16 Kardashian Snapchats That Are Still More Famous Than Any Other Image

Reality stars are closely followed by the tabloids and by fans. The Kardashian-Jenner family of Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame is on a whole other level compared to other reality stars. They have turned their family name into a brand and have managed to bridge the divide between television star and full-blown celebrity. They are in fashion, music, beauty, fitness and more. They have a loyal following of both fans and haters who love to follow their every move. Social media is a crucial part of their brand because it helps them become close with their fans while promoting themselves and their business endeavors.

The Kardashian-Jenner family uses Snapchat on a regular basis. Here, they can share intimate details of their lives with their fans through pictures and videos. Like regular people, sometimes their choices are a little questionable. They can create posts that expose other people that they love or put them in the spotlight for a negative reason. Even if they delete their post within a minute of posting, people have already seen it. The odds are, someone has taken the photo or video and saved it to upload somewhere else as well. These are some of the Kardashian-Jenner missteps on Snapchat. If only they deleted them sooner.

16 We May Have Had A Preview Of Kylie’s Baby Bump

Via: Complex

One of the most discussed topics of late 2017 into early 2018 involved the many alleged pregnancies in the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim had confirmed she was expecting via surrogate. Then allegations were swirling that Khloe and youngest sibling, Kylie, were both pregnant. This was heightened by the fact that Kylie ultimately went radio silent on social media. When she posted, on very special occasions, fans went crazy trying to see the baby bump.

In October, Kylie posted a video that panned down to her belly and went all around it. Shortly after posting it, she deleted it. Some people thought this was here confirming something was baking, while others thought she was too small to be pregnant. Now we know she was pregnant and welcomed a baby girl early this year.

15 Blac Chyna Showed Off Her Jewelry After Serious Allegations

Via: Daily Mail

Blac Chyna joined the Kardashian family when she started dating Rob, the only son in the family. They quickly became engaged and announced that they were expecting a baby. People became fascinated with this, as Rob had not been present in the Kardashian shows for a while, but he then got his own show.

Unfortunately, the world got to see what a tumultuous relationship Blac Chyna and Rob had. After the baby was born, things took a turn for the worst. Chyna was allegedly, via the Dailymail, unfaithful and Rob’s anger turned physical.

When Chyna left, she posted a picture of a blinged-out watch that Rob had allegedly given her with the caption “LOL.” This made people think she did not really care about anything except the money. People stopped feeling bad for her for a bit.

14 Kim Mocked Enemy Taylor Swift By Singing On Snapchat

Los Angeles Times

The infamous Kimye versus Taylor Swift battle reached its peak on Snapchat when Kim posted videos that she had recorded during a conversation between Kanye and Swift. This caused a huge Twitter storm, and Swift went missing from the public eye for a bit. This was all because of a line in Kanye’s song that seemed to degrade Swift.

After leaking the other videos, Kim decided to post a video of her singing with the noted track at the exact point it speaks about Swift. Whether it was because of possible legal issues or because she wanted to start putting this all behind her, Kim deleted this video almost instantly. Fans, however, saved the video and kept reposting it on other forums. This certainly helped fuel the fire for Taylor’s new album.

13 Rob Breaks Down When Chyna Left With Dream

Via Snapchat

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were constantly fighting. Adding baby Dream into the equation only added more pain for both sides. Rob and Chyna got into a notable fight before Christmas, causing Chyna to pack up all of her things and all of Dream’s things and leave. Rob came home to an empty house. He was devastated.

Not knowing what to do with his emotions, he took to Snapchat to show fans all of the things he had done for Dream and how heartbroken he was for his family to fall apart, especially at Christmas time. Fans started worrying about Rob’s mentality and for the safety of Dream. Rob deleted these videos when Chyna stepped forward saying there was more to the story. Fans grabbed these images and videos and posted them all over Twitter.

12 Kourtney Snapped From A Friends Phone By Accident

Via: YouTube

Kourtney Kardashian is the more family-based sister in the group. She posts to social media, but focuses more on her family than her next social media post. In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it became evident how unfamiliar she was with the Snapchat layout.

She was using a friend’s phone to see some of the horrible and raunchy images people would send him when she accidentally started calling them through Snapchat’s video chat service.

Everyone frantically tried hanging up the phone. Kourtney then chatted with the woman, pretending to be the friend and called her some names. This was all recorded through the show so that will not go away, but now it’s known Kourtney degraded another woman while ultimately being a catfish.

11 Tyga Claimed To Be Kylie’s Baby Daddy

Via: Refinery29

Tyga was a major part of the Kardashian family for a period of time. He dated Kylie Jenner for a while, often sparking rumors that they were going to get married. He also happened to be the father of Blac Chyna’s first child, which created an uncomfortable situation between him and Rob.

When the tabloids started the rumors that Kylie Jenner was pregnant, he took screenshots of articles and uploaded them to Snapchat with captions claiming that he was actually the father of the baby, not Kylies boyfriend Travis Scott. People were flocking to his Snapchat to see his claims, when he took the snap down. Tabloids got ahold of these snaps before he did that and uploaded them to their websites. This must have been an awkward encounter for Kylie.

10 Another Kim Snapped About Khloe’s Pregnancy

Via: All About TRH

While this may not be an actual Kardashian, it directly had to do with Khloe Kardashian. Kim Zolciak from The Real Housewives of Atlanta was on Snapchat with her pregnant daughter. They were discussing pregnancy woes and what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy.

At this point, Khloe’s pregnancy had not been announced, but Kim asked her daughter to show Khloe what a certain body part may look like during and after pregnancy.

Instead of sending this directly to Khloe, Kim accidentally posted it to her story! She must not have realized that it went to her story because fans went crazy and were able to decode the entire message. She had just been spotted out with Khloe, which made it almost certain she was discussing Kardashian’s pregnancy.

9 Rob Posted Scandalous Pictures Of Chyna As Revenge

Via: Daily Mail

Rob Kardashian has had a rough few years. His on-and-off relationship with Blac Chyna really seemed to do him in. According to Newsweek, Blac Chyna allegedly sent Rob pictures of her cheating on him to show him she was better off without him and to make him jealous.

Rob snapped and took to all of his social media networks to post inappropriate, unapproved pictures of Chyna to publicly shame her for hurting him. He ranted about her being unfaithful and discussed how he paid for her new body and for everything she had.

While Chyna is proud of her body, she did not want Rob putting her on blast, especially since it is borderline illegal. Rob’s family made him take everything down, but the damage was already done. A lawsuit has since been filed.

8 Kim’s Location Gave Robbers The Perfect Chance

Via: NY Mag

The Kardashian family has some rules about social media. Generally, they do not post their exact location if they are going to be there for a while and wait until they leave to post these pictures. This helps them avoid mobs of fans from intruding on their day.

When all of the Kardashians went to Paris, they were constantly Snapchatting and Tweeting about what they were doing and where they were. Some people pieced this information together to determine where they may be staying.

After Kim had Snapped that she was alone, she was robbed by multiple people for over $10 million worth of jewels. It was a traumatic experience. Had it not been for everyone posting where they were and Kim snapping that she was alone, she likely would have been safe.

7 Khloe Accidentally Confirmed Her Pregnancy

Via: Girlfriend

The Kardashians get paid to promote a variety of products on their social media channels for their fans to see. The often have special offer codes they offer, especially on Snapchat. Khloe was taking a picture for a sunglass company that she did a collaboration with. The photograph was innocent, only featuring Khloe from the chest up.

Khloe seemed to forget that sunglasses would reflect what she was facing. In her sunglasses, a pregnancy pillow could be seen. This, of course, was before she confirmed her pregnancy. Fans took this picture as proof she was pregnant and posted it everywhere. Kardashian did not delete the photo, but never addressed it with the fans. She let the cat out of the bag before she was ready though.

6 Kylie Under Fire For Her Hair

Via: Huffington Post

Kylie created a post that went to her Snapchat account and her Instagram account. Some people thought the young Kardashian was simply showing off her body and athletic wear. Suddenly, Kylie was under attack. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner child was appropriating black culture by wearing her hair in cornrows. Celebrities were not okay with this and some of her fans accused her of being ignorant.

Kylie responded with some snarky remarks towards the celebrities that commented on the photo. Unlike some of the other photos that have gotten negative feedback, Jenner never took this photo down, allowing it to really circulate and pick up heat as time has gone on. She continues to allegedly appropriate black culture, but has taken many of those photos down.

5 Kim Okayed Possible Racism

Via: The Insider

As a beauty guru, people often look to Kim to approve products and brands that she thinks are acceptable. This also means that people turn to her to help her judge the character of others. Kim was under fire after posting multiple Snapchat videos supporting makeup guru Jeffree Star.

People were upset with Star after videos came back into light with the guru being incredibly racist. Kim wanted fans to leave him alone since it was all just part of his past. People found this to be problematic, as Kim is married to a black man and has biracial children. Many fans thought she should step up and condemn Star for his former ways and make sure to protect her family. This video made its rounds on all social media networks.

4 Khloe Showed Off Kylie’s Bump While Showing The Kids

Via: Hollywood Life

Khloe took the role of official Kardashian Christmas photographer on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2017. She was capturing all of her siblings and all of her nieces and nephews to post on social media. A Kardashian tradition involves all of the siblings and kids wearing matching pajamas.

This year, the pajamas was a zipper up onesie. Khloe was taking photos of her nieces and nephews running around when sister Kylie stepped into the frame. Fans instantly noticed that Kylie was no longer lean and that she had a bit of a belly in a pregnant way. It was amplified by the onesie. Every other picture of Kylie was only from the shoulders up. Fans took that as a sign that Kylie was indeed pregnant. Oops!

3 Kim Leaked Products That Weren’t On The Market Yet

Via: Allure/Zoe

Kim tries to feature elements of her daily life on her social media. This helps fans feel like they really know her. This also helps her sell products and get brand deals, as fans often try to replicate her collection of clothes, makeup and other products. Kim was taking a Snap of all of her makeup to show her fans.

When she posted it, fans noticed that a product that matched some of her products was in her drawer, but was not on the market. The Kardashian family keeps all of their products under wraps to surprise their fans when the products are released and to avoid someone ripping of their products. She kept the photo up on Snapchat and it then circulated. Was this just a genius publicity move?

2 The Backlash Kendall Got Created A Mess

Via: Her

Kendall cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to controversy. As a model, she does what brands want. As a reality star, she is always in the spotlight. She took to Snapchat to post in image of a tiny plastic baggie, like one that a button would come in from a dress or shirt. She was using these baggies to bring her medication with her while traveling.

People were outraged at the implication of the baggie, as it is often associated with illegal activity. People took this photo and circulated it, starting nasty rumors about why the family may have those bags. Older sister Khloe took to social media after Kendall deleted the image. Khloe showed her own medication in baggies and ultimately told people to get a grip.

1 Kendall And Kylie Accused Of Appropriation

Via: Huffington Post

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner have a clothing line together. The two young Jenner girls have a high-end fashion line and a line for PacSun. Their Kendall & Kylie line posted a picture to Instagram that caused a huge fuss. They were debuting some of their new arrivals and people instantly noticed that this was a part of Latinx culture.

The image featured a plaid top, buttoned only at the top, as well as a bralette and slightly baggy pants. The image also featured hoop earrings. According to Huffington Post, the real insult was how much they were charging per shirt for an idea that was not uniquely theirs. They took down the picture, therefore deleting the negative comments, but it seems that they kept the products up on their site.

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