16 Items To Boost Your Look For A Date

You are finally getting out for a big date and you want to look awesome. This date may be long overdue with your husband, an impromptu dinner night with your new boyfriend and his friends, or a very big first or second date that has you all excited. No matter who it is with, where it is, or how long you have been together, there are a few key items that can take your look from beautiful to smoke show. We all want to feel sexy when out on a date and maybe changing a few things about your look will have you feeling fabulous and confident. Watch out boys, these ladies will take your breath away.

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16 Lip Gloss

Adding lip gloss to your look is the perfect way to boost the color of your lips as well as add some shine. You can use a lightly tinted gloss, a lip stain, lip balm or a clear gloss, either way this will make your pout as sexy as can be.

15 Moisturizer


Smooth like a baby's bum. When your date holds your hand or caresses your leg it is a huge turn on to feel silky smooth skin. The hands are the introduction to the body and if your hands are smooth they will assume the rest of your body is as well (so moisturize all over in case the date leads anywhere). Not only that but it gives you a beautiful healthy glow.

14 Freshly Done Nail Polish


This simple and creative item can really step up your game. Clean and plain nails are nice, but a subtle colour ties your whole outfit together and 'polishes' the overall look (pun not intended). You can also get creative and introduce some fun colours, or offset the color of your ring finger to a nice pattern. This shows off personality and playfulness.

13 Comb 

This is key if you have straight hair and/or bangs. Bangs are always needing to be combed in order to look clean and styled. Using your hands to shake them out or brush them can leave oil residue and will make them look dirty throughout the night. If you have straight hair it is easy for your hair to look flat, so a nice little back-comb primp in the bathroom may be just the ticket to reviving your look half way through the evening.

12 Falsies


It is no secret that false lashes make your eyes pop. Get a natural lash that is a slight extension to your natural look and a little bit more full. You don't want to look like you are trying too hard with extremely dramatic lashes, you just want to look done up. They say the eyes are the portal to the soul, so why not invite your date in with a glamourous gateway.

11 Push-Up Bra

This is not about lying. It is simply an accentuation of the assets you already have. Sometimes a dress or shirt just looks better if it is more filled out. Don't push them up to your chin and button down your shirt, simply add a little shape to your figure and it will be sure to pay off.

10 High Heels

There is a reason women around the world push through the pain of pinched toes, and it's because heels make you look awesome. Even if you only opt for a 1 inch lift, this stature engages your leg muscles and can give the illusion that your legs go on forever. They slim your body, straighten your back, and push you to stand a little straighter. Overall, a high heel can move you from best friend to babe in a matter of inches.

9 Nylons

These may be old school but they still have their place. Men look for a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. Nylons give a polished, professional, and classy look to a skirt or dress, which is perfect for a night out to a fancy restaurant. While bare legs are fine, there is just something smoothing and sophisticated about nylons that will take your look up a notch.

8 Bronzer

You have probably heard of contouring and not everyone is great at it. The best thing about bronzer is that you can use it to give structure to your face and accentuate (a key word for this blog) your best assets. Many women bronze under their cheek bones to help narrow the face, and often times you can round out your cleavage with a little bronzing as well. In the winter months it is beneficial to dust some over your face, neck, and exposed chest to give yourself a faux-tanning glow. But do not over bronze... then you just look like you have no idea what you are doing.

7 Watch

The watch is the accessory of the rich. Men wear watches as a status symbol and are rarely caught without one at a nice event. It is the same for women. Your watch does not have to cost a fortune, but a nice looking one will increase your overall appeal. Not only that, but checking the time on an actual timepiece is so much smoother than pulling your phone out of your purse.

6 Ring

Especially if your nails are done and your hands are moisturized, a ring is a great detail that will be noticed. Rings draw attention to your hands and only good things can come of that; holding hands, a kiss, or a simple appreciation of the little things you did to look great for your night. They are also an easy way to have your personality shine through as the combinations and styles for rings are endless.

5 Earings

Bring a little light to your face with a sparkle or some colour. While your hair will cover them for the most part, even peekaboo earings can be a beautiful touch. Simple pearl or diamond (fake or real) earings are a great choice for a nice place, but feel free to step outside the box and wear something that compliments your outfit (but does not match. A blue dress does not need blue earings - instead, wear gold or white, or yellow or orange if you are bold).

4 Pea Coat/Blazer

It may be chilly outside, and your perfectly picked outfit should not be downplayed by a bright ski jacket on your way to the restaurant. Invest in a nice mid-thigh length coat for colder days, or a classic blazer to dress up a more casual look. Outerwear can leave more of an impression than your little black dress ever could.

3 Straightener

If you have naturally straight hair, straighten it anyway. This makes it look silky smooth and takes out any natural kinks. If you have curly hair, use a straightener to curl a few of the unruly pieces so there are no flyaway distractions. And if you have wavy hair, lucky you, you can keep it as is (while taming frizz), or pick your favorite look for the day.

2 Small Purse

Bring a small purse on your date and keep only the necessary items (phone, lipstick, gum, cash, credit card, debit card, ID). A bulky purse will be uncomfortable to carry around, especially if your dinner date turns into a downtown stroll. A smaller structured purse or clutch is convenient and can be matched to suit your style.

1 Teeth Whitening Strips

Lastly, get rid of those coffee stains and impress your date with a smile that shines. Your smile is your greatest asset and the whiter it is the more you will want to show it off. Some strips can be painful for sensitive teeth, so find a brand or method that works for you and give a new definition to the phrase 'shine bright like a diamond'.

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