16 Genius Lessons From Kim K You NEED To Know

In 2007, Kim K was the reigning queen of... The Worst Dressed List. No hate to Kim K, but her style was… well, it wasn’t good. She tried her best, but she failed in a major way more than once. Since then, Kim has recreated herself, becoming a fashion icon. She is fire and brings it to every single red carpet event. Yes, it may have had a little something to do with her relationship with Kanye. It's obvious that her chic factor rose 100% when she started dating Kanye West. Regardless of the catalyst though, Kim is now a fashion queen that we can all learn from.

Lessons from Kim K are so much fun for several reasons. For starters, we’ve watched her fashion evolve throughout the years. She's matured and streamlined her wardrobe. She’s earned her spot on the best dressed lists that she now graces. While other best dressed celebrities may not have those fashion fail photos, Kim K has years and years worth of those photos. Because Kim has come a long way, we can connect to her. Plus, if girlfriend can go from a trend-loving fashion fail to the chic goddess that she is today, that means we can too, right? Also, being that she’s a reality TV star, she’s been open with the public. Being open with the public is kind of her job. This openness means that Kim is more likely to share her fashion secrets – and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Below are 16 fashion lessons from Kim K. They have all either come from her mouth or from watching her style evolve. Let Kim K be your fashion guru. It'll take you from Kim K 2007 to Kim K 2017, and that is everything.

14 Spanx on Spanx on Spanx

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Kim Kardashian may be all about that glam, but she also keeps it real. Considering the fact that she’s a reality TV star, keeping it ~ real ~ is part of the gig. Her realness about the work it takes to look that good, still, is a breath of fresh air. How real does Kim K get? Well, she admits to wearing two body shapers under her outfits. Yes, two! Kim says that if she’s a little bit heavier, she’ll definitely double down, as the two Spanx help keep everything where it should be. Start layering those Spanx, ladies!

Spanx are heaven and we love that Kim K is real AF about wearing not just one, but two Spanx under her hottest outfits. She also added that it’s best to layer two Spanx that are about the same length. That way there is only one seam to deal with. Like we said, Kim's the realest.

13 Tape Can Make Or Break An Outfit

Kim K wears a variety of necklines, some of which are higher and some of which are very, very low cut. We’re talking traffic-stopping low cut. It’s Kim K, after all, so we would expect nothing else. However, wearing a super low cut shirt or dress is difficult to pull off since bras can’t exactly be worn. How does Kim K do it?

Kim K has a trick to wearing a low cut dress and still rocking the most perfect cleavage – it’s gaffe tape. You tape up your breasts with the gaffe tape in order to have bra-like breasts without the bra. The trick is actually genius, but very painful. Remember to put something over that sensitive nipple area before getting down with the tape. Otherwise, peeling off the tape could be extremely painful.

Also, remember to take your bra off a few hours before the event. You don't want red marks from your bra. It'll ruin the illusion.

12 Sometimes, Less Is More

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For a while, there was not a single accessory to which Kim would say no. Girlfriend loved accessories, whether it was a headscarf, statement necklace or huge belt. She rocked an accessory with almost everything she wore. While we love accessories (who doesn’t?), Kim K went overboard.

There is a point where accessories can overtake a look. If you rock a statement necklace, huge earring, a belt that takes up your abdomen with a loud outfit, your look is likely to be a little bit too much. In recent years, Kim K’s accessory game has changed. She no longer over-accessorizes her looks. In fact, she rarely rocks an accessory and, when she does, she now understands that the accessory is front and center.

When it comes to accessories, be like 2017 Kim K, not 2007 Kim K. Less is more. Make each accessory really count.

11 Nude Heels Elongate Short Legs

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Kim Kardashian is not tall. At only 5’3”, Kim is on the smaller side of Hollywood. In the normal world, being 5’3” wouldn’t be all that bad, but in the Hollywood world, being 5’3” can be painful. She goes to events with supermodels who tower above her. In fact, her supermodel little sister, Kendall Jenner, is 5’10”.

Kim Kardashian is a short girl living in a tall girl’s world. However, she doesn’t look all that teeny tiny in photos. This is, in part, due to her obsession with nude heels. She credits nude and clear heels with elongating her legs, which can majorly help a short girl look not so short. While Kim K does mix it up, she’s often caught in a nude Stuart Weitzman Nudist stiletto. You’d have to drop some serious cash for the Stuart Weitzman version, other brands offer similar versions for much cheaper.

Body Makeup Can Make An Outfit

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Kim is a makeup icon, who introduced us all to the magic of contouring. We owe the endless YouTube tutorials to Kim’s realness about what makeup artists do to that face of hers. Of course, her face is not the only place that makeup artists apply makeup.

Kim recently revealed that Mario Dedivanovic not only does her face, but also applies makeup to all kinds of areas. Before Kim’s 2016 VMA appearance (pictured above), Mario Dedivanovic applied makeup to, err, places other than Kim’s face. We're talking all over. To be honest, that makes sense. If you’re going to reveal a lot of skin, you might as well apply makeup there so that skin can look as flawless as your face.

Don’t be afraid to deck out your legs, cleavage or arms in makeup. Of course, it shouldn’t be obvious, but some subtle bronzer, concealer, and highlighter can work wonders.

10 Nude Hues All Day

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In recent years, Kim K’s color palette has been much more refined. When she first stepped out into the public eye, Kim wore just about any color and any print. It made for some very regrettable outfits. Since then, Kim’s streamlined her wardrobe. While Kim will still wear a pop of color or a daring dress, she is much more into nude hues these days.

Nude hues can be almost as slimming as black, and just as sexy. In all honesty, we don’t know why Kim wasn’t always on the nude train. With her curves, wearing nude clothing seems like a no brainer. Her bod is the real star of the show anyways and the nude color lets it shine. Plus, a nude dress makes people double take, thinking for a second that she’s actually nude.

Nude can be even more fun than a bold color and sexier than black.

9 Black On Black On Black

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We’ve pointed out that Kim has a thing for nudes (ha-ha), but Kim K also has a thing for black on black on black. Most of us know that black is flattering. It’s something you learn at a very young age. Women are all supposed to have a little black dress that they can wear to every occasion. Well, Kim K has several little black dresses for several occasions. We're saying that Kim K also wears black a lot.

Since black is a slimming color, you can be a little more daring with the cut. If you’re usually self-conscious about your frame but want to wear a tight dress, wearing black will both show off your curves and flatter your other spots. Kim takes full advantage of the fact that black can be both flattering, and flaunt her frame.

Kim K is also a fan of the monochrome these days. Whether it’s black, white, or grey, she usually picks a color and works with just that color for an outfit.

Take Risks, Baby!

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Kim was not always considered a fashion icon. In fact, some people still refuse to call the reality TV star fashionable. This may be because of the regrettable outfits of Kim’s past. She wore some things that were, well, ugly. That’s okay, though. It’s just fashion. Even in Kim’s fashion fails, we applaud her for taking risks. Fashion shouldn’t be so serious. It’s just clothing for your body. You should use your clothing to express yourself in fun and stylish ways. If you take a risk and it doesn’t pan out, so what?

Kim’s taken major risks, some of which were fashion flops and some of which were fashion wins. Remember when she wore just a trench coat, thigh-high boots and an all-natural face (pictured above) to fashion week? It was daring and people loved it. When it comes to fashion, do you, boo.

8 Corsets Were Popular For A Reason

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Kim Kardashian is often sporting a Waist Trainer on her social media. The company likely forks out some mega dollars in order to get Kim to promote their product to her millions and millions of followers. While Kim doesn’t wear a Waist Trainer outside of the house, she’s not against wearing an outfit with a corset.

She’s worn a corset with jeans, mixing the sexiness of the corset with the every day of her jeans. She’s thrown a corset on over a tee shirt. She’s worn dresses with built-in corsets. Basically, if you can wear a corset that way, then Kim K has already worn a corset that way. Corsets used to be worn under dresses in order to achieve a silhouette like Kim’s so it makes sense that she would be drawn to corsets. Thankfully that trend has been out for a while, since corsets are painful as hell. While Kim doesn’t rock a corset every single day, she rocks them on occasion because she knows they are flattering.

Mixing something dated like a corset with something new can look surprisingly modern.

7 Bodysuits Are Awesome

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Kim’s stylish, put-together look sometimes comes from the fact that she rocks bodysuits. Pairing a body suit with a skirt or jeans means that there is no tucking in and no excess fabric. When you pair a skirt or jeans with a regular ol' top, you’re stuck tucking it in perfectly. This perfect tuck job can get ruined if you lean or bend in a certain way. Plus, the excess fabric can be visible in your jeans or skirt. This can add pounds to your frame, something that most of us try to avoid. Clearly, regular shirts suck and bodysuits are fire. Ditch the shirt and rock a bodysuit instead.

The only issue that bodysuits present are the fact that you have to take the whole thing off if you have to go to the bathroom. Some bodysuits, however, have a snap closure at the crotch. This means you don’t have to take your bodysuit off. That’s a win, win if we’ve ever heard of one.

6 The Right Denim For Your Frame Is Major

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Kim Kardashian looks great in jeans, but that’s not something that just happened naturally. Kim knows exactly what jeans work for her shape and this is why jeans look great on Kim’s frame.

Kim usually opts for high-waisted jeans, as they show off her famous behind and also her teeny waist. Kim will also rock distressed jeans with rips and holes, but usually not in a boyfriend cut. If Kim were to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans, they wouldn’t show off her best assets, as they don’t hug the waist or highlight the butt. Boyfriend jeans may look great on Kendall, who has legs for days and a flat stomach. Kim, on the other hand, looks best in structured, high-waisted jeans.

Finding out what kind of jeans truly flatter your own figure is half the battle. Finding the right jeans can take your jeans from casual to fashionable.

5 Heels Will Make You Look Chic

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Kim K is a celebrity, so she operates in a different world. While we have to think about practicality, Kim K doesn’t have to worry that much about being practical. Us normal people wear flats because we have to run errands and whatnot - y'know do normal human things. Kim K has the luxury of always being in heels. For real, she rocks heels 99% of the time. In fact, the only time she’s ever opted for a flat was when she was pregnant. This was such a major change, the expectant mother tweeted, “I never thought I would ever say this...But I'm wearing flats today.” Yes, practicality won when Kim was pregnant. Otherwise, she usually rocks heels.

Heels are immediately helpful in two departments: They make Kim look taller and they make Kim look put together. Adding heels to a simple tee and jeans outfit can make it look 100% cleaner and more fashionable. While we understand that running errands is a thing, rocking heels is an easy way to make yourself look much more put together.

4 Always Show Off Your Best Asset

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Kim Kardashian is known for her curvy figure, and most notably her big booty. In fact, Kim’s butt may be the single most talked about body part in the history of mankind and we seriously mean that. People are always buzzing about the fluctuating size of Kim's bottom and whether or not it’s real. While people may talk about it no matter what, the way Kim dresses also keeps people buzzing about her behind. She wears clothes that flatter and flaunt her behind because if you have a butt that good, you show it off. It’s that simple.

If your best asset is not your butt, don’t worry. Just show off whatever it is that you love about yourself. If you have a teeny waist, long legs, strong arms or beautiful collar bones, show them off. People aren’t just obsessed with Kim’s booty because it’s there, she also draws attention to it with her fashion choices.

3 High-Waisted Skirts Are Life

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There are very, very few body types that look bad in a high-waisted pencil skirt. Kim has an hourglass-shaped body, so high-waisted skirts show off her tiny waist and curvy thighs. If you are extremely slender, a high-waisted skirt will highlight how long and lean your body is. If you are athletic, it will show off your strong thighs and calves. If you are self-conscious of your belly, a high waisted skirt will hide your trouble area. Whatever the case, the high-waisted skirt will work wonders.

This style was huge in the 1950s, but took a backseat for some time. More floaty, roomy skirts took center stage for a while, which is understandable. While high-waisted pencil skirts are flattering, they are also difficult to walk in. Kim K, again, doesn’t need to worry about practicality, but we do. Maybe save your chic high-waisted pencil skirt for a special occasion when you want to look extra fierce.

2 Dress For Your Shape

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If you have learned anything from Kim K, it should be to dress for your shape. While she made some awful fashion mistakes pre-Kanye, she also always knew her shape. Though her pre-Kanye outfits may have had extreme colors and way too many accessories, Kim still showed off the best parts of her body, while downplaying her flaws. Now, it’s even more apparent that Kim K knows how to dress for her body. But hey, if people are snapping photos of you in everything you wear, you quickly learn what to flaunt and what to hide.

If you are wearing something that compliments your figure, you could be wearing bold colors or an even bolder print. It doesn’t matter. You will look good if you dress for your body type. This is one of the biggest lessons that all chic girls know. That friend who seemingly looks good in everything. Yeah, well, it's because she dresses for her body type. If you learn to dress for your body type, you could be that friend that always looks good in everything.

1 It’s Never Too Late To Start Over

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The #1 thing you should learn from Kim Kardashian’s fashion throughout the years is that it’s never too late to change. Kim K crawled out from the depths of worst dressed lists everywhere to be one of the most fashionable celebrities in the world. She did all of that as a reality TV star and being only 5’3”.

It is never too late to start over. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an extremely fashionable person, you can change that now. If you don’t dress sexy, but you want to, start now. It’s your life. Clothes are always just an expression of one’s self. Don’t be afraid to wear whatever the hell you want. Yes, people may comment on your sudden change in style, but that just means that they’re noticing. If you want to be the most fabulous person in the room, be the most fabulous person in the room. No one is stopping you.

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