16 Manipulative Excuses He Gives To Avoid You & Your Monthly Friend

If there are two things men don’t like it’s that time of the month and This is Us. The latter is mostly just because of how much all us ladies weep at This is Us. Oh, and the fact that no man will ever be as amazing as Jack. No man, ever. The other thing, your period, is something men hate for a multitude of reasons. One of the most obvious reasons guys don’t love when you have your period is that it changes your downstairs area. This can either halt all bedroom activities or, if you’re game, make bedroom activities a little bit… messier.

There are also other reasons why your guy may not love the idea of you on your period. And yes, I’m talking about the moodiness. If you’re not moody on your period, you’re a rare perfect unicorn. Most of us want to set the world on fire and then cry about it for five hours at some point during our period. It’s all the damn hormones.

So yeah, there are reasons he may want to avoid you while you’re dealing with that monthly guest. The thing is, he may not be straight up about it. That’s right, he’ll come up with sneaky excuses to avoid you while you’re on your period. Below are the 16 most manipulative excuses he’ll use to avoid you in general or just limit time with you while you’re on your period.

Though, you can’t blame him if you’re on your period AND watching This is Us. That’s the perfect storm, which he should avoid at all costs.

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16 He Suddenly SO INTO The Netflix Part Of Netflix And Chill

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The whole bit about “Netflix and chill” is that it’s supposed to be Netflix and get it on. It’s a little bit of a wink-wink, as the “chill” part stands for get it on. But you probably already knew that.

The whole point of Netflix and chill is to watch something horrible, like The Transformers or any other Michael Bay movie, so that you don't have to pay attention to the movie. So if your dude it’s suddenly SO INTO the Netflix part of Netflix and chill, it may be because he’s avoiding the chill part of it. Y'know, the get it on part of it.

There are degrees to this, of course. If you’re watching Game of Thrones together, you can’t blame your dude for being mega into the storylines. It’s a gripping epic fantasy, ladies! But if you're watching The Notebook together and he’s NOT trying to get it on, it’s because he’s avoiding any physical activity until you’re monthly friend is gone. I mean, The Notebook is pretty much code for let's bone.

15 That "You're Too Mean" During This Time Of The Month

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Aw, did the little baby get his little feelings hurt?

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that us women can be… rough around the edges during that time of the month. Okay, rough around the edges is putting it nicely. We can be horrible fire-breathing dragons who destroy lives. But it’s really not our faults. It’s all the hormones. And the thing about hormones is that you really can’t control the things they make you do. We shouldn't be blamed for our hormones! OKAY? OKAY?!

Alright, maybe my hormones got the best of me there. The thing is, he’s probably using this “mean” side of you to avoid you because he finds your period icky. I mean, we're all also mean when we're hungry, but he’s willing to put himself in harm’s way then.

14 He Thinks You're Spending Too Much Time Together And Needs His Space

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If this one happens, it may send you through a tailspin, which is understandable. Everything is going great in the relationship. You’re Facebook official. There’s even talks about getting a place together. There are no signs of slowing down. Then, he suddenly pulls out the ‘we’ve been spending too much time together’ card.


This always seems like a great, big, horrifying red flag. The world feels like it's ending, but that’s not always the case. Your dude may say this if he’s just trying to go out for a guys night or if he’s craving some alone time to play video games. Guys don’t realize how serious the ‘we’ve been spending too much time together’ line seems. And it does seem HUGE. It seems like you’re one step away from a breakup. But don't worry, because that’s not always the case. Dudes will sometimes just use this line when they want some alone but don’t know how to phrase it without sounding like a breakup. Y'know, because guys aren't the best communicators.

13 He Changes The Topic Fast Like, "Hey, Are You Hungry?"

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If the topic of getting hot and heavy comes up, as in you're pretty much about to get hot and heavy, he may simply try to change the subject really quick. That’s a smooth move, as many of us women have employed the same exact tactic when we haven’t been up to doing the deed.

Oh, and the best way he’ll change the subject during this time of the month is to ask if you’re hungry for something, because of course you are. You'll eat everything. You should eat a shoe if it were deep fried and served with ranch sauce. By the way, this hunger isn’t just in your head. It’s for a scientific reason. During your period, your body will burn extra calories, y’know because it’s doing work. That said, your body will need more food than usual.

So all that hunger around the time of your period isn’t just in your head. You actually do NEED that deep fried shoe.

12 It's Way Too Messy, But He Still Loves You

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Oh, this move. Props to the guy who does this move, because at least he’s trying the real.

If you want to get it on while on your period and your guy straight up tells you it’s too messy, he’s a keeper. He’s a keeper because he’s real. He didn’t lie, make random plans with friends, or go to the gym for the first time ever. He was straight up like, “I’m not into it.”

However, the lie part comes in the way he’ll sugarcoat it, because oh, he will sugarcoat it. It will be so very sugary. He’ll tell you how much he loves you, how great you are, how beautiful you are. But, like, his sheets are just more important, y’know? On that note, they better be some pretty fancy sheets. 700 thread count of higher!

11 He's Busy With A Work Project, But It'll Be Done Soon

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Ever notice this one? He’ll say he’s working on something for work… but it will miraculously be done… when your period is done?


Sure, he could legitimately have a project he’s working on, but only if that’s something that happens from time to time because of his job or his school. If this whole ‘I have a project I’m working on’ is out of the ordinary that means the project he’s working on is entitled Staying Away From You While You’re On Your Period.

On that note, what makes dudes so afraid of a woman on her period? It’s natural! They should be more afraid of a woman who has just had a spray tan, because that stuff will stain for forever.

10 He's Suddenly Not "In The Mood"


HA, I’m sorry, but when is a guy ever not in the mood? I don't want to to play into the traditional stereotype in which the man is always ready to go and the woman must fake a headache to get out of it, but men are usually ALWAYS ready to go.

And why wouldn’t men ALWAYS be down for some bedroom? I mean, all bang sessions ever are pretty much about the guy getting off. It's not that woman shouldn’t always get off too. We should, ladies! Equal bedroom rights! But it can be a little more difficult for us to climax than it is for guys. Seriously, guys just have a little back and forth action, and BAM. Most women need particular stimulation while in particular positions to reach a climax.

All that said, it’s easy for guys to get to the good part of sex. So like, they are always in the mood. If he tells you otherwise, he’s afraid of your period.

9 He Has Plans With The Guys, Didn't He Tell You?

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Once he knows it’s that time of the month, he’s suddenly booked with plans? Yeah, okay.

Oh yeah, he’s grabbing happy hour with his work friends and he would, like, totally invite you. It's just that you don’t really know his work friends and he doesn’t want you to feel left out. Oh yeah, he’s also grabbing dinner with his friend from college, who he hasn’t bothered to hang out with for the past two years, but now it’s really important that he happens to get dinner with that friend that night.

Yep, this is totally him avoiding you because you have your period. It’s likely that his schedule will miraculously clear up once the flow stops and you two can have some hot period-less time together. By the way, you should fight fire with fire and suddenly have plans with your girlfriends once your period is gone. Make him wait for it, girl.

8 He Suggests That You Probably Need Your Rest

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OH, THIS ONE. This is him flipping the script, yet again. I tell ya, sneaky, sneaky creatures.

If he knows you have your period, he may tell you to go home and get some rest. He just cares about you so much and thinks you need to get rest and relaxation. He suggests you have a glass of wine and sit in a bubble bath.

Okay, first of all, we’ve all had our period for like a decade now. It’s not the end of the world. We know how to handle it. Secondly, this fake concern for us resting when we have our period is annoying, because it seems sweet but it’s not. It’s his way of keeping you stashed away in your bedroom until you’re done bleeding.

On that note, we actually do get tired while we’re on our periods, so like guys aren’t wrong even if it is their excuse to get distance from us. It all has to do with the hormones, which can make you tired. Oh, aren’t our bodies such fun?

7 He Makes Plans For A Public Date Instead

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Oh, this is a slick guy. This may, in fact, be the slickest excuse on this list.

If you have your period, he may avoid one-on-one time with you by planning a very romantic date. I’m talking dinner, that movie you’ve been wanting to see, cocktails at that really cool lounge, even dancing. THE WORKS. It's the date of your dreams. There may be bottles of champagne and delicious dessert. All of this romance will make you miss the point, which is he doesn’t want to be alone with you because he doesn’t want to get it on with you, at least not until you’re over that time of the month.

Enjoy the dinner and whatever amazing date he has planned for you, but remember that it’s all a plan so he won’t have to get it on during that time of the month. He planned that big, public date all to avoid private period time.

6 He's Going To The Gym (For The First Time Ever)

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When you’re on your period, your guy suddenly decides to go to the gym… for like the first time ever, because LOL.

Now, it may not be his first time ever, but if it’s not part of his actual routine, he’s avoiding you. Because, let’s all admit it, going to the gym is a habitual thing. You either go to the gym after work on Monday or you don’t. You don’t randomly go to the gym on a random Monday.

Oh, and he knows the gym is a perfect way to avoid someone because you don’t just go to the gym. You then have to go home from the gym to freshen up and change and drop off your gym bag. It’s a whole process.

If he does pop over to say hi before heading home and showering, he’ll probably use his need for a shower as another excuse to avoid any physical activity with you. Anyway, if his going to the gym is something that’s not his normal habit, he may be avoiding that period.

5 He Needs To Shower... For Like, Ever

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On that note, he may use the need to shower as an excuse to avoid your downstairs. This can be used in two different ways. He may just straight up avoiding seeing you, claiming he has to go home to shower after the gym or work or whatever else. Which, okay. People shower. Though, if this NEED to shower seems out of the ordinary, he may be using it as an avoidance tactic.

The second method could be him hanging out with you as per usual. It’s all good, like so good it seems like you’re about to get hot and heavy. And then, BAM! He’s all about getting a shower. In fact, he says he’s too stinky to get it on. Yeah okay, buddy. That’s probably the first time he’s ever told you he’s too stinky to get it on, right? Well, what he really means is, “I don’t want to have period sex. Sorry.”

4 He Points Out How Long It's Been Since You've Spent Time With The Girls

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Our last entry is that he will ever so subtly remind you how long it’s been since you’ve had some good ol’ fashioned girl time. And hey, it probably has been way too long since you’ve spent some quality time with your girlfriends.

Of course, this is just his way of trying to push you off on your girlfriends during your period. While that’s annoying in and of itself, maybe he has a point. I mean, your girlfriends won’t think it’s the grossest thing in the world that you have your period. Hell, maybe they’ll have their periods too. Maybe you’re all synced up, because that’s totally adorable.

If he tries to push you off on your girlfriends, let him. At least they understand what it’s like during that time of the month.

To guys, menstruation is a mysterious, frightening beast. They don’t get periods and, therefore, can never truly understand what it’s like during your period. If he oh so subtly tries to avoid you during this time of the month, just remind yourself that it’s really because he doesn’t understand it.

3 He's Soooooo Tired, Though

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This is an easy way for guys to get out of any and all situations. If they’re supposed to meet you friends, or supposed to see the latest Kate Hudson movie with you, or supposed to be around you while you’re on your period, they may suddenly be sooooo tired. Like the most tired any human being has ever been. He just hasn't been sleeping right, or he's been working long hours, or he was out with the boy too late the night before. Whatever his reasoning is, he's convinced no one has ever been more tired than him.

Of course, you want to tell him to drink some espresso and get it together, but that’s mean. You generally try to be the supportive, caring type, so you tell him to get some rest at home. And that's the trick of it. By telling you he’s tired, he flips the script. It’s his way of getting you to cancel the hang out because you feel bad that he’s tried. Men can be sneaky, sneaky creatures.

2 Suddenly, He's Not Feeling So Well

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He’s suddenly not feeling well either? Hm, suspicious if you ask me. And you are asking me, so yeah suspicious.

If he’s suddenly so sick, it may be an excuse to not hang out with you. This also goes for any time he’s suddenly not feeling well. If you notice this excuse just so happens to pop up before big events (a work happy hour, meeting your parents, a double date with friends) then he’s probably never really sick. He's probably the healthiest guy in the world, who just uses being sick as his go-to excuse.

So yeah, it could just be that the idea of your period makes him sick, which HELLO it’s biology. I mean, sure it’s messy and not the more desirable situation, but it’s a natural thing that happens to us every month. It’s nothing to fake an illness over.

1 Straight Up, It Grosses Him Out

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Okay, so there is that one dude out there who will straight up tell you it grosses him out. He won’t use an excuse and he won’t even sugarcoat it. He’ll just flat-out tell you he finds it gross, which is kind of annoying. I mean, we lovingly put up with their bodily fluids without too much compliant. That said, he should be able to deal with the fact that you menstruate and there’s literally nothing you can do to stop it.

You could kindly remind this guy that you have your period because you’re NOT pregnant, a little fact he should be happy about if you two are in a sexually active relationship. Although, you two could be trying to have a child. In which case, I would hope the guy wouldn’t be totally grossed out by periods because much grosser things happen during birth.

The point is, it really isn’t as gross as guys make it out to be in their heads. GET OVER IT, GUYS.

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