16 Lies Every Girl Has Told

All right, ladies. We've all done it. We've all told little white lies at least one time- if not more- in our lives. And, we know, if you're saying, "I haven't," right now, you're lying. It's only human and of course, completely forgivable. Whether we told them to get out of sticky situations, to take the blame off of ourselves, to save someone else's feelings, or simply because we didn't know what else to do, we've pretty much all lied for one reason or another. Now, we're not saying that lying is "okay" by any means. However, we realize it's part of growing up and becoming secure in both who you are and what you say. It's not like we're trying to make a habit of it or even doing it intentionally to hurt other people. If you're feeling a little bit guilty for some of the little white lies you've told, don't worry. Chances are, we've told some of the same ones. Read below to find out 16 lies every girl has told.

16 I'm Taken


You're walking down the street and some creepy guy pulls his car up next to you and starts hitting on you. The only thing you want is for him to leave you alone so you can get on with your life. However, he doesn't give up even though you've made it clear you're not interested. Finally, you say, "I have a boyfriend," just to make him drive away. Or, you've been hanging out with a guy for some time. You thought that he was only interested in being friends with you. He's funny and nice but never the type of guy you'd want to date. One night, he drinks too much and completely confesses his secret love for you. You're blind sighted. You like being friends with him so you don't want to hurt his feelings, but you really can't return his affections. So, what do you do? You say, "I'm sorry, I'm sort of seeing someone else," and hope he doesn't take the rejection too personally.

15 I'm Fine

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We love saying, "I'm fine," whenever we're not. You wake up in the morning twenty minutes late for work. On the same day, aunt flow decides to surprise you. You feel bloated and uncomfortable in your own skin. On the way to work, you realize you need gas. When you reach for your wallet, you find it's not in your purse and you must've left it on your kitchen counter. You start panicking but finally, make it to work. When you get there, disheveled and angry, your colleague asks you how you're doing. "I'm fine," you reply, trying your best not to fall apart. Or, your boyfriend is doing something that really bothers you but you don't feel like fighting with him. However, he knows you so he knows something's not right. "What's wrong?" he keeps asking. All you want to do is scream at him (and not deal with the repercussions, of course), but instead, you do your best to convince him everything's fine.

14 I Completely Forgot


This one is perhaps a little bit worse than the rest of our little white lies. Why? Because it's completely untrue. However, we all do it, so why not add it to the mix? You're really tired one night. You know it's your girl friend's birthday party but the absolute last thing you feel like doing is putting on a dress and dragging yourself out to a party. So, instead of forcing yourself to do something you didn't want to do, you climb into bed. The next day, when you call to apologize, you say, "I completely forgot. I'm so sorry." You'd never want to make her think she's not important to you or that you chose to do what you wanted to do over her. Or, maybe, you wake up one morning and remember you have a doctor's appointment scheduled for that afternoon. Unfortunately, you have a busy day ahead of you and there's no way you're going to be able to make it but you know it's too late to call and cancel. So, the next day, you call the office and pretend the appointment slipped your mind.

13 I Don't Feel Well


You have a huge presentation at work. However, the night before, it was your best friend's birthday. You didn't plan on staying out all night, but you did. The morning of your presentation, you wake up completely hungover. You know that if you go to work and attempt to do the presentation, you're just going to disappoint both yourself and your bosses. So, instead, you call into the office and say, "I don't feel well." Or, one night, you go on a date with a guy you've been seeing to a really, really, fattening restaurant and accidentally overeat. After the date, you go back to his place. The last thing you feel is sexy. In fact, you feel the complete opposite. You're bloated, gassy, and disgusted with how much food you consumed. He, on the other hand, is in the mood. If you didn't eat so much, you'd sleep with him so you don't want to offend him, However, because you don't know him, you don't just come out and say, "I feel like a fat lard," so instead, you say, "I don't feel well."

12 It Wasn't Me


When you were in high school, it seemed as though you and your mother were constantly playing a game of cat and mouse. You were always trying to get away with things and she was always trying to catch you in the act. You were rebellious and angsty. One night, you stole a couple of bottles of wine from the wine fridge in your childhood home because you and your friends wanted to experiment. When she found out, what did you say? "It wasn't me." At that point, you would have done just about anything to escape her wrath. Or, perhaps your husband just bought a brand new car that he'd been saving up for. One day, you decide to take it for a spin. Of course, you get a little scratch on the bumper when you're parallel parking. It's nothing major, but the last thing you want to do is have to tell him you damaged his new baby. When he asks you about it, you say, "It wasn't me, it must have been someone else who parked behind me."

11 You Look Great


You run into an old friend that you haven't seen for a long time. Because you lost touch, you're not really sure how to communicate with her anymore. The conversation is awkward and neither of you knows what to say. In a moment of silence, you say, "You look great," even though you don't really mean it. Of course, you're not being manipulative or spiteful, you're just trying to make the both of you feel a little bit more comfortable. Or, maybe, you're going out to a club with a girlfriend. She's changed her outfit a million times and you're sick of waiting for her. She comes down the stairs for the tenth time and asks, "How do I look?" "You look great," you reply without even looking at her. At this point, all you care about is boosting her confidence enough so the two of you can get on with your night. She could be wearing a duvet cover and you'd still tell her she looks great.

10 It's Not You, It's Me

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You've been seeing a guy for a little bit of time now. At first, you really liked him. However, the more you got to know him, you found he really wasn't as great as you thought he was. For some reason, though, you don't want to hurt his feelings or tell him that you're simply not interested anymore. So, you tell him that you can't see him anymore. When he asks "why?" you lie and say "It's not you, it's me," even though it really is the result of who he is. Or, you've been working the same job for a few years and now, it's time for you to find something new. You find your work unfulfilling and can't stand the people you work with. Of course, when you tell your boss that you're leaving, you'd never say those things or tell him/her that you hate working for them. Instead, you say, "there's nothing wrong with the job or with you, it's me who's the problem," as you swallow your pride.

9 I Don't Regret Anything

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We've all done this. We've been at parties and we've talked about our past. We discuss the good times and the bad times and at the end of the discussion, for some reason, we feel the need to say, "I don't regret anything, though." And maybe, you don't regret most of it. After all, your experiences helped shape you into the person you are today and for that, you're grateful. However, chances are, there are a couple of things you really do regret. For example, that one night stand that left you feeling disgusting and alone. Or perhaps that time you cheated on the love of your life because you were in a self-destructive phase and didn't know what you deserved. Or, maybe something as simple as the time you said something really, really hurtful to your mother out of spite. If we're being honest, we all have regrets and things we wish we took back. We just tell ourselves we don't to feel a little bit better about our mistakes.

8 I'm Over It


You've been in a fight with your best friend for months now. At first, you knew what it was about but then as time went on, it changed and changed again. Now, you're not even sure what the two of you are fighting about. The only thing you know is that you're angry with her. However, that doesn't stop you from saying, "I'm over it," when you meet her for a coffee and to talk things over. Why'd you lie? Because it's easier than going over every different thought and emotion that went through your head the past couple of months. It's not worth it to you to argue with her or to even be right. You know, deep down, you'll eventually be over it even if you're not there quite yet. You just want things to go back to normal. Or, recently, you got dumped. Of course, you didn't see it coming and it really hurt your feelings. You'd love to tell the guy how badly he hurt you, but when he calls to see how you're doing,  you pull yourself together and say, "I'm over it, honestly," as you choke back tears.

7 I'm Not Jealous


Let's be honest. It's really hard for women to admit when they're jealous. It's like saying, "I don't believe in myself and I think that person is better than me," even though we all know it's a pretty normal feeling. Still, if anyone ever asks us if we are, we normally lie. For example, we've been dating a guy for some time and it turns out, his best friend is a woman. Of course, it doesn't bother you at first. However, when you meet her, you find not only does she have an insane amount in common with your boyfriend, but she's also drop dead gorgeous. She's the type of woman any man would fall in love with. In the second you meet her, you know that you're going to spend the rest of your life being envious of her- especially if you end up marrying the guy you're dating. Still, when your boyfriend asks you on the car ride home what you thought of her, you'd never say, "I'm so jealous I could rip my hair out," so you reply, "she's cool. I can tell why you like her."

6 I Knew That


You're at a family dinner party. The conversation of your parents 30th wedding anniversary comes up. From across the table, you hear them say, March 29th were going to have a party for it. You haven't really been paying attention to what they were talking about so you innocently say, "what's on March 29th?" They stare at you for a moment, but nothing registers in your mind. Sadly, your mother replies, "It's me and your father's 30th wedding anniversary." "I knew that," you lie. You'd never admit that you completely forgot about such an important event. Or, you're having a glass of wine with one of your best friends. She's the type of girl who has a lot of boyfriend drama. It seems like every time you hang out with her, there's a new guy she's madly in love with or breaking up with. Honestly, you've had a hard time keeping up. That night, she says, "And did I tell you, Garret called?" and you say, "who's Garret?" Her face drops and she angrily replies, "the guy who took my virginity." "I knew that," you reply. In your head, though, you can't help thinking, "I thought that was Mike."

5 He's Just A Friend


You have a major crush on your trainer at the gym. And, of course, he has a major crush on you. He texts you all of the time. He's always on your mind and you have an inkling you're always on him. You know he doesn't hang out with his other clients outside of work. Deep down, you know if he were to confess his love for you, you'd jump right into a relationship with him. It's obvious he's more than just your trainer. However, you don't know exactly what that means. You pick up on the fact that he's into you, but you've never had the conversation with him. Neither of you would ever want to make anything awkward or uncomfortable and you certainly don't want to lose him as your trainer. So, what do you do when your girlfriends accuse you of being in love with him? You brush them off and do your best to convince both them and yourself he's simply "a friend," then continue spending the majority of your time having fantasies about him.

4 I Was Joking


You're hanging out with a group of people that you don't know too well. Of course, a sensitive subject comes up. Perhaps it's about dating or even about politics. Very innocently, you share your opinion only to find that everyone there has an opposite opinion of you and is judging you for what you just said. You're instantly embarrassed and realize that this really isn't the right crowd for you to say what you just said in front of. Therefore, you say, "I was joking," even if you weren't, to save yourself from the awkward situation that's unfolding right in front of you. Or, you're on a date night with your boyfriend. Things have been rocky between you two lately and you bring up some issue you're dealing with. Of course, he reacts poorly but the last thing you want is a confrontation. "I was joking," you say, as you try to cover up the fact that you completely meant whatever it was you threw down on the table.

3 It Doesn't Bother Me


You recently started dating a guy. You really like him and you always have a fun time with him. However, he has some annoying habits. Maybe he picks his nose or bites his nails. Every time you're around him and he does it, it makes your skin crawl. Still, you don't want to be that "uncool" that you start nitpicking him for his bad habits when you haven't even slept with him. So, what do you do? You lie to him and yourself and say, "It really doesn't bother me." Or, maybe, you're hanging out with a friend you don't really know too well and she spills a glass of red wine on your brand new, expensive rug. On the inside, you're screaming with rage. On the outside, of course, you stay cool, calm and collected. You now it was an accident and you'd never want to make her feel uncomfortable. "It doesn't bother me," you say, as you do your best to scrub out the spot and hold back tears.

2 I Have Plans

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Time and time again, the same guy at work who you literally have no interest in asks you out on a date and time and time again, you have to come up with an excuse. Why? Because telling him the truth is just too painful, especially if you have to see him in your everyday life. Think about it, how awkward would it be if you told him, "Your very existence makes me uncomfortable and I would never go out on a date with you," and then ran into him in the copy room. Answer: Extremely uncomfortable. Or, maybe you have a cousin who is always nagging you to go out, but whenever you do go out with her, you have a miserable time and you're rarely in the mood to see her. However, she's family. You have to put up with her. You'd never want to hurt her feelings by telling her you don't like hanging out with her. So, whenever she calls, you always say "I have plans," even if your schedule is completely open.

1 I'm Not Lonely


All of your friends are in serious relationships. You see new Facebook posts every day about people from your high school who are getting married and having kids. When you walk down the street, it seems as if everyone is in a relationship besides you. Every guy you meet is taken and the guy you've had a secret crush on for a long time just introduced you to his new girlfriend. And, despite your deepest desires, you're alone. However, we'd never tell anyone that. When our mother calls to check up on us, we tell her "we're doing great, we're really enjoying being independent and focusing on ourselves. Of course, we might be doing really well and we might enjoy focusing on ourselves, however, that doesn't mean that we're not lonely or that we don't want a relationship as well. When we go out with couples and somehow always end up as the third wheel, what do we do? We act like we're not uncomfortable or wishing we had a date, that we take pride in our independence. Underneath the little white lies, though, we know it'd be really nice to have someone who was holding our hand.

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