16 Game Of Thrones Characters You Wish They Would Kill off

It’s one of the most popular shows on television. From graphic violence to nudity and gratuitous sex, it’s easy to see the appeal, even if you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon and read the books. Whether or not winter is coming or you always repay your debts, one thing is for sure: there is a massive amount of characters to keep track of on this show. From Kings Landing to Dorne to the Iron Islands, there is no shortage of villains alive and well on the series. Over 30 what can be called major characters (and hundreds of less than major) have been killed off the show to date. Some of these were loved by fans, who wept with their deaths, and some were cheered from your sofas at home.

It seems to be a new trend taking the television world by storm for series that are more movie-like than television-like to kill of main characters. Is it that people are getting bored with the hero always surviving? Or are writers just getting more sick and twisted and enjoy tearing us down just as we are building ourselves back up. No matter their motive, this new 'kill everyone' theme keeps us on our toes and our eyes glued to the television hoping some stay alive and waiting anxiously for others to die.

Here are some characters you wish they would kill off already. Valar morghulis: all men must die. Well, here’s hoping…

Spoiler Alert: the following characters are still alive and well in the television series’ even though you wish they would get eaten by a direwolf or a dragon.

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16 Peytr Baelish

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Arguably the most intelligent character in the entire series is Petyr Baelish, who built himself up from nothing and rose to become one of the most powerful men in King’s Landing. A large chunk of responsibility falls on him for the death of everyone’s favourite valliant hero, Eddard Stark. If that wasn’t enough, he seems to have some creepy feelings for little Sansa, now that her mother (and her mother’s sister) have both bitten the dust. There is just something about him that nobody quite understands, and that some don't want to. What is he up to? No one really knows. Only time will tell if he’s smart enough to cheat death.

15 Qyburn

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Another Maester, like Pycelle, but stripped of his title due to his unorthodox medical practices, there is something very wrong with Qyburn right from his introduction on the show. He confessed to his inhumane human experimentation, which draws parallels between him and a famous Doctor Frankenstein. Whereas Frankenstein created his monster “for the betterment of human kind” or so he says, Qyburn seems to enjoy the torture part of his “projects”. Qyburn immediately recognizes that Cersei is an evil (but creative) woman so he personally volunteers to help her with any of her “other matters” once Jaime’s gold hand is fitted to his stump. He then agrees to reanimate the near-dead Gregor Clegane and informs Cersei that he can save him but he will likely not be entirely there when he comes back. He acts like God in his attempts to heal Clegane and in doing so, creates a type of monster. You can only act like God for so long before it comes back to take it’s revenge.

14 High Sparrow

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The head “priest” of The Sparrows, or a religious nut job if you will, the High Sparrow is basically the big fun suck on the television series. Playing a more prominent role as the seasons progress, his job is to rule all things religious and persecute people for sex out of wedlock, homosexuality, regicide… to name a few… What appears to be good, old-fashioned piousness and devotion to God is reflected as being cruel and unforgiving. He forces Cersei Lannister to take a Walk of Atonement (naked) through the streets of King’s Landing (while having things pelted at her; and people are screaming the word “SHAME”) and he refuses the king’s kind request to have his mother permitted to attend her daughter’s funeral. Doesn’t the bible say something about “to forgive, divine”? Not this man.

13 Grand Maester Pycelle

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One of Cersei Lannister’s many spies in the kingdom, Pycelle serves on the small council. He is partially responsible for Robert Baratheon coming into power over the previous king, and also for keeping the Lannisters in power after Robert’s death. One thing is clear: Pycelle is not a religious man, like he fakes. And he can be bought. He took a vow to celibacy and frequently takes up with prostitutes. Overall, he’s caused more death than he’s worth and it’s about time old age takes its toll on him.

12 Jaime Lannister

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Probably one of the most conflicting characters on this list is the other half of the Lannister twins, Jaime Lannister. Early on in the show, you dislike him for being arrogant, incesty and throwing poor little Bran Stark out a window. Then, he goes through Hell and back and has his sword hand cut off and you actually start to like the guy as his flirtmance with Brienne of Tarth blossoms. You learn that he’s not all bad and he’s a little misunderstood. But still incesty. Then he goes and poops all over that with the very controversial assault scene between him and his sister-lover Cersei around the coffin of dead King Joffrey Baratheon (*cough* Lannister), which isn’t actually how it goes down in the books. This death would be instrumental to the story line as he’s a character that has gone through a sort of redemption and other than Tyrion, is probably the only Lannister fans might get sniffly watching bite the bullet.

11 Podrick Payne


By now you might be thinking, but Pod? No! Why did he make it to the list? And the answer to that is complicated. Often, what is forgotten about Podrick is that he is a member of House Payne and the relative of Ser Ilyn Payne, the man who executed much loved Eddard Stark at Joffrey’s command. The reason Podrick should be killed off is because he is too genuine; no one is actually that nice or caring, and if they are, there is no way they are cut out to survive the difficult life in King’s Landing. And he also is quite useless with a sword, with his only redeeming battle activity being saving Lord Tyrion by shoving a spear through the head of the man sent to kill him. If push comes to shove, he will be unable to defend anyone realistically, including himself. He, himself is a Paradox, being from House Payne and because of his inability to keep up with his family name or reputation, he’s better off dead.

10 Cersei Lannister

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No surprise the queen regent… well not anymore… is on this list. Between her and Jamie throwing Bran out a window to the knowledge of her murdering all of Robert’s children (HER OWN CHILDREN!), she’s pretty despicable. It’s likely one of the reasons she’s such a great character to watch. She’s cut throat, selfish and pretty damn awful to poor Sansa Stark after her father is beheaded in front of her. Being forced to walk naked in the streets while the common people threw things at her was not enough. This villainous queen may take the cake for worst queen ever, rivaling even some of Disney's most famous. Although she will likely be around for a while, the people have spoken, and would like her to die.

9 Theon Greyjoy

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One could say that Theon has paid for his crimes, but has he really? The loyal or not-so-much squire to the late Eddard Stark, who swore loyalty to Rob Stark and the entire Stark household, was always an Ironborn at heart. After being sent to his father to ask for help for Rob, Theon immediately remembers who his “real” family is (instead of the family that took him in, raised him and took care of him) and decides to go and steal Winterfell from the otherwise occupied Starks for his father. He burns two innocent farm boys pretending they are Rickon and Bran Stark and frequently treats prostitutes poorly like they should “pay him” for his rumoured-to-be-enormous-you-know-what… well, needless to say, he doesn’t have his favourite toy anymore, thanks to a certain Bolton bastard, and you could say he, too, has been redeemed in his assisting of Sansa Stark, but since he can’t continue the Greyjoy bloodline… he’s pretty much useless to the plotline and he’s gotta go.

8 Gregor Clegane (Again)

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Also known as the Mountain due to his enormous size is the late Tywin Lannister’s “lapdog”. Brother of Sandor Clegane (The Hound), Clegane is basically responsible for taking out the trash for the Lannisters. He kills without a second thought and has no moral compass. Even though he is “killed” by the poison on Oberyn Martell’s spear, a dark sorcerer performs some experimentation to revive the killing machine. Now defending Cersei against all enemies and being a constant shadow (a mountain sized one), he has a larger role than one might have thought. Oh when will somebody end him for good?

7 Ellaria Sands

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The lover of the late Oberyn Martell is certainly entitled to some revenge, especially after what happened to him in his battle with the Mountain, right? Even though Oberyn signed his own death certificate in volunteering. What Ellaria Sands is certainly not entitled to is murdering an innocent child, who is in love with Trystane Martell (and the feeling is mutual). After being ordered by Prince Doran Martell to leave the girl be, Ellaria takes the liberty of poisoning her so she dies with no chance of help on a boat back to King’s Landing. The Seven Kingdoms would be a much better place without her.

6 Tommen Baratheon

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You love Tommen. You hate Tommen. You are probably completely indifferent to Tommen because other than being less evil than Joffrey, he doesn’t really do anything at all. Though there is some validity that wisdom makes a good king, Tommen is more like a puppet, being unable to think for himself and being manipulated by his grandfather, his mother, and his new wife, Margaery. Younger children have been murdered so they may as well kill off the final product of Cersei and Jaime Lannister’s sibling sex games, and the final Lannister-Baratheon child. Then viewers might get the chance to see what a real king does when put on the throne, although they are running out of options, with Stannis and Renly dead, Rob Stark dead, and a particular bastard’s heritage currently being unknown.

5 Walder Frey

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Though you don’t hear from him very much these days, who could forget the crazy old bat responsible for the Red Wedding and the death of so many beloved characters in a very short (and overly brutal) span. He swore allegiance to the Starks. Rob Stark betrayed him when he did not marry one of the Frey’s daughters like initially promised, but offered a sincere apology and attempted to make amends. Apparently, making amends means to throw a celebration and stab all of the guests until they die on the floor. Hopefully the old Gods and the new have something in store for him soon.

4 The Night’s King

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This monstrosity is a White Walker… that makes him totally bad news bears if you happen to be living anywhere in and around the wall (or pretty much any of the Seven Kingdoms). But if that weren’t enough, he’s a baby snatcher, famously stealing Craster’s daughter’s (wive’s? eww) sons for who knows how long. He then takes those cute, adorable, little babies and turns them into more White Walkers, and he animates corpses who are first killed (often by him). Furthermore, even though he probably isn’t the worst of the worst in the Seven Kingdoms, he massacres a pile of Wildlings… He’s also the product of nightmares. He is Game of Thrones’ equivalent of Freddy Krueger and inspires nightmares in many who watch the show. With all that being said, who even knows if this thing can be killed? He might just reanimate himself and be even worse. His only redeeming quality are his unnaturally pretty, bright baby blue eyes. Decapitation, anyone?

3 Melisandre

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There's something fishy about the red woman. (Spoiler alert!) Yes she quite possibly brings someone back to life in the new series but she also doesn't exactly have it all together. It's easy to preach There is Power in King's Blood but burning a child alive? Come on, that's just pure evil and nothing is more awful than murdering an innocent child - just as the Mountain... or maybe don't - because he doesn't care who he kills. Though her intentions may be pure to serve the Lord of Light, birthing a demon baby to kill your master's brother is just plain wrong. Hopefully the Lord of Light catches up with her really soon.

2 Lancel Lannister

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Early on in the series, it’s easy to feel bad for poor little Lancel Lannister. His cousins and family members are dropping like flies, all while he satisfies his cousin Cersei’s needs to bang yet another one of her relatives while Jamie is off who-knows-where. Now, one could argue Lancel has flipped his lid and become a religious nut in a way. Lancel wants to punish everyone for their sins, in everything from stealing, adultery, incest, homosexuality to “flesh peddling”. Due to his extremist nature, it is hoped that Lancel Lannister joins some of his family members in the family crypt really soon.

1 Sansa Stark

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Sansa Stark is the ultimate victim: she is taken from her home and sent to the capital with her father, her father is beheaded in front of her, she is almost forced to wed the king who killed him, but then instead is married to the imp, and then rescued (kidnapped) and taken to her aunt; and then is assaulted after being married again to Ramsay Bolton, the psychotic bastard. What many forget is that Sansa does not speak up about the incident with Joffrey, causing her innocent direwolf to lose her life; she is cruel to her handmaiden and to Aria, and overall she doesn’t do anything to help herself. Sansa is on the list due to her overall uselessness, even though things seem to be picking up. Really, it is just hard to watch one person go through so much hardship.

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