16 Messed Up Things That Happen Behind The Scenes Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has graced our television sets for the past 10 seasons, making their ups and downs, dramas, divorces, fights and practical jokes part of our everyday lives and social media timelines. But behind the scenes, things are much different than they appear when the cameras are rolling. Whether we're talking about the relations between the sisters, the truth about Kim's jealous streak, or that fact that Kendall and Kylie don't like the spotlight, there are a lot of dynamics we don't get to see on the show.

Kris Jenner has a biting wit and a cut throat business savvy that has gotten her to, and kept her at, the top of a cable network. But this also means that she sometimes crosses the line between personal and business in order to keep the show popular. This can leave the family dynamic a little strained at best, and at worst completely disconnected and not even on speaking terms.From staging fight scenes, to leaking stories to the press about pregnancies, the family knows how to get and keep attention in whatever way they have to. Even if it means they have to play nice or fake it for the camera. Some of the things they have to do will seem downright mean, but they do it with an end goal in mind. To be the highest-rated show on television.

The family has grown up with the reality show and some of the things they do for the camera and behind the scenes will shock you. Here are 16 messed up things that happen behind the scenes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

16 Everyone Knows Khloe Has A Different Father

You would have to be blind not to see the clear difference between Khloe's looks and the rest of the Kardashian Jenner clan. Not only is she taller, but she has naturally blond curly hair. Apparently everyone in the family knows that

Khloe has a different dad and some claim it is celebrity hair stylist Alex Roldan

who was pictured with her in a photo that Kylie posted on her Instagram with the caption "First official photo of my sister and her dad!" Khloe is self-conscious about the way this will impact her life and her career, because she has been treated differently by the family her entire life. She wants to try and keep it under wraps because the Kardashian name means a lot to her.

15 Kanye And Kim Fight A Lot And Spend A Ton Of Time Apart

Kanye and Kim have a loving relationship in front of the cameras, but apparently behind the scenes things are much more chaotic and intense. Kanye wants to control Kim's every move, what she wears, who she talks to. She even mentioned on the show that Kanye sent her a long email about how she shouldn't wear big sunglasses anymore. They spend a lot of time apart, and when they are together they just don't see eye to eye. Kanye has a very specific artistic eye, and is even more of a perfectionist than Kim, which makes for testy relations. Kim thinks she knows best, and Kanye does too. They try and compromise for the cameras, but behind the scenes they just have two different points of view. Kanye usually wins. But his mental fatigue over the past year has taken a real toll on Kim and it shows.

14 Kourtney and Scott Actually DO Get Along

It may seem like the last ten years on the show that Kourtney and Scott have been at each others throats about everything from Scott's massive drinking and partying problems to Kourtney's obsessive healthy and organic lifestyle, or her preoccupation being the mom of three little kids. But apparently a

majority of those fights have been staged for the cameras because Kourtney and Scott actually get along great behind the scenes.

Apparently they have a co-parent agreement. This means that it's more cordial behind the scenes than the show makes it seem. They still talk constantly, and Kourtney is open to having more kids with him. Even Ryan Seacrest admitted that they have great chemistry when he sat down the family for a recent interview for the 10th anniversary of the show.

13 The Sisters Can Barely Stand To Be In The Same Room Together

When the cameras are rolling everything seems to be peachy with all the sisters, but apparently that is not the case behind the scenes. Each of the sisters has their own life, brand, personal assistant, career and social life, and on top of all of that they actually don't really like to be around each other that much. Mom Kris is not sure how much longer she can hold them all together for the sake of the show, but seems to be working hard behind the scenes double-time to make sure the ratings soar so they don't lose what they've built. She knows without the show and constant media attention that each of their brands and their bank accounts will suffer, including her own.

12 Kylie Makes The Most Money And Is Kris's Favorite

Kylie Jenner has had one heck of a year. From building a nearly billion dollar cosmetic brand to getting knocked up (and hiding it), the 20 year old is well on her way to being the richest sister with the best lips. Apparently

the balance of power in the fam has shifted

from Kris focusing purely on Kim and her empire to giving most of her time to Kylie because she has to the potential to make more money and draws a younger audience. Whether it was landing her her own spinoff show, which didn't sit well with the rest of the family, or choosing to focus on her brand the most because it is the hottest at the moment, Kris constantly shows her favoritism. So much so, that the sisters even talked about it openly on the show.

11 Kim Is Jealous Of Kylie's Makeup Success

Kim is known for her competitive streak and her never-ending thirst for the fountain of youth. So much so that the success of Kylie on social media has motivated her to go on binge diets, up her plastic surgery game and even launch her own competing makeup brand. She couldn't believe the sky-rocket success of Kylie's cosmetic line and decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And she even used Kylie's face and image to help her sell it. Kylie was more than willing to help, because she doesn't see the point in arguing, but she knows that Kim is only in it for herself. She apparently doesn't want anything to do with the drama, and she wants everyone to be happy. Kim, on the other hand, is a full-on business shark who is always look for opportunities to out-do or out-shine her sisters.

10 Khloe and Kim Don't Like Each Other

Khloe is our favorite sister because she speaks her mind and never backs down from a fight, even if it's with Kim K herself.

When the cameras aren't rolling, Khloe and Kim rarely speak to one another,

and Khloe spends a majority of her time across the country in Cleveland. In one of the last episodes of the show, Khloe even mentioned that Kim refused to film a segment if she was in it. Seems like the sisterly love has faded. Instead of being constantly at each others throats, Khloe chooses to keep her distance and build her own life in Cleveland. She knows Kim treats her differently than the rest of the family, and that she also just wants to be the best Kardashian. Khloe would much rather just live a more peaceful, zen life.

9 Kylie Hates The Show And The Attention

One family member who has been absent from the show and the spotlight lately, including ghosting the infamous family Christmas card, is Kylie.

Her pregnancy is the latest in a string of attempts to be seen less and less in public,

hiding her face and body in whatever way she can. She admitted on the show that she hates the spotlight and knows deep down she doesn't want to be famous. It seems the more she tries to fight it, the more popular she becomes. Whether she's still pregnant, or has already given birth, it won't stay quiet long. People just can't get enough of this Jenner mogul. She is struggling with her looks and is hiding from the cameras because she hated the way the public fat-shamed Kim when she was pregnant.

8 Kendall And Kylie Don't Speak Much Anymore

Kylie and Kendall used to be the skinny, freckly kids on the early seasons of the show, but since their careers have taken off, they see less and less of one another. In fact, now that Kylie is pregnant, Kendall feels they don't relate at all anymore. Her life as a model is completely different and has her globetrotting around the world, while Kylie is trying to settle down start a family.

Since both sisters don't like the fame of the show, it has been hard to maintain a relationship off camera.

With Kylie trying to keep a low profile and not confirm her pregnancy, Kendall just can't seem to ever get a moment to hang out with her and when they do hang out they just don't see eye to eye.

7 The Family Worries About Kris's Drinking Problem

There were rumors swirling that the reason Kris Jenner's talk show was canceled was because she showed up everyday hungover or drunk. They may be just rumors, but the one thing that can't be denied is the amount of times Kris is caught on camera with a cocktail in her hand. She apparently

drinks like a fish off-camera, and it has the kids worried about her.

Her father was an alcoholic who was killed in a tragic car accident, and this is one of the reasons the family is trying to get her to drink less. Even in the most recent episode of the show, Kris is trying to ward off the mime from making her a martini because she is trying to quit. She tries to call for her personal assistant to help.

6 Kim And Kris Will Do Anything For Media Attention

Kim and Kris will do anything for a headline, including ride Caitlyn Jenner's coattails. That was the case when Caitlyn first went public with her transition. Kim was dressing her for award shows and Kris would take selfies. But now that the spotlight around Caitlyn has faded, so has the attention from Kim and Kris. Kim doesn't seem to want anything to do with her for fear it might have a negative impact on her brand, and Kris is fuming over the recent tell-all book that painted Kris is a bad light. Caitlyn said she has tried to apologize, but deep down she knows that she had her 15 minutes of fame and now that it is over, Kim and Kris don't want anything to do with her.

5 Kris Is The Only One Who Sees The Footage And Edits The Show

Kris Jenner is the momager and the executive producer of the show. She also has the last say in what does and doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. She reviews all of the footage, decides what stays, what goes, and what should be reshot. Although Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have all been added as executive producers this season, Kris still has the final vote in what ends up on the show.

She knows what looks good and what doesn't, and what will sell and what won't.

Which means that when the cameras stop rolling she is the first and last one to see the footage. She tries to ride the line between what is vulnerable and what is hurtful to each of their brands. She and Kim request a lot of takes for certain scenes to make it look more real than it actually is.

4 Kendall Wants To Quit The Show And Her App

Kendall recently announced she would be taking a break from posting to her app in the new year, stating that she simply has different priorities in her life and doesn't want to share that much of herself with the public. This come after a long battle with being on the show, in front of the cameras, and not getting along with everyone that well. The tension between her family and the demands on her personal life have become more than she can handle. Since she can't quit the show just yet, she's taking steps to dial back her social media presence. Kris doesn't like the idea, but is being supportive. Even though she knows how important social media is to Kendall's brand. Kendall doesn't care about the show, and doesn't care to have an app, since she is one of the highest paid super models in the world right now.

3 Khloe Throws Angry Tantrums Behind The Scenes

We have all seen how hot headed Khloe can be, and apparently it is even worse when the cameras aren't rolling. She can't stand the way Kim is so judgmental of her and everyone in the family, and she thinks Kim has a high and mighty type persona. On and off camera the two fight a lot, and Khloe seems to run her mouth even more. Which got her in trouble in a recent episode of the show.

Kim has no tolerance for Khloe or her temper.

Kim thinks Khloe has terrible taste and style and that she is tacky. Khloe feels like Kim is too rehearsed and is too insecure about what people think of her. The two of them try and smile for the cameras, but in real life it is an ice cold sister relationship. Khloe has made it clear to all of her friends that there is no love lost between she and Kim.

2 Kim Thinks She Deserves All The Credit For Everyone's Success

In front of the cameras, Kim is all-for-one-one-for-all. But when the cameras aren't rolling, her text chains, emails and conversations seem to be about how the entire brand is built on her back and she is sick of it. In one of the last episodes of the show she talked about how excited she was to finally branch out on her own and do her own thing since she has been doing everything her whole life with her sisters. Behind the scenes, the tension between her and the family is extreme. From her judgmental opinions about the everyone else's lives, styles, and careers to the way she is always doling out advice to fix everyone's problems but her own, Kim always believes her opinion is best and that it is her face and name that has built the brand and show into the empire it is. She believes that without her, none of them would have a career.

1 Caitlyn Has Been Completely Shut Out Of Their Lives

Caitlyn Jenner has disappeared from the show, and behind the scenes it would seem it's because she won't kiss the ring of Kris Jenner. She wrote a tell-all book that still has Kris steaming, and the Kardashian sisters are loyal to the matriarch. Which means, Caitlyn rarely hears from anyone, including Kylie and Kendall. Rumor has it that Kris and her are even fighting about which of them will get to be in the delivery room with Kylie. Kylie is caught in the middle, while the Kardashian sisters have made it clear they are on Team Kris and do not want Caitlyn in their lives.

Kylie wants to be able to have a peaceful delivery with both of them in the room,

but Kris is still harboring raw feelings toward Caitlyn because of the hurtful things she wrote about her and their marriage, and it looks like not even a grandchild can change that.

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