis. As of right now, that is not in the cards for Claudia as she is just living the good life and all we can do is watch from the sidelines wishing that we could be her only for one week.

12 Purses And Heels Aren't Her Only Favorite Accessories To Show Off

Latino Post

Not only is Claudia Ochoa Felix supernaturally sexy, but she his the ultimate bad chick. It is safe to say that she puts Kim Kardashian to shame with her ability to fire off an AK-47. She is supposedly always armed for self-protection and protection for her family. After all, when you are the Empress of the Sinaloa cartel, you never know who will turn against you or get violent with you. It must be a scary and seething thought knowing that you could get shot at in any moment of the day when you least expect it. At least she makes the best of it by decorating her weapons with gold/pink paint and rhinestones. You have to give a feminine flair to a traditionally masculine sport.

11 Don't Be Fooled By Her Selfies, She Is ALWAYS Protected By Heavily Armed Men


In this pic, she seems like she's just chilling and taking a quick selfie before heading out. Just another day in the life of a hot cartel leader. However, in reality, she is most definitely surrounded by a masked, armed guard that is there for her protection. Though it is clear that she likes to be seen out in the Mexican public eye and the international community of social media, Claudia needs to take more proper precaution more so than the average bear in the woods. In her case, it is necessary to surround yourself with a myriad of bodyguards in order to shield her from potential assassins, obsessed fans or jealous people. You never know who could be sneaking behind the corner ready to blow her head off.

10 She Was Married To A Sinaloa Trafficker Known As 'El Chavo' Felix

9 She Is A Mother Of Three


She claims that she is not "La Empeatriz de los Antrax," but rather a loving stay-at-home mom. Here is what makes that assertion suspicious: If she doesn't run the cartel, then how is her lucrative lifestyle maintained when her husband is no longer in the picture? The obvious answer would be that she plays a role in the business and has a hand in the cartel. In any case, she appears to adore her children and has no problem posting pictures of them all over social media. So much for protecting their identities with the attempt to be discreet. Then again, if she has nothing to hide, then maybe these all are just rumors. However, the evident facts point in a much different direction. Keep reading to find out why.


8 In May 2014, The Media Mistook Her Death With Someone Else

In May 2014, the body of a young assassin of a rival cartel of the Sinaloa cartel was found. At first, it was mistaken as Claudia, and the Mexican press had a field day claiming that the queen of the Sinaloa cartel was dead. That was, indeed, a false report and a mistaken identification. Later, the body was identified as Joselyn Alejandra Niño. An assassin dubbed 'Skinny Girl' has allegedly been brutally murdered just south of the Mexican border - the third woman with that nickname to suffer at the hands of a rival cartel. She achieved notoriety in January when a picture of her grasping a modified M4 assault rifle with an innocent smile on her face began circulating on social media. Though her resemblance to Claudia was striking, clearly that was not her.

7 She Was Linked To The Arrest Of Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa


It is rumored (or at least strongly implied on both hers and his social media accounts) that Claudia Ochoa Felix and Jose Rodrigo Gamboa were in a relationship prior to his arrest. Since his arrest, her presence on social media has been booming. That must have been her direct connection to the cartel. She must have a thing for bad boys, specifically bad boys involved in the cartel. He was known as "El Chino de Antrax" and had a reputation for being a ruthless leader. She has denied that she has been linked to the notorious (former) gang leader, but their Instagram accounts clearly state otherwise. It looks like they have gone on some romantic getaways and are frequently seen together prior to him being jailed.

6 Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa (AKA El Chino Ántrax), The Leader of the Antrax Gang, Was Arrested In December 2013

After being tried in a San Diego court for drug trafficking and violence, Jose Rodrigo Gamboa was sentenced to a life term in a US prison in October 2015. Arechiga-Gamboa, 34, entered his plea before U.S. District Judge, Dana M. Sabraw, to a superseding information charging him with conspiracy to import illegal substances into the United States. According to his plea agreement, Arechiga-Gamboa admitted that the Sinaloa Cartel uses violence and threats to intimidate rival cartels, and that he himself was “a direct participant in, and communicated to other members of the Sinaloa Cartel, orders to commit acts of violence or threats of violence.” While he sits in prison, someone has to run the cartel. Who else could it possibly be other than Claudia?

5 It Is Believed She Took Over The Antrax After El Chino Antrax Was Arrested


4 She Is Not Shy On Social Media


3 She Likes To Go Clubbing


Though she is a mother of three, she is still relatively young and likes to have a good time. Assuming that she makes bank, it is not like she cannot afford a nanny. This is apparent in the many pictures that she posts on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Whether alone or surrounded by her posse of other hot Latina women, she oozes sex appeal with her vivacious body language and attention-grabbing outfits. We have to admit it. A part of us kind of wants to be a part of that posse. I mean, come on. How cool would it be to say that you hang out with the most bad@ss woman in the entire world? That is, if you are lucky enough to stay on her good side.

2 She Has No Problem Flaunting Her Wealth


Obviously, she does not have any intention of hiding the fact that she is filthy rich at this point. Maybe she didn't grow up with wealth and now she is so overwhelmed by the new money coming in that she can't help but rub it in the world's face. Not that we blame her. However, if she were a smart criminal she would be more conspicuous about the fact that she is rumored to be the leader of the Sinaloa cartel. Or maybe she does want the world to know. Maybe she is just a cover up for whoever is the real leader of the cartel. That would be the most clever idea in history. The mystery surrounding how much she is really involved with the cartel will always allude us.

1 She Is Incredibly Powerful

The Last Girl Standing

Not only does this woman blow us away with her stunning looks, but her power intimidates the crap out of us. Even if the rumors aren't true and she isn't the real leader of the cartel, she still has some close ties to them without a doubt. Since this whole story is something that has been sensationalized in the media, her fame has grown tremendously. Yet, she is seen and not heard. With the exception of a few short-timed videos on YouTube of her giving an interview denying her role in the cartel and booty-shaking on the beach, we don't really know who she is or what she is about. The fact that we still don't know what her identity really is makes her even more alluring. Eventually though, her lies will catch up with her.


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16 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Kim K Of The Mexican Cartel